Need for an innovative assistant


One of the details pertinent to the formal appointment of Neil Lennon as manager will be the appointment of his assistant and other coaches.  John Kennedy is certain to remain part of the staff, it remains to be seen if Neil’s former assistant at Celtic and Hibs, Garry Parker, will join him again.  Damien Duff will also be waiting on a steer on where his future lies.

A more innovative appointment may be called for this time.  Five years ago, the initial plan was to appoint Ronny Deila as assistant.  I would like to see Celtic come up with an innovative appointment this time.

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  1. WeefratheTim on




    Us ole govanites never say mever. My old mum, govan born and bred, lived till she was 94 and hardly had a healthy day after her 50th. That’s resilience. Lol HH bro. Cot time. ??????????.

  2. Big Georges Fan Club - Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar on

    MELBOURNE MICK on 28TH MAY 2019 11:52 PM



    Roasted, obviously !!!



    Jings – what type of eejit or teuchter would say “toasted” – I mean to say – really?






  3. Big Georges Fan Club - Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar on

    Lanarkshire mammies only feed their weans roasted cheese

  4. WeefratheTim on




    Just going to the cot, hope you and the wee yin are well. Night night. HH

  5. Melbourne Mick on




    Got it, i’ll tell wee Grace who’s presently eating the cushions on


    the settee that eejit papa will be making roasted cheese.


    Thats after i swim to the shoaps of coarse 8-))


    Gotta go.


    H.H Mick


    And what the feck are mice rounds? is that the same as rat droppings?

  6. Big Georges Fan Club - Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar on

    And (one for my auld deceased dad) ‘potted haugh’ (what the Hell was actually in that???).



    Used to buy that for my dad from ‘Zeegie’ who came round Plains / Caldercruix, etc. in a red van every Friday.



    I learned in later life Zeegie was a German (I think POW in the camp in Caldercruix) who stayed on here after the war. Real name was Zeigfried Weigand. A great community man when I was wee – lovely person and the advent of supermarkets has a lot to answer for in driving out (figuratively speaking) local grocers’ vans.



    Always good to let people get tins of soup, vegetables and fresh-cut slices of dumpling for a treat on tic, until the wages (or, occasionally, broo money) came in.



    Acht – I’m away before I start sounding like wan o’ you auld yins :-)))






  7. I think we should try and sign Benkovic.


    Paul67 hinted on us breaking our transfer record so it might be possible.


    I like McKenna but Benko is better imo.



    The position a lot are missing when talking about our 1st team essentials is left wing… Unless Shved or JF can switch.



    One player for the future we should sign and loan back is Turnbull from Motherwell…. His calmness and demeanor are a bit like big Odsonne.



    As for an assistant big Morten Wieghorst is worth a think.




  8. Big Georges Fan Club - Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar on

    WEEFRATHETIM – we are not too bad – we were both pleased to see you back on over the past few days – never met, but I suspect we would get on well.



    Melbourne Mick – love to your wee Grace from over here in the wee Tim enclave of Plains in darkest Lanarkshire. Hope to get out to Australia and New Zealand sometime in the next couple of years, finances and offsprings’ exams permitting – if we do, we’ll be heading to see you I have no doubt.









  9. Big Georges Fan Club - Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar on

    Oh, aye – mice rounds – 8″-ish diameter, shortcrust pastry encasing mince in gravy (percentage of actual meat is…variable).



    For a working class family, along with deep fried chips formed the basis of a dinner for four. Because I was the wean (of seven), my mum sometimes engineered it so that I got a half one all to myself, which is why I have a ‘robust’ build to this today :-)))








  10. Big Georges Fan Club - Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar on

    FRANNYB67 on 29TH MAY 2019 1:03 AM


    According to the daily ranger Gary Parker will be NFL no2 HH




    Is his beard part of the deal?

  11. Fool Time Whistle on

    Big George FC



    When I moved from Dennistoun to Castlemilk in 1957 we were the first people in our close.


    There were no shops, none at all. There were no pubs, cinemas or parks.


    There were no Catholic schools so I had to be bussed down to St Bonaventure’s in Polmadie.



    A wee blue van (Ford Thames I think) used to come round every day driven by an Irishman called Neil.


    I’d be sent down to get stuff for my mum and when he opened the back doors it looked like he had the whole stock from Massey’s or Curley’s stuffed in there. He had a roof rack full of vegetables too.


    All I know is that no matter what my mother asked me to get from Neil – he always had it.



    Zeegie & Neil CSC

  12. WeefratheTim on




    Brilliant to be back on here, I know we’ve never met, but I’ve never met a Celtic supporter I’ve never got on with. The CQN corner is a fantastic hub for Celtic friends. You and the wee yin look after yourselves. HH bro.

  13. Melbourne Mick on

    Got a reprieve, wee yin decided she wanted frozen pizza.


    Warmed up of course lol.


    NALLY 81


    Good shout.




    Remember the Curleys vans very well, and without the tic given


    very trustingly i might add, many a family would have starved.




    Ah mince rounds, years since i heard that, gave me an idea for


    dinner tonight.


    Potted haugh? not for me, tripe and onions in butter was my


    staple diet back in the day.


    H.H Mick

  14. Melbourne Mick on




    If your still about, hope you do make it over to this beautiful Celtic


    loving continent, i love all you bhoys and ghirls giving us a visit, and


    there have been so many, and as WEEFRA says ” i’ve never met a Celtic


    supporter i’ve never liked “.


    H.H Mick

  15. Melbourne Mick on

    Just before i go, again lol, got talking to one of our senior players last night


    asked him why he wasn’t training, said he got bitten by a white tailed spider.


    Nasty , his leg was blown up twice it’s size.


    A Celtic fan so he got lots of sympathy, told him he was lucky he could’ve


    been bitten by a hun. 8-(((((((


    H.H Mick

  16. BGFC


    Revealing that you came from a small family. ;-)


    You have me getting sentimental about things like Archie Provan’s butcher van for beef and lard for the frying pan, I Ronald Docherty in the store van, the fish van on Friday, coop milk lorry with Henry Lafferty, Neilly’s fruit and vegetable van, the coop bakers van, the oil man on a Friday selling firefighters, paraffin and the dreaded Lifebouy soap.


    A few more came and went.



  17. Good Morning – Mild Morn In The Chilterns…



    As we come into pre-preseason and the players and staff get a very well earned break, the thought of where we will be by the time we reach our first UCL Qualifier is still far away. We should have enough with what we’ve got so let’s take it from there is possibly what’s going on Celtic’s Ivory Tower.



    Paul67 seems to suggest we need a little extra in the mix…



    A more innovative appointment may be called for this time. Five years ago, the initial plan was to appoint Ronny Deila as assistant. I would like to see Celtic come up with an innovative appointment this time.



    A couple of days ago SFtB’s asked the question, why Neil Lennon? And couldn’t satisfactorily answer that.



    I read through the logic and would agree it’s a head scratcher but Lenny got the job so there has to be a reason for that, right! There is only one that comes to mind for me, more on that later.



    The point being, if some of us can’t fathom Lenny’s appointment then assistants and back team staff is a further poser.



    What is an innovative appointment anyway? By our standards was Ronny an innovative appointment, Id say yes, he was bringing in new practises and approaches and formations and tactics etc etc. Was Brendan and his backroom staff innovative, Yes, absolutely, it built on Ronny’s foundations and brought it to a higher level, add to that the greater expertise, professionalism and discipline that is key to getting these improvements implemented. So you have to say we’ve recently had the most innovative appointments since 1965.



    It hasn’t really worked out though has it? Of course we could point to the historic triple, treble. We can point to the breathtaking football we’ve played at times, like the goal that was shortlisted for the Puskas award. We can point to the invincible Season. We can point to the amount of Academy players in our current squad. We can point to record transfers both in and out. We can point to record turnover and profits. We can point to our current Pot 3 UCL potential. We can point to KPMG’s list of most valuable Clubs and the first time we’ve made this list. We can point to huge and historic achievements that have happened at Celtic since the last time Lenny was offered an innovative assistant.



    Yet for all the “innovation” and the success it’s brought, where are we? Back to where we were five years ago, trophy laiden, financially sound and lessons learned, sure but still for all that, definitely where we were five Seasons ago.



    So what constitutes innovative now? Surely we are not going to make the same recent mistakes again, yet we don’t want to throw the baby out with the bathwater (If we haven’t already).



    So they’ll be no innovation. The truth is no matter how “innovative” our assistant manager turns out to be, the best he can do is maintain some of the enhancements and professionalism that we have gained. Lenny is the conservative appointment, John Kennedy is the continuity man, we are no longer about innovation.



    Why not? It brought huge rewards, we just need to get better at it, tailor it to fit, don’t we?



    Well yes, if that’s what the powers that be wanted that would be the thing. I kidded myself on that as the treble, treble era ends that there would be a new dawn. Lessons learned would mean a new structure within the Club; with enhanced processes and personnel – directors, managers, coaches and players, who could build on recent success.



    Why haven’t we done that? It’s the smart move, we have smart folk at the helm.



    Well as stated earlier, I can only think of one thing that has led to this point. It revolves around the restructuring of the European Club game.



    Celtic PLC want to maintain the status quo, develop the environs, develop event holding and hoard monies to ensure they have a platform and finance to quickly restructure the Club in the event of a positive outcome for Celtic.



    It’s why PL is so important to us, he may not be part of the negotiations or a decision maker but he is privvy to the ongoings and I’m sure he and the Executive believe PL can ensure Celtic is a central player in the restructuring.



    Our Club according to KPMG has an Enterprise Value (EV) of €227Million. Now if we are included in the European elite, even in the second tier (as it would initially be). Celtic could treble that value to ¾ Billion. Further with Celtic’s undoubted UK, European and Global potential to get to the first tier and double that value is far from impossible.



    We are run by businessmen and that’s where they eye the prize.



    DD famously made a fortune out of an investment he made in City of London Airport some twenty odd years ago, his Celtic investment would not eclipse that but it could certainly be seen as a very canny deal.



    It’s up to Lenny to keep the Club on an even keel, no grand projects or ambition just best in Scotland and it’s PL’s turn to get us over the line… into European Elite Football.



    No innovation is necessary until we get there… after all we have a real old school, old firm dual to look forward to next Season, come out the best from that – 9iar going on ten and that will keep your average Celtic punter going… the real Celtic punter, well they’ve got their eyes on the real prize.



    Hail Hail

  18. Good morning CQN from a beautiful and sunny Garngad ?



    How good is life being a Tim? ?



    Chairbhoy good post, although I don’t know about average and real Celtic supporters, something does not sit right with me in that sentence, maybe I am reading it wrongly.






    D. :)

  19. Good Morning David66,



    What strength you have shown, my heart goes out to you and your family, may your brother R.I.P.



    Yes, possibly didn’t make that very clear… I was using punter as the general term and also as the original gambling term.



    So read your average Celtic supporter vs Celtic executive investors… hope that makes more sense.



    Hail Hail

  20. Chairbhoy- thanks for your very kind words.



    Yes to me that sounds better, In my humble opinion.






    D. :)

  21. quadrophenian on

    CHAIRBHOY on 29TH MAY 2019 5:45 AM


    Thanks for your eloquent, early morning musings.


    Agreeing with most of what you say, I’d add that I wonder if investing in recruitment innovation may help prep us for the PLC promised land AND deliver more consistent performances onfield.


    Currently we seem to have a ‘buy cheap in bulk – find a coupla sellable diamonds’ methodology.


    Dunno how player scouting could become more productive, but we seem to lose big wedge on wages of players who never quite make the cut – yo Marvin, prove me wrong – and that should be curtailed.


    We don’t need innovation per se; we need the fruits/yields it brings. Innovation would be scouting forensically. HH

  22. Quad- thanks, it was a couple of weeks ago, but just got body released, well cremated on Friday.


    In time for my young brother to be sitting with the rest of the family and the Lions in that big pub in the sky, watching the Tic make more history?


    I like to think of that pub as something like The Paradise bar??






    D. :)

  23. quadrophenian on

    Been a bad time to lose so many great Celts; players and fans. HH to you and yours.

  24. Chairbhoy



    Good analyses of the conundrums around the Celtic approach.



    I speculated some time ago as to why Celtic might be ‘hoarding cash” and amongst other reasons, I suggested that we might be building up our stadium, rather than the team, as that may be the easiest route to get an invite to elite level competition, since we do not get the kind of free TV money that allows us to do this via player recruitment and retention and winning matches on the European field.



    There was an alternative view, however, being fed back to my post that suggested we are not spending that much on stadium and infrastructure, but we are using this was an excuse to hide money being “stolen” from the club, through loose accounting practices.



    I certainly believe that, the rise of the agent in football, has given an easy route to using football clubs for money laundering. I hope, against hope, that our club steers clear of this kind of thing but we are faced with the same dilemma faced by aspiring Tour de France cyclists. When everyone else is drugging themselves to raise their competitive levels, how do you resist but still stay competitive. If you do loan business with clubs that are willing to be loose with their accounting of fees, do you become part of this cycle too?



    Just a thought- I have no accounting skills at all but, I have been told there are many “black hole” areas, in the sundries dept; for example, where loose money can swim and be disappeared.



    Wy else would Dave King be interested in running a football team?

  25. traditionalist88 on




    Thanks for clarifying – I’ve always found the notion a bit idealistic, especially at Celtic where our players can be picked off by vultures with much more £££’s than we can say no to.



    Also, we have to be adaptable to be able to play different styles anyway given that we have to play lots of matches in harsh Scottish conditions, or if we’re away to a Euro big gun, again we can’t be sticking to the one style that we may employ in home league matches, for example.



    I’m yet to be convinced on the DoF because for me its just another layer, another guy on big money. Having a list of 10-15 to take over at any time is again too idealistic as its really all about circumstances at the time. Not sure too many would agree to join us at the drop of a hat regardless of their current circumstances either!



    Every manager likes to freshen things up and its often part of natural evolution of a club that players who the manager brought in when he arrived are also coming to the end of their time here.



    If you do things right there will be a core of good players to build on, which this time, I think we certainly do have, and Neil Lennon will be well placed and entirely within his rights to want to bring in a few signings of his own to supplement that and bolster certain areas where we are obviously weak.




  26. CHAIRBHOY on 29TH MAY 2019 5:45 AM



    Excellent reading. Cheers.



    So we officially move in to the European elite ( I would argue we have been there since 67. )



    It is absolutely no coincidence that we sourced an innovative manager and that is part of the reward.


    I am not a fan of looking backwards in players or management . As innovative is the article’s buzz word, put simply it is not innovative.



    NFL is our new manager and he should now get the backing of the whole Celtic family, however a quick message to all if I may. Do not diminish our appeal to the elite of football. We are part of this elite group and our aspirations should reflect this.



    HH to all. The new journey awaits.



    jesus sftb”



    Is that promotion for one of our finest posters?




  28. Great reading Chairbhoy……………..Thanks.



    Celtic Quick News at its best……….




  29. ST TAMS on 29TH MAY 2019 10:02 AM


    Gary Parker as assistant. It just gets worse






    The only thing innovative about Garry is his hipster beard.


    Ah well. I guess Joe Ledley and Gary Hooper will be along soon enough.



    Putting the band back together csc

  30. The hands cant hit what the eyes cant see on

    “Need for an innovative assistant”



    Gary Parker it is!

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