Need for an innovative assistant


One of the details pertinent to the formal appointment of Neil Lennon as manager will be the appointment of his assistant and other coaches.  John Kennedy is certain to remain part of the staff, it remains to be seen if Neil’s former assistant at Celtic and Hibs, Garry Parker, will join him again.  Damien Duff will also be waiting on a steer on where his future lies.

A more innovative appointment may be called for this time.  Five years ago, the initial plan was to appoint Ronny Deila as assistant.  I would like to see Celtic come up with an innovative appointment this time.

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  1. i don’t think his arithmetic was wrong, just his English i.e. wrote per month instead of per week



    PS I did Maths and Arithmetic O Grades separately in 1985. We had to talk the teacher into doing one lesson in Arithmetic before the exams(we did nothing on it all year); she reckoned if you were good at maths then arithmetic was a skoosh and the lesson would be better spent on calculus.

  2. If Lennon can’t pick his own staff then it merely confirms my fears of Lawwell launching a power grab post Rodgers.

  3. Fool time whistle



    I concur with a lot of your assessment and think Lenny has exhibited great composure during these last months. Brendan Rodgers was a master at that and this relaxes the players a lot at a big club like Celtic. Neil had to keep winning and he did it. He has inherited a squad which he can build on. He needs to sign players. Unfortunately there don’t seem to be many players out there like Harry Hood to be picked out easily but that would be the type of player to bring in. The assistant should be Duff I think. John Kennedy has been phenomenal but we need someone like him who knows the club to oversee the playing staff from the top down and work closely with scouting and young players. Let’s see how ambitious and visionary the board are in this new era.

  4. Big Georges Fan Club - Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar on

    FOOL TIME WHISTLE on 28TH MAY 2019 3:20 PM






    Well thought out and considered post.



    However, I think any concerns over the method / timing of the announcement will probably fade very quickly for most people.



    It came out the way it came out – doesn’t bother me and I haven’t heard anyone (in real life, not on the internet) being overly concerned – maybe a wee shrug of the shoulders about it but that’s all.



    Accept some will maintain their views about how the ‘selection process’ was handled, how the decision was made about the next manager, how it was communicated, the attributes that Neil has / doesn’t have, etc.



    However, the only really important issue is the results he gets; we’ll see whether we get positive results once the season gets under way again.



    At that point, assuming Celtic do well, all of this will quickly fade into insignificance. Of course, if results are are poor and we fall behind in the league, this will all be dragged up again.








  5. Big Georges Fan Club - Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar on

    AN DUN on 28TH MAY 2019 3:47 PM


    If Lennon can’t pick his own staff then it merely confirms my fears of Lawwell launching a power grab post Rodgers.





    Someone earlier had a bit of a rant to the effect that the assistant should already be in place before the new manager walks in the door, which I thought at the time was utter nonsense.



    There have also been lots of discussion hear about the Director of Football role, and the fact that it would be helpful since it would bring stability, so that the manager leaving wouldn’t preciptate the departure of the full backroom staff. That view is probably at odds with the view that the manager should indeed pick his own men.



    Seems a bit dammed if you do, dammed if you don’t.






  6. i'vehadtochangemymind on

    We won the fuggin treble treble, the treble fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuggin treble


    Ya fuggin hoo



    girfuy loadsa people

  7. BGFC


    Were you looking for a pub to watch the final in Stoke – if so did you find one

  8. Thumbs up Celtic the first Scottish club to break into European top 30.



    By: Newsroom Staff on 28 May, 2019 13:01



    CELTIC have been ranked amongst the most prominent European football clubs in a new report by global financial firm KPMG.



    The Scottish champions’ success on the pitch with eight-in-a-row, and a third successive domestic treble, has now been accompanied by another achievement off the pitch, one which highlights the financial health and future potential of the club.



    The European Elite 2019: Football Clubs’ Valuation report has included Celtic amongst the biggest clubs in Europe. The study is a comprehensive analysis providing an indication of the Enterprise Value (EV) of the 32 most prominent European football clubs as at January 1, 2019.



    Celtic met the three-point selection criteria which required clubs to be among the top 50 European teams by total operating revenues, rank in the top 50 teams according to the five-year UEFA coefficient and feature within the top 30 European teams by number of social media followers.



    KPMG, one of the biggest financial services advisory firms in the world, has been running the study for four years and, until now, the 32 places up for grabs have always comprised of clubs from the same eight countries – England, Spain, Italy, Germany, France, Portugal, Netherlands and Turkey.



    Celtic’s inclusion marks the first time Scotland has been represented in the rankings, and the report cites the Scottish champions’ revenue and profitability improvements from UEFA Champions League and Europa League participation as the primary factor in them breaking through.



    A club’s place in the rankings is based on five parameters – profitability, social media popularity, sporting potential of the squad, broadcast rights and stadium ownership.



    The Scottish champions are ranked 30th on the list. Real Madrid, Manchester United and Barcelona have dominated the top three positions in recent years, but this year Bayern Munich muscled the Catalan club out of third sport, with Real Madrid topping the list ahead of Manchester United in second.



    Star players and lucrative broadcast deals help prop up the teams at the top of the list, but the report highlights the potential of academy development as a key way to bridge the gap and increase the chances for success on and off the pitch.



    Celtic’s Academy system has produced some of Scotland’s most talented players in recent years with the likes of James Forrest, Kieran Tierney and Callum McGregor being key figures in Celtic’s three consecutive treble-winning campaigns.



    That trend looks set to continue with Mikey Johnston, Ewan Henderson Anthony Ralston and Karamoko Dembele all impressing in the Hoops first-team this season.

  9. Fool Time Whistle on




    Ref his assistant – thought I saw a reaction from JK yesterday that could indicate that he will not have the same position next season – just a fleeting moment.



    Damien Duff & JK were also thrown in with NFL to get us to where we are today – two interim appointments.



    I hope we retain both in some capacity.



    Big George



    I was less concerned by the timing – when else were they supposed to announce it.



    However, the cackhanded, unco-ordinated method that led to more questions and confusion was a PR shambles from people who consider themselves to be consummate professionals in European football.



    Once the game was won, the announcement of that appointment was THE priority & how it was done was key to stability & a smooth transition. Instead, the anger & venom it provoked was unbelievable.



    They dropped the ball & this kind of thing makes me really wonder about the effectiveness of our senior management structure. Who is in charge & whose voice is heard when decisions like this are being made?



    Oh jeez I think I might be turning into a board malcontent.



    Off to watch a video of the 2nd half to cleanse my mind.




  10. coneybhoy



    Alongside his poor grasp of Arithmetic he also started a sentence with the use of a Conjunction which is still frowned upon in certain quarters.


    So, altogether, a poor effort.

  11. Go tell the Spartim on

    14 sleeps till the battles commence all over again, can we not just let them get on (NFL and PL) with it for the next fortnight? There’s always something about Celtic that gives you a wee smile, even when things around you are tough and painful.



    Celticsmilebetter :-) CSC

  12. glendalystonsils on



    14 sleeps till the window opens.



    The huns window opened when we lifted the3x3 cup on Saturday…….and a great many of them jumped out.

  13. TEUCHTER ÁR LÁ on 28TH MAY 2019 2:04 PM



    Gene Huns sang that version – with a couple of add- ons



    *calvinists tae, heard them sing it one sunny day at Boagheid, the Super Sons first game back in the First Division, they also sang about Jimmy Johnstone sitting on top of a Christmas tree and a vulgarity directed at the mother of our saviour and his successor on earth.



    That was in the 1st half, at the interval the mad Brucehill Tims made there way around the ground tae the end they were at and the singing ceased, at the end of the game when they reached the Common where their buses were parked all the windaes were panned in.



    Moral tae the story is you don’t come tae a mad Tim town and sing urine like that especially on black walk day while we are away at annfield with limited attendance in an LC game.

  14. Fool Time Whistle on

    If there really is an Oxford Comma CSC, do you have to sit a wee Englsh exam to be admitted?



    Words, grammar, and punctuation.




  15. Brendan’s……. B team



    …………………De Vries……………………



    Gamboa – – Compper – Hendry – – Izzy



    Toljan – – Kouassi – – -Mulumbu – – Benyu






    Innovative Assistant Lee Congerton

  16. BOURNESOUPRECIPE on 28TH MAY 2019 4:29 PM



    Glendalys ? ” They’ll be jumping oot o windaes ” ?



    *and I hope its spiky railings when the land.



    *Incidentally that song was based on a mad hun jumping oot the windae after we beat them in the ’65 LC Final.

  17. I heard Lenny pinky promised Garry Parker the job so we won’t be looking at any other candidates…

  18. Hrvatski Jim on

    SPIDEY100 on 28TH MAY 2019 3:02 PM



    Good post about the role of a DoF re heading up scouting, development, fitness etc.



    If his life had not been cut so short, i would have envisaged Tommy Burns in the DoF role that you describe but it was not to be. Possibly, in time, John Kennedy may turn out to be that man but he needs another ten years experience and successful track record to justify the position.



    One point which I very occasionally read and which does annoy me is when people refer to John Kennedy as the board/Lawwell “spy” in the camp. As if there must be a constant struggle/war within the club.



    I would also say the the DoF role should be at club director level so that the boardroom understands the short, medium and long term football development plans like the board members understand the infrastructure and financial development of the club. Also, so that the football department understands what our strategy is and what budgets are available at each point along the way.



    Perhaps those more knowledgeable than I about the internal structure may be able to explain if/how much of this already happens.

  19. 1973 I received an “A” in Arithmetic, Maths and English “O” levels at Dumbarton Academy, I was married with 2 weans at the time and did them at night school.



    It was then I decided tae try and further my career and education, however, 2 year later I emigrated and it was put on the back burner for a few years.



    All I achieved later on goes back tae they “O” Levels.

  20. Noticed that other shower of corrupt cheats, Linfield FC recently ‘won’ their 53rd league title.



    The self-proclaimed most successful club in the world will get that going for 55 monkey removed their monkey backs soon enough.




  21. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    Traditionalist88 11:43


    I used the word “coaches” rather than managers as I was referring to the European model, where they tend to go with a DOF and “head coach”. The head coach would be the equivalent of a British manager. Somebody like Jürgen Klopp, for instance, was probably called “head coach” at Dortmund and would be quite happy with that title if he were to return there.


    One of the reasons this model hasn’t really caught on in Britain (seems to be changing a bit now, certainly in the EPL) is that British managers get a bit sniffy about being called anything other than manager (maybe makes them feel less important?). The other one being that they don’t like “their” players being bought for them (well guess what it’s the club’s players, not yours!).


    I have changed my view about this in recent years. I used to go along with the idea that if the manager is responsible for results he should get to buy the players HE wants. The problem is that managers come and go so quickly these days. Manager A comes in, buys a load of players for the way he wants to play, leaves/gets sacked. Manager B comes in, plays a different way and needs to bring in players to play that way. Chaos! Paul actually did a really good piece on this a while back.


    I would like to see us with a club style/identity. Then all managers/coaching staff fit this style. When a manager leaves get another with the same philosophy and you don’t have to change the players.


    The DOF would do all this. I don’t see that he would be “redundant” outwith managerial appointments. It would be a constantly evolving role – we should always have a “list” of 10-15 possible replacements who could potentially take over at any point in time.


    He would also be involved in player recruitment (again, to suit the style). My own view would be that the manager/head coach should always be involved in this and should never have a player thrust upon him that he doesn’t know anything about.


    This playing style would also filter through to the youth teams making the pathway to the first team more fluent.


    One of the reasons I didn’t want Neil Lennon to be manager was that I didn’t think he was a good fit for continuing the “Rodgers” style. Talk of a “major rebuild” worries me as I think there are maybe 3-4 positions that need to be addressed and any additional ones that are needed to implement a change of style creates a big and unnecessary risk.


    Anyway, hope that makes things a bit clearer. Apologies for length!

  22. jinkyredstar on

    BSR and TT


    Forgot to mention the all important:


    ‘Hope it’s multi stories, when they jump’


    Totally vital when considering the potential effect of said Jaggy Railings



    There was a cartoon in one of the rags – I think it was just after the massacre of Yogi’s baseball boots-


    The scene was – one Hun flying downwards past another one hanging Oot the sundae asking for a ‘shillin for the gas’!

  23. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Celtic will face Rennes this summer as the club announced their latest pre-season fixture.


    The game will take place on Saturday, July 13, at Celtic Park, sandwiched in between the club’s first round Champions Leaguequalifier.

  24. Big Georges Fan Club - Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar on

    Hi there FOOL TIME WHISTLE on 28TH MAY 2019 4:16 PM



    I think your phrase is correct “…anger & venom it provoked…” was, indeed, unbelievable.



    However, I think it is the people who felt such “…anger & venom…” have more need to look inwards at their own reaction, rather than outwards at what the perhaps feel provoked them.



    I think the negative reactions (and I am not refering to your post) were, in some case, very extreme and could not be sensibly juistified – in fact I thought some of the reactions themeselves were – to quote them directly – “disgusting” and “disgraceful”.



    Oanywho – I hope you enjoyed the 2nd half as much as I did, and that you now feel cleansed :-)))





    GENE on 28TH MAY 2019 4:08 PM




    Were you looking for a pub to watch the final in Stoke – if so did you find one



    GENE – request was for the husband of one of the girls at work. Sorry, don’t know if he had any joy – afraid I didn’t see any replies here, but I may have missed something. Couldn’t see anything on Celtic Bars. Me and Wee BGFC enjoyed the game in the flesh – poor first half (again), but better second half (again).






  25. Big Georges Fan Club - Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar on

    My keyboard keeps missing out letters when I type – Wee BGFC spilled some beer on it at the weekend :-))

  26. Must admit I was a bit underwhelmed by Neil’s appointment , but it is what it is . Looked like the decision to give him the job was made in the directors box . Two points , Neil lennon has been given the job , he must be backed with funds to strengthen that team . And Desmond and lawell have to leave him alone to get on with the job , it won’t happen but that’s what should happen . We should see a mass exodus of players surplus to requirements , which should leave plenty space to bring in a few of our young boys who have showed promise, but I can’t really understand some of my fellow posters saying we’re not needing many buys of quality coming in . Over the season we did have players who failed to show up in important matches , I know , I know we won the treble ,and great it was too , but we made it hard for ourselves , I stated at the time the two games at govan being a classic example we played them with at least 3-4 men short , even the treble treble winners can’t do that , I don’t need to tell you guys the positions where we are crying out for quality to be brought in , it’s on here every day , for my own take I agree with most of the comments ,but I personally would love to see ,players with tons of bottle ,players who won’t be bullied and overawed by average players like arfield ,jack halliday , Flanagan , Dear god and it happened twice last season . Yes we have players alright ,but no good if they don’t have it in them to roll up there sleeves and enter the battle . Hopefully Lenny being Lenny will have noticed that one but major failing in our team . HH

  27. BGFC


    I saw the request late on – but although I’ve lived in the area for 40 years I couldn’t help.

  28. JIMTIM on 28TH MAY 2019 5:42 PM


    but I personally would love to see ,players with tons of bottle ,players who won’t be bullied and overawed by average players like arfield ,jack halliday , Flanagan , Dear god and it happened twice last season .





    I couldn’t agree more on that. Everyone knows we need 3 or 4 who walk straight into the team. They need to be good and have the character you mentioned. RB (plus keep Lustig) CH (big Jozo has been really good recently but we know he’ll get injured and can’t play on plastic) CF (haven’t a clue about Bayo). Those three are a must with a 4th being centre midfield.

  29. Fool Time Whistle on




    I think many of us were seduced into thinking fantasy appointments by all the agent/bookie promoted pesh.



    On your point about the two defeats to Newco last season –



    I know we were not at our best in either game, but in both the referee’s performance or application of the laws of the game were key to them winning. When the laws were reasonably applied in the 3rd game at CP their (Newco) own attitude was one of unjustified overreaction by the referee & moans that no Celtic player had been sent off.



    When officials apply the rules properly, they are found out as a team of divers, thugs & cheats.



    They were handed every possible advantage by us & by officials but still fell short by a measure of 9 points and no trophies.



    If we can avoid losing our top 2 strikers, our management team, half of our midfield and some of our defence and add a couple of quality players then they’ll resort to complaits about Willie Collum’s inner voice & Scott Brown being a very naughty bhoy.




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