Nadir, farting at Shirebrook, fantasists in control


I like the idea of competitive training.  If you’re not receiving a hard challenge at training you’re not going to be sufficiently prepared for it in competitive action.  It’s also fair to acknowledge that Nadir Ciftci’s retaliation on Emilio Izaguirre had the unfortunate coincidence of happening on a press conference day, with the bloody aftermath photographed.  I’ve no doubt that such instances happen more often away from the press pack.  By that doesn’t make any of it right.

Lose your cool at training and you’re more likely to lose your cool on the pitch, so as well as legal, health and safety, and appropriate workplace behaviour concerns, I don’t even think it’s right from a football perspective.  I’d drop and fine both players.

Both Emilio and Nadir are under pressure right now, as is the team in general.  We need to use that pressure constructively, starting at Tynecastle tonight, where indiscipline is likely to be costly.

“Sports Direct continues to litigate with the Club in an attempt to enforce its wishes and demands”, Dave King, 27 Oct. 2015.  Hmmm.  “Continues to litigate” suggests recent action.  I wonder where this is heading, and how quickly?  The subsequent bluster from King about Defending Ol’ Newco’s Walls and sending strongly worded letters from Rangers Retail Limited is Pythonesque.  He may as well have proclaimed he’s farted in the general direction of Shirebrook.

Four months ago King told a receptive media: “On a scale of one to 100, [Ashley] doesn’t get up to one in terms of a threat.”  You and I were more skeptical at the time.  On a threat scale of one to 100, I reckon Mike’s at least a 67.

As King prepared to win control of the club in March, when he pondered that Sports Direct had possibly give two £5m loans, he dismissed concerns about owing Mike money by saying: “To me, that’s just noise level, because £10m going forward is well within the numbers of understanding we have to invest.”

It’s “just noise”.  “Well within the numbers we have to invest.”  Again, we were skeptical at the time.  I wonder how this one will turn out.

Three months ago all fears were allayed when King proclaimed: “I regarded that meeting as being a good meeting with Sports Direct.

“One of my suggestions was we should look at a restructuring of the relationship and I indicated I would make proposals. They were willing at least to listen to me. They have not given a commitment one way or another, but they did say ‘Dave, you are an important customer of ours. We would like to make the relationship work, please come to us with your proposals.’

As far as good meetings go, that sounds like a pretty bad one.  There’s not a sales manager in the country didn’t read that synopsis of King’s meeting and reflect on the rep who had a great pipeline but was clearly unable to differentiate between what he wants to happen, and what’s going to happen.  Fantasy and reality.  There’s no harm in a bit of fantasy, it’s a part of the human condition, but someone has to ensure that fantasists don’t grab the controls.

Dave, you’re an important inspiration of ours*.

*with added subtext.

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  1. “The Norwegian tried to play down the flashpoint situation and said: “It happens all the time. We want intensity in training. It was a tackle and a reaction and he (Izaguirre) got bit in his ear. “

  2. Could anyone tell me if McGlone was called to testify at the court case yesterday? I skim read the Herald this morning and couldn’t see any of his testimony. It was a regurgitation of Wilson’s.

  3. Met a number of fans this morning. Only one, who has a ticket, didn’t dread (and that was the most frequently used word) going to Tynecastle. Not because of the Hertz but because of their support.

  4. Dontbrattbakkinanger on

    APcumSalford- my understanding from ole Subterranean last night, over a pint in The Griffin before goin’ to see Steve Earle; was that Matt Mcglone’s testimony was the ole smokin’ gun, as far as Paton was concerned.

  5. tommytwiststommyturns on

    Salford – McGlone claimed on Twitter yesterday that Paton changed his plea following his testimony.


    He also slaughtered Mark Wilson, who will have zero credibility with the Hoops support if everything McGlone claims is true.




  6. ‘Bit on his ear.’






    Should that be ‘hit’, possibly?



    If it’s the former, get Ciftci to feck!



    He has previous.



    …and he’s crap.




  7. Dontbrattbakkinanger on

    TTTT – but hoopslegend Mark Wilson will be able to console himself with all the work he gets at Shortbread; fillin’ in the gaps between the paeans to the managerial genius of Pap Warbiola.

  8. tommytwiststommyturns on

    DBBIA – hope you’re well and retirement suits you. Or did you get bored and move into ole Copperhead Road territory?!




  9. Parkheadcumsalford


    Yes i read an acoount yesterday of his eveidence by I think james dolman, Matt said he did not hear Zaluska shout anything and that he Matt McG was threatened by wilson, then the plea was changed to guilty but of a lesser charge




    McGlone was an hour in the witness box under cross-examination by Paton’s lawyer and gave completely contradictory evidence to that given by Mark Wilson.



    On this, Paton’s lawyer changed his client’s plea to guilty of assault only and so his client didn’t have to testify.



    McGlone is raging that none of this has been reported and has called out Wilson as a liar on Twitter.



    As there is no requirement for taped hearings/trancripts in Scotland it will come down to ‘he said’ …’I said’ but the police had the evidence of perjury in the Tommy Sheridan case. A lesser case than assault, so ?



    Don’t expect too much from Glasgow’s finest.





    Police are typing up a statement on this as we speak:








    COYBIG at Tynecastle

  11. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    LIVIBHOY on 28TH OCTOBER 2015 12:28 PM











    Izzy dropped and fined for a mistimed tackle in training? Harsh!





    Agree. If Ronny wants intensity at training he can hardly drop a player who gives him intensity at training.


    Although he wouldn’t actually be dropped as he didn’t play the last game.

  12. It would appear to me that Mr King is getting his excuses in first and preparing for the insolvency event that he and his Bears are about to announce.



    Sports Direct, Greens Legal expenses and the expected long drawn-out court case, will be used as the ‘decision’ to “rip it up and start again”.



    Sevco is a ‘bucket with a hole in it’ and even if someone was willing to pour money in, in would do no good whatsoever.



    If the judgement goes against them and it is found that the club was born out of fraud, then a ‘healthy’ Sevco would only provide ‘easy pickings’ when it came to dissolution.



    The current incarnation must surely ‘hit the buffers’ – it is only a matter of when!

  13. Dontbrattbakkinanger on

    TTTT -I am well thanks, retirement is keepin’ me busy.



    For my sins I was previously oblivious to the delights of the headwaters of the ole River Clyde- almost as bonny as where it flows into the sea ;/)

  14. If you want to know what’s going to happen to King have a read at these:









    In summary; Mike Ashley as a minority shareholder alleged accounting irregularity at Direct Golf. As a result he successfully booted out the administrators that the Directors had lined up, put in Duff and Phelps (I kid you not) in their place and brought it out of administration with him as king pin in a week.



    This all happened this month.



    This will roll out at Ibrox and the SFA will buckle over dual ownership, they’ll have no choice. The only uncertainty is the timing with the criminal case ongoing over the Sale and Purchase Agreement. Ashley could do this any time but it suits him to allow the current incumbents to burn their cash, sweat and tears while it is loss making and in the Championship.



    When the trigger event happens he will call in his security and wash them through a quick admin which will be allowed to happen with a points deduction. In turn and if necessary he will do a deal with BDO if the SPA is reduced. This will be portrayed as in everyone’s interest. There will be enough smoke blown around it that its the only viable way forward. Next year there will be a team in blue playing out of Ibrox in the Premiership with Mike Ashley/Sports Direct as owner, financially stable.



    All because King couldn’t and wouldn’t repay the £5m, can’t get a listing and doesn’t know how a sentence will end as he starts it. Ashley knew it from day one.



    All came to me in a dream.

  15. MR PASTRY on 28TH OCTOBER 2015 12:38 PM


    ‘It would appear to me that Mr King is getting his excuses in first and preparing for the insolvency event that he and his Bears are about to announce.’







    It looks that way, but if there’s an insolvency event won’t big Mike be holding all the aces?



    It’s a bit like watching Fargo, you know it’s going to end up bad, but you’re not sure how.

  16. I had the misfortune if being an undercover fan at Tynecastle a few times back in the late 90’s and I wouldnt recommend it. I wasnt in the inner clique of the supporters club so had to make do with home support tickets.One game I was in the main stand seated amongst the more “respectable” class of Jambo trying to pass myself off as neutral vistor taking in a soccer match. Hearts scored and I did stand up but obviously couldnt bring myself to celebrate. Next thing I got an almighty whack on the shoulder and was screamed at “to cheer you bassa”. Even when they score an goal they are still angry and looking for someone to punch.

  17. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    By the way Paul, I think your analysis on this must be completely wrong. BBC website has headline “King stands firm with Sports Direct”. Richard Wilson no less…..

  18. what amazes me is that sure journos like R Wilson and Jackson read the blogs and must know that the writing is on the wall, why are they still printing the King press handouts


    surely they should be jumping ship to save their future careers


    right enough the bears never remember these guys cheering on the previous charlatans so long as they say everything is ok with the present ones

  19. Not sure I would want young tierney playing tonight , would hate for the bhoy to be on receiving end of a bad challenge .



    Tell izzy he has 90mins 2night and a good performance will put him in contention with tierney for a start at the weekend.

  20. DCK is our very own Donald Trump..



    When he sees a microphone he has to speak, and when he speaks keech* will surely follow.



    *Not the stenographer



    Trumpet CSC

  21. Bamboo



    Agree with u.


    Jambos ain’t nice.


    One and only time went into their enclosure, early 90’s I think.


    League cup tie that we won on penalties.


    Really got no idea how I lived to tell the tale.


    My Dad always thought their support was worse than the Hun.


    He witnessed shameful abuse Sir Robert Kelly received going to a game there.


    What made it even worse was that he was a real frail old man then.


    The abuse he got was sickening and that was from the Main stand brigade.



    Mrs Budge can ram her tickets .


    Her team will get slaughtered anyway.




  22. If. like me, you believe Sevco will undergo an insolvency event before the end of this season, then now’s a good time to get a few quid on the ol’ Hibees winning the Championship.



    14/1 is widely available, with a wee nicker of insurance on Falkirk (for whom 100/1 is widely available, despite them only being 4 points behind Hibs).



    Note also that, should Hibs fail to beat TFOD (2) at the weekend, then the price will get that wee bit longer.



    Don’t say you didn’t know …




  23. Phyllis Dietrichson on

    JUNGLE VIP – I’d recommend a better bet – to “Lay” Sevco on Betfair at just over 10/1. That way you’re not tied into betting on a particular team – you’re just betting Sevco to lose.



    Incidentally Sevco have been drifting recently on Betfair – unusual for a team that have won every game, so I reckon there are a few like minds.

  24. Interesting part of King’s Statement/letter/suicide note is the bit saying Sport Direct ‘continues to litigate’ is there an upcoming case that we do not know about yet? Is it that crucial that this ‘statement’ had to be issued?



    Mind you King and sense do not always go hand in hand. King usually comes out with statements and the content usually falls apart a couple of hours/days after it is issued.



    He is after all he is a surreal rangers man!

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