Neil and the players deserve our support this week


I know the huge questions over what happens next season weighs heavy on all our minds, but Neil Lennon and the players deserve all our support and focus this week, as we head to Hampden.

The most important win in Neil’s second tenure at Celtic was the Scottish Cup quarter-final victory at Easter Road.  That came in the week Brendan Rodgers left the building and could have caused our first trophy loss in three years.  That was as big a win as we have had this season.

Sunday is the next huge test of Celtic’s ability to continually raise themselves above all others, in all competitions.  We are on the verge of achieving something that we only achieved three times before 2017 and we face a team who have won and drawn at Celtic Park in the last year.

Go to Hampden with any complacency and your treble treble dream will become a lost fantasy.  Next season will take care of itself, but only Neil and the players can deliver another slice of history.

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  1. In the late 60s to early to 70s I was living in Australia and my dad used to tell me about Di Stefano and some guy called wee Al Madrid. Took me until we came back to Scotland in 72 to work out it was Real Madrid.

  2. RON BACARDI on 9TH APRIL 2019 8:28 PM



    Any oldies on here being at Celtic’s first European competitive match? Fairs Cup against Valencia.



    *I’ve wrote about this before but I was at Parkheid the night we tied with the reigning Fairs City Cup holders (they would go on to retain it that season beating the hibbees and pars on the way), in our side were 3 players who would go on to win Big Cup medals and 2 others who can proudly claim to be Lisbon Lions as well as 2 other internationalists.



    6 weeks before we had played the mighty Real Madrid and although we lost 1-3 after being 3 down we had scored and then had a good goal chalked off, we absolutely pummeled them in the 2nd half with the players being called out from the bath for a lap of honour, that was the same night the Celtic Cha Cha Cha was first aired.



    So here we were eagerly awaiting the return of another Spanish giant, we had lost the 1st game 2-4, so we were technically out as goals away did not count as double back then, however we had a good goal chalked off, again by Stevie, and 2 stone wall penalties denied.



    Incidentally that same night deidco lost 2-0 in Seville but eventually went through on a 4-2 aggregate, their game was described as a roughhouse and had to be stopped when an all-out brawl developed between all 22 players.



    We were on a good run of form between both games and so a healthy crowd showed up. The biggest shock of the night was the emergence from the tunnel of wee Bobby Craig who had arrived at the Central Station at around 4:30 pm.



    Who’s that they all asked, standing in the old enclosure I had tae tell my da it was the former Hi Hi player who we had signed fae Blackburn. Big Billy and Jim Kennedy were missing but 2 of the most unfortunate Celts of their era John McNamee and Wullie O’Neil filled in admirably.



    We played very well that night with Pat Crerand in particular being outstanding, unknown tae us he would be gone within 10 weeks, both this game and the Real one would help inflate his transfer fee.



    John Clark missed a penalty early doors, my da was seething, not with him but whoever allowed that “bhoy” tae take it and although we did take the lead early in the 2nd half they were just too good for us.



    At the end of the game disappointed but not downhearted we were however disenchanted with the theatrics of the “continental” side and they were rightly booed off the park.

  3. JOBO BALDIE on 9TH APRIL 2019 9:43 PM



    Tottenham are a team I generally like to watch. They last won a trophy, the English League Cup, in 2009. They haven’t won the FA Cup since 1991 and haven’t been league champions since 1961. And yet they’ve just taken the lead in a Champions league Quarter Final!



    *Me tae Jobo but that goes back tae one Saturday afternoon when my da came home fae a Saturday morning shift, he urged us tae go tae the windae just in time tae see a car pulling away.



    He was standing outside either Dennys or John Browns waiting for a bus when this “big fancy motor” stopped and the driver shouted him over.



    It was the then Spurs captain John Ryden, St Martin of Tours and St Pats FP, he was a few years younger than my da but had played with the Renton Guild who my uncle coached with my da helping out, before moving tae Duntocher Hibs and then turning professional.



    John lost his place through injury tae big Maurice Norman missing out on their historic double however he is listed as one of the top 12 Scots tae play for the club.

  4. Hi CQNers



    Ron Bacardy and Tontine Tim



    I remembertravelling on the Nitshill Supporters bus to the Valencia game. We had to stop at Polmadie to pick somebody up and he came on the bus with a very late Evening Citizen heralding the arrival of Bobby Craig. My only memories were disappointment at the result and the very average performance of wee Boaby Craig.



    However my memory recalls going to a Friendship Cup match a couple of years earlier where we played Sedan of France and I think the score was 3-3. We lost 3-0 in France.



    Wasn’t that our first competitive Euro match?



    Thanks guys for the memories



    Hail Hail

  5. Melbourne Mick on

    Hello again all you young rebels.





    I think i can say with some certainty that i would have been at all of


    those games as i prided myself with never missing a game with our


    famous Celtic.


    What do i remember about them all? not much i’m afraid, the ravages


    of time and age.


    But i do remember the Real Madrid game, a friendly i think and Tontine


    was correct we played them off the park and after the lap of honour 8-))


    myself and hundreds of others marched down to the Central station


    hotel and demanded the players come to the windows to give us a wave.




    John McNamee was a great centre half and so unlucky to be in the same


    squad as big Billy and another great centre back big Cush. i would just


    luv one of these ghuys with us now for the run in to the ten.


    I’ll tell you now cockheid would be shitting his pants against any of them.


    POG is in town.


    Looking forward to meeting up with POGMATHONYAHUN of this parish


    on Friday, i always try and meet any good tim who’s travelled all this way.


    So a good blether of all this Celtic is on the cards.


    H.H Mick

  6. Melbourne Mick on




    My memory of Bobby Craig? i remember when he ran onto the park


    i thought he was a ballboy, smaller than Jinky i think but good wee




    H.H Mick

  7. Timbhoy2 on 9th April 2019 9:57 pm


    So sorry to hear about your health issues. Hope y’all get well on the road to recovery and you and the Bhoys go from strength to strength !!


    HH and best wishes from SE Texas,



  8. Melbourne Mick on




    Tough times for you, hopefully good times going forward.


    School holidays here so it’s wee Grace day, rebs on and off


    to the park.


    H.H Mick

  9. Good morning CQN from a crisp, frosty Garngad



    Timbhoy2 – God bless and take care, hopefully you are on the road to recovery.



    Hail Hail



    D. :)

  10. Good Morning, Cool, fresh morning here in the Chilterns…



    Timbhoy, you certainly have been through the mill, remember you ain’t getting any younger, so your proper recuperation is key… my thoughts and prayers…



    Must agree with Paul67, we need to back Lenny and the bhoys 100%. One game at a time for sure, but some games are more important than others.



    With regard to the fall of in performance in recent games; Chris Davies was Assistant Manager and renowned performance analyst, Glen Driscoll was head of performance at Celtic with a great reputation in that role.



    John K, stepping up along side Lenny must be a huge benefit and provide continuity but asking them to step into the void created, while keeping the same systems, processes and approaches is next to impossible.



    So hopefully in parallel to the job Lenny, John and their staff and players are focussed on, their is some support work and forward planning going on.



    Celtic have more than enough to win what is going to be a tuff tie on Sunday – in Lenny we trust…



    Hail Hail

  11. Bring on Sunday



    Get this game won (it won’t be easy) then we can get back to concentrating on wrapping up the league.????????


    Although Sunday is the most important at this time.


    One game at a time.



    D. :)

  12. morning bhoys from another sunny Cheshire day, timbhoy 2 all the best pal .ynwa..hh.

  13. Timbhoy2 enjoy watching the trebel trebel from the comfort of your living room. Take care mate look after yerself.

  14. Morning Celts



    Re tthe magnificent 7



    We have full attendance on all matches



    From esteemed poster PRAECEPTA



    Celts for change legend.i hope your well and thanks for the text.











    i hope you get over your recent health problems.all the best mate,take it easy at mo,get a good preseason in and i am sure youll be there for 9 .





    Melbourne Mick


    That POG fella is good craic,nowt but craic,and the craic follows him bout,good tim too lol







    Still a bus goin out of Cavendish(opp where levern water used to be) picks up in a lot of areas now.Nitshill has not changed much,southie has been rebuilt by persimmon,changed area,silverburn now were the old Bellarmine was,good to see you post,,



  15. An Tearmann


    Good Morning to you Big Mhan. Persimmon houses in South Nitshill: my dear old uncle will be spinning in his grave! HH

  16. :)))))))))))))))))))



    ‘mon Wee Al…..!





    SUPERSUTTON on 9TH APRIL 2019 10:23 PM


    In the late 60s to early to 70s I was living in Australia and my dad used to tell me about Di Stefano and some guy called wee Al Madrid. Took me until we came back to Scotland in 72 to work out it was Real Madrid.

  17. Hi CQNers



    An Tearman Thank you for update. I have been a less frequent visitor to Glasgow over the last few years as a number of my pals from around the Peat Rd roundabout area have passed on. Sadly. But I still have great memories and indeed it’s one of my pals son who runs The Cavvy. Not quite the same set up as the 60s. The Celtic supporters generally speaking used the Royal Oak and although generally neutral the Cavendish was mostly Rangers.



    But thanks for info. I didn’t know about supporters bus.



    Hail Hail

  18. Timbhoy2 – You have been through the mill my friend, wishing you a good recovery.




  19. TIMBHOY2



    What a tough time you’ve had!



    Get well soon and wee prayer said for a speedy recovery.



    Take care.

  20. Good evening from the Celtic at Metropolitan in Melbourne. A bit chilly here but warmed by the discounted Guinness at $6 a pint and the friendly staff. I must say the Guinness is very good as well.


    Meeting Melbourne Mick for the first time on Friday who assures me I will recognise him without any problem. Mrs PMTYH wonders what this might mean ?



    Hail! Hail! PMTYH

  21. South Of Tunis on

    Valencia in 62 .



    Put me down on the list .



    Walked to the game from Queens X -walked back to Queens X after the game did . A health and save money thing . The irony of the latter being that my old man ( who was 99 last week ) would have paid for me to enter – he wasn’t into the lift over stuff -said it was theft made worse by being theft from something you supposedly loved .



    I was 12 , a couple of months into first year at Secondary School. I was excited , I expected much from Valencia . I was disappointed -they were cynical and cynically agricultural when they perceived it to be necessary . Stereotypically histrionic – the guy who scored the own goal did a fabulous my heart is broken /what have I done / lets roll on the ground in shame thing . It brightened up what was a fairly duff disappointing game

  22. Hunderbirds are Gone on



    Masel and Mrs H were in Forres on Saturday. Wondered if I might have seen ya (or at least a ghuy in Hoops or Celtic casual gear, since we have never met).


    From your last post, and location, I realised I would have needed damn better eyesight than I have to see ya ??



  23. weebobbycollins on

    I wish I had the memory some of you guys have…I blame the 60s….and the 70s/80s/90s…


    In fact, I blame Scott Brown…(that’ll keep wee tiny slithery Jonathan Sutherland happy)…

  24. South Of Tunis on




    Memory ? .



    A seemingly random thing and increasingly an absolute hooligan . Recent examples include #1 going away for the night , leaving the house keys in the lock and then freaking out the following morning cos I’d lost my keys / #2 going to a cash machine , getting 350 euros , going for a coffee and then thinking I have to go a cash machine /going there ,sticking the card in and being surprised by the message stating daily limit exceeded and then slowly realizing why . Best of all -# 3 was watching a biopic re Hannah Arendt and then losing concentration as the addled ole bonce decided to remember being belted in Primary 3 for complaining about the humiliating treatment meted out to a poor soul classmate who’d soiled himself in the classroom .. Where did that come from and why ? Worrying !








    I was at Bellarmine Sen. Sec. from 1966/70 por cierto.

  26. Timbhoy2 keep your chin up and get well soon.


    As regards the semi- finals I was at the last four being a tad too young for the first three.


    Hunderbirds A G, in the time I’ve lived in Forres I have not encountered many huns but met one or two Tims. I am back in 2 weeks so if you are in the area again at any time drop a wee post and I’ll meet you.


    Planning to take a wee trip down to St Kilda tomorrow on MM’s advice before we meet him on Friday.

  27. Timbhoy2 .



    Hoping you recover from your illness soon .



    Best wishes from sunny Cote du Bridge .

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