Neil Lennon era ends


Neil Lennon ‘got’ Celtic.  He was a rookie appointment, and the early weeks were far from comfortable, a Hampden defeat to Ross County looked like an ominous early sign, but from the start of his first preseason he didn’t look back.

He was a hugely successful Celtic manager in Scotland and in Europe.  The Barcelona team of the last six years, possibly the greatest team in history, were at their peak when they visited Celtic Park in November 2012. Neil came up with the game plan which brought Celtic victory and raised our profile across Europe.

What he had to endure off-field during his time at Celtic was atrocious and a blight on our society.  But he overcame it.  He stuck it out when you or I may have left, and now he leaves on his own terms – an undisputed winner.

More at another time on who next, but if we get a man nearly as capable we will be doing well.

Take care, Neil.

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  1. James Forrest


    I can’t fathom why you would experience JOY at Neil’s departure.


    I am thoroughly disgusted, disappointed and dumbfounded.


    Disgusted in how we have handled it.


    Disappointed in Neil’s unilateral announcement


    Dumbfounded that we have not learned from past mistakes in handling PR.


    I want Neil to stay.


    He has risen above the prejudice and animosity of the press and the sectarian bigots.


    He has built sides despite losing key players each close season and is a winner.


    This is amateurish on Neil’s and the board’s part.

  2. Joe Filippis Haircut on

    If the stories are correct Sammi wanted to stay at Celtic and Lennie wanted him to stay but PL did not offer him a new contract now in my opinion that made Lennies job as manager untenable.Lennie was left with two choices stay at Celtic and do what PL wanted or walk away and show he is his own man and in my opinion that is what has happened. H.H.

  3. I hope Neil will write a book about what he has endured during his time at Celtic as player and manger. He should expose the whole twisted sectarian corrupt set-up for the world to see.

  4. GerryBhoy


    13:53 on 22 May, 2014


    Houston or Coyle or both…..dearie me…….hope not….. but suspect it might be.




    The Dream Team, Mark II

  5. James Forrest is praying for The Unconquerable Oscar Knox on

    Gold Coast Tom:



    Reading but not understanding again … you do this with me a lot, you know that? Whatever your issue is, I’d rather you came out and said it than sniping on the sidelines, because what you’re doing is Daily Recordesque twisting of words.



    What do I say in one of the first paragraphs of the article? Neil Lennon has underachieved as a manager. He has. I did not believe he was the right man to take our club forward. I thought we could do better, and it is one of many reasons I am not mourning.



    You would know – and you do know, I am 100% certain that you know – that Lennon the Man IS a hero of mine and he will be from now until the end of time.



    Your issue with me is personal. It has sod all to do with anything I’ve written. I am through tip-toeing around certain things. I’m not having my words twisted by anyone.



    Do me a favour, and block me on Facebook. That way you won’t be so offended.

  6. paolosboots FC before PLC on

    Rocktreebhoy and mwd I agree. Want to see hoe PL tge business guru has planned for this moment hes had along time. When I hear of henrik I think liam brady and mackay, coyle etc dont cut it for me. Would prefer to see moyes or steve clarke but am afriad it will be a rookie yes man that lawell can manipulate.

  7. The Onlooker on

    Too many of the names are obvious Celtic linked kite flying



    I just heard a wee whisper for HERVE RENARD



    Africa Cup of Nations winner with Zambia 2012



    resigned from his French Club at the weekend



    Being mentioned for WBA job ( but so is Neil)



    Currently get him at 20/1 … and shortening



    I hope its true.


    This would be more ground breaking than the list of no experience , Celtic minded names I am seeing .




    The Onlooker

  8. fieldofdrams on

    On a separate note, I do find Lenny’s timing especially poor, what with the Lions going off to Lisbon tomorrow and the feel-good factor surrounding that story. Shame this couldn’t have been managed until Monday.

  9. kevinlasvegas on

    I have a feeling and I hope i’m wrong it will be Jackie or Paul Hartley, No harm to either but there are a few good managers out of work just now with experience. Please don’t go for the cheap option by the board or it will be a long tough season ahead for all of us. 3 big games will be here quick enough.




  10. James Forrest



    Agree with your summation of Lenny’s career at Celtic and he goes as one of my all time heroes. No man should have to endure what he did.



    No man.

  11. kingsnake



    13:56 on 22 May, 2014



    Maybe we can convince Big Johan to return?



    Think Big Dolph got the word a while ago and that’s why he did a runner.

  12. I'm Neil Lennon (tamrabam) on

    how can lenny go


    he still hasn’t told us what fat salary mccoist said when he knocked them out the cup in one of their shame games




  13. Thanks to Neil Lennon a true Celt!



    Good luck and good health to you and yours in the future!



    Hail Hail! YNWA

  14. malone bhoy



    13:53 on 22 May, 2014



    Good to see you posting.



    I do not think Samaras contract had anything to do with it.



    I agree with you regarding Henrik.



    There will be plenty interested but budgets will be the deciding factor.



    Of those mentioned Malky a possibility but for me Stevie Clarke will do.



    CM67 told me you did your Dad proud.



    Keep the Faith!



    Hail Hail!

  15. The Sun Has Got His Hat On..





    The Sun Has Got His Hat On..


    He’s Coming Out Today..





    Now We’ll All Be Happy..





    ‘Cos We’re All Voting UKIP..


    So NIGEL Wins The Day..





    He’s Skelping Unwashed Lefties In Camden Town..


    Now He’s Coming Back To Do The Same For You..



    So Jump Into Your Sunbath..





    The Sun Has Got His Hat On..


    And He’s Coming Out Today..





    All The Little Boys Excited..


    All The Little Girls Delighted..



    What A Lot Of Fun For Ev’ryone..


    Sitting In The Sun All Day..





    Now We’ll All Be Happy..





    The Sun Has Got His Hat On..


    And He’s Coming Out Today..





    He’s Been Skelpin’ SFTB In Cambuslang


    And He’s Coming Back To Do The Same For You..



    So Jump Into Your Sunbath..





    ‘Cos Philvis’s Got His Hat On..


    Bold NIGEL’s Won The Day..





    (Thumbs-Up ?)





    Oh..Up The H\☺/\☺/PS..!



    Steve Clarke..Leg-END !

  16. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on



    13:53 on


    22 May, 2014


    James Forrest



    This is amateurish on Neil’s and the board’s part.




    Explain how the Board have been amateurish.

  17. vinniethedog on

    How do you get rid of a very popular manager ??……..quite easy you piss him off!!!



    Thanks Neil……..from where you took over to where we are now…….a grand canyons width.



    Mind you shouldn’t have liked the Green Brigade so much!!

  18. I'm Neil Lennon (tamrabam) on

    BTW can someone remind me how to change my monicker now that lenny is off :-)

  19. Thindimebhoy on




    Hun share up 27p on the news Neil’s left!





    Thought it would have the opposite effect considering NFL was a focus for much of their dirty business

  20. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Philbhoy-Karagandy would have lost a record amount of goals in the CL ,if they would have got there.Trying to panic buy 3rd rate players after qualification is amateurish to say the least.IMO.HH

  21. So


    Neil has gone


    Johan has gone


    Danny is recovering from a heart attack


    I can’t see Gary being around with Neil gone.



    Who is handling players’ affairs?


    Who is making sure players are retaining fitness?


    Who is providing the youngsters with a close season fitness program?



    And out of left field is Davie Hay too old to take the reins?

  22. Steinreignedsupreme on

    ernie lynch 13:49 on 22 May, 2014



    As I said – few people on here go on about the ‘Old Firm’ as much as you do.



    And putting up comments that were not posted directly on this blog does not change that fact.

  23. There’s too much riding on the appointment of a new manager (by way of CL qualification) for it to be offered to a ‘rookie’.



    Even in the space of the 4 short years since Lenny’s arrival, the stakes have increased significantly.



    But why no bulletin from the club … ?




  24. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Lennybhoy-I was just about to post,Stevie Clarke was interviewed at W Brom,and said he didn’t sign any players,he was Head Coach and would pick the team according to who was doing well in training.That suits the Lawwell/Park model.HH

  25. In the last few weeks I mentioned a manager’s shelf life and suggested that Neil would be on his way at the end of the season (to much derision).


    I also pointed out the not-so-inspiring track record of Henrik as a manager.



    Just because you were a legend of a player does not a manager make.


    Aint that right Mr Brady, Mr Macari, Mr Barnes…

  26. !!BadaBing!!



    We will never know how many goals Karagandy would have lost if they had qualified instead of us, so forget it, please!



    I agree about us signing duds though!



    Do you think our signing policy will be a problem in getting a new manager?

  27. Sir Paul



    Let’s Be Frank..





    This Is No News…



    This His Bin Brewing fur Months..



    Mallaby, Departure??



    Whad YOU Think?



    Oh Aye.. This is No a Spur o the Moment..



    Neil. Didnae Wake up Last night.. n.. Shout oot..



    “That’s’s It Folk.. I’m Done!.. Must tell DD in the Morn.”



    Ah done tole Ye.. A Coupla weeiks Ago….



    “Kojo, HATES . Coy!”



    Anyway..it is NAE SURPRISE Tae ME…






    Ah am Mad.. Mad… As Kin Be…






    Why the Hell NOO????



    Jist afore the Euro Contest..



    Wull , Neil Pack his Kit-Bag n Depart the Premises.. The Morra??



    If he Diz.. then.. This is Anither Fraught … Laurel n Hardy Scenario . that is tae be Played oot..



    ” Oh Jezz.. This is Anither Fine Mess. ye hiv Goat us Intae, Stan!”



    ” Oh Gee, Ollie.. Ah thought it wiz a good Idea. at the Time.”



    O Me Miserum”… Tut ! Tut!.. Gosh Gee Willikers~



    Celtic, wur Riding High in April..



    Shot Doon.. In May!



    Neil, babe.. Ah am Disappointed in Ye..



    Mr. Mac.. Anybuddy???








    No Happy.. AY TALL.. A .. TALL!