Narrative is clear: Celtic improvement is profound


When you and I write, whether you are aware of it or not, there’s always a narrative.  Behind the words the subtext explains why we think a game was won or lost, why events on the park reinforce our world view, or, for some, just that they are angry people.

For most, our narrative is bound by the constraints of realistic parameters, although some are so afflicted by a heavily prejudiced world view that no amount of evidence to the contrary would convince them, for example, that they are being led by the nose by charlatans.

As the game drew to a conclusion last night, this troubled me.  I was proud of the way Celtic played.  They attacked a team from one of the top leagues in a way we’ve not seen since Juventus visited in 2001.  It was glorious and gutsy, skilful and dramatic.  But with 92 minutes on the clock, it was heading towards defeat.  No matter the circumstances, defeat binds any narrative as a failure, glorious or otherwise.  It didn’t feel like failure, but this was how we would remember this game.

John Guidetti’s 93rd minute equaliser changed the result and created some memories, but the underlying narrative would stand, with or without that goal: the improvement in Celtic since our August debacle is as profound as anything we have witnessed in 49 years.

Delighted to announce that our treble winning captain, Tom Boyd, will be attending CQN11 St Patrick’s Dinner at the Kerrydale Suite on Friday 13 March.  We also have big Packy, wee Joe and conventionally-sized Tommy Coyne.  And Archie Macpherson’s going to talk about the transformation which got underway 50 years ago that week!

Fill your boots at what will be a great celebration of our club and heritage, with a wee song or two from Patricia Ferns, and you’ll also help to build a school kitchen in Malawi for kids who often go without a proper meal.  For tickets and details, email me, celticquicknews@gmail.com

Congratulations to the SPFL, Hamilton Accies, Georgios Samaras, Celtic and Scottish football fans for last month’s Goal of the Month award, which was won by Jay Beatty for his strike at New Douglas Park.  Up with this sort of thing.

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  1. midfield maestro on

    Saltires en Sevilla



    A wee bhird told me you were having a pop at one of this blogs most respected & knowledgeable individuals last night. You are on a hiding to nothing. This guy knows everything about soccer, rugby & darts, and probably every other sport he has ever watched on telly. He constantly slates the “establishment ” & ex players of Celtic as “soup takers”. Yet is a “soup taker” himself from Lizzie & “establishment “.


    He outed me, after a 10sec conversation, as ex “establishment “. In his eyes i was at fault for everything.


    As i say, he knows everything about anything, nae idea why he wisnae ahead of Ronny D in the summer for the job.


    Stop giving him a hard time. Please!

  2. The Battered Bunnet on

    They went to sea in a sieve they did,


    In a sieve they went to sea.


    In spite of what their friends could say,


    On a winter’s morn, on a stormy day,


    In a sieve they went to sea.




  3. Good effort last night! Paul not convinced with your match report and your concerns. This is part of the e learning curve for this group. We play high pressing, attacking football. Gone are the days when we defend our own box and play on the counter for breaks aways, corners, free kicks etc.



    It’s a new philosophy. A great philosophy! We will get picked off at times and be made to look foolish, but so be it.



    Ronny is the man and will turn us into one of the most dynamic teams in Europe.

  4. Jude 2005



    Just having fun with the zombies. What a performance last night. Great to be a Celtic mhan.

  5. Congratulations “wee Jay” on your Goal of The Month, what a strike and what a bhoy! And well done Sammi too for your heart-felt message. A true Celt always.




  6. 16 roads - Celtic über alles... on

    The team played some outstanding football last night,in the midst of all the chaos.



    Such craft and guile from Liam Henderson when he set up the equalising goal.



    Congratulations to Wee Jay.



    Celtic are pure class,personified.




  7. Brogan Rogan Trevino and Hogan supports Oscar Knox, MacKenzie Furniss and anyone else who fights Neuroblastoma on

    Good Morning.



    I have said before on this site that one of the scariest football experiences I have ever had was at the De Cuip in Rotterdam where, as a neutral supporter, i was faced with the mad and utterly frightening hordes of Feyenoord fans.



    Fortunately, their real ultras were in a “cage” at the end of the ground farthest away from me, but even then they still unnerved me and I kept wondering “what happens if they escape?”.



    Equally, I have a football supporting friend who has made it his business to attend all the “great” European footall matches and rivalries.



    Of the many he has been to there is only one he has vowed never to return to under any circumstances and that is the Roma v Lazio derby.



    Part of the reason for that is that, as he says, you are faced with not two sets of crazies but three with the third being the Rome police force.



    As many from this site will know, I love the city of Rome. It is a brilliant place with so many things to see and do and always something new no matter how many times you have been.



    However, the Carabinieri are like a trained circus tiger. They can appear controllable, docile, helpful, funny and charming at any given stage but can just as easily turn and be completely hostile and unreasonable.



    This morning we learn that the Carabinieri ran into the crazies from the De Cuip last night and that the result was carnage, disgrace, war and mayhem.



    It is only fair for me to add that whilst I felt the Feyenoord fans were genuinely scary, I never saw a single incident of trouble at the game I attended. They were just a baying mass of humanity who were vocal, nuts, mental and shocking.



    But ultimately they were safe.



    Whilst the press, as usual have chosen to vilify the Dutch supporters, before reaching any type of judgement just remember Amsterdam and the Noodbevel order from the mayor of that fine city with the immaculate football policing record.



    Here is an account that a Rotterdam fan has posted online of the events of last night where he shares his views of what occurred.



    Personally, there are some things in here that I don’t agree with as they are against my personal taste.



    I am not keen on littering and the leaving of broken bottles around any public area, especially in Rome, but if this account is correct the Dutch fans hardly went on the rampage as is being reported.



    Instead, could it be the fact that modern International policing simply does not know how to deal with the massed ranks of the vocal travelling football fan?



    Is there a European wide policing protocol or set of guidelines that are either being followed or not followed as the case may be?



    Is it the case that large numbers of acceptable football fans can expect to enjoy a day out in a foreign city supporting their team but should also know that come dusk somewhere someone will order a police inspired change of mood and attitude with the result that light hearted football supporting becomes conflict, anger, violence and arrest?



    Football supporting intelligence must surely be better than this?







  8. sipsini




    00:46 on 20 February, 2015






    Like a lot of huns showing me their bettings slips today on Inter to win….my feck hurting ;-))



    Forgot about the pain inflickted AGAIN on zombies that had bet Inter to win last night.


    Just one more reason to smile CSC :))))))))))))))))))

  9. It was a very good performance last night. Not perfect by any means – there were flaws. But for a team with new players, a relatively new manager and a new system it was pretty remarkable. And don’t forget that the likes of Lustig and Commons were missing too.



    Ronny’s philosophy of football is showing through and he is assembling a squad of players to deliver on his ideas. There are exciting times ahead for us.

  10. Great determination to not roll over and accept defeat last night is the most pleasing aspect of the performance.



    Anyone that has recorded the game have a watch at our first goal again, 16 passes from our own penalty box without an inter player touching the ball, 9 of the 11 players involved in the move, only Craig Gordon and Griff never touched the ball in the move, real quality.



    As for McManaman and Sutton, pair of idiots, Sutton’s hatred of Ronny isn’t healthy





    Reply left on previous article.



    Best place for it,probably!!!

  12. West End of East End on

    What a game last night, still on a bit of a high today.



    Tom McLaughlin – Just as the 4th official was showing 4 minutes to play, Inter players were dropping like flies wasting the minutes away and it looked as if we were heading for glorious failure again, I gave the old scarf a wee kiss and a prayer that we would get one back and lo and behold JG pops up with a cracker. Ye of little faith….

  13. Sectarian problem for Scots Almost nine out of every 10 Scots believe sectarianism is a problem for the country – with the same proportion saying football is a contributing factor, according to a Scottish government survey.



    More than half of those questioned in the survey said football was the main cause.



    The social attitudes study revealed 88% of those questioned see sectarianism as a problem, although 69% believe it is concentrated only in Glasgow and the west of Scotland. Orange marches were blamed by 79% of people.



    The government is spending £9m on tackling the problem and is currently reviewing controversial legislation aimed at banning sectarian behaviour at football matches.



    Community Safety Minister Paul Wheelhouse said the research was helping to build “a comprehensive understanding of the nature and impact of sectarianism”.








    I never show anyone a losing slip,people would joooost laugh.



    Are these huns thick or summat?



    (Do I win the prize for first and bestest rhetorical question of the day?)

  15. Great result last night, (and yes.. draws can be a great result too) and a great performance.. made all the better by the way we achieved it!!


    Big turnaround in just about everythin were doin right now.. Keep it up Lads, success is just around the corner!!


    Great to meet up with some of the CQN’ers last night at the corner before the game.. Jamesgang, not only a good blogger, but a thoroughly nice guy, (jeez, what does his Mother feed him on? I had a sore neck, lookin up). Cowiebhoy, another nice guy and a pleasure to meet.. and Dena, what a wee sweetie!! lovely lady and a real joy to meet, (anyone know if she married?? or would I be wasting my time??).


    No doubt about it.. We Are The Greatest Fans In The WORLD !!!


    Hail Hail and God Bless You All.

  16. Jude,



    You beat me, I’m just up, a shower then a curer as I’m a tad ruff, think I’ll break the rules and buy a rag to see if they’re hurting as much as Sutton.



    So disappointed in a player that I admired..:((

  17. I feel we are starting on a fantastic journey with Ronny & his Bhoys ,


    Just score more than themCSC :))))



    There were respected posters on here on Wed night relaying *media* reports of Feyenoord fans causing bother.


    * i know i know :)))


    Till later all

  18. Postie announced today he’d started a big argument at work. Told the Celtic fans they had a ‘small team’ mentality celebrating a draw.



    Yeah well I’m one of them, I told him – so why don’t go and beat raith rovers and show us how to beat a better team.



    HH jamesgang

  19. 67Heaven .. CHALLENGING THE LIE ..I am wee Oscar / Neil Lennon.. Ipox belongs to the creditors on

    Oor Phil



    Being calm before the storm


    4 Replies


    It is good advice in life to sometimes disregard what people say, but rather instead focus on what they do.



    Amid all the noise from the stenographers Ashley’s men are working away at Sevco.



    Big Mike’s men are on the RIFC board in the same way as Lloyd’s banking group had Donald Muir on the board of Rangers.



    This is the lender making sure that things are run according to their wishes.



    Sources tell me that the Ashley’s men on the RIFC board are currently going about their work quietly and diligently.



    Now perhaps that is all just a front for other members of staff.



    They may indeed know that this is their end of this tour of duty at the Big House.



    Even if they had a plan to tunnel out of Stalag Sevco they wouldn’t tell any old Tom Dick or Harry around Ibrox.



    That said I am aware that Big Mike’s guys are taking long term decisions that imply that they believe that they will be there to see these projects through.



    For example they are currently discussing a new coach for Sevco and John Carver’s name has come up in conversation.



    So long term decisions being calmly made.



    This does not for in with the picture being painted by the hacks.



    The noise coming from the stenographers is that Mr King has the numbers stacked up.



    In simple monetary terms the Sevco show is very small beer. It is worth noting that Sports Direct have a bigger turnover than TRFC from only ONE of their retail outlets.



    Hence it is initially baffling that Mr Ashley would pay such a high opportunity cost in having Derek Llambias and Barry Leach at Ibrox.



    Quite simply they could be somewhere else in Big Mike’s business empire.



    However he clearly has plans for Sevco and the devil is in the retail.



    The extent to which the stenographers are acting as shills for Dave King is breath taking by even their low standards.



    Their journalistic ethics truly are off the radar.



    Meanwhile I understand that Mr Paul Murray has been in conclave with various representatives of The People.



    He was there, in part, to plead for dignity and restraint apropos the General Meeting.



    During one of these meetings Mr Murray was also asked about the King business plan going forward.



    Apparently his answers did not satisfy all of The People there.



    Subsequently some of the more financially literate Ibrox fans are starting to realise that Mr King’s plans are based upon Other People’s Money (OPM).



    In this case THEIR money.



    Of course we’ve seen this nightmare on Edmiston Drive before.



    This is the simply the same movie, with a different cast, but the same audience.



    The debacle over the General Meeting was rather unedifying.



    I am aware that senior RIFC personnel were liaising closely with the police in London when the EGM was originally booked to be in the capital city.



    Perhaps after the AGM last year the directors clearly had some health and safety concerns about returning t Ibrox.



    If the South African based entrepreneur does ‘win ‘the General Meeting then the stenographers will be like when Sally went for lunch with Harry, but they won’t be faking it.



    Perhaps President King will appear on the deck of HMS Sevco with a Mission Accomplished banner behind him.



    However, it might take one little Bhoy to point out that the aircraft carrier has no planes.



    It is accepted wisdom in military circles that time in reconnaissance is never wasted.



    To that end I understand that General Ashley has had a comprehensive intelligence dossier compiled on the past indiscretions of some of the forces arrayed against him.



    This could get messy dear reader as Big Mike seems very interested in what some of these chaps did as opposed to what they said.



    Share this:



  20. A Ceiler Gonof Rust on

    andyR53, Re Dena 29. Get in line bhoy:-)



    Sorry I couldn’t make the corner last night but traffic was horrendous from Dunblane south to Glasgow. I only just made kick off with minutes to spare.





  21. I said yesterday I thought we would see something special last night, not necessarily in the result but in the performance, and I think that’s what we witnessed. I also said RD could do with a statement win, at least in the home leg if not the tie, but I think that was as good as.



    You can’t legislate for the bad Gordon error at the 1st goal, never mind practically throwing in the 3rd, but it would be a bit like Larsson missing an open goal*, for all he has done you simply can’t hold it against him. Besides, he’ll have his chance to redeem himself next week.



    Our 1st goal the ball was cut out in our box, played calmly out of defence, 15 passes and a couple of 1-2s later, Armstrong slots the ball home, a terrific team goal to add to the collection of great goals we have been scoring in the last 3 months.



    Feel sorry for anyone who watched it on BT Sport. Came back from the game buzzing, watched it back, Sutton really is a miserable b******. Maybe he simply can’t face up to the fact he was got it so wrong about Deila, and so he has resorted to picking holes in whatever he can to save face. The questions pundits should be asking themselves are:



    Did we outplay Inter last night? IMO yes.


    Are we a better team than 6 months ago? Unequivocally yes.


    Are we playing some great football? IMO the best style of football since the late, great TB.


    Did the fans go home happy? I think so yes.



    “Without fans who pay at the turnstile, football is nothing. Sometimes we are inclined to forget that. The only chance of bringing them into stadiums is if they are entertained by what happens on the football field.”


    Jock Stein



    A big name manager may have put bums on seats, but they would be empty again in no time at all if the football is boring to watch.



    Sutton will always be a great player, whatever he says won’t change that, but if he is angling towards a coaching position under a Larsson led regime, then he is going to be waiting a long time, and many fans will want him nowhere near the job.



    *That never happened

  22. midfield maestro on

    a ceiler gonof rust



    12:36 on 20 February, 2015



    Yes, we’re with him. Just a shame that there are still plenty of numpties on here who will let rip after 13mins into a game. These soccer experts know hee haw aboot fitba’.


    Hail hail bruv.

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