Neil Lennon era ends


Neil Lennon ‘got’ Celtic.  He was a rookie appointment, and the early weeks were far from comfortable, a Hampden defeat to Ross County looked like an ominous early sign, but from the start of his first preseason he didn’t look back.

He was a hugely successful Celtic manager in Scotland and in Europe.  The Barcelona team of the last six years, possibly the greatest team in history, were at their peak when they visited Celtic Park in November 2012. Neil came up with the game plan which brought Celtic victory and raised our profile across Europe.

What he had to endure off-field during his time at Celtic was atrocious and a blight on our society.  But he overcame it.  He stuck it out when you or I may have left, and now he leaves on his own terms – an undisputed winner.

More at another time on who next, but if we get a man nearly as capable we will be doing well.

Take care, Neil.

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  1. Geordie Munro



    11:53 on 23 May, 2014



    Did I suggest there was a problem with delaying the announcement until after season ticket deadline?



    A tad cynical perhaps, but prudent.



    But there again we’re being played, are we not?

  2. Geordie Munro on




    The next chief exec will try to run the club EXACTLY the same way as Pl.



    Whether he/she is good enough to do that or even better is the only difference.



    Cloud cuckooland if you think otherwise.

  3. ....PFayr supports WeeOscar on

    67 heaven



    Henrik would be a fans favourite but a huge gamble ….Liam Brady anyone ???

  4. ….PFayr supports WeeOscar




    11:58 on 23 May, 2014




    67 heaven



    Henrik would be a fans favourite but a huge gamble ….Liam Brady anyone ???




    No thanks – Liam had his chance…




  5. archdeaconsbench on

    Ernie Lynch



    The Daily Record has nothing to do with it.


    Take your pick from a number of newspapers this morning reporting the same story, with the same ‘angle.’



    Plenty of Celtic supporters on here and beyond, appear to be disappointed in the guys attitude as well and not just with reagrds to todays story. I agree with them.



    To answer your original point, no, I don’t believe they would applaud the players stance.

  6. dbbina


    dont….that brings a tear to my eyes.


    think hed still outclass a few right enough.





    the cynical might think so.


    me, i think its to allow time to present the new man.


    (well see by tomorrow if its the case)



    all who replied


    I feel the same about henrik, re managerial experience, but im an optimist.


    the king of kings can rule the empire.

  7. Ernie – apologies – missed your post.



    I personally think that things got away from everyone. The Norwich tweets sent people to the blogosphere. Unfortunately there was information & speculation by equal measure.



    Bizarrely, I was told info from a middle aged woman who couldn’t spell WWW – but I trusted its provenance.



    I think that the lid was off before the official PR was in place – hence the BBC & SKY running with negative stories (Whether true or otherwise – that was the BBC’s and SKY’s chosen direction) (SCUM – never forget their desire to print a bad world about Celtic)



    People will have, and are entitled to, their opinions about what happened next and indeed how it happened.



    Both initial statements felt beyond rushed and poorly put together – again I think a indicator of reactive response.



    Things have settled – NFL travelling to Lisbon today comes across as slightly press junket – but would you rather open revolt and name calling?



    I ain’t a happy clapper – but neither a mine shafter either.



    We have what we have – It seems interesting that celeb fans and commentators have waited until now to ‘set about’ Peter Lawell.



    But at the end of the day – for whatever reasons – emotionally driven or otherwise – Neil Lennon has made the choice to leave Celtic.



    For all it matters – he does so with all my best wishes and good luck – I’ve met him on a few occasions and have been honoured to be in his company but more struck by his intelligence and humility.



    He supplied me with some ridiculously high highs and some echoing, aching lows.



    But mercy me! Is that no just Celtic?



    Hail hail




  8. Geordie Munro on




    What made you think I thought you had a problem with delaying?



    The fact I said ‘the deadline may well have had some bearing on the announcement’?

  9. Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo on




    I read the first and last sentence of your post.



    You are wrong in your assertion but like the plc worshippers. Not you again for clarity I do expect character assassination. You did not dissapoint ;-)



    How about this; I am not a wind up merchant but expect a higher level of debate than the ad nauseam personal Celtic credential debate.



    Now I am going to go back and read your post which must have struck a nerve due to the size of it and for that misunderstanding …possibly deliberately engineered by myself I apologise.



    Do I expect a higher level of debate from you ? Yes. Take it as a compliment and the amount of respect I have for your online persona and your sterling work with regards resolution 12.



    Now I will read thr rest of your post and I will respond accordingly




  10. The Honest Mistake loves being first on



    If you can get in contact with myself, it would be appreciated.


    Looking forward to the 21st, it will be a cracking night.

  11. Hakin Yakin.Having watched what he achieved at Basel,I would think this is the type of manager who would be great for us.Small budget to work with,great european experience,slick,fast attractive play.


    Yep,I have changed my mind.Henrik,you are dumped.


    Hakin Yakin for me.

  12. Geordie. While I agree that any CEO we have is dictated what to do by DD To sell vic to proudly display the balance sheet at AGM was purely PL


    If we don’t reach CL it is down to him and he should be removed

  13. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Anyone else think it’s strange Neil is going to Lisbon with the official party? Makes the timing of the announcement strange .

  14. Geordie Munro on




    Any new manager is a gamble imo.



    But you a right. Henrik, and other names mentioned like hartley and Jackie mac are an even bigger gamble.

  15. Geordie Munro on




    Some see the display of the balance sheet as two fingers up at the huns.



    Unfortunately you see it as two fingers up at you.

  16. The Honest Mistake loves being first on

    All South East based Celtic Supporters, please get in touch.


    We’ve got a fantastic night lined up on the 21st of June in Wimbledon. A CQN legend and a Celtic legend will take us through their tales of Celtic from the sixties onwards. A rare opportunity to participate in a Celtic night in London that cannot be missed.


    Hail Hail

  17. turkeybhoy



    12:05 on 23 May, 2014



    Murat Yakin is parting company with Basle, his name was mentioned to me this morning as a possible Manager, mentioned it in accost this morning. I will reiterate what I did then it was not suggested he was a target.



    Keep the Faith!



    Hail Hail!

  18. My old man told me to stick money on some Swedish guy



    Jonas Blixt



    whoever he is .

  19. ....PFayr supports WeeOscar on




    I’ve known you for a while



    I’ve no reason to doubt you

  20. Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo on




    A fine post and apart from what I have said above already.



    Now why a board worshipper would be so highly involved in Resolution 12 at all beats me ? Can you answer that question ? Or will that induce another appraisal of me ?



    Would someone with ANY intellect not expect a board worshipper to agree with the board before the AGM even.



    I have never met you but I love and know my wee Brar like a brar ;-) and he cannot speak highly enough of all of you three and that is more than enough for me. I should thank you for supporting him so stoutly. Sorry THANKS



    Yes I am pure scunnered by this board and less enamoured every day. Yes my dissent while valid is deep rooted. It is excacerbated by living and being in Germany. I should never have taken Morrisey to that game ;-)



    As I am brutally honest as ever….. Surely that’s a positive trait under these circumstances ?……I admire totally your total passion for Celtic and you seem far more concillatory sp? in your physical approach and assessment than me personally. Possibly borne out of my lack of influence. This blog and my spending power.



    Again its a shame you have such a low opinion of me but you got the wrong end of the stick.



    I did not want to name names as it takes the blog down to kindergarten debating levels.



    Again, like you Auldheid, Twist turns ..I don’t always agree but I know your passionate tims like me and I consider you(s) the good guys. To be brutally honest I try to avoid giving out those accolades as well for the sake of debate on the blog.



    Recently the blog has had tedious debates about cliques. I don’t want to help in giving that credence as I value the blog and its quality debate which is receding fast.



    CQN was CELTIC quick news not lazy journalism. It should if it wants to live up to that tag be a bit more active in trying to relay a believable narrative with regards our participation in the 5 way agreement rather than being more selective than the Daily Record. Not for me we need to lead by example.



    Ok I am waffling but I never doubted your perspective.



    Morrisey is braver and far more arrogant than me. Me him and Mags will have an abusive email exchange party and have a right good giggle sometime soon. I have asked him to think about removing himself from the firing line but let me tell you, he has never accepted any advice from me ever. I can influence him easily if a party is involved. Anything else my advice is doomed.



    Anyways sorry to have induced you to be that upset. It was not warranted but I hope this post explains things a wee bit from my perspective.




  21. Billy Bhoy 05 on

    ernie lynch



    09:54 on 23 May, 2014





    09:46 on 23 May, 2014



    ‘Don’t what the story is wi this boy, but the more I hear about him, the further down in my estimation he goes…….’






    If a Celtic player made that decision would we not be praising him for putting the club before a meaningless international?



    I entirely agree

  22. Snake Plissken





    09:58 on



    23 May, 2014








    In fairness Souness was booed in his first match against Hibs because he booted a Hibs player and was sent off.



    *he was also a jambo

  23. HighlandBhoy on

    What was Neils biggest contribution to football in Scotland? I dont think it came on the park or in the dug out.When Neil took on the managers job he had already been the subject of death threats and been the victim of assault, he could have been forgiven for thinking that this type of abuse would have stopped when he had stopped playing,sadly of course this was not the case and the knuckle draggers and their apologists managed


    to sink to even lower levels.



    How did the man react to the vile abuse and violence?He faced it head on and stood and fought his corner and in doing this he was also fighting our corner.True we all stood shoulder to shoulder with him as did the Celtic board and a minority of the more enlightened people in Scotland.



    Neil held mirror up to Scottish society, to the knuckledraggers and their apologists, to the Scottish media,to Scottish politicians,to the ignorant and to the educated people of Scotland,to the upper classes,to the middle and working classes.He forced them all to look at themselves and question what was going on.The knuckle draggers and their apologists are obviously a lost cause as they are incapable of soul searching as they have no souls.The vast majority of the remainder initially peddled the line that “He brought it on himself”.



    As the abuse escalated and it became world news some attitudes changed, why? because Scotlands guilty secret was out ,that there is a bigoted underbelly in this country.Scotland in general is happy to live with this as long as it is kept in house in Scotland.The “respectacle people” of Scotland are very uncomfortable when there dirty washing is in the Worlds eye.They were forced to look in Neils mirror in the knowledge that the world was having a look as well.



    Has Neil and his families horrible experiences changed Scotland? Sadly not the extent that it needs to, but it may just have forced some of “the good people ” Scotland to look a bit deeper at society and stop ignoring the guilty secret.



    It has been easy for me and others to side with Neil,to sympathise and empathise and give him our support but we can’t begin to understand what him and his family have been through.We are talking for Gods sake about a young family having to be moved to safe houses, all in 21st century Scotland.



    My hopes for Neil and his family now, that Neil gets a top job in football and achieves continued success ,that his family find happiness and security and dont have to worry about the knuckledraggers.That they leave Celtic safe in the knowledge that they are loved and respected by Celtic and the supporters.Oh I also hope he will no longer heavy need for that mirror



    Neil is leaving the managers job at Celtic,but Celtic will not be leaving him.






























    How did Neil react to the ridiculous and vicious verbal and physical attacks?He faced them head on and fought his corner.And in doing so he was fighting our corner at the same time.True he received tremendous support from the Celtic board and the Celtic support and it has to be said from a minority of the more enlightened people in Scotland.