My only flag’s a Celtic flag


I get that football thrives where it is a manifestation of tribalism. Across Europe and beyond club flags offer people more affinity with than any national emblem.

But, with one or two exceptions, it’s a largely innocuous brand. We get to wear tribal garb and indulge in our rituals without onerous economic consequence. The echo from the Great Recession, which we are still hearing today, has been a lesson in what can happen when a tribe perceives that its relative position has diminished.

That perception often bears absolutely no relation to reality, but widespread economic illiteracy makes us look like a primitive animals.

My only flag’s a Celtic flag.  You are my only tribe.


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  1. Good afternoon all.



    How unelectable must dodgy hilary have been.


    WHat happens now


    We’ll see

  2. Alasdair MacLean on

    Headline of the day from the Buchan Observer:



    “Aberdeen-Shire businessman wins USA presidential election.”

  3. vfr800@girfuy.co.uk on

    Well the Democrat Tribe now know how far their position has diminished in American politics and society!



    I will assume that Clinton, realising that she was less electable than Donald Trump will disgracefully retire from public life. Maybe at the same time she will stop paying herself and her husband enormous salaries from the Clinton Foundation!





  4. I need some tekie help please.


    Is there a way when clearing your browsing history to only clear one specific site, I need to clear my E Bay browsing, but I really don’t want to clear the rest.

  5. The Green Man says SACK THE Board on




    Democracy….Its more like a Brian Rix farce:)


    Democracy does not exist.


    Its a figment of the imagination.


    You were right about ‘Barney’:)















    I think the madness was already present.

  7. Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo on

    If Celtic’s defacto owner was to choose between the Celtic tribe and Trumps. It would be Trump. Our other billionaire is also n business together.



    We are a part off the problem not he solution.



    If you think otherwise you are more deluded than any; black, Hispanic or women that voted for Trump.






    Keep hating Rangers ….. that’s the card you have drawn




  8. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on

    ‘Tories’ hated bedroom tax defeated in Supreme Court


    In a devastating blow to the hated policy, seven justices of the Supreme Court found in favour of Paul and Sue Rutherford, who look after their severely disabled grandson…’

  9. Burgas-Clunks


    I use Firefox, managed it, now my problem is getting back on to EBay now that I have set my IP as a proxy in the US, I did it months ago but can’t recall how :-)


    Trial and error I suppose, it’s how we learn.



  10. ....PFayr ..SACK THE BOARD on

    Americans had Regan as president for two terms … they’re capable of any nonsense



    Surprised.. slightly



    Disappointed.. but Clinton wasn’t much better

  11. vfr800@girfuy.co.uk on

    The Green Man says SACK THE Board on 9th November 2016 12:53 pm



    It’s the best version of democracy we have. It’s never going to be a pure democracy in practice; unfortunately those who want the power are those we should automatically prohibit from being in power!



    I know I was right about Barney – it’s plain Darwinism :>)



    quonno on 9th November 2016 1:07 pm


    You could have said that even if Clinton had one. As someone at work pointed out, it was a choice between chlamydia or gonorrhoea!



    blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on 9th November 2016 1:20 pm


    Nevertheless, thank you for sharing it with us. A sliver of light in the dark forest of current political turmoil.









  12. Hunderbirds are Gone on




    Heehee, what a mad dream I had. Haha, In it I woke up to the news that Donald Trumpet had actually won the Presidential Election and………….oh wait a minute!

  13. Aw Naw



    The AGM will be last chance to dispell that notion.



    You may be right, you may be wrong. Let’s see.

  14. Clunks


    I need it for the proxy to bid on Ebay for me, I use a sniping service to place bids from two different places a second apart, it saves me time and money, I just tell the site what I want to bid on and how much I will go to and they do the rest, I can be tucked up in bed when the bid is placed, it’s saved me a small fortune and it’s free, it’s the only free one I have found and it actually works.


    My prob has been that Ebay every so often have a purge on sniping services, they don’t make so much money, so I have to reset everything, bit of a pain, took me an hour today, would have been way less had I remembered how to do it, five mins is about right, but well worth it in the long run.


    The service can save you serious money if you bid a lot like me or little.


    I use Bestukvpn as a blocker for the likes of SSB and the like, it works fine for me.



  15. Big Pierre's 2 front teeth on

    It wasn’t actually the vote of the people that won it for Trump. The way the electoral college works is there’s something like 238 people chosen based on the peoples votes and they vote on their behalf…. greatest democracy in the world my @r5e!

  16. Saint Stivs says SACK THE BOARD on

    BAWSMAN on 9TH NOVEMBER 2016 12:58 PM



    Scottish Nationalists








    Now Trump




    The world has gone mad.








    Ive got a Yankee on for a United Ireland




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