Neil Lennon’s next decision, marquees and sunshine


I hope Neil Lennon takes the Hibs job. He’s a talented coach who has achieved far beyond the expected mark of a 44-year-old. After leaving Celtic two years ago he gave Bolton a temporary respite, rescuing them from immediate relegation before the inevitable happened a year later.

Bolton were on the slide and needed a miracle worker. Hibs, on the other hand, can surely only go one way. Managing a second successive failing club would be difficult to recover from. Easter Road has also allowed Alan Stubbs to enhance his managerial stock, despite not reaching the play-off final in either of his two seasons in charge.

Right now Hibs are a great opportunity for Neil.

No harm meant to Colin Kazim-Richards but the sight of him going through a medical in Brazil was welcome. He was one of a large number of players acquired over the last two seasons who never looked like a Celtic player, on paper, or on the field. It’s best for player and club he moves on.

What kind of times are these? Marquees deployed to protect scores of Celtic season ticket applicants from sunburn. Surely some parallel universe.


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  1. Neg @ 6.55



    The Celtic supporter transcends cheating and all of the other things you mention,


    because we are Celtic, and unique.



    If we ‘called it’ all out tomorrow, I think you’d find another reason for not supporting Celtic e.g.’ the Board ‘ or just plain ‘cold bovril ‘



    Nothing new about cheating and racism, you could argue that it was partly the cause of us having our own football club, you can’t tell your children ‘ I’m sorry son, we can’t support Celtic because Scotland is racist’



    You have to rise above it, fight it, and win and that’s what we’ve been doing by and large, since our inception.



    It is only a game of football, a game where we excell and for Billy Bigot it goes wrong because he thinks it’s about beating up sad fenian bastards.



    Look at how that all turned out for him?

  2. Neil Young in Belfast tonight.



    …and Dublin tomorrow.



    Just thought I would mention that.




  3. ELDIEGOBHOY I’ve been trying to get your email address.Twists was also trying to get it for me.You can get mine from him.

  4. AuroraBorealis79 on

    WEEFRATHETIM on 7TH JUNE 2016 7:20 PM






    I see the PEOPLE IN SCOTLAND AGAINST FRACKING movement has shortened it’s name to PISAF. HH




  5. NegAnon2 on 7th June 2016 6:59 pm







  6. Good evening friends.



    Still hot, hot, hot in ole EK. And still “no rain since Brendan” despite what all those (ahem) forecasters have been predicting.

  7. AuroraBorealis79 on

    So according to BSR there is no Celtic without Racism.



    Now move along son, you were born to be a victim.

  8. Raymac


    I don’t have EDB address. I mailed BT yours as I thought he’d have it, but I guess not.


    Maybe PF AYR has both mine and EDB? Or Eurochamps 67, CRC, ? Anyone help Raymac get in touch with EDB please?

  9. sandman



    Pretty sure Virgil has recently signed a new contract 4-5 year to stay at Southampton.


    That no doubt will raise any prospective transfer fee. Can’t see him going to Everton, maybe a top European club at some stage. Could play alongside Piquet at Barca!

  10. I’ve now become David McCallum.



    Does David McCallum people get charged for the lettering on their headstones if no one can see it?



    Just a thought. Could save some money there.

  11. Bournes. Quite correct. The cheating has been there all the way. We knew but were called paranoid.



    But the last few years laid it bare. Laid the lies and cheating bare.



    We had a chance our forefathers never had. A chance to bury it forever. To tackle it.



    We did nothing. What was the chance to change and honour those who went before us has now turned into our shame.



    We are playing our part as the victim.



    There is a world of difference between telling your children you can’t support Celtic because Scotland is racist and you shouldn’t support Celtic because they participate in the racism.



    If Celtic don’t speak out, Celtic are part of the racism. And by supporting the regime at Celtic you are, however inadvertently supporting the racism visited upon us.



    The irony for me is that my goal (oops sorry I have an agenda) is to force Celtic to address this and unite us properly. I have been a Celtic season ticket holder for decades in the past. But when the veil is lifted and the truth exposed I can’t pretend not to see it.

  12. Celtic Mac on 7th June 2016 7:48 pm






    Yup. I’m just speculating that koeman will make Virgil his first priority as Everton manager. Dutchman trusting Dutchman to marshall his backline.



    Big Zlatan on Sky there- ‘money is not important to me now. It is the challenge and the passion which interests me.’



    There ye go, PL – make him an offer. We’ve got nothing to lose by tempting him.



    One year rolling contract; give him the Celtic experience Henrik told him about in his formative years.



    He’ll pay for himself in one day of ticket and merchandising sales.

  13. When you get right down to the brass tacks, we as a club need the competition, whether real or not, and the huns in the top league is a perceived competition, the tv cos have there box office, the journos have their headlines, the club have more money, the players have their competition, it’s a win win for everyone bar us who want to see them dead and buried, so we either have to suck it up or walk away, these are the only two choices we have.


    The corruption will carry on as before, the cheating the same, when you think about it, had we a level playing field we would have no competition, the support would get pissed off winning all the time.


    The huns couldn’t even win everything when they were cheating ffs, they had everyone on their side yet we took our fair share of silverware, and we did it by being honest and fair.


    I suspect the suits know that a level playing field will not be good for business hence their reluctance to speak out .


    Delighted to see a near full house for season books again, hopefully the club will support Brendan in his quest of CL footy, tho I wouldn’t get too hung up if he fails this season, we are a ways short of CL level just now.

  14. !!Bada Bing!! on

    VVD new 6 year contract,I think the buy out clause is £30 million. I think we have 20% of a Wanyama sell on.

  15. Neg






    WordPress – come up with an appropriate name register & do what clump… has done..



    See how it goes.


    People will read it & decide

  16. NegAnon2 on 7th June 2016 7:53 pm







  17. Neganon 1 or 2 or next number obviously has some sort of hatred of Celtic but tries to put it down to ‘the board’ in some way. No doubt if we were to win the CL this coming season it would be in spite of the board

  18. GuyFawkesaforeverhero on

    ernie lynch on 7th June 2016 7:08 pm



    It’s more interesting for me to look at what Celtic do rather than what it says.



    Stephen Thompson and Eric Riley will be replaced on the SPFL Board in a few weeks by two Premiership club representatives. Ann Budge is a shoo-in, Stewart Robertson is bustin’ a gut to be the other pick.



    I want Celtic to put up a club candidate to replace Riley. There is no old firm, Scotland has one financially sound football giant, Celtic should have a permanent place as one of the three Premiership representatives on the SPFL Board.



    Well done to the Res12 guys. Hope the promised statement appears as hinted because they more than deserve to enjoy the public support of the club.

  19. Geordie Munro on

    Zlatan saying his next move is ‘no aboot the money’ says to me his next move is ALL about the money.




  20. Meanwhile on blackandwhitearmy.com (15th April 2013) St Mirren fans are stll going through angst on how to get neg back supporting after he wrote this:



    ‘I regularly head along to games with my kids – no more – I think you have all badly misjudged the mood amongst other fans.


    St Mirren will be the only real loser here – good luck.”

  21. Neganon2



    In many ways the things that upset you about how celtic has not responded to the cheating and coruption laid bare in recent years from sevco, The sfa and the msm is no different to my own feelings.



    I ask myself if roles had been reversed what outbursts from ibrox and the press we would have had to listen to every day. Yet our club has been silent on it all.



    I really dont know if it would have made a blind bit of difference to anything but i would have felt better hearing the board stand up to it all.



    I have never entertained the thought of not supporting my team. That is my life and always will be. I have instilled that love of celtic in my two bhoys and they really get it.



    My season ticket renews automatically every year and this year i have some optimism for the season ahead after a turgid season just finnished.



    I love celtic with a passion. When i am there i feel part of something amazing and wonderful. My fellow fans are part of what sometimes feels like an army when we are together.


    I understand your upset with our leadership in many ways. Please remember they are custodians only. The support is the club and always will be. We are celtic.


    I pray that the club will step up on the res 12 issue and the same club nonesence. I would love to see us stand tall and call them all out. But maybe wiser heads are prevailing and the tactical approach is what is being tried. The we shall win in the end approach. Maybe above my pay grade.


    I have been a long term lurker on cqn and seldom post. My feelings will always drive me to support our team first and hope the politics will resolve in good time.



    I wanted to post as you get a lot of stick a lot of which is undeserved.



    Anyway my ten cents for what its worth.







  22. EDB 7.03



    I hope that is the case.



    Mrs TT in good form.


    I would like the wee yin to eat a bit more.


    She is very thin ,between mad diets and continual exercise .


    It is a wee worry for me.



    Her first year at Uni went very well.



    So all in all ,they are both doing well.



    You keep fighting mucker,we have a treble to win ,and you and your girls are going to enjoy it together.




  23. Great to see season ticket sales going well. I gave up mine this year as €700 for six matches (on top of all the other match day costs) isn’t viable. Just hope I can get tickets for whatever matches I attend next season.