Need to see Johnston or Elyounoussi start tomorrow


Aberdeen had a slow start to the season but soon kicked on.  Their eye-catching loss to Jack Ross’ Hibs this month and Celtic’s win at Pittodrie are their only defeats in all competitions since September, a run of 11 games.

On Wednesday, we discussed how Hearts were able to up their dreadful form to come from a goal down to take a point off Newco – sufficient, at the time, to pull Celtic level on points at the top of the table.  Aberdeen went one better two weeks ago by earning a point from being two down to Newco.  Like Hearts they can raise their game, unlike Hearts, their game starts at a competent level.

When Celtic agreed to Wednesday’s re-arranged fixture, they knew they were handing a benefit to Aberdeen, who have rested up for a week.  It was a gamble to take pressure off the second part of the season.

Neil Lennon has difficult decisions to make regarding team selection.  He will have an eye on who he wants to start against Newco on the 29th, and will want to get those players as fit as possible.  I would like to see Ryan Christie back in the No. 10 role, which would also mean James Forrest returning to the right.  For this to be possible, we will need to see Mikey Johnston or Mohamed Elyounoussi start tomorrow.

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  1. David66 I know you won’t believe this but I once saw a handsome Hun, I posted about this before but was ridiculed and subjected to homophobic innuendo by my good pal the very sensible & restrained ACGR.


    So I won’t elaborate on it again, mind you I’m almost 72 and in all my years it was just the one I saw.

  2. Ah but the question is how handsome was he ?


    As handsome as …



    Hrithik Roshan.


    Robert Pattinson.


    Chris Evans.(not that wan)


    Mahesh Babu.


    Caveat : I have no clue who the aforementioned 4 are !!


    Just seen a list of handsome men 😜



    Or just handsomer than your average hun?

  3. theBHOYfromU.N.C.L.E on

    Spotted Elyounousi coming out of the car park before the recent Hibs game……………he was sporting a support boot up to his knee (not sure if it was his right or left,always find it hard to tell) so slim chance he will be available for tomorrow………so Johnston it is then,hopefully.

  4. Paul67 etal.



    If anyone requires 2 tickets for the game tomorrow I Know where I can get two tickets for the Lisbon Lions Stand section 118,Let me know as soon as Possible.

  5. Corkcelt- 😂😂😂 I forgot about our Handsome Hun Scouts in Ireland my sincere apologies, and I’m afraid unless I witness it I will never believe the myth.



    Hail Hail



    D. :)

  6. Would like this team tomorrow.



    Forster (NL)


    Frimpong (NL)





















    Gordon(RD), Bitton(NL), Elyanoussi(NL), Taylor(NL) Ntcham(BR) Griffiths(NL) Bayo(BR)



    NL – 8


    BR – 3


    RD – 3


    ACAD – 3


    GS – 1



    It seems a amazing how little BR’s signings have in this current squad – NL has put his stamp on the squad much quicker & in greater numbers than BR ever did – now, will he be as successful?

  7. I would also like to report back that I obviously survived my Christmas shopping trip with Mrs David66, but……. OH MY DAYS….. Can that woman shop and shop and shop.



    3 trips back to the car with bags… Is all the shops shutting down forever???






    D. :)

  8. bigrailroadblues on

    Ok Bhoys, I shall continue my hunt for the elusive handsome hun in every dive bar, gin joint and wetherspoons in 5 continents. Man needs a hobby. 😂

  9. I don`t mind at all the 24 pounds for the Copenhagen game but it does annoy me paying 1:50 to buy my ticket online. As my ST is activated, no postage is involved so how is the 1:50 figure arrived at?

  10. Ntcham has played really well since coming back into the team. It would be a shame to see him dropped.



    I’d start the same team and be prepared to give Mickey 30 mins off the bench.



    Moi is out of contention for December.



    I love Mickey Johnston but he is a certain starter for the 29th? I reckon the team that started vs Hearts will be the same one taking on Sevco. Minus Johnny Hayes for Boli

  11. BRRB – you are number 1 Handsome Hun Secret Scout… Go find em sport.








    D. :)

  12. HEBCELT.



    Heb,Didn’t I send you a message, if not I must apologise to you, Yes I did recieve it and I enjoyed the two glasses I’ve had from it.



    It’s an age thing and it’s getting worse by the day sorry for being a stupid dickhead,hopefully we’ll meet up soon.

  13. bigrailroadblues on

    David66, I fear my quest may be in vain. But I shall be relentless. 🍺🍺🍺🍺😂😂😂

  14. David 66


    The worst thing is that you fill a couple of trolleys – get home and she says there’s nothing in for dinner 😨

  15. I can’t see Lenny playing the same 11 with another mid week & the Hun game coming up.


    I’d expect Taylor or Boli to start in place of Jonny & Mikey to start probably in place of N’tcham.


    If Mikey is pencilled in for Hun game he will need to get a bit of game time.

  16. My friends in Celtic,



    £37 for a ticket against Copenhagen is a disgrace. There is no justification for this hike in price against an unglamorous team.



    Our current custodians must think we are all super rich Tories.



    HH to all.

  17. Oldtim67 no prob you are not alone in the dodgy memory department, glad youreceived it and enjoyeda couple of drams. May I wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year. H H Hebcelt

  18. Techie help



    I can get onto Celtic site and I can log into my account but, when I click to purchase my ticket, for the Copenhagen game, it tells me I need to be logged in to purchase (even though they are still welcoming me by name at the top of the page and inviting me to Sign Out when I’m done).



    I can phone the Ticket Office bu they explicitly say that you should not do so to purchase tickets, only if you are being re-allocated due to UEFA guests ( does not apply to me).



    Any obvious solutions?



    Technologyhatesme csc

  19. MNCELT on 20TH DECEMBER 2019 3:24 PM


    David17 – I would love for you to get some enjoyment out of Celtic. You’re missing out on so much.






    I’m not missing out on anything, i can assure you of that. Don’t see why you make it about me anyway. £37 is too expensive, almost everyone I’ve seen or spoken to who goes to Celtic Park agrees.

  20. Big Fraser Forster has played ibrox fc eleven times in his career and has kept a clean sheet 8 times.




  21. SFTB


    I just bought mine online.


    In the biggish box on the right, it said : Notifications (1).


    I clicked on that and the rest was simple.

  22. David 17


    For something to be TOO expensive, it has to be comparable with a similar `product`. What would that product be (and how much) ?

  23. THEBHOYFROMU.N.C.L.E on 20TH DECEMBER 2019 4:54 PM


    Why have Xmas at this time of year when all the shops are busy ?





    A few minutes ago, two lions walking down Buchanan St, one says to the other ” Why’s it so quiet “

  24. HOT SMOKED on 20TH DECEMBER 2019 5:20 PM


    David 17



    For something to be TOO expensive, it has to be comparable with a similar `product`. What would that product be (and how much) ?






    For a start the ticket price is 6% more expensive than at the same stage last season versus Valencia. And £35 was too expensive then.



    The general point is the Board filling their boots and awarding themselves large and disproportionate salaries and bonuses and stockpiling money whilst fleecing the support. It’s unacceptable. Peter Lawwell commented at the AGM that ‘societal issues manifest themselves in football’. I agree with those comments. While collar suits benefiting at the expense of the many is indicative.

  25. Hot Smoked ,



    Apologies for butting in. Comparison you say.



    How about Thursday night, Feb at Parkhead Forge . 142 minutes long, Guaranteed to be dry. The new Star wars film. £10.95. Standard adult price, with discount for families.



    We need to encourage families to Paradise with a realistic pricing policy.


    For you, I and many on CQN the price may not be prohibitive, but for many it will be.