Need to see Johnston or Elyounoussi start tomorrow


Aberdeen had a slow start to the season but soon kicked on.  Their eye-catching loss to Jack Ross’ Hibs this month and Celtic’s win at Pittodrie are their only defeats in all competitions since September, a run of 11 games.

On Wednesday, we discussed how Hearts were able to up their dreadful form to come from a goal down to take a point off Newco – sufficient, at the time, to pull Celtic level on points at the top of the table.  Aberdeen went one better two weeks ago by earning a point from being two down to Newco.  Like Hearts they can raise their game, unlike Hearts, their game starts at a competent level.

When Celtic agreed to Wednesday’s re-arranged fixture, they knew they were handing a benefit to Aberdeen, who have rested up for a week.  It was a gamble to take pressure off the second part of the season.

Neil Lennon has difficult decisions to make regarding team selection.  He will have an eye on who he wants to start against Newco on the 29th, and will want to get those players as fit as possible.  I would like to see Ryan Christie back in the No. 10 role, which would also mean James Forrest returning to the right.  For this to be possible, we will need to see Mikey Johnston or Mohamed Elyounoussi start tomorrow.

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  1. Tromso sky race











    Mc Nut


    Not contentious at all mate just your point,:-)


    But Gruff has had effect coming of bench,t,there is a bit of a mumble turning I to a groan bout him,,finished. I hope not.and he is playing well:-)


    Bayo not really being allowed a narrative to develop,he’s getting the Boli treatment were he is written off bit early.patience I hope


    We also have a goal scoring atchison at forest green


    Dembeles debut I seen in the hoops I look forward to him and frimpong on the right Robertson was in middle v Cluj so it looks as tho they are heading to bench as you say



    Neil chatting bout squad and it’s use,I get the impression players want to be in the team and not out,so we seem to be working well


    I hope We strengthen with a CF. It is interesting the value 10m,it’s vfm for me.



    Good victory today I hope



  2. Greenpinata


    Just read back. Been out tonight at the Forth and Clyde canal, feeding my friends, the Dalmuir foxes. They are all doing well, as am I. Three wins in our next 3 games and I reckon we will win the league. Hope you are well. Hope you and every Tim on CQN has a happy peaceful Festive season with 9 points for Celtic. Peace and Love 🍀🇮🇪🇵🇱

  3. An Tearman


    I travel by Simple Minds was the Glesga version of I feel love by Donna Summer I thought. Maybe it was the red leb and red stripe in Maestros though. 😜


    Hope you are well big fella.


    I reckon that we win our next 3 games, we will win 9 in a row. Then we can sing another great Simple Minds song fae that era. Celebrate 😜🍀👍💚

  4. David 66


    Hope you are well mucker. I know we lost your Thomas and my mammy this year, but I am going to Corpus Christi mass on Christmas day to pray for them and us. God bless Davie. Been a tough year. Knightswood Celts forever.



  5. Petec


    Love from West Dunbartonshire to further West Dunbartonshire


    Peace be with you bro.

  6. DD – Garry, great to hear from you.



    It has been a tough year, I hope you are coping ok, I know you have a fantastic family around you who will help you.



    If there is anything I can do and I mean that Garry just gee me a shout through my email from Paul who runs the site.



    I hope you and yours have a nice, peaceful time over this period and thanks so much for the kind words, thoughts and prayers.🙏💚🍀🍺



    You are sorely missed on here buddy, please try and post more often.



    God bless and Come on the Hoops



    By the way I think you are right, win these 3 games and the job is done



    Hail Hail



    D. :)

  7. Ps Garry – I will never forget your mum with that big Alsation coming out when we were jumping your hedges 😂😂😂 she would never let the dog go right enough.


    Although I do remember jumping in to your garden wan time and he was sitting there, feck I never moved so feckin fast as soon as I hit the ground I bounced over again. 😂



    Hail Hail



    D. :)

  8. Aberdeen are in reasonable form but, recently, being away from Pittodrie is not their strength.



    Their last few away games have seen them



    Lose 3:0 at Hibs



    Draw at St. Johnstone



    Beat Ross Co.



    We should have enough to get by their initial effort but a lot will depend on how wasteful we are in front of goals.



    Today’s match and the Boxing Day game in Paisley are far more important, for the moment, than is our final fixture of the Twenty Tens.



    Then we are into the roaring Twenties to set some history.

  9. SFTB- you are correct. Today is the most important game we face this season.



    Get the job done bhoys.






    D. :)

  10. AN TEARMANN @ 04:10



    I would love to be proved wrong about Griff.


    We have no major rebuilding job at present and therefore it would be great to see the centre-back & centre-forward positions sorted in this window – it would totally take the pressure off for the qualifiers in July – surely we can get it right one time.

  11. Good morning CQN from the G10 Inverness to Glasgow bus – Paradise bound.


    I watched the hun game last night and yes they


    have improved greatly but they have a soft centre when things are not going their way. They were gifted a dream start both by an early blunder by Hibs and Jack Ross’s team selection. Horgan would always start for me.


    Just as well Capital punishment no longer applies as the pundits, including Chris Sutton, would have had the boy Porteous hung. For me Porteous went in hard with no malice intended and won the ball, both players’ momentum caused the collision – at most a yellow card. The game was, however, lost before the red card.


    Just win the next 3 games Celtic and come back refreshed after the break. I would like to see the Griffalo start today.

  12. The striker we bring in must be first team ready and able to help power us to 9. None of this project nonsense. Not strengthening that department earlier remains a real bugbear of mine , but that’s in the past. No mess-ups in this imminent window. If Lennon meets any resistance from Lawell then he needs to be very robust in his response.

  13. Beeb news saying pre 2009 EBT recipients do not need to pay tax on it!



    Is Dallas working part time for HMRC???

  14. Good morning, friends and Happy Matchday from a dry and mile East KIlbride. A 60,000 sell out today I believe so looking forward ty us reestablishing our 5 point lead a the top.

  15. Today’s pre-Christmas coupon…


    BMCUWP- Blackpool


    POG- Swansea


    GFTB- Airdrie


    TET – West Brom


    AWATR – Millwall


    LB – Newcastle


    Jobo – St. Johnstone

  16. Celtic, Celtic thats the team for me,


    Celtic, Celtic on to victory,


    They’re the finest team in Scotland, I’m sure you will agree,


    We’ll never give up till we’ve won the cup and the Scottish football league.



    They come from bonnie Scotland, they come from county Cork,


    They come from dear old Donegal and even from New York,


    From every street in Glasgow they proudly make their way,


    To a place called dear old paradise and this is what they say.



    Celtic, Celtic thats the team for me,


    Celtic, Celtic on to victory,


    They’re the finest team in Scotland, I’m sure you will agree,


    We’ll never give up till we’ve won the cup and the Scottish football league.



    There’s Fallon, Young and Gemmel who proudly wear the green,


    There’s Clark, McNeill and Kennedy the best there;s ever been,


    Jim Johnstone, Murdoch, Chalmers, John Divers and John Hughes,


    And sixty thousand Celtic fans who proudly shout the news.



    Repeat till you can see Celtic Park



    Hail Hail



    See you all at the Gazebo

  17. Must have been some party across the road from me last night.



    10.30am and there arrives a ‘Just Eat’ delivery……bet it’s a curry!



    Hail Hail




  18. MAZZY,


    And where is this £10 million striker going to play?If Eddy is fit,Eddy plays.Far too many supposed Celtic fans coming away with the shocking”Griff is finished”.On what evidence?Looks perfectly fit to me when he comes on.Same with Bayo.The problem is,as I said,Eddy.Lenny plays one striker,and Eddy is it.


    Again I am reading today,”Sort out the CH problem”.Eh,what problem?We have more cover at CH than I can ever remember in all the time I have watched Celtic.


    Getting top class players in ,for big money,fees and wages,to sit on the bench until someone is injured or leaves is not on,and it’s nonsense to think it’s possible.

  19. Watching the footage of the Hibs sending off last night.A total dive by Barisic,and Seethin goes apeshit,makes a beeline for the Hibs dugout,followed by his staff.A “Stramash”ensues.Hibs man sent off,Hibs coach,sent off,Hun coach,sent off.Seethin,walks away.Obviously,he has seen replays,but today,still sticking to the “Shocking tackle”script.Barisic,committed a much worse foul in the first 20 minutes,and did not even receive a yellow.


    Lenny says “The Refs are improving”.

  20. Spending £10 million does not guarantee quality. You just need to look at the haddies warming benches in the EPL. Beggars belief that wee Jeremie was overlooked – what a talent. We have plenty of quality in the squad but you can only play 11 players at a time.


    Agree TB, too many claiming the Griffalo is done – looks sharp as a tack to me. What he needs is a full 90 minutes!

  21. Turkeybhoy.



    I didn’t say anything about a 10m striker. All about opinions and mine is that we can,eg, get a battle hardened, hit the ground running guy on loan from England or elsewhere . The objective is to get 9 as a springboard to 10. In the event Eddy was to get injured or suffer a loss of form ( which can happen to anyone at anytime) I remain unconvinced about either Griff or Bayo. But the proof of the pudding etc and we will know when the SPL trophy is handed out in May whether or executive and managerial decision making was on the nail or not.



    But – as I say – all about opinions.

  22. Hunderbirds are Gone on

    Happy Winter Solstice everyone. Ah the midwinter festival. After today, the daylight hours start to lengthen, and it’s a sign that Spring will return, and summer after that. An important date in the Calendar for those, like me, who suffer from SAD.


    Also a big celebration for our Celtic (with a K sound) forebears, and I also wish a happy midwinters day to my fellow Celts (with an S sound). Let’s sacrifice Aberdeen today to celebrate.



  23. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on




    Seems to ” get the ball ” .


    Is there doubt about whether he actually made contact with his opponent ?


    I would say that , from that angle , there is .



    Real possibility that the gross over reaction of the hun bench pressured the ref. into sending off Porteous .

  24. Every game is the biggest game of the season so far, starting today! Si



    Sitting with my Celtic Christmas jumper (vintage 2017) on getting sorted to leave shortly for Paradise!



    Mon the Hoops!

  25. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on



    Had to google.



    Seasonal affective disorder (SAD) – NHS


    https://www.nhs.uk › conditions › seasonal-affective-disorder-sad


    Seasonal affective disorder (SAD) is a type of depression that comes and goes in a seasonal pattern. SAD is sometimes known as “winter depression” because the symptoms are usually more apparent and more severe during the winter. A few people with SAD may have symptoms during the …





    Thought it was the season to be jolly.



  26. Mazzy,


    On what evidence are you basing your judgement on GRIFF?. It can’t be what you have witnessed when he has come on.He has looked sharp and full of running.He needs games,and as I said,as long as Lenny has Eddy fit,no one else is getting a game.I agree,the best bet would be to bring in a striker on loan,but the problem remains,game time.I don’t blame Lenny,the race is too tight to gamble.My only problem was trying to make Morgan a striker,instead of playing Griff.