Neil Lennon era ends


Neil Lennon ‘got’ Celtic.  He was a rookie appointment, and the early weeks were far from comfortable, a Hampden defeat to Ross County looked like an ominous early sign, but from the start of his first preseason he didn’t look back.

He was a hugely successful Celtic manager in Scotland and in Europe.  The Barcelona team of the last six years, possibly the greatest team in history, were at their peak when they visited Celtic Park in November 2012. Neil came up with the game plan which brought Celtic victory and raised our profile across Europe.

What he had to endure off-field during his time at Celtic was atrocious and a blight on our society.  But he overcame it.  He stuck it out when you or I may have left, and now he leaves on his own terms – an undisputed winner.

More at another time on who next, but if we get a man nearly as capable we will be doing well.

Take care, Neil.

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  1. markderrybhoy on

    Good luck in the future, Neil. A man who stood up to so much in Scotland deserves our respect for handling that in the manner he did, and even more so for the success he achieved despite these hurdles. God Bless NFL.

  2. 16 roads - Celtic über alles... on

    The danger now is Dermot Desmond and Peter Lawwell, neither of whom know the first thing about football.



    If they somehow contrive to scupper the bid for 10-in-a-row,or not.

  3. Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo on

    How long before CQN systematically starts to disparage the work and character of those former Celtic employees who have crossed Peter Lawwell.



    What is a missed opportunity is that Neil and Jan will not get to pick their successors.



    How much is Felix Mc Gath going to cost us ?




  4. jamesgang



    12:58 on 22 May, 2014



    I suggested it when Sammi left. It’n not that difficult to work out.

  5. Gutted to see Neil leave, but who would have thought he would have lasted so long given the death threats etc. and if Sevco hadn’t gone belly up I’m sure the hatred would have continued and he would have walked sooner.



    While its hard to accept at the moment I’m sure in 5 mths time we will have moved on and be fully behind the new man.



    I don’t Henrik to be the next man, I’m sure he has proven his worth yet, and I would hate to have his name tarnished due to being appointed purely because of his playing ability.



    Malky, Moyes, Clarke or Van Gaal will do for me.

  6. Paul67 et al



    Neil Lennon famously once said that Georgious Samaras would cost him his job. Why then do I feel that in losing Sammy it has cost Celtic our Manager?

  7. Want to add my thanks to Neil Lennon



    When he first took the job I was worried that if he got things horribly wrong like Tony Mowbray did, that the support would turn on him, !! and for a man who had already suffered horrendous abuse and death threats just for playing for Celtic, I feared for him.



    Well, Lenny stood up to the bigots, the bomb threats, intimidation, bullets in the post, abuse on the street and physical assault OFF and ON the pitch and Lenny succeeded



    I am GUTTED that he has called time on his career at Celtic once more but also very proud of what he achieved as manager of our great club



    Thank You Neil Lennon YNWA

  8. I think everybody should accept that it was neither the board nor the personal side of things that led to NL leaving the club but a combination of both, and that a change to either would have been unlikely to leading him to stay. Certainly not long term.

  9. Thanks Neil lennon for doing a grand job for Celtic.



    Now you can sleep with both your eyes closed.



    Good luck in all you do.Hail Hail

  10. ....PFayr supports WeeOscar on

    Lenny ..not the best CFC manager but certainly the bravest



    Hopefully he’ll get a job where he’ll be allowed do his job free of the hassles he got in the best wee country in the world



    He may even get to walk the streets without a minder



    Huns and MSM ….you should be ashamed of yourself

  11. Joe Filippis Haircut on

    The time had to come when Lennie wanted a fresh challenge and his decision today is in his and Celtics best interest if his heart was no longer at Celtic park it would have been impossible for him to give his best.So I will be positive and say we now need a new manager who will be up for the new challenge we need to get who ever it is in quickly in order to allow him to prepare for the CL qualifyers I would now expect to see a few players leaving the club through the summer as PL earns his bonus. H.H.

  12. Thanks Lenny. Best of luck in what lies ahead. You have been great IMO.


    Nobody should forget the shambles you inherited …



    The job will very attractive – not too many fail proof management jobs on the go.



    Henke would be a risk but would put bums on seats. Mjallby may be safer .. Or both?

  13. sandman- Provan should not need reminded that no club from any country with a population of 5 million can compete at the very top level in Europe.

  14. Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo on

    Whoever is the next Celtic manager will need to be Old Firm minded. I would go for Owen Coyle to fit that identikit but he has crossed Peter Lawwell before and his famous pettiness is enshrined in CQN lead articles




  15. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    Thanks for everything Neil. Was always going to happen sometime, but didn’t think it would be this year. Good luck in whatever you do next.



    Who next?


    How about Thomas Tuchel? Just left Mainz. Next “big thing” in Germany. Might see it as a stepping-stone to the EPL….

  16. When you look back at who we chased last time – Coyle subsequently flopped but Martinez’s star is back on the ascendancy – then you can see that someone who is “hot property” at the moment can just as quickly become yesterday’s man.


    Moyes remains, to me, an extremely gifted manager but he’ll be way out of our budget range and would surely not be attracted to the SPFL and a one-team league?


    Larsson – would he be any more of a gamble than was NL? Aritculate, intelligent and hugely respected throughout the international game he’d be my choice with Kennedy by his side. Imagine him coaching Stokes, Commons and Griffiths on how to add an extra level to their game.

  17. Morning all,



    Well that news has ruined my day and probably my summer. I am dreading the CL qualifiers now…no matter who comes in to replace Lenny he will not have time to settle in in time (as much as I love Henrick, I hope he is not named the new manager).



    Thanks for everything Neil and all the very best



    Neil Lennon – Celtic Hero and Celtic Legend.



    Hail Hail

  18. ....PFayr supports WeeOscar on




    Proven is permanently irritating and occasionally offensive



    Prick is right !!!

  19. ernie lynch



    Didn’t see your earlier comments, so simply echoing them.

  20. Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo on




    13:04 on22 May, 2014



    The next manager fails to qualify for the CL and his card will be marked as a failure.




  21. ....PFayr supports WeeOscar on

    Moyes…doesn’t need the dash



    Needs to win stuff to rebuild his credibility



    CFC might be just for him

  22. GourockEmeraldBhoy on

    Shocked ! No Stunned ! Yes



    Good luck for the future Neil.



    What happens now to the likes of FF,VVD etc ?



    Tickets renewed for next season, lets see some action Pedro or follow Neil out the door…




  23. “The danger now is Dermot Desmond and Peter Lawwell, neither of whom know the first thing about football.”



    Compared to who? Name me a team that has never got a managerial appointment wrong?



    They stuck their neck out in giving the job to Neil and we all appreciated it. Now I’d like some more pragmatism.



    Malky Mackay, David Moyes and Paul Lambert would all be safe choices (if we could afford them)



    I like Steve Clarke.



    Jackie Mac would be at least interesting.

  24. Pat Fenlon is 500/1……however no need to fret….so is pope Francis!



    Henk best priced 10/11


    moyes 8/1


    coyle 8/1


    lambert 11/1


    malky 12/1


    Clarke 12/1


    Jackie 16/1


    Hughton 20/1



    selected others



    Lubo 33/1


    Di Matteo 33/1


    Hartley 33/1


    Hartson 40/1


    Roy Keane 40/1



    Charlie Nic 150/1


    Pat Fenlon 500/1


    Pope Francis 500/1

  25. Why do I get the feeling that while we are looking at the European qualifiers the board are looking at the the return of the old firm?

  26. !!Bada Bing!! on

    McGlone tweet


    I know 100% that in Jan 2013, Rami Gershon was foisted to NL on loan by PL as a favour to his agent as he has other players at Celtic Park!

  27. The criteria for the next Celtic manager.



    1. A yes man.



    2. Cheap



    3. Someone who will work with what he is given.



    I give you Peter Houston……………………………………..




  28. Dont come on the site much nowadays, just pop in now and again…….Good luck to Neil on ventures new…….one of Celtics all time greats.

  29. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    Lenny`s explanation for his decision to leave is not required.


    The predictable C.Q.N. Board bashing worthies will tell us why.


    Based on their own Board bashing agenda and their anti P.L.stance.





    Shut your face.


    Who`s asking you?

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