Neil Lennon nails partisan Scottish Government


When asked about the Scottish Government’s incredible action, which gave Newco a competitive advantage over Celtic and Aberdeen, Neil Lennon said, “I can’t comment on what the Rangers (sic.) boys did. What I can comment on is the reaction from the Government, which I find bewildering.

“Considering the way they treated us after the Bolingoli incident. There seems to be double standards at the minute as far as we’re concerned.

“We were subjected to ‘privileged footballers, yellow card and blah, blah, blah’. We have been treated in one way and other clubs have been treated another by the Government and that’s unacceptable from our point of view.”

On discovering Boli Bolingoli broke Covid rules, Celtic isolated the player, disciplined and transfer listed him.  He has not been near Celtic Park in the three months since.  At a time when the virus was at its lowest, Nicola Sturgeon switched into Daughter of Ayrshire mode and grandstanded on Bolingoli’s transgression, banning Celtic (and Aberdeen, for players visiting a pub) from playing football for two weeks.

On discovering two of their players broke Covid rules, Newco isolated and disciplined both.  Sturgeon was silent, instead a Scottish Government spokesperson issued a statement offering Newco their support.  Despite prevalence of the virus being much higher, this incident did not register with this Government.

I have a friend who often refers to the ‘Everyone’s against us’, siege mentality, they try so hard to foster at Ibrox.  Giving people something to fight against brings the best out of them, especially if they are ‘privileged footballers’.

Neil Lennon needs to use this two-faced Government action.  Let the players know they are up against a Government who could not wait to cause fixture congestion to them, while allowing Newco to play on. None of this remotely surprises me, this is a glimpse into how things will be, Scotland.

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  1. cornelius



    Paul’s use of language is nothing short of toxic. That said it is obvious to me that some on here have either not read his post clearly enough to understand it or are deluded enough to agree with it. In the first place it is devoid of fact, a deliberate misinterpretation of what happened back in August, and a blatant attempt to score a cheap political point, which sadly is in part at Neil Lennon’s expense. It is in short, and I hope this is the last time, although it hasn’t been the first time, that I get the chance to use a phrase widely identified with the Donald, fake news. A few months back, when infection rates were low and getting lower, I hoped that supporters would be able to attend Celtic Park albeit in reduced numbers of around 8% of total capacity, an idea which for a time did prevail in other parts of Europe. For a time. However, Paul has been continually using his blog to advocate the return of supporters, using Europe, and in particularly Germany as an example to follow, one without any awareness of the rising rates of infection in and around the Glasgow area and beyond, and two without any apparent understanding of the actual rules, or the relevant numbers which applied, in Germany itself. And not only that he has continually blamed the absence of supporters at Celtic Park on the Scottish government, completely ignoring the facts, not at the ground, but on the ground. Sadly it appears that many on here, but by no means all, have a tendency to agree with him but that is surely no excuse to for what he has written today. Now I do not know if he is speaking his Masters Voice, or indeed if Neil Lennon is, but you can be sure of one thing, on the important matter of the threat posed to public health that is Covid 19, their comments suggest that they are both clearly out of their depth.

  2. i see Ernie Lynch in full denim jim murphy mode


    yup the snp are skanks.they are politicians!



    cheap skamkery from a so called socialist, not a mention of which lodge or what masonicism cancers through tbe labour and betrayal party.go and shite on some poor working class punter then vomit that your the only party to stand for the now dispersed working class.Thats the confused nonsense dealt with by the vermin who want to classify and categorize everyone except their cown identity which the war criminal ripped from them.



    onto Neil


    not Celtics place to comment on govt policy


    i note those from tge labour and weaponising covid party do not hound uk gov for boli’s breach of uk law…maybe a letter to Sir keev…maybe not



    i wish the labour supporters here,jim murphy in denim jaiket particular will stop conflating our club Celtic with my roman catholic faith


    ….wasting my time i know.just means rejection of marketed socialism always



    Celtic are better and the catholic faith in comparison to 1888 has built and built.


    nowt to do with labour.



    hh Celts



    the failure of the labour party is nowt to do with you.it likw the hun is a self harm addiction






    ‘Still no direct quote ?.’






    It didnae happen.



    It’s fake news, so it is.



    The SNP pure love us fenians.



    Where’s my comfort blanket?




  4. prestonpans bhoys on

    Kent deliberately cuts across defender, goes down player off. Commenter says very intelligent of Kent, others would say cheating basket

  5. Benfica Quick News in meltdoon



    Huns counter attack started in their own box and 7 passes later is in the benfica net.






    Oh well, good for the coefficient, I am switching over.

  6. Sevco up 2-1. Have to admit, they have an amazing European record since Seething G arrived.

  7. Hunbeilavable the Benfica goalkeeper watches as ball slides by him.



    Benfica’s arse has collapsed.




    D :)

  8. lambert14, your comment, “Do you think it’s right that Lawwell gets you, Joe O’Rourke and Neil Lennon to come out fighting re the praise for sevco”.



    Do you really think this is how the world works? Is this how you work? Ever?



    Peter Lawwell is so bothered about this he is telling me, Joe O’Rourke and Neil Lennon what to say, but not sufficiently bothered to say anything himself?



    That’s Goldilocks bothered. Not too much, not too little, but just right.



    Any chance I heard the Scottish Government statement and was clear enough in my own mind to say what I thought on CQN, just like you are?



    Have you tired telling Joe O’Rourke what to do? Good luck. And Neil Lennon?



    Independent minds exist, yours is one, so is mine. As for Peter Lawwell, he is not sufficiently bothered to speak to me about this. I expect Joe and Neil can also make their own minds up.



    You see how conspiracy theories flourish! Jeez.

  9. Benfica are another team that overplay things.



    Just another pass, just another and another, then nowt.



    Shoot ya daft cnuts.



    D :)

  10. SNP shills out in force.



    But not one of them able to suggest any justification or explanation for the snp government commending the huns.

  11. I did enjoy this from Celtic Curio







    Celtic Curio








    Word on the street is, tomorrow there’s a meeting after mid-day mass at St. Marys Hall, in the Calton, about the formation of a Football & Athletic Club.

  12. Oh,FFS,from dominating the game,now 2-1 down.So much wrong with that penalty.Never a foul.Penalties,opponents sent off.No Covid,ever.Where does it end.

  13. DAVID66 on 5TH NOVEMBER 2020 3:47 PM



    Happy Birthday pal.



    2-nil tonight to the good guys.

  14. I know it is Sparta tonight and not Slavia Prague, but I am reminded on one of my favourite BRTH stories,



    sit back and have a read.






    “He was introduced as “Dedek” or Grandpa and he was 80 years old. We were told that he was the Grandpa of Czech Football. He had been the manager of Slavia Prague for 25 years and had won many championships, including what could be regarded as the forerunner of the European Cup. He coached in a different way to anything or anyone that had come before.





  15. Today’s official starting line up V Sparta Prague ……



    Bain; Frimpong,, Duffy, Bitton, Laxalt, Brown, McGregor, Christie, Rogic, Elyounoussi, Edouard



    Subs: Barkas, Hazard, Taylor, ElHamed Soro, Ntcham, Turnbull, Griffiths, Klimala, Ajeti, Henderson, Welsh

  16. I’d guess the smaller more boisterous of the fringe sites must have some issues…………..

  17. It does appear especially by this blog at times that you don’t just vote snp but joint some sort of cult and believe they are without critism. Vote for who you want to but you don’t have to pursuade other people to think like you because,funningly enough, not everybody thinks like you or agrees that everything they do is excellent whether it is or it isn’t.


    Trump’s team don’t take critism well and often attack the pursuer…….

  18. Is that the same starting line up for 2 games in a row???



    If so thank goodness. We need familiarity and partnerships.






    D :)

  19. The Labour Party in Scotland,need to go after Labour Voters who leaned over to SNP ,firstly get rid off the puppet who is the leader off the Labour Party in Hollywood ,and few more like him,ditch the Westminster Labour people,also don’t encourage left wingers ,look at the mess that Corbyn done because off his left wing policies,working class folk in England had his measure,He didn’t have the courage to get rid of some in his party were anti Jewish,but who could lead and start up The Scottish Labour Party .





    Who is it you know ?


    Teams are posted by UEFA 90 mins before ko for European games


    Celtic released the team 75 mins before ko.

  21. What’s the score with young Dembela after getting praised by Lenny ,he is no we’re to be seen,is he out off contract and working his ticket to leave in the next transfer window

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