Neil Lennon’s next decision, marquees and sunshine


I hope Neil Lennon takes the Hibs job. He’s a talented coach who has achieved far beyond the expected mark of a 44-year-old. After leaving Celtic two years ago he gave Bolton a temporary respite, rescuing them from immediate relegation before the inevitable happened a year later.

Bolton were on the slide and needed a miracle worker. Hibs, on the other hand, can surely only go one way. Managing a second successive failing club would be difficult to recover from. Easter Road has also allowed Alan Stubbs to enhance his managerial stock, despite not reaching the play-off final in either of his two seasons in charge.

Right now Hibs are a great opportunity for Neil.

No harm meant to Colin Kazim-Richards but the sight of him going through a medical in Brazil was welcome. He was one of a large number of players acquired over the last two seasons who never looked like a Celtic player, on paper, or on the field. It’s best for player and club he moves on.

What kind of times are these? Marquees deployed to protect scores of Celtic season ticket applicants from sunburn. Surely some parallel universe.


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  1. coolmore mafia on

    As neganon, Ernie, the clumpany have pointed out, we have yet to hear anything from Celtic regarding res12.


    Do Celtic have something to hide here? What’s the problem with seeking clarification over governance issues? With an announcement to the fan base? In recent weeks we’ve been told something is just round the corner. Maybe that corner is part of a circle.

  2. Neil Lennon offered £2k per week, plus £25k for promotion.



    Allegedly of course.



    If true, nae wonder Alan Stubbs left for mighty Rotherham United.




  3. Neil Lennon got years of discraceful and unwarrented demonisation from the snivelling SMSM which will have made it more difficult for him to land a good job . Hibs?? their fans gave him the same vitriolic abuse as he got at Ibrox.

  4. Ernie



    ‘ I’m no going back to Celtic Park until Peter Lawwell says Sevco aren’t Rangers ‘



    What would that achieve other than satisfying you, and maybe even me?



    Another sequence of rabid statements from Deidco maybe, FF petition’s, or complaints to the SFA, Edinburgh and London.



    50k Celtic fans clearly didn’t think the ‘lack of a statement’ was a deal breaker, in whether or not they ‘up fronted money’ to support Celtic next year.



    Football is about football ,and players, and goals, and dreams .



    Joe Sixpack isn’t the least bit concerned about Rangers and their liquidation even if it’s a just anchor around the ankles, of their offspring.



    Resolution 12 will spark formal comment from Celtic it was not linked to season ticket demand, and more significantly Celtic will set the record straight for all posterity on ‘the same club’ preposterousness,



    Some of us, are happy to wait,



    Timing is everything CSC

  5. Bamboo



    I had a Hibee on my Facebook hoping that Neil Lennon would be there next manager .


    He and a mixture of Deidco fans then called him absorbs of hateful names.



    He will be under huge pressure there ,the first sign of a problem.




  6. Geordie Munro on

    “At one point there was only 3 available in the whole lower tier, as I look now it’s gone back up to 10.”






    A certain S. Nowhite was trying to blag child seats for her adult small friends and was busted I believe. ;)




  7. Geordie Munro on







    I think he’d do well with them but he must be ‘aff his heid’ to return north of the border for employment.




  8. I was thinking similar about parking when my turn to drive


    Or when none of want to drive a pre match bevvy in Kerrydale suite


    If they kick us out for corporate



    : > (







    voguepunter on 7th June 2016 5:54 pm



    I for one not happy with Celtic selling out most areas of ground.



    I like to spend first half watching game from 409,second half roon at big G’s in 442.






  9. I can understand Neganon and others on their concerns. It has been mooted for some time now that Celtic are going to address it, but as of yet they haven’t. Is it mere coincidence that they (apparently) said they would address it when it looked as if there was going to be a boycott of STs ? Time will tell, but until they do then the negs of this world will be, well, negs.

  10. Winnings. I was not accusing the res 12 guys of being lazy. That would be absurd.



    I was accusing CQNs editorial policy of avoiding examining Celtics on and off filed performance over the last few years as lazy journalism. This in direct contradiction of the strap line of that site.



    I stand by it. It’s appalling.



    We have talked ad Naseum about the Huns and their stupidity. Whilst this fun and warranted we seem unable to examine ourselves. Quite frankly this is double standards and smacks of cqn simply being the Celtic view by another name.



    Shouldn’t we at least be honest with ourselves?



    And winnings as I did with the ad I will happily contribute. Put me down (sadly) for an xxl.



    Bournes I love all this agenda stuff. My agenda is that the cheating and corruption should be addressed and that Celtic, who’s supporters are the main victims of cheating and racism, have an oblifpgation to tackle it. They have done quite the opposite. And despite all we have heard and all we are told Celtic still haven’t tackled res12 and continue to hide behind the skirts of the res12 guys.



    Some good news in a manager doesn’t wash away all that and if it does we really need to consider why that is acceptable.



    What is your agenda? To stop any criticism of Celtic? Agendas, eh? Tsk. Everyone seems to have one but no one wants to admit it.



    EDB. Serial quitter. Lol. Whatever.

  11. Geordie Munro on

    Jc2 & vp,



    Good points.



    I’m home more than an hour earlier when there’s a no show from the glory hunters for the early round of the league cups. :(




  12. Geordie Munro on

    “This in direct contradiction of the strap line of that site”






    It isn’t really. But appears you are hell bent on making it so.



    The site was created to address made up media bs.



    Pointing out made up media crap is NOT the same as what you accuse our host of.



    All in my opinion of course.

  13. Billybear the proof of the pudding………..,



    Bournes I loved the comment about football just being about football etc etc. Well maybe in other countries but not in Scotland where football is about racism and about cheating to uphold the err so called superior race. It is rigged and rigged to keep you and me in our rightful place. Had you forgotten that? Where the last 4 years a dream? Is Bobby Ewing in the shower?



    And the people who run our club are it seems perfectly happy with that arrangement.

  14. Geordie the strapline of the site is Celtic news, not lazy journalism. Isn’t Celtics awful on and off field performance over the last few years newsworthy?



    I’m sorry Geordie but it’s nonsense to suggest otherwise. If we aren’t tackling this stuff then we aren’t countering media bias. We are simply trying to replace it with our own bias.



    That’s pathetic. But to be fair that’s what’s happening.



    Are we better than that or not? It’s an honest question. If we are just the same as the Huns then at least I will know? Are we?

  15. thetimreaper on

    I hope the Hat stays. It’s a case of better the devil you know. He evidently can’t organise a defence and will have no funds to put that right. I can see them making a reasonable fist of it but if we start like a train and blow them away his reputation will be up in smoke within weeks. At this moment he has the perfect get out with the lack of transfer funds, cup final hassle and his alleged contract dispute. If he’s smart he will run a mile.

  16. TinyTim


    Apparently a very good uptake from new recruits to our area.


    Hope you and the girls are well.

  17. 50 shades of green on

    Oh good i was begining to think i was a selfish bugger for thinking ” Ffs its going to take ages for me to get out of nuneaton street after the games now”.



    Still looking forward to seeing some old new faces back at the games, just dont park your bloody cars in my wee bit aff nuneaton st.




  18. !!BADA BING!! on 7TH JUNE 2016 3:31 PM


    Has Zlatan signed yet?



    Just why wuld Celtic want to sign a 35 year old who won’t come cheaply?







    ‘ I’m no going back to Celtic Park until Peter Lawwell says Sevco aren’t Rangers ‘




    What would that achieve







    If you have to ask that question then you would never understand the answer.



    But you might want to ponder why Celtic refuse to deal with the issue.

  20. NegAnon2 on 7th June 2016 6:48 pm



    NegAnon2 on 7th June 2016 6:55 pm



    NegAnon2 on 7th June 2016 6:59 pm







  21. Could someone not start a petition to get mccoist and McCall the gig???









    HH jamesgang

  22. quonno



    Oh no! Francisco Totti signs one year contract at Roma.


    Ah well maybe next season, he’ll only be forty one!

  23. Paul 67.



    Just what has NL’s next job got to do with us.


    More relevant, just why did he leave us in such a hurry?


    That is something CQN might like to get its teeth into.

  24. !!Bada Bing!! on

    QUONNO on 7TH JUNE 2016 7:07 PM


    !!BADA BING!! on 7TH JUNE 2016 3:31 PM



    Has Zlatan signed yet?




    Just why wuld Celtic want to sign a 35 year old who won’t come cheaply?



    It’s pie in the sky,but are you saying you wouldn’t take him?

  25. CELTIC MAC on 7TH JUNE 2016 7:14 PM






    Oh no! Francisco Totti signs one year contract at Roma.



    Ah well maybe next season, he’ll only be forty one!



    I would imagine that compared to us, Roma has money to burn..

  26. AuroraBorealis79 on

    NEGANON2 on 7TH JUNE 2016 5:15 PM


    It seems there are lots of number crunchers watching season book salea.




    But less considerung the impact of those season book sales on things like res12, cheating and corruption.




    The sound of silence indeed.




    Still the website that declares itself as not lazy journalism refusea to examine the disasterous celtic board performace.




    What is lazy journalism if it isnt that?




    It seems to be a term spared for those in the Mainstream Scuddish Meeja. The CQN Equivalent is called “Look! it’s a Squirrel Journalism.

  27. Winnings with respect you avoided the rest of my post. Are the res12 guys and cqn the same?

  28. WeefratheTim on




    I see the PEOPLE IN SCOTLAND AGAINST FRACKING movement has shortened it’s name to PISAF. HH

  29. I have no interest in learning why NFL left us anymore than I give a frinstance as to where he shows up next.


    I do recall suffering some turgid performances and embarrassing defeats during his time as manager.

  30. prestonpans bhoys on




    Would go with the majority of the comments, level 5 spin pish

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