Neil Lennon comments on uncertainty, SFA look cowardly


I would not pay too much attention to Neil Lennon’s comments about the squad not needing “much rebuilding, if at all.”  What he said about the prevailing uncertainty among all clubs is more revealing.

Celtic’s income will suffer next season in line with the rest of the industry, but Neil and the club will know that unique opportunities will open up with the transfer window.  Player valuations and wage offers will be down across the board.  Celtic are solvent, we should make this one of our busiest windows.

On receiving new evidence in 2018, an SFA Judicial Panel came to the conclusion that it did not have jurisdiction to determine whether Rangers’ 2011 Uefa licence was properly applied for and granted, and that the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) was the competent body.  Celtic were denied a Champions League qualification place as a consequence of this application.

After a two-year delay, the SFA yesterday announced they would not refer the matter to CAS “following consideration of the implications of such a referral”.

It may be the implications are irrelevant as the club went into liquidation in 2012, or it may be the implications are so great, Scottish football would be thrown into a whole new trauma.  This is not analogous of the SPFL declining to submit to a second investigation two weeks after Deloittes did exactly the same thing.

On that matter, Neil Doncaster explained himself in great detail and was examined by the media.  The SFA have given no explanation.  From the outside, it looks like a cowardly reaction to the treatment the SPFL board endured in recent weeks.

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  1. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on

    All power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

  2. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Cheers Pablo.



    A smart, strategic thinking football club has an opportunity (against an admittedly dreadful backdrop) to strengthen the squad significantly.



    As for interrogation of the SFA decision and rationale behind it – Paul, if that was a call to action for the SMSM, think you can forget it?



    BTW – at risk of being pedantic, Lord Acton – a very wise fellow – made a deliberate distinction in his famous quote …..



    “Power tends to corrupt; absolute power corrupts absolutely”



    Hail hail



    Keep The Faith

  3. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    The SFA are a bit like R@ngers-lite.



    Outdated, outmoded, anachronistic.



    They’re on their way out.

  4. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on

    Back t o Basics – thank you for the pedantry.



    I agree, last week the SMSM were acting on behalf of a Klub called Sevco.



    If they pursued this with the same vigour it would merely highlight why they are now called Sevco.



    Not a chance of them doing that.

  5. prestonpans bhoys on

    Hertz fan says to me, its all corrupt, what is said I? The league was called but the Scottish cup wasn’t and is to be played out. Its a different bloody competition run by a different organization. One is called SPFL and the other something called SFA😵😱

  6. !!BADA BING!! on 20TH MAY 2020 3:07 PM


    Ajer rubbished the alleged ‘article ‘ …..why can’t we increase his deal and he can stay with us.?






    All I have seen from Ajer was the following:



    “I have two years left of the contract and do not focus on my future at all. What the media writes, I don’t focus on it.”



    ie. I don’t want to talk about it



    Neil Lennon said:



    “I’ve heard about the comments and I’m aware of it.



    “At the end of the day the club will decide when players go, not agents or players themselves.



    “Kris has never made any indication he wants to leave. He’s happy here, he has been playing very well, he has been very consistent.



    “I think the agent has shot himself in the foot there. We have Kris tied down to a long-term contract so we’ll decide and not anyone else.



    “There hasn’t been any interest in him that I’m aware of, certainly no one has called me about him.”



    Ajer’s agent Pederson said: “He will not extend his contract with Celtic and will leave this summer.



    “There are several clubs who are interested, but I can’t go into their names. There are many who have followed him for a long period.



    “There are also clubs who would like to have him, but who cannot afford it. There is generally great interest in Kristoffer.”






    Crucial point: The agent has said that Ajer will not sign a new deal.



    Something Ajer and Neil Lennon haven’t contradicted.



    It’s all well saying he is “focused on Celtic” and there have been “no bids” pre-transfer window.



    Ajer has 2 years left on his deal. He needs to sign a new deal or selling him will be the likely outcome.

  7. I hope neil is being honest about not making to many changes to the squad. I recall ranger R.I.P(ieces) bringing in a lot of players to secure the 10. To much changes is not a good thing and so it proved.



    If we can get foster signed down and keep ajer, ntcham and eduard I would be delighted, if we lose any of the above we would need to replace. if we add a left wingback/ midfielder with power and energy it would be helpful.



    We still need a route into the 1st team for the kids as boys like Doohan, Hazard, welsh, O’Connell, conner, Robertson, henderson, Afolabi, Dembele and Oko-Flex have a chance at it.



    Also not keen on writing off players just in the door or settling in after 1 season. Boli, taylor, soro, Klimala and Bayo might just prove us wrong given the chance.



    Outside foster, no other player going out of contract or coming to the end of loans should be kept.




  8. Bada



    I’m sure Kris Ajer will be offered the best contract Celtic can afford, in an uncertain world who knows if any European suitor will offer more.



    C’est la vie CSC

  9. Another point on Ajer.. Neil Lennon spoke about signing him to a new deal back in August. Nothing has happened. No deal signed.



    Neil Lennon was right to point out that this summer window could be very different.



    Loss of income due to Covid 19 might mean Celtic won’t receive an appropriate bid for Ajer. So he may end up staying by default. Maybe he will sign a Stuart Armstrong type deal with an extra year extension and a gentleman agreement to leave next summer.



    We won’t know for a while. When the market opens his agent will be shopping him across the big five leagues.

  10. If Gordybhoy64, One Malloy or Fess 19 are looking in…’ve got mail…..and less than 3 hours to make your pick for Round 2 of LMS WWS Legacy.




  11. Back to


    I must admit your description of the SFA is spot on but cannot agree with your comment that they are on their way out.


    Apart from moving personnel round I haven’t seen any change in attitude or direction. This last episode just proves that

  12. i'vehadtochangemynamebacktojackiemac on

    ‘Celtic are solvent, we should make this one of our busiest windows.’



    Hope so and I think the board will be on it. Big year ahead, the squad will be a year older; we can’t assume stalworts will have another great year.

  13. saint stivs



    Watched the match last night on bbci. Now judging from the looks on the players’ faces, I’m guessing they weren’t expecting GSTQ, even Sandy Jardine, the only Rangers player in the team (3 Celts, 3 Man U, 4 Leeds) looked bemused. Dont think I’ve seen the game since then, and nothing has changed, Scotland could and should have won, Brazil were brutal, and Ormond unable to change things when needed. Scots were a good team, only need to beat Yugoslavia now!

  14. Quiet on here tonight – quieter than the Celtic boardroom when Res12 is raised. 🤫🤫🤫

  15. fairhill bhoy on

    So the party didn’t last long eh🕺😉


    It’s ok for BR to bring Scott Sinclair to Celtic because he has history with him🤔


    But don’t you dare take a Celtic player who you have history with 😉

  16. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Blogger GM @ 4:21 …



    Thank you for such a genuinely gracious response.



    If I was as pedantic to me as I was to you I would respond differently to me than you did to me.






    BTW – You’re 100% bang on re SMSM.



    An absolute shower, largely bereft of talent, who’ve pinned their survival on enough mugs swallowing “O*d F*rm” Ying and Yang.



    Dying slowly, publicly and pitifully.



    Hail hail



    Keep The Faith

  17. fairhill bhoy on

    Gene-I didn’t say he was mate.He was someone who he could trust though.


    We can’t have it both ways ghuys.


    One of the first things Lenny did was get the wall back😉

  18. When you try out for Nike


    But your tied to big Mike


    That’s Casore



    When you con your support


    Knowin’ big Mike’s going to court


    That’s Castore



    When your club’s in the gutter


    And your one player’s a nutter


    Thats Castore



    When the Celts plant a flag


    Your guard is havin’ a fag


    That’s Castore



    When you can’t stop the nine


    And you’ve no credit line


    That’s Castore



    When you furlough your players


    But you don’t t tell the bears


    That’s Castore



    When you do what your told


    Cos your just 8 years old


    That’s Castore

  19. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Gene – re SFA, I hear you.



    It won’t be quick and it won’t be a storming of the gates.



    A bit at a time carrot (persuasion and relationship building) and stick (the law).



    Farry, McDonald, Dallas, Peat, Smith etc etc.






    Oh and they’ll run out of money (like Sevco) and be forced to change.

  20. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on

    So we aren’t reinvesting and not spending



    I left my ST money in to give us an advantage not to pay the CEO bonus because he didn’t act on res 12


    We have a massive chance of making group stages of CL you would have thought we would be in an excellent position to improve next season but he ho

  21. BT,


    I was also leaving my ST money in the club,


    after the Res 12 debacle i might reconsider,


    would be better if they gave you the option


    to donate it to the foundation or something.

  22. When you are scoddlands shame


    and yer name’s no’ the same


    that’s Kastore……….



    When your fans curse and defame


    cos you can’t win a game


    that’s Kastore…………….

  23. When your manager slipss


    And your goalies no hips


    That’s Castore



    When u sign Ryan Kent


    When u never really meant


    That’s Casrore




    God bless Neil n Ronny

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