Neil Lennon speaks out for the heart of Celtic


I spoke to Phil Mac Giolla Bhain, a man who wears his Republican heritage on his sleeve, about the hostile reaction to his comments on modernising the Celtic songbook a few months back.  Phil found himself to be an easy target for conspiracy theorists who turned on him for issuing a request to an end of political chanting.  I’m sure Neil Lennon will not find anything like the same reaction to his comments in the Sun today, but it remains to be seen if anyone listens.

Neil said, “It’s important that we put a general message out that these chants have no place around our club. To be honest, we are better than that as a club and we always have been, we just don’t need it.

“We are and always have been a club open to all and we do not have issues around sectarianism. We have our own values and traditions but they do not include these chants. We don’t want them at matches and they must stop.”

This is not the first time Neil has given the same message this year.  After his earlier comments I actually heard, “Who is Neil Lennon to tell me what I can and can’t sing?  I’ve been going to Celtic Park a lot longer than he has.”

We are in a classic social paradox.  The reputational damage of political singing is not felt by those who sing, and the risk of personal consequences arising for any individual singer is probably around 1%.  And let’s be honest here, for all the supportive flags, banners and “I’m Neil Lennon” proclamations, is Neil respected enough to be listened to, or has he become a modern Che Guevara-poster boy?

Whatever you think of Neil, or his rights to say what you can or cannot sing, he has the best interests of our club in mind whenever he speaks on this subject.

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  1. Horses please



    If it is OK with Canamalamabambam can I give my thoughts on the Horses tomorrow.



    I go for proven class with Oscar Whisky and Long Run to augment my nap



    MASTER MINDED 2.10 Ascot




  2. Do we have a sinister first minister?



    Having read Paul67s leader I thought about Joe O’Rourkes (the port does produce the crem de la crem even if i do say so masell) post.


    I thought lies damned lies and statistics as soon as I saw Joes post last night. Paul hits the nail on the head with the targetting issue.



    Now on the first minister. If you were AN EGOTISTICAL MANIAC, focused on power via an independant Scotland what would you do? How do you win those all important votes at referendum? Embrace the hun vote? Ah yes please. Mind you wee Alex has said theres nothing wrong with faith schools so we shall give him his due there?



    Remind me again who provides the dough for the SNP?

  3. The best advice i could give the support tomorrow is to question the Snp by whatever means. we will see more appeals to those who see thmeslves as idigenous quite soon.

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    One to avoid today from Lenzie….


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    Good luck all.

  6. What is the Stars on

    Dan Breen 3.20 Ascot


    Simply has to be in the current climate (no singing if he wins now about them old brigade fellas)



    In his day Dan made Osama look like a choirboy



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  10. Morning Lhads.



    Old(middle aged)tim, it was a pleasure to meet you last week.



    My nap today is Ballagio in the 1.00 @ Ascot,for no other reason


    than ,My lovely wife and I had our 25th anniversary meal in there.




  11. Rival D’Estruval—2.30., Haydock. I haven’t tipped a winner yet, mind. Was tempted to go for Lough Derg, who has had a pipe opener (Geddit?)

  12. voguepunter.



    It was nice to meet you ,nice turnout for a drinking session,it used to be like that in Babbity Bowsters,but I think the recession is cutting the drinking a bit.

  13. tommytwiststommyturns on

    Think that’s three of you on Dan Breen!


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  14. tommytwiststommyturns on

    The Pipe horse won that easy. AP never gave up on mine, but could have done with another couple of furlongs. Still, had tenner ew at 33’s! :-)





    Sorry for being late on parade,chaps.



    Nap today for me is SUMMERY JUSTICE 340H

  16. CQN Saturday Naps Competition – Week 15 Results



    Only two winners this week… well done to Hunza rugli (Neptune Equester @ 9/2) and Eurochamps67 (Master Minded @ 2/1)



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    *No selections from : Rockon, Som mes que un club, The Token Tim*



    Cheers, fleagle1888

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