Napoli sitting on the pot with Toljan


Maryan Shved is in Glasgow with his representatives, ready to sign a contract with Celtic before spending the remainder of the season back in Ukraine on loan, despite a late offer from Anderlecht yesterday morning.  Meanwhile, Jeremy Toljan remains in Dortmund, with long-term admirers Napoli still ‘sitting on the pot’.

I hear there is no chance of the player considering a permanent move anywhere else while Napoli continue to show interest.  The fact he remains in Germany means little, everything that needs to be done can still be achieved, but you know the script, these deals are never done until you see them on the park in green and white hoops.  Unlike Shved, this one is not in the bag.

Just caught the video of Ryan Christie’s first touch for his goal last night.  Delicious.  It is the way my first touch always worked in my head.

More soon.  I hope…

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  1. Go tell- i think the support are much more patient when teams come to park the bus, which is practically every home game…

  2. The Star above The Crest on

    Mike In Toronto



    Hi m8, is there any chance you could re-post the link about the Ajax system?



    Many Thanks (in advance) HH

  3. The hands cant hit what the eyes cant see on

    @ !!BADA BING!! on 31ST JANUARY 2019 12:24 PM



    Oh yeah. Prepare for disappointment lads.

  4. traditionalist88 on

    AN TEARMANN on 31ST JANUARY 2019 11:32 AM



    Cheers hope you’re well.



    He seems to go through phases where he screws the nut and then before too long reverts to type. Going into a high pressure game he’s not exactly one you’d hang your hat on as a reliable leader.



    That said will be interesting to see where he ends up next season. The Fulham option maybe not so appealing now.




  5. Surely we want players that want to play for the great Glasgow Celtic? Napol…who?


    So Toljan twiddles his thumbs mulling over whether he prefers pasta or fish suppers/curries..aye right.


    BR is building a cohort of ‘quality street’ like kids; a tight young nucleus.


    Gie Tony his lead and let him make the jersey his.


    Can we get a CB in before the windae shuts.


    PS Thought Izzy was quietly superb last night HH



    Things you don’t want to hear;







    ” Our business is done for the day”



    ” we tried right up to the last minute “

  7. Nothing will happen today. Lustig will get his ass handed to him on a plate against Valencia and maybe cost us a treble.

  8. traditionalist88 on

    Would have thought we’d be better served sending Schved to someone closer to home on loan, get him out his comfort zone and get more used to the style of football in the UK but must be a condition of the deal he goes back to his former club in Ukraine.




  9. glendalystonsils on

    AN DUN on 31ST JANUARY 2019 12:35 PM



    All of that might be true or none of it might be true.

  10. Go tell the Spartim on

    Lustig gets a lot of unnecessary stick, even if he does get skinned there are other defenders that should be doing their jobs, he def is at the twilight of his career but the usual bollocks prevails.






    I think we wait on them upping the tempo and them boom, was never unduly worried at all last night, still cant remember their shot at goal (according to the BBC)

  11. Mega cold temperatures in the US,do you think the cooncil will be gritting the surrounding areas at the Superbowl stadium in Atlanta?

  12. The hands cant hit what the eyes cant see on

    I really hope we are able to get the RB in today (even if only on loan for 6 months without an option to buy). If not, would be worried about our fragility at full back for the rest of the season.



    If we don’t get him (or another target in) then it’s worrying that we have now known for 3 windows that we need a new RB and have failed to acquire one. What chance do we have of getting 2 new CBs in the summer and a RB if we have failed to get a RB for such a prolonged period of time?

  13. There are several areas where Mikael Lustig has been getting found out against decent opposition.



    When balls come down our LHS and get to our back post area .


    He loses his man , players get goal side of him and have a free attempt on goal.



    When attacked down our RHS he stands of the player and allows crosses into our box.



    But my biggest issue with him now is when he is in possession of the ball.



    He passes the ball backwards and sideways far too often .


    When he does pass it forward , he mostly does complete the pass to a Celtic player.



    His position on the pitch is mostly facing across the park as opposed to facing forward , enabling him to make a forward pass.



    When our play is crab like across the back.


    Slow and painful to watch.



    He is the biggest culprit.



    Time for a good quality replacement.


    Not more ordinary squad players , taking up valuable funds.




  14. glendalystonsils on

    If Toljan is holding out hoping Napoli come in for him , that could come back to bite him. If it doesn’t happen he could end up playing in some lower , development type German league instead of winning trophies in the hoops. I would rather go with Anthony Ralston.

  15. South Of Tunis on




    For what it’s worth -based on a 20 minute search of Italian cyberspace—



    Fly a kite stories linking Napoli with him in the summer of 2018 and some from December 2018 linking Napoli and Inter with him . Nothing remotely factual – it’s all click bait /fly a kite stuff ..



    I don’t think Napoli need a right back ( unless they’re having a clear out ) but they certainly look like they need a goal scorer.

  16. Anthony Ralston isn’t sitting around batting his eyelids at Napoli. Anthony Ralston knows the best thing that can happen in a footballer’s life is to play for Celtic in front of a packed Celtic Park. Anthony Ralston has more football talent in his little finger than most of us ever had or ever will have. Give me an Anthony that wants to play for us, that loves to play for us, over a Jeremy , “come and get me Napoli,” any day of the week…..

  17. SOUTH OF TUNIS on 31ST JANUARY 2019 1:04 PM




    I don’t think Napoli need a right back ( unless they’re having a clear out ) but they certainly look like they need a goal scorer.



    possibly not ,but we certainly do.

  18. Tiny Tim 12.53



    He prevented a possible goal from St Johnstone last night at the end of the first half.


    He matched the run to the back post, he was goal side & cleared the ball. He does have weaknesses, although the amount of games he’s played in over the past two and a half months have certainly had an impact.


    He’s been a very good servant to Celtic.


    No one lasts for ever but some context is required. HH

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