My bet is on Kris


It’s ‘get back on the horse’ time for Celtic tomorrow when they face Inverness at Celtic Park.  The Highlanders will arrive with a different type of momentum about them from the home team.  On their last outing Celtic conceded a league goal and lost a league game for the first time since before Jock Stein’s arrival in 1965*.  They are now out of all three cup competitions and have an unassailable 19 point lead in the league.  Talk in some places has already turned to giving the younger players an outing.

By contrast it’s all kicking off for Inverness, who humbled Hearts to reach the first Celtic Park final of the season, just two weeks away.  The excitement in Inverness is palpable.  Betting odds are seldom generous on Celtic at home but with all the sub-currents surrounding this one I’d prefer not to predict an outcome.

What we need to do is match the energy of Inverness and ensure our passing and movement remains crisp.

If you are tempted into a bet, don’t look past Kris Commons to get things moving.  He is our go-to guy when we’re looking for an ignition button.  Kris has been phenomenal in front of goal this season but he has failed to score in four outings.  The last time this happened was 51 weeks ago.  My bet is that he can’t wait to get on the field and put things right.

The outstanding Celtic Graves Society are breathing life into the memory of Peter Dowds, who played for Celtic from 1889.  Writing in 1936, Willie Maley wrote about Peter, “He did not find the ball.  Nothing so common.  It found him.”

A short ceremony will take place at Peter’s grave, at Abbey Cemetery, Elderslie, at 11:30 tomorrow.  If you live in the area or can make it along, please do so.  You will hear from Jim Craig and others, and get infused with our early history in a way you’ll never do sitting at a screen. Details here.

There is a little over two weeks to go before the CQteN St Patrick’s Night Dinner on Friday, 14 March, at the Kerrydale Suite, Celtic Park. The beneficiary of the night will be Kholoni Primary School, Malawi, where we will fund Mary’s Meals to build a kitchen for 1200 kids who currently don’t have meal facilities.

We have received some incredible assistance already, but you can get involved by ordering a personalised beanie hat, with your name on one side and CQN on the other.

Hats cost £15 each and if you order before 7 March you can collect yours at the CQteN Dinner. If you’re not attending the dinner (and why not?) the £15 will cover postage and packaging. If you ordered a Virtual Ticket, you’re personalised hat is part of your package. All profits go to the school kitchen.

Take a look at the front and back of the hats. To order, email with name, whether you are attending CQteN and address if not, and I’ll get your message to Pat.

*not totally accurate.

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  1. I happen to be friends with one of the Wolfe Tones and Fergus McCann was not exactly a fan of their music but his great work for the club cannot be denied.

  2. I read last week that Rooney has been on £300k pw for quite a while now and that his new deal is closer to the £500 pw mark

  3. Syd Negakev



    at 18.25



    Yer SO Right,pal..






    Ah Couldna Pit it Bettah.. Masel.






  4. Listening to Clyde, a hun was opening his heart in an open way and went on to explain… I don’t care about Celtic winning ten in a row, I just want my club back to were they where.



    Until the last sentence. I must admit it took me back twenty odd years ago.



    I’ve good friends that support the hun team… All I can say is feck them, I have a long memory.

  5. Reading the sports pages to-day it looks like Barcelona and Real Madrid will be chasing big Fraser for his signature shortly. Would love to see the lad playing in the Nou Camp or the Bernabeu and snubbing the EPL predators.

  6. Sipsini…….. Who would believe next season there will be an SPL without Hearts or Rangers.



  7. At every opportunity the bitter Keevins mentions wee Fergus got booed……….tiresome and much exaggerated.

  8. iPaddy McCourt Supports Wee Oscar on

    My recollection is that the booing of Fergus was directly linked to Jansen’s departure. It wasn’t right but a lot of fans were very frustrated that the guy who stopped the huns 10 in a row felt he had no option but to resign.



    For the avoidance of doubt, I believe Fergus was one of the five most important figures in the entire history of Celtic and we are all deeply indebted to him

  9. go home ya bust


    go home ya bust



    oh hang on, who owns your home ehhh – sally – no sevco- no ehhhhh…..

  10. No Excuses



    If anyone spoils the return of Fergus in August I will never again set foot in Celtic Park.

  11. Think that tonight’s Hibs v Dundee Utd game could be decent Friday night viewing. A wee single on the visitors to cover tomorrow’s anticipated losses!

  12. Skelp the cheating bookies time.


    Head to head.


    Southampton have lost 1 in 8 at home to Liverpool.


    Fleetwood have played AFC Wimbledon 8 times in all, drawing 2, losing 6.


    Fleetwood were gunned 4 -0 at home to Plymouth midweek and AFC won away to Newport.


    Hartlepool at home to Torquay. Torquay have won 1 in 20 visits.


    In last 11 meetings h and a, Hearts have son just 1 v Murderwell.


    Peterhead have lost 1 in 15 at home to East Stirling.


    Stranraer have played Dunfermline 37 times in all, winning just 2, drawing 6 at losing 29.


    At home they have won 1 from 17.


    Think I will take the Pars at 11/8 in a 5 fold, with trebles and four folds. Wt Plymouth at 1/1, Hpool, Soton and AFC at 10/3. Great odds. Confident as ever the night before..!



  13. 67Heaven ... I am Neil Lennon, supporting WEE OSCAR..!!.. Ibrox belongs to the creditors on

    Has anyone seen anything on a “legal site” that LNS’s verdict has been deemed to be corrupt….?

  14. Fergus McCann was the right man at the right time,he is worthy


    of all the praise that is retrospectively coming his way…..but it’s


    we Celtic fans who support the club through the buying of ST and


    merchandise who are the real hero’s, so pat yourselves on the back.




  15. is there any chance the sense talking dave hun king will be listened to ?


    is he the only non celt who has spoken up to try and save the ex club ?

  16. Weh hey!!!



    Just rec’d an email from a gentleman in Africa saying he had $12M ready for my account…. all I had to do was pass him my details and the lovely lucre would flow accordingly……






    How did Dave King know where to find me?


    Doesn’t he know I’m not a sticky? (before anyone gets to asking!!!!)


    Does the SA Govt not mind?



    HH jamesgang

  17. Got lo laugh at kelvins reinventing history on fergus. He and his paper hated McCann. Now he is a hero and he is accusing everyone else of revisionism.



    And of course ally gets everything right.



    Yeah yeah

  18. 67Heaven ... I am Neil Lennon, supporting WEE OSCAR..!!.. Ibrox belongs to the creditors on

    Does anyone know why, and not for the first time, sevco were not ‘brought to book’ for taking a 25 minute half-time break…?

  19. Kilbowie Kelt will vote YES on

    Syd Negakev



    18:25 on 28 February, 2014



    The ole codger from ole Clydebank can’t help himself. Jeezo. Talk about bitter and twisted.





    Hi, Syd.



    As a relative newcomer to this site you are probably not aware of the sort of inhuman, that could be better described as SUB-HUMAN, posts that this old cuddly Uncle Remus has inflicted on a Celtic site.



    If you would like to have these obscenities reposted, then I will be happy to oblige you.



    This guy is RACIST, FASCIST, SUPREMACIST, ISLAMOPHOBIC,… & every other prejudicial epithet that you want to throw into the hate-filled soup.


    He is EVERYTHING that Glasgow Celtic has fought against since 1888.



    Let me know if you, or the bigot himself, need any further explanation for my anger.

  20. The Honda Classic……….



    Looks like Phil will miss the cut, Tiger out on the course but not making anything happen, weather is not a factor at the moment so psbl for him to make a run, lots of gators in attendance.

  21. eldiegobhoy



    18:55 on 28 February, 2014


    No Excuses



    If anyone spoils the return of Fergus in August I will never again set foot in Celtic Park.



    The only way that will happen it’s if Huns who buy the tickets. We’re a lot wiser and more appreciative that in those days plus the SMSM thankfully have a lot less influence to persuade us that the wee man is working to the detriment of the club.


    Personally I would like that day to see the magnificent north stand renamed the Fergus McCann stand. The wee man deserves this recognition.

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