Need to see Johnston or Elyounoussi start tomorrow


Aberdeen had a slow start to the season but soon kicked on.  Their eye-catching loss to Jack Ross’ Hibs this month and Celtic’s win at Pittodrie are their only defeats in all competitions since September, a run of 11 games.

On Wednesday, we discussed how Hearts were able to up their dreadful form to come from a goal down to take a point off Newco – sufficient, at the time, to pull Celtic level on points at the top of the table.  Aberdeen went one better two weeks ago by earning a point from being two down to Newco.  Like Hearts they can raise their game, unlike Hearts, their game starts at a competent level.

When Celtic agreed to Wednesday’s re-arranged fixture, they knew they were handing a benefit to Aberdeen, who have rested up for a week.  It was a gamble to take pressure off the second part of the season.

Neil Lennon has difficult decisions to make regarding team selection.  He will have an eye on who he wants to start against Newco on the 29th, and will want to get those players as fit as possible.  I would like to see Ryan Christie back in the No. 10 role, which would also mean James Forrest returning to the right.  For this to be possible, we will need to see Mikey Johnston or Mohamed Elyounoussi start tomorrow.

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  1. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on

    Sid, of course, the CL would have been better,



    Then there’s the pesky defeat to Livingston that is always brought up.



    Gosh, if only Celtic could be as good as ‘Steven Gerrard’s Rangers’.

  2. I would put JF on the bench tomorrow and play Frimpong in front of Bauer. I’d play Taylor and MJ on the left. I’d start with LG up front and replace him with Eddy after 55-60 mins.


    Time LG got a real chance to lead the line.



    Just my opinion.

  3. Fairhill Bhoy



    10 million players. Wot size of wage bill would that be. ? And wot size of treatment room would we need ? 🤔

  4. Fairhill Buoy



    😂😂😂 Their you go again, take someone’s post, make a bit up yourself then criticise on the bit you’ve made up.



    I’m beginning to think you missed out on an education which if true i sympathise and will explain.



    I said, I would invest 10M for a striker, just a striker because a top striker is a game changer, two like OE and another, really improves your chances of success.

  5. Of all the Youtube linked players the Ivory Coast dude playing in Israel looks the wan to sign. He isnae a Striker howevaaaah Ⓒ Kojo.



    Celtic had a very good Summer transfer window. Celtic have had a very good Season so far as well.



    Loved the stats McNut (welcome btw) posted earlier.

  6. DENIABHOY-so that people can come on after the game and moan about to many changes 😉


    Play our strongest and fittest team in the positions that they know 😉


    It’s not rocket salad 😉

  7. GFTB @ 8:42



    Yes a great stat, every trophy since SG ‘climbed the marble’. However they get closer as they get stronger and the rest of the league gets weaker. It will all rest on ‘head to heads’, but please no more like Hampden. Their game is built on getting early momentum, hemming the opposition in and squeezing the game from the front and midfield – Eddy’s simple kick for touch at Ibrox was simple but masterful – we never achieved anything like it at Hampden. Yes the long ball to Eddy can break their lines, but we have to win more of the other battles. They tackle quick & fast, and hunt in packs, why can’t we?

  8. Sid-you’re absolutely correct,left school in 86,aged 15 with two o levels,English and math.🤔


    But I did ok,not as good as you,obviously 😉

  9. MCNUT on 20TH DECEMBER 2019 9:35 PM


    CELTIC40ME@ 08:35




    I stand corrected, it is 4 from 6, but as I recall we were ‘under the cosh’ in the second-half against ten men in the 2-1 win at CP



    You said we were outplayed, now we were under the cosh. We were under some pressure, but for about twenty minutes.



    Stats don’t tell the full picture but here they are from the 2-1 game











    Shots on Target





    One shot on target in 90 minutes



    Very similar to the cup final, although at Hampden we had 50% of the possession

  10. Really looking forward to the game tomorrow. Football on a Saturday at its traditional time.



    Plenty time to meet up, discuss the game and down a few swallies then miss kick off.



    Nostalgia indeed.

  11. Could this league really go down to head to heads, it’s exciting and I could do without it , so I hope our leaders turn on the after burners after xmas, and do the best to blow them away

  12. Board rumour….or is it bored rumour….nah I’ll stick with Board rumour



    CQN has had the request for a ‘gazebo’ rejected. However the decision was accompanied by a statement that indicated that this could be reversed if instead of a ‘gazebo’ it was called a ‘conserve-a-tory’.



    Hail Hail




  13. I’d hate to see Lenny tinker tomorrow- we’ve three games and the players will get their rest. Start the strongest 11 and make changes when the points are secure.



    Forster, Frimpong, Julien, Ajer, Taylor, Brown, McGregor, Christie, Forrest, Johnson and Edouard.



    That’s our starting 11 for tomorrow and the 29th, Boli for Taylor is the only position up for debate imo.

  14. BIG G on 20TH DECEMBER 2019 10:07 PM


    Could this league really go down to head to heads, it’s exciting and I could do without it , so I hope our leaders turn on the after burners after xmas, and do the best to blow them away







    I’m very comfortable with the league being decided by our head to heads.

  15. I’d prefer if it was our heads up against their noses.



    Caorunn is magic!



    Hail Hail




  16. Historically I know Aberdeen are not the team of old, but old habits die hard.



    They worry me and I always need something to calm the nerves.


    Medicinal if you like.



    Anyway HH to all, and COYBIG tomorrow.

  17. Just had an email in from a wee organisation I keep in touch with.



    The subject line said….



    Hibo, Humanitarian Team, ActionAid Somaliland…



    At first (blame the Caorunn) I thought that the Somalis were requesting aid for Hibs…. :)



    Hail hail




  18. McNut 9.56pm



    “They tackle quick & fast, and hunt in packs, why can’t we?“



    Again, (whisper it) I think the Sevs doing/playing well keeps Neil and our bhoys in their toes



    Maybe as the copy n paste from your post is the fact that Celtic are winning games and trophies without hunting in packs and not sure about “quick & fast” tackling …



    Again 29th December 2018 at Ibrox under Brendan, Stevie Gee finished that day joint top (and won heehaw last season) next Sunday will be 29th December 2019 where we can draw comparisons … with 3 games to go I “think” Stevie Gee will be worse off than last year with a January window to survive :-)



    And that’s with all the fast tackles, quick tackles and as many hunts in pack they can muster

  19. I would happily let it go down to head to head 👍


    But I’m delusional and unfortunately blinkered 😉

  20. AN DUN I hope your right i’am getting a wee bit older and like an easy run inn to celebrate what will be a glorious achievement

  21. Fairhill Buoy



    Why are you struggling to comprehend or twist posts?



    I posted i wanted in the summer for Celtic to invest 10M on another striker, because top strikers are game changers.



    You posted ” let’s buy 10M players for every position ”



    Now can you or can’t you see the bit you made up?

  22. CELTIC40ME @ 10.02



    Stats show different to what we watched, but as you allude to, stats can be misleading.



    They play a 4 – 3 – 3 formation. My opinion is we play 3 at the back to cover front three. Our wing-backs play high on their wing-backs. Our middle three are better than anything they’ve got and Eddy can run the back two, or, hold it in as required….but, and it’s a BIG but, we must be prepared to work as hard as them. If we are on top, Ayer can step into midfield, on occasion, to give us an extra man. The opening 30 minutes hold the key.

  23. MCNUT on 20TH DECEMBER 2019 10:24 PM


    CELTIC40ME @ 10.02




    Stats show different to what we watched



    You maybe, not me. A single shot on goal in 90 minutes with 40% possession was about right

  24. Watched hibs game


    Opposition have improved somewhat


    Passing faster and slicker


    To think not would be to underestimate.


    Wonder what they would be like pressed


    And with a mobile,quick and ruthless attack hounding them.


    First goal plated up,2nd good goal 3rd goal Defoe knew what he was doin.









  25. Anyway,I think we will win the league easily,because we have better players and we definitely have a better manager.But without that £10 million striker who knows 😉

  26. The Huns are not bad. In Europe think they came through 4 qualifier rounds, despite being one of the lowest seeds they got out of their Group. On the domestic scene , think they have played 21 games, of which they have lost two both to us.


    If we are being honest we were haunted to beat them in Hamdump.


    I still believe we are a better team, but we can’t afford any stupid slip ups, I believe we will win 9 in a row but I am not complacent.


    There is only one game that counts and that’s tomorrow & when that game is over there will be only one that will count & that will be against St. Mirren.

  27. An Tearmann,



    I cannae wait for the 29th.



    The Celtic pitch is 2nd to none now. Unlike Hampden – embarrassing.



    I’d rather Mo hadn’t said what he said – done now so we get on with it. I reckon Lenny will be furious with him, if he has actually said it.



    TheHuddle mentioned earlier that they are weak underneath the bravado – I tend to agree but they are strengthening of that there is no doubt.



    Need a Mega Push By All of the Celtic Support to Get another Genuine 9 Titles.



    Aberdeen will be very difficult the morra, we get through it with a 1-0 win, then I will be well Happy.

  28. Gerrard certainly has got something about him, but winning 9 and 10 shouldn’t be easy and it’ll make it all the more meaningful with a decent challenge

  29. Corkcelt-there not bad,but there not good either.😉They’ve had a favourable draw in Europe so far.And again,they haven’t won a meaningful game in at least 3 years .I honestly enjoy the hope that they Kling to😉 It’s going to kill them 😉