Neil Lennon era ends


Neil Lennon ‘got’ Celtic.  He was a rookie appointment, and the early weeks were far from comfortable, a Hampden defeat to Ross County looked like an ominous early sign, but from the start of his first preseason he didn’t look back.

He was a hugely successful Celtic manager in Scotland and in Europe.  The Barcelona team of the last six years, possibly the greatest team in history, were at their peak when they visited Celtic Park in November 2012. Neil came up with the game plan which brought Celtic victory and raised our profile across Europe.

What he had to endure off-field during his time at Celtic was atrocious and a blight on our society.  But he overcame it.  He stuck it out when you or I may have left, and now he leaves on his own terms – an undisputed winner.

More at another time on who next, but if we get a man nearly as capable we will be doing well.

Take care, Neil.

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  1. Neil Francis Lennon, you leave us with my eternal thanks and gratitude for what you have done for us.



    And I wish you every success in the future. Unless you are playing against us.

  2. Paul67



    Your opnion on why he left ?



    New challanges, new job lined up, budget issues ??

  3. Davie Soup Taker Provan really does talk some pish. Almmost offensively.



    ‘Celtic unable to compete at the very top-line in Europe’.



    What’s two successive years in the CL, ya rocket?






    Pardon me, CQN.

  4. dr ramesh and the love potion on

    Thanks Neil, it’s been a helluva ride with many great highs. Good luck!



    PS, I really hope we have a plan in place for a quick, smooth transition because these CL qualifiers will define the next few years.

  5. proudbhoy



    12:52 on 22 May, 2014



    Maybe he felt inadequate working for such a brilliant CEO?

  6. Manager – Stevie Clarke (good wealth of knowledge/experience in European Football)


    Assistant – Peter Houston (good experienced domestic coach)


    1st Team Coach – John Kennedy (learn, develop and takeover in due course)

  7. harryhoodsdugbitme on

    Thanks for everything Neil. Heart of A Lion and now a club legend. You never let them beat you. Good luck. HH

  8. Couldn’t agree more, a perfect tribute to a fine manager. He will always be one of us. Thanks for everything Neil.

  9. antipodean red on

    Regardless of who the club decide to bring in, we have the players at the club at the moment who in both the 7-0 Hearts match and the 5-0 Motherwell match, played some of the best football that I have seen any Celtic team play in the past few years. A new coach with a good degree of tactical nous and the ability to motivate, should look to both of those games as the consistent level that the team should strive to achieve.




  10. Son of Gabriel on

    I’ll say it again as this is the proper thread for it:



    All the best Lenny, sad to see you go.





    Now who’s next in line?

  11. The Token Tim on

    Thanks Neil for your hard work and efforts. That 15point turnaround in the league was tremendous. The night of 7th Nov 2012 will live with me forever.



    Your refusal to let the scum get the better of you was, IMO, your biggest achievement.


    You had to live though and endure what no manager should have to, simply because of who you were.



    All the best to you and your family no matter what and where you go next.






  12. Delaneys Dunky on

    Posting from Celtic Way.


    Thanks and good luck Neil.


    God Bless.


    Hope for Malky McKay!

  13. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Good luck Neil,nobody has had to put up with so much crap for wearing our colours.HH

  14. iPaddy McCourt on

    Neil, thanks for everything you have done for us. You’re a Celtic legend. I wish you every success in your future career.

  15. Thank you and God bless you Neil.



    You’re shoulders have been huge to take the sh1t thrown at you in this small bitter part of the world.



    3 Leagues titles in a row, last 16 of the Champions League .. you’re a winner.



    Hail Hail

  16. The circumstances that lead to Neil Lennon leaving do not augur well for getting a suitable replacement.



    When do the qualifiers start?

  17. Neil canamalar Lennon hunskelper extrordinaire on

    Ruled Scottish football and killed the Huns, what a mhan


    Hail Hail Neil Lennon

  18. ArranmoreBhoyLXV11 on




    Honestly..I loved NFL for what he stood up to..Grt Western Rd,Ashton Lane,Tynecastle,he was physically assaulted simply because of who he was …



    Our media should be deeply ashamed.




  19. Pogmathonyahun aka Laird of the Smiles on

    WTF, go for lunch and come back to find Lenny has gone.


    Good luck NFL I wish you every success in the future, but life goes on.


    No man or individual is greater than Celtic Football Club!


    The PLC? Well that’s another matter!


    As I said last night Owen Coyle has been hanging about recently like a fly round a number 2.


    The Malky for me.



    Hail! Hail! PMTYH

  20. Frank Ryan's Whiskey on

    Bad news. Lenny was one of us, faithful through and though. Hopefully it was family considerations that fueled his desire to leave rather than machinations of the “Brand Celtic PLC”



    YNWA Lenny, a massive massive thank you for your courage and standing up to both physical and media lead assaults you were subjected to in Scotland.

  21. sandman



    12:53 on 22 May, 2014







    Neil Francis Lennon



    That’s it, three words



    Here’s another three



    God Bless ye.



    Here’s five



    Ayrshire is Green and White

  22. ernie lynch



    12:03 on 22 May, 2014


    ‘He is a player who could ultimately get me the sack.’



    And maybe that’s what happened, in a roundabout sort of way.




    I wonder if you might just have hit the nail on the head there Ernie!



    HH jamesgang

  23. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Ernie- i agree a “Wikipedia” presenter,of which there are many.It was his point of view on NL being ” constantly aggressive in public” line i was annoyed about.

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