Neil Lennon speaks out for the heart of Celtic


I spoke to Phil Mac Giolla Bhain, a man who wears his Republican heritage on his sleeve, about the hostile reaction to his comments on modernising the Celtic songbook a few months back.  Phil found himself to be an easy target for conspiracy theorists who turned on him for issuing a request to an end of political chanting.  I’m sure Neil Lennon will not find anything like the same reaction to his comments in the Sun today, but it remains to be seen if anyone listens.

Neil said, “It’s important that we put a general message out that these chants have no place around our club. To be honest, we are better than that as a club and we always have been, we just don’t need it.

“We are and always have been a club open to all and we do not have issues around sectarianism. We have our own values and traditions but they do not include these chants. We don’t want them at matches and they must stop.”

This is not the first time Neil has given the same message this year.  After his earlier comments I actually heard, “Who is Neil Lennon to tell me what I can and can’t sing?  I’ve been going to Celtic Park a lot longer than he has.”

We are in a classic social paradox.  The reputational damage of political singing is not felt by those who sing, and the risk of personal consequences arising for any individual singer is probably around 1%.  And let’s be honest here, for all the supportive flags, banners and “I’m Neil Lennon” proclamations, is Neil respected enough to be listened to, or has he become a modern Che Guevara-poster boy?

Whatever you think of Neil, or his rights to say what you can or cannot sing, he has the best interests of our club in mind whenever he speaks on this subject.

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  1. The Prince of Goalkeepers on

    Two things from me.



    1…it looks to me that the Neil Lennon statement was published on the celtic.net website, and then possibly picked up by the Sun.



    2…I think we all know the club’s position on the songs…so why another statement, this time from Neil? Could it be that he is reinforcing the message to those outside the club that Celtic are doing everything they can to encourage the support to refrain from “illicit” chanting. This may help in minimising any sanctions that may be heading our way from UEFA and/or the SPL.

  2. Neil canamalar Lennon hunskelper extrordinaire on

    South of Tunis,


    as I said if everyone paid their dues ther would be plenty to go around, the last stat I read on here was that it was over £100billion evaded.


    I can agree that every tax cheat is resposible, my point is, as you well know, that the british institution that is rangers uses its jingoistic support of the army as one of their main claims to being the british club used to condemn us. Supporters of the british institutions yet can now be clearly shown to be undermining siad institutions.


    You’ll also know that I have found a lovely wee question to smoke out huns, a hun will avoid and prevaricate but never condemn their club for undermining britain, your answer makes me want to know why you are so eager to give them an out ??


    Do you agree that their refusal to pay HMRC is undermining the british governments ability to ensure the army have the basic survival kit for combat troops ??

  3. Sir Paul



    Bully fur.. Neil.. Bully Fur You ,Bully Fur Mr. McBride



    and ME…






    Time tae … Tak Names and Kick Ass…



    Nae Mair Proclamatory(Whit?) Appeals, tae the Bettah Natures of the


    Recalcitrant.. “Immatures”



    Kick ’em..oot.. Stifle ‘Em… Sine Die ‘Em…



    Banish ‘Em.. and..



    Write a Letter o’ Complaint… tae Their Mammies.. (Noo why didnae we think aboot daeing that



  4. HEN1RYK



    Great point again my friend and I and thousands here agree. But I’d love to know what happens when “they get off their fat arses”




  5. lionroars67 says:


    17 November, 2011 at 16:00


    ‘Paul McBride speaking on behalf of Celtic and Neil Lennon








    ‘And soon after January it will become s criminal offence.’




    So, does that mean it’s not currently a crimminal offence?



    And how do you explain to a ten year old Liverpool supporter why Neil Lennon and Celtic are using the Sun to communicate with the Celtic support?

  6. Absolutely remarkable interview with Paul McBride.



    I’m no psychologist but he looks under pressure and with the “Parkhead Football Club” faux pas I reckon this was a hastily arranged statement. I’m wondering who forced it. What a turnaround “I’m a great supporter of the Green Brigade”.



    Reporter gets to the crux of the media and police campaign asking to ‘disband the Green Brigade as the answer’ which McBride rebuffs.




  7. thomthethim



    easy Gleneagles if only to eat at good celtic supporter Andrew Failie’s wee cafe

  8. lionroars67 says:


    17 November, 2011 at 16:00


    Paul McBride speaking on behalf of Celtic and Neil Lennon



    Mo Chara shouldn’t that read Paul McBride speaking on behalf of the Celtic BOARD! He doesn’t speak for me a, this is a man who wishes to criminalise our fellow supporters, in my humble opinion no more than an Uber Uncle Tim.

  9. KINGLUBO says:


    17 November, 2011 at 16:08



    M8 take to the streets it’s the most powerful weapon to make people sit up and take notice and I’m sure 50,000 or more would sort it..



    You got any suggestions?

  10. I just looked at my second last post. Wolfjound? A Norwegian rebel tribute band? Wolfhound, of course. Any ex-members of the band reading this I ask for your pardon. Just don’t sing your particular repetoire near Miss —sorry–P McBride QC. Mr McBride reminds me of a sleek, combed and cosseted Afghan Hound. He, for sure, would never be a Wolfhound. Too Irish.

  11. Oglach UFB






    Mr.McBride is Speaking Fur..






    And why No..?



    He didnae say , in any way , that he wuz Speaking fur the Celtic?



    Noo where did ye get that Crazy Idea?

  12. Neil canamalar Lennon hunskelper extrordinaire on

    Whens the next hibs marc ???


    With the flutes and drums ??


    Its ok to sing the songs but dont do it at Celtic park, fair enogh, where can I do it, oh I’ll do it at the next hibs march, oh wait a minute.


    Aye too many cowards at Celtic park these days,



  13. Marrakesh Express says:


    17 November, 2011 at 15:43



    Thanks .. you present it far more eloquently than I could.



    It is the Scottish mind set that can dismiss the Manchester riots, league cup final showing, the shame game but because it is a UEFA cup game and out with Scottish jurisdiction they can´t resist the opportunity. Eddie Smith is just another numpty puppet. His strike action tells us all we need to know. Kenny Scott the UEFA delegate that night ??? I still find it strange as I thought he was only an advisor on Security. We definitely missed a trick with Hugh Dallas still being allowed to continue in his UEFA role.



    Celtic need to speak out now though about it or be tarred with the same brush.



    I have argued many times before that their is nothing our PLC love more than a defiant fighting Irish supporter well balanced with a chip on both shoulders. It means ST sales without having to put out a winning team on the park. I stopped buying into it years ago.


    It is 2011. 11 years after the year 2000 and we are still playing these medieval games and it can only be through choice not weakness. The support are waking up to it now. The Celtic Board have lots of work to do between now and ST renewal time even if we win the treble IMHO.



    Hail Hail

  14. canamalar ——



    Crucible Quick News ——- ?



    Self appointed Witchfinder General .



    One more time ——



    Hun FC should pay their taxes .[ the more raised – the more there is to spend ]



    Everybody should pay their taxes. [ the more raised -the more there is to spend-



    The Government would then have more money to play with and it might decide to spend more on the Military . It might not .

  15. Neil canamalar Lennon hunskelper extrordinaire on

    So far


    South of Tunis




    Mullet & Co


    have refuse to condemn the huns for undermining funding of the british army



  16. thomthethim says:


    17 November, 2011 at 15:57



    I’m working there tomorrow so i’ll ask around locally and get back to you tomorrow evening.




  17. Mr. McBride..



    In MA opinion..



    Gave an Excellent Resume of the Situation.. regarding this


    Nonsensical Chantin by a Sma Group of “Immatures’,who have


    wedded themselves oanta the Kilts o the Green Brigade..



    Whom, he holds in High Esteem..



    He directed his Complaint agin that Sma Group of Recalcitrant Kiddies..



    No the Green Brigade!.






    Mr. McBride..



    In Ma opinon..



    Told it..



    Like if Lays…




  18. Marrakesh Express on

    Just watched the David Currie interrogation of Paul McBride. Its obvious that he has been well primed on his remit, by bosses who now try to curry (currie?) favour with the mob who cut them off a few weeks ago.


    And so it goes on…


    FFS get a statement out now Celtic. How much longer do we have to take this crap.




  19. whitedoghunch says:


    17 November, 2011 at 16:11






    easy Gleneagles if only to eat at good celtic supporter Andrew Failie’s wee cafe






    I stayed there circa 1975.



    Noy bad, but the chips were soggy, the beans were Yellow Label and the steak was running around the plate, nearly deid.



    Also, they were letting just anybody in.



    But, thanks for the suggestion. A step up from Vogue’s tent. But there again, he’s from R’glen, is he not?

  20. Mr McBride…


    In reference to your interview with the BBC…


    Excuse my pedantry, but it does go to the heart of the matter, when you say….



    “…that sing songs about terrorism, and in the current climate, that is not acceptable’



    did you actually mean..



    “…that sing songs about terrorism, and in the currant climate, that is not acceptable.”

  21. Neil canamalar Lennon hunskelper extrordinaire on

    South of Tunis is being meally mouthed, its not a hard question but still refuses to condemn.


    SoT is a surprise package

  22. oglach UFB says:


    17 November, 2011 at 16:15



    I stand corrected he does speak for the Celtic board and Neil Lennon.



    THE EXILED TIM says:


    17 November, 2011 at 16:05



    Do you know some tasty gossip TET



    ernie lynch says:


    17 November, 2011 at 16:09



    Peter Lawwell is only interested in the balance sheet.



    Lip service from Peter Lawwell towards the press always, minimum understated criticism of any media storm surrounding the Celtic family, has Peter ever reported back about the BBC after the cup final?



    Celtic advertise in the Sun, DR and Radio Clyde to sell tickets for Celtic games and Celtic products, we are commercial partners with the media Peter needs them.



    As Neil Doncaster says controversy sell’s Scottish football, look out for another media storm involving Celtic soon, all approved by Peter Lawwell and Neil Doncaster

  23. From the Silly Comments..by the MAJORITY of Subscribers oan Here..,’



    Who seem tae hiv taken Umbrage tae Mr. McBride..



    A Guy who simply diz NOT DESERVE it..



    Ah kin see that the Celtic Football Club has a Support that oan the MAIN..






    Fighting Among themselves… in this .



    And that is Bad..



    Mr.McBride Just gave an Interview, in which he clearly got to the Nub of the Problem.



    and yet..



    There are Many Members of this Illustrious Form



    who are Finding Fault with his Answers..



    and .. THAT Behaviour..



    From those Dissenting Members..






    Mak sense tae Me.




  24. Canamalar



    I dont trust the British government over anything. I am surprised you do.



    If the huns were to pay their tax tomorrow do you think the army would see any of it ?



    What were the figures on Fuel tax recently ?



    How much is spent on transport infrastructure from the taxes raised from Road Tax, VAT on fuel, tickets etc ?



    I think motorists in the UK get more of a raw deal than your soldier in Afghanistan.



    Hail Hail

  25. gallagher says:


    17 November, 2011 at 16:23



    thomthethim says:


    17 November, 2011 at 15:57



    I’m working there tomorrow so i’ll ask around locally and get back to you tomorrow evening.







    Brilliant. Perhaps you can check out the bars, on my CQN account of course!.



    The Waverly boast fine whiskies and a selection of real ales. So I wouldn’t mind a rating of your top ten of their Malts and top three ales.



    You could check out the rooms too, if you’ve time and also the barmaids!!



    Seriously, thanks.

  26. Marrakesh Express says:


    17 November, 2011 at 16:25



    Just watched the David Currie interrogation of Paul McBride. Its obvious that he has been well primed on his remit, by bosses who now try to curry (currie?) favour with the mob who cut them off a few weeks ago.


    And so it goes on…


    FFS get a statement out now Celtic. How much longer do we have to take this crap.



    The statement you refer to of Paul McBride IS the Celtic FC position, nothing more to be said

  27. lionroars67 says:


    17 November, 2011 at 16:33



    agreed ! and that is worrying.



    A guy who plainly knows little about us and has had to back track a few times already is still been given his head.



    Why is Celtic PLC ran by proxy?



    Hail HAil

  28. PJBhoynyc says:


    17 November, 2011 at 16:26



    Took me a while but it was worth it :-)



  29. The remit for commenting on this situation is over evryone’s station at Celtic Park except one man.



    Dermot Desmond.



    He has to break cover and speak out for the club and the fans. Celtic are going to lose fans in their droves if the club are not strong on this. Compare with the situations Rangers have been in. David Murray and now Craig Whyte have backed them to the hilt.


    They have questioned other clubs and now they have got what they asked for. We are being taken to task. I feel sorry for the young 17 year old arrested. I can’t imagine what he has been through. He has been made an example of and it’s disgraceful.



    Dermot Desmond please come out and speak up for us. Tell us what is right for the club going forward. We are leaderless at the very top level. Stand up for us or at the very least tell us that singing these songs are wrong. Back us in this fight with the media and everyone who is not a Celtic supporter. Do something! Protect your investment at the very least.



    Celtic need a leader on the park and more so off it. We need someone to stand at least shoulder to shoulder with the supporters or let us know what the official club position is and the only man who should do that is Dermot Desmond.



    Paul McBride has lost so much credibility this week it is frightening. I know he is Neil’s friend but I feel he shouldn’t be making statements on behalf of Neil publicly or the club. His stock in football circles has never been lower.



    Celtic do something!



    You support needs guidance and support. At the very least stand up and be counted.




  30. Neil canamalar Lennon hunskelper extrordinaire on



    the nub of the problem is the board are gettng invloved in politics, its not their place to tell anyone what is acceptable, that is the job of the law.


    In the boards opinion it is acceptable for hun suppoters to sing illegal songs at Celtic park, therfore have no right to judge anyone else.

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