Need to see Johnston or Elyounoussi start tomorrow


Aberdeen had a slow start to the season but soon kicked on.  Their eye-catching loss to Jack Ross’ Hibs this month and Celtic’s win at Pittodrie are their only defeats in all competitions since September, a run of 11 games.

On Wednesday, we discussed how Hearts were able to up their dreadful form to come from a goal down to take a point off Newco – sufficient, at the time, to pull Celtic level on points at the top of the table.  Aberdeen went one better two weeks ago by earning a point from being two down to Newco.  Like Hearts they can raise their game, unlike Hearts, their game starts at a competent level.

When Celtic agreed to Wednesday’s re-arranged fixture, they knew they were handing a benefit to Aberdeen, who have rested up for a week.  It was a gamble to take pressure off the second part of the season.

Neil Lennon has difficult decisions to make regarding team selection.  He will have an eye on who he wants to start against Newco on the 29th, and will want to get those players as fit as possible.  I would like to see Ryan Christie back in the No. 10 role, which would also mean James Forrest returning to the right.  For this to be possible, we will need to see Mikey Johnston or Mohamed Elyounoussi start tomorrow.

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  1. Sid 8.43pm



    Need to try and whisper it … but I think the Sevs improvement in both Spl (against the other teams) and the Europa league has made Celtic perform better … plus I would imagine Neil Lennon enjoys the “challenge” … “if” we get 9pts in the next 9 days we can then see how things stand, 29th December 2018 the Sevs were joint top let’s see where they are 29th December 2019 then we are in a better position to make a judgement … Celtic have proven to be stronger January onwards for many a recent season

  2. Sid-this is a ‘rangers ‘ that have collapsed every time they’ve been asked to step up,every time 🤔

  3. I give up with the offside rule. If the Huns third goal wasn’t offside then they have changed the rules to suit them.😡😡😡

  4. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on







    Just like Celtic before ‘Rangers’ only when the ‘old firm’ is portrayed in a bad light.



    Even more subtle. How do we read?



    Top to bottom and left to right.



    Anyone noticed how the SMSM frame their pictures: ‘Rangers’ crest above Celtic? ‘Rangers’ Player on the left, Celtic on the right? ‘Rangers’ player in the foreground, Celtic player in the background?



    As I’ve said many times:



    It’s media of the Hun, for the Hun, by the Hun.



    Stop consuming it.

  5. The Hibs right back Naismith is woefull.



    I could do a better job of marking a player than him when defending.



    D. :)

  6. SID on 20TH DECEMBER 2019 8:43 PM



    No amount of money we spend in January will improve the rest of the spfl.



    Where would you improve our team to make it more likely we win the league?

  7. Fairhill Buoy



    You are one of these blinkered posters i spoke about.


    Your also one of these posters who reads a post and can’t comprehend the content of the post.


    As I need to explain it to you again, I will, my post never mentioned anything about Rangers being better than us or indeed winning anything this year.



    Sevco have improved, yes that’s my opinion but all the facts back me up regardless of our win on the 8th December.



    If you can’t see that I’m afraid your deluded.

  8. Hello again all you young rebels.



    Thats me logged in now, nae probs, don’t know why you’re


    all complaining.8-))


    H.H Mick

  9. Celtic40Me



    I posted in the summer we needed another centre forward, quality strikers are game changers. I would invest 10M or so on a scouted up and coming centre forward.

  10. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on

    Have the SMSM picked up on Neil Lennon’s (subtle) presser comment that Celtic ‘would be further ahead in the league’ if VAR was used?



    Probably not.

  11. The other night it looked like Lenny either called Madden a feckin cheat or the Hearts centre back who just fell to the ground and got a foul. Thing is If right and Lenny did say that he was right on both counts.



    D. :)

  12. Tomorrow we play the only team in the spfl to take points of Sevco in the last two months.



    Be focused, Celtic and let’s do our job.



    P.s Sevco’s game plan is very much about an early press and frantic pace to start the match. They blew Hibs and Aberdeen away in the first 30 mins. Similar to their games against us and young boys this month too. We must plan and overcome their early press at Celtic Park and the game will be there for us.



    Aberdeen first though, tomorrow will not be easy.

  13. I see why so many think playing Jeremie at right mid would be good. I reckon he is in the best possible position with the way the game is played by Celtic. I also think he is going to prove to be a truly outstanding 1v1 defender… oh and he has a bit of pace if needs be to get back.



    An enhanced Didier Agathe methinks.

  14. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on

    Fantastic advice Sid.



    If only Celtic had signed another centre forward they’d have been top of the league, finished top of the Europa group and won the League Cup.



    Don’t be greedy. You can’t have everything.

  15. Sid-not delusional,I mentioned that the Huns have never won a game that mattered,across the board in Scotland.You can save your holier than now patronising pish for someone else💚


    And it’s Bhoy 🍀

  16. Celtic40Me



    We did it ourselves we did find one, his name is Odsonne Edouard.


    My guess is we’re not prepared to run with another one despite the money being available.



    That to me is a choice, it’s too hard, an excuse.

  17. AN DUN on 20TH DECEMBER 2019 9:16 PM



    A fit Eddie is the antidote to a high press.



    They were dead on their feet after 70 minutes at Hampden because of the effort they put in, I’m sure Lenny will have something in mind

  18. glendalystonsils on

    Best we can hope for here is that Hibs keep it to 3 and don’t allow Sevco to wipe out our goals advantage .


    Can’t see it though , they are an absolute shambles , and were, even with 11 men

  19. SID on 20TH DECEMBER 2019 9:25 PM





    We did it ourselves we did find one, his name is Odsonne Edouard.



    We did it once and look at how it worked out, so unless the club aren’t interested in getting better while making a pile of cash on a signing why wouldn’t they do it again? If they love money do much why not repeat it?

  20. Those jolly japers that are The Rangers Supporters.



    Playing keep the ba’ when it comes into the crowd. Ho ho ho.



    Except their team are 3-0 up against 10 men and desperate to improve their goal difference. An own goal I think.

  21. Huns are full of bluster and all out attack, let them get 10-15 yards in our half and press get ball and attack, classic European sucker punch.


    They push too many players forward in a hope of finishing games early.


    They also tire around 65-70 mins they cannot keep up the all out attack.



    Rope a dope. Seemples



    D. :)

  22. The blogger formerly known as GM



    Guilty as charged, i do want to see Celtic having the strongest squad possible, whilst having record resources in the bank.



    It may even have been enough to qualify for the CL and paid for itself with an added profit.



    Topping the EL group was great, qualifying for CL would still have been better.

  23. Luck of the draw that we get Hearts away on a furrowed field.


    The Rangers get Hibs on an immaculate pitch.



    When do these things even up?

  24. CELTIC40ME@ 08:35



    I stand corrected, it is 4 from 6, but as I recall we were ‘under the cosh’ in the second-half against ten men in the 2-1 win at CP. It does not change my overall point that they have a system that causes us much trouble. The first time I seen us neutered by the press was the Anderlecht game at CP. That was copied by Levein to bring our unbeaten run to an end, and has been used by others, e.g. Livingston, Hamilton, Motherwell…etc, domestically since.



    We play open attractive football, but at times can be very naive and easily subdued – the first half hour against a poor but ‘pressing’ Hearts team again makes my point.



    I hope we do it, but personally I wouldn’t bet a penny on winning the title.

  25. SID on 20TH DECEMBER 2019 9:32 PM



    Our performance in the Europa league proved we had a good enough squad to beat Cluj in the qualifiers, but they weren’t all ready



    Maybe if we’d spent the money sooner and integrated the players better it would have worked