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It’s ‘get back on the horse’ time for Celtic tomorrow when they face Inverness at Celtic Park.  The Highlanders will arrive with a different type of momentum about them from the home team.  On their last outing Celtic conceded a league goal and lost a league game for the first time since before Jock Stein’s arrival in 1965*.  They are now out of all three cup competitions and have an unassailable 19 point lead in the league.  Talk in some places has already turned to giving the younger players an outing.

By contrast it’s all kicking off for Inverness, who humbled Hearts to reach the first Celtic Park final of the season, just two weeks away.  The excitement in Inverness is palpable.  Betting odds are seldom generous on Celtic at home but with all the sub-currents surrounding this one I’d prefer not to predict an outcome.

What we need to do is match the energy of Inverness and ensure our passing and movement remains crisp.

If you are tempted into a bet, don’t look past Kris Commons to get things moving.  He is our go-to guy when we’re looking for an ignition button.  Kris has been phenomenal in front of goal this season but he has failed to score in four outings.  The last time this happened was 51 weeks ago.  My bet is that he can’t wait to get on the field and put things right.

The outstanding Celtic Graves Society are breathing life into the memory of Peter Dowds, who played for Celtic from 1889.  Writing in 1936, Willie Maley wrote about Peter, “He did not find the ball.  Nothing so common.  It found him.”

A short ceremony will take place at Peter’s grave, at Abbey Cemetery, Elderslie, at 11:30 tomorrow.  If you live in the area or can make it along, please do so.  You will hear from Jim Craig and others, and get infused with our early history in a way you’ll never do sitting at a screen. Details here.

There is a little over two weeks to go before the CQteN St Patrick’s Night Dinner on Friday, 14 March, at the Kerrydale Suite, Celtic Park. The beneficiary of the night will be Kholoni Primary School, Malawi, where we will fund Mary’s Meals to build a kitchen for 1200 kids who currently don’t have meal facilities.

We have received some incredible assistance already, but you can get involved by ordering a personalised beanie hat, with your name on one side and CQN on the other.

Hats cost £15 each and if you order before 7 March you can collect yours at the CQteN Dinner. If you’re not attending the dinner (and why not?) the £15 will cover postage and packaging. If you ordered a Virtual Ticket, you’re personalised hat is part of your package. All profits go to the school kitchen.

Take a look at the front and back of the hats. To order, email with name, whether you are attending CQteN and address if not, and I’ll get your message to Pat.

*not totally accurate.

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  1. Commentator in “both teams in their earlier years had links to the Irish community” shocker.



    Many a west of Scotland telly being switched off as the viewers now don’t want either team to win.

  2. Frank Ryan's Whiskey on

    Dedicated to The Hundead FC



    “Perchance he for whom this bell tolls may be so ill, as that he knows not it tolls for him”






    I’m a rolling thunder, a pouring rain


    I’m coming on like a hurricane


    My lightning’s flashing across the sky


    You’re only young but you’re gonna die



    I won’t take no prisoners, won’t spare no lives


    Nobody’s putting up a fight


    I got my bell, I’m gonna take you to hell


    I’m gonna get you, Satan get you

  3. neganon2



    19:21 on 28 February, 2014




    I seem to remember media running a story about Fergus stealing money from Croy CSC


    Sure I didnt dream it but dont know which paper (take yer pick)






    Mcnee became a souptaker- babging on about celtic fans singing cetain songs and then goin tae Heraghty ‘s and gettin pi**ed



    Na he’s no for me

  4. The Spirit of Arthur Lee on




    Got some lovely Galereux lager 4.8% to try tonight 12 cans



    Gulp Gulp

  5. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on



    not made my mind up, red wine cider bud or malt…



    not all of course.

  6. The Spirit of Arthur Lee



    20:15 on 28 February, 2014






    Lidl in Wishy



    Ha…difficult for me in Saarland.


    Thanx for the info!




  7. Wee song for Fergus



    Fergus pays the bills


    In notes of fifty or less.


    Unlike the Rangers


    They’re in the wilderness.


    Their bills are impossible


    They pay them less and less.



    This Is our country.


    These are our reasons.


    `Cause we can look In the mirror


    And it throws back the question


    And we shout in words that beg


    an answer.


    Tell us can the Celtic pay their bills?



    You all know the tune from Deavon Blue.

  8. The Spirit of Arthur Lee



    20:18 on 28 February, 2014









    Am sure it does. I go to Lidl here but haven’t seen it so it must be for export to one of Ghod’s countries ;-)

  9. When Fergus returns to Paradise… triumph………………………..


    ……the Club should bring out commemorative


    … bunnets…….


    and we all know who


    could make appropriate


    … bunnets




  10. 67Heaven ... I am Neil Lennon, supporting WEE OSCAR..!!.. Ibrox belongs to the creditors on

    syd negakev



    20:04 on 28 February, 2014



    you three are OBSESSED about NEGATIVITY ……. GET A LIFE, FELLAS…,!!!

  11. Slabhoy - Duntocher is Green and White on

    Watching the Hibs vs. D.Utd – gentleman we are blessed! What a load of tosh. I can see why many of those fans are members of the tartan army.




  12. Notthebus he is a pivotal figure in our history and had the courage and vision to take a risk on celtic. But I have explained my position on this several times. fergus did everything he said he would but he spent the last year of his tenure simply protecting his own investment. He let us down during that last year and I don’t mean by dealing with the 3 amigos. We went backwards for little reason. That’s why he was booed. Just when we thought we had turned the corner it went wrong again.



    It should also be remembered who it was that made fergus successful. US. We bought the shares and the season tickets and flocked back to support the team. Fergus would not have succeeded without us.



    That last year and his self protection was why he was booed. The rest is revisionism.



    That said listening to the media try and somehow take credit for fergus is laughable in the extreme. As ever the media just attacked us relentlessly. It’s what they do in sectarian Scotland after all.



    Fergus got the reward he wanted. Money. But he does deserve credit for taking the risk he had and delivering on his vision.

  13. 67Heaven ... I am Neil Lennon, supporting WEE OSCAR..!!.. Ibrox belongs to the creditors on




    20:07 on 28 February, 2014




  14. Magnificentseven supporting Oscar all the way on






    20:07 on



    28 February, 2014





    Just in to say….



    During the period that the ‘rebels’ were trying to oust the old ‘bored’ from CP, the campaign to win the hearts n minds of the Cellic support was galvanised by the help of the hurting Tims in the media – Gerry McNee / Hugh Keevins / Paul Cooney / Davie Provan – were the exception to the media rule of that time when, the majority of the LL were to be found assembled, on their prayer-mats around SDM’s table churning out any old Rangers pornography as sports news. imho



    Gerry McNee’s efforts





    should you not be more honest and say “Uncle Gerry’s” efforts?

  15. There is one journalist who isn’t afraid to nail Murray, McCoist, Myth etc. to the wall- Glen Gibbons.


    Funny how you never see/hear him in the broadcast media.

  16. adi_dasler



    20:11 on 28 February, 2014




    McNee used the songs debate so that the ‘eye’ would be on the huns cos – all they sung was hate songs and, McNee in his ‘opinion-spot’ on STV’s Scotland Today every Wednesday along with Jim Delahunt was, were he said that the “Celtic support showed the Ibrox legions how to back their team in the proper way by, singing ‘always look on the bright side of life’ which it has to be said they pinched from the Manchester United crowd, whilst Rangers could only resort to the old hymns of hate that belong to the days of yore. They(the huns) could learn alot from the celtic fans about how to back yer team.”



    On another occasion, on the TV, he opined that maybe the CWCF 1972 should be replayed as, the Russians were intimidated by – rioting Rangers fans invading the pitch.



    And he was seen and heard, on a lot of other ocassions, on TV and Radio saying that – “Scottish Football and the SFA in particular, should be ashamed of themselves when, the Celtic fans are being asked to stand on an uncovered terracing, exposed to the elements, year in, year out”



  17. Just think chaps……….an’ chapesses…


    tippin’ the oul’ “Fergus Fedora”


    …….. in unison


    when THAT flag flies…




  18. Slabhoy - Duntocher is Green and White on




    More than a few masons involved in building that ;-)



    Beautiful church mind…