Need to see Johnston or Elyounoussi start tomorrow


Aberdeen had a slow start to the season but soon kicked on.  Their eye-catching loss to Jack Ross’ Hibs this month and Celtic’s win at Pittodrie are their only defeats in all competitions since September, a run of 11 games.

On Wednesday, we discussed how Hearts were able to up their dreadful form to come from a goal down to take a point off Newco – sufficient, at the time, to pull Celtic level on points at the top of the table.  Aberdeen went one better two weeks ago by earning a point from being two down to Newco.  Like Hearts they can raise their game, unlike Hearts, their game starts at a competent level.

When Celtic agreed to Wednesday’s re-arranged fixture, they knew they were handing a benefit to Aberdeen, who have rested up for a week.  It was a gamble to take pressure off the second part of the season.

Neil Lennon has difficult decisions to make regarding team selection.  He will have an eye on who he wants to start against Newco on the 29th, and will want to get those players as fit as possible.  I would like to see Ryan Christie back in the No. 10 role, which would also mean James Forrest returning to the right.  For this to be possible, we will need to see Mikey Johnston or Mohamed Elyounoussi start tomorrow.

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  1. Do all Celtic fans remember the Huns going for ten in a row , I do it was a shoe inn , Richard g, sticking his hands up in the air after that goal , they got arrogant, hope we never go down that road

  2. Yesterday’s Ntcham’s Twitter page had something along the lines of ‘Ready for the Old Firm’



    Ffs that’s the sort of shit that annoys me with two games to play before we even get to that



    The ‘Old Firm’ part annoyed me enough

  3. BIG G-remember it well,when we stopped it I was in the lavvie under the LL end 😉


    God bless Harold 💚


    Refuse to sing the ten n a row entitlement song 🍀

  4. Big G 10.45pm



    Obviously different eras (and the Huns cheating with their tax free incentives) can I ask you one question regarding your post ?



    Do you think Neil Lennon will have a different attitude than “no surname” ? I have a feeling both managers will have different outlook on similar scenarios, one of entitlement and the other one is Neil …. complacency will not be this Celtic’s team downfall under Neil (all obviously in my opinion :-)

  5. Bhoylo83,



    I would have thought he was well briefed on it being a Derby…. dinnae have twitter so dinnae know.



    As you quite rightly say, that games so far away.

  6. Farhill Boy . They are good . by Scottish Standards, yes the likes of Aberdeen & Hearts have gone back a bit but there is no point in trying to be an Uber Celt by denying the obvious.


    We have a genuine Title battle on our hands, I expect us to win it but there are MIBS out there, there are injuries and there is bad luck.


    We just need to concentrate on ourselves, if we keep winning we win, it’s as simple as that but we can’t rely on the Huns dropping points elsewhere. If they do it’s a welcome bonus but that is as far as it goes.

  7. Bhoylo83 10.47pm



    Whether we like it or not players like Larsson, Dembelle now Ntcham the “old firm” is an attraction to them whether it’s old Rangers, this Rangers or the next Rangers … if you think Ntcham & others care about Rangers/Sevco … they don’t, they love the atmosphere of this game and anybody can post on here all day or night … next Sunday if this was a 7yr old club we are facing ask yourself why your stomach is in knots :-)



    I read a post on Philmacs site a few weeks ago and it made me laugh regarding the Sevs/Rangers … “Bjorn Again will never be ABBA but they do have something in common, they sing the same songs” … so apt for Stevie Gee’s team & his followers

  8. BHOYLO83 on 20TH DECEMBER 2019 10:47 PM


    Yesterday’s Ntcham’s Twitter page had something along the lines of ‘Ready for the Old Firm’




    Ffs that’s the sort of shit that annoys me with two games to play before we even get to that




    The ‘Old Firm’ part annoyed me enough







    Don’t think Ntcham runs his own account, maybe his Agent or Manager.

  9. Corkcelt-they dropped points already,when they had the chance to put pressure on us.


    I’m no uber,far from it🍀

  10. FAIRHILL BHOY later on that year last game against st Johnston George o’Boyle missed a sitter an I pished myself , god bless Harold brattbak

  11. I was hoping Hibs would take something but they shot themselves in the foot early on and didn’t recover.



    Anyway, keep winning and it doesn’t matter what they do. The biggest mistake would be to take our eye off the ball. The only show in town is the to get the 3 points tomorrow. To quote Neil Lennon ‘lets put on a performance, if we get that great, if we don’t then get the 3 points and move on.’

  12. BIG G-yip I remember Boyle’s miss,it was a good night up in the woodhead that night 😉


    Incidentally we had a Boyle who was a brilliant supporter and pal who was with us when we stopped the ten👍



  13. David



    Naw i know it’s not him who writes it, same as Edouard and Dembele at the time didnt do his



    But still it annoyed me

  14. GFTB I really do hope Celtic get to 10 in a row under Neil , and if we do people will forget how we got there, it will just be a stat but a good stat

  15. david17,



    Its gonnae be Curtley Ambrose, the Almighty is in Control, it’s His story after all.



    The Celts Going for the 9, and hopefully the 10.



    Love is the Law.



    A by product may well be a lesser European Cup. Noone knows anything. Least of all me.



    Lesser does not mean Lesser in Ornothological terms. I have no science backing that up but, it is True.

  16. Big G 11.19pm



    Aye, would be good… Neil has been tremendous since February when he took the reigns, Feb to May was getting the job done, July to December has pretty dam great football with a league cup triumph and a Europa league triumph …. I think not making the CL group stages was a bit of a positive (the board wouldn’t have spent the money anyway :-) as we have built up the co-efficient points and made Celtic Park European nights amazing again… Aberdeen tomorrow is now the priority



    Hail Hail

  17. David,



    Efe was Magical for Lenny.



    Lenny pushed him too far, Efe suffered the most, Lenny and Celtic.



    Apologies for the misspelling, Curtly Ambrose was Wicked at Bowling… just before Dumbarton East and after OK.

  18. “When I scored, I didn’t even look to see the linesman because I knew for me it was a goal for sure.



    “Everyone is still talking about it but I still have the medal in my house.”



    Chris Jullien

  19. An Tearmann on 20th December 2019 11:47 pm



    Wee track classic from the ol Maestros 1980



    Simple minds I travel











    Believe it or not, the first Time I clicked on the link No Sonics happened.



    As I head aff to bed I click on the same link then the sonics happen.



    Crazy I know.



    Judge not……………………………………..

  20. Fairhill bhoy



    I’ve already pointed it out to you in this post.



    I posted i wanted in the summer for Celtic to invest 10M on another striker, because top strikers are game changers.




    You posted ” let’s buy 10M players for every position ”





    Now can you or can’t you see the bit you made up



    I’m sure if you concentrate really hard even you’ll get it. HH

  21. SID @ 1:07



    Got to agree with you on signing a top striker – yes we can afford £10m, the sticking point is always wages. Balancing the books will not be a problem as we will get plenty for Eddy when he goes.



    I know this is a contentious point, but I think Griffiths is finished & Bayo has never started. I believe we have two youngsters in Afolabi & Harper who could offer as much as the aforementioned two, i.e. sitting on the bench and/or coming on doing nothing. Shved, Hendry, Sinclair, Kouassi & Arzani look to be heading out – so why not move Connell OkoFlex, Dembele, Robertson & O’Connor up the pecking order? Give these guys a seat on the bench more often.