Neil and the players deserve our support this week


I know the huge questions over what happens next season weighs heavy on all our minds, but Neil Lennon and the players deserve all our support and focus this week, as we head to Hampden.

The most important win in Neil’s second tenure at Celtic was the Scottish Cup quarter-final victory at Easter Road.  That came in the week Brendan Rodgers left the building and could have caused our first trophy loss in three years.  That was as big a win as we have had this season.

Sunday is the next huge test of Celtic’s ability to continually raise themselves above all others, in all competitions.  We are on the verge of achieving something that we only achieved three times before 2017 and we face a team who have won and drawn at Celtic Park in the last year.

Go to Hampden with any complacency and your treble treble dream will become a lost fantasy.  Next season will take care of itself, but only Neil and the players can deliver another slice of history.

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  1. There are a few selection dilemma’s for Sunday :


    Right Back


    Centre half


    wide left



    I think Lenny will opt for something along following lines :






    lustig Ajer Bencko K.T



    —–Broony McGregor—–



    Forrest Christie Hayes






    I guess what could be pivotal on the day, is our strength of options off the bench. Weah, Rogic, Ntcham, Sinclair, Burke.


    It could be a day for all 14 to contribute, and the hero could quite easily be one of our subs

  2. I am off to Florence tomorrow for a “big birthday” trip for my wife.



    All is well – Finnegans in Florence is showing the cup semi-final on Sunday so no last minute cancellation required.

  3. RUGGYGMAN on 10TH APRIL 2019 1:35 PM



    I agree 100% that will be the lineup. Lenny doesn’t fancy Sinclair it seems.



    It’s a big old pitch so I’m looking forward to the pace of Weah and Burke off the bench. Rogic the sheep-skelper would be keen to get some minutes as well.

  4. I think Lenny likes his wingers to be wingers so getting to the wing and gettin a cross in.



    Sinclair cutting inside and slowing down an attack instead of getting the ball in early is prob what Lenny doesnt like

  5. South Of Tunis on

    HRVATSKI JIM @ 1 42



    A heads up re Firenze .



    You might be confused in consequence of their being two different street numbering systems . Done by colour — Black / Blue for private addresses . Red for business addresses . Your pub will have a red address .

  6. Bhoylo83



    Sinclair is also on a 3 year deal, with Celtic having the option of a 4th year.


    On a reputed £32k -£35k per week, I personally think the club, are winding down on Sinclair, and looking to shift his high wages elsewhere come the summer.

  7. Por Puerto



    I left Bellarmine in Dec 1964 so we didn’t meet there. Bob Crampsey had been my form teacher and I thought he was a very good man. He punished me and 2 associates for plunking school to go and watch Celtic play Rangers on a foggy afternoon. Celts won so not too bad.



    Hail Hail

  8. Cyreanean


    Your mention of the Royal Oak takes me back a long time until May 1967.


    I just got home from the merchant navy on the Saturday after Lisbon. That night was spent in Nitshill were my older brother lived. Sunday morning off to the Royal Oak and plenty of the black stuff.


    Big bluenose comes up my brother and shakes his hand ” your team did well, hope we can do the same on Wednesday”.


    Brother being the diplomat “Ah hope yes get feqqed” I nearly spat my beer oot. (Nearly)

  9. SOUTH OF TUNIS on 10TH APRIL 2019 2:03 PM



    Thanks for that advice. I will be there in plenty of time for a front row seat.

  10. Bada Bing



    Yip, I am looking forward to seeing Shved. Also think Morgan’s stint at Sunderland will have done him world of good.


    Whenever I saw Morgan for St Mirren I noticed he played wide left. He was adept at coming inside and scoring with a right foot shot. Strangely with Celtic and under Rodgers, I saw him play wide right twice, and also Rodgers experimented with him in the No.10 role a couple of times. Hopefully next season get a chance in his most effective position.


    Then there’s Arzani

  11. Paul67 et al



    So, the scientific community is celebrating seeing a Black Hole for the first time,


    that’s funny, I spotted one back in 2012 o’er Planet Ayebrokes…

  12. Would also like to see Mikey Johnston go on loan to a Hibs or Aberdeen.



    Given a run of first team games… fill out a bit. Then I ‘m sure he’ll return a top player, and ready for regular first team fball at Celtic.

  13. Fess19



    Ive heard similar tales over the years and it summed up my thoughts exactly.



    On the Wednesday following Lisbon myself and about a dozen pals from Househillwood Priesthill and Nitshill settled down in a packed Royal Oak and cheered Bayern Munich to the rafters beating the huns 1-0 after extre time I think. Great night in the Oak

  14. .






    I see you are still globetrotting…but never seem to show up in sunny West London



    Keep on keeping on and thanks for the message old bean

  15. Does anyone know what kind of money and betting patterns are needed to significantly shift the runners and riders for our next managerial appt.?


    Michael O’Neill suddenly in at 3-1? Martinez at 4-11? Does it mean a lot of big money has been placed on them because meetings are taking place or is it just a flurry of bets following unsubstantiated rumours on the internet?

  16. DENIABHOY on 10TH APRIL 2019 3:45 PM


    Does anyone know what kind of money and betting patterns are needed to significantly shift the runners and riders for our next managerial appt.?



    Michael O’Neill suddenly in at 3-1? Martinez at 4-11? Does it mean a lot of big money has been placed on them because meetings are taking place or is it just a flurry of bets following unsubstantiated rumours on the internet?





    Before we appointed Ronny Deila my son was adamant that we should be looking at Herve Renard. He had managed Zambia to African Nations Cup had gone back to France and had mixed success but was available.



    To cut a long story short he phoned me at work and asked me to go to bookies at lunch time and put £20 on him in Wm Hills.


    Bookies didn’t have a price. Girl had to phone up head office to get price. They asked how much I was going to wager , When I told her £20 they gave me 40/1.



    I phoned my son to tell him that my bet was on , he immediately went to his local Wm Hill and did exactly the same and also got 40/1 for his £20.



    By the time I got back to work, Nerve Renard was down to 20’s.


    I watched CQN as readers of this site discussed Renard,


    who was he , what has he done , why has he appeared from nowhere, everyone Googled him. A few contributors wagered a few pounds and of course his price tumbled. Cause and effect was interpreted as ..”somebody knows something”


    Shortening odds became translated into


    ” the bookies are rarely wrong “.


    For a brief period ( a few hrs) Herve Renard was the bookies favourite. He even got mentioned on the football phone in that night!


    The following day he tumbled back down.



    When i spoke to my son that evening i asked what he had hoped to achieve .


    He had been having a discussion with a work colleague explaining that the price in the bookies for such markets is dictated by the amount of money staked and that the bookies are merely managing risk.


    If they feel that there is some insider information they cut the odds or suspend the market.


    The conversation in his work turned to the fact that the same old names get trotted out every time we have a vacancy.


    He posited his theory that a small amount of money could shift the markets.


    Turns out that by placing the gets in the manner we did made it look like something was going on.


    Two separate bets in opposite ends of the country for someone not previously listed was enough to shoot his name up the table.


    My son’s real motive was to get Renard into the discussion and that Celtic might cast a glance over him.


    Because he doesn’t have Peter Lawwell’s number he was prepared to put his money where his mouth was.



    Hope that adds to the discussion on a quiet CQN day.





    The Onlooker

  17. Has CQN had its day in the sun or is this lessening of enthusiasm indicative of something else?


    Are we only interested in ten in a row? Are we becoming like THEIR support in that one area where we take it for granted that we will win the League ad infinitum?



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