Neil Lennon’s next decision, marquees and sunshine


I hope Neil Lennon takes the Hibs job. He’s a talented coach who has achieved far beyond the expected mark of a 44-year-old. After leaving Celtic two years ago he gave Bolton a temporary respite, rescuing them from immediate relegation before the inevitable happened a year later.

Bolton were on the slide and needed a miracle worker. Hibs, on the other hand, can surely only go one way. Managing a second successive failing club would be difficult to recover from. Easter Road has also allowed Alan Stubbs to enhance his managerial stock, despite not reaching the play-off final in either of his two seasons in charge.

Right now Hibs are a great opportunity for Neil.

No harm meant to Colin Kazim-Richards but the sight of him going through a medical in Brazil was welcome. He was one of a large number of players acquired over the last two seasons who never looked like a Celtic player, on paper, or on the field. It’s best for player and club he moves on.

What kind of times are these? Marquees deployed to protect scores of Celtic season ticket applicants from sunburn. Surely some parallel universe.


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  1. TT


    Wow I didn’t realise the youngster was that age already. Please keep in touch.

  2. 67Heaven .. CHALLENGING THE LIE ..I am wee Oscar...... Ipox belongs to the creditors on

    ELDIEGOBHOY on 7TH JUNE 2016 8:52 PM



    Hahahahahahaha …. Are you ‘feeling my collar’ ? Hahahahaha ….Just finished work and read /posted this, just in case some hadn’t read it yet …Hail Hail, ghood sir …!!!

  3. Jungle Jim Hot Smoked on

    I have not been on CQN much of late. Has anyone commented on this from the ” ` I changed minds`,Griffiths` ” article? :



    “Speaking to the club’s website, which is where you will see the clubs Resolution 12 statement at some point this week, ”




  4. Celticrollercoaster supporting Shay,our bhoy wonder along the way on

    NEGANON2 on 7TH JUNE 2016 7:53 PM


    Bournes. Quite correct. The cheating has been there all the way. We knew but were called paranoid.




    But the last few years laid it bare. Laid the lies and cheating bare.




    We had a chance our forefathers never had. A chance to bury it forever. To tackle it.






    Evening Neg



    Backing Res12 with a firm and positive statement would give me some hope that either we have not been complicit in” the ole shoe horn in” with SPFL/SFA/deadco we want them back shennigans or at least we have seen the error of our ways.



    Still hoping







  5. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Guys can of course post what they want on here,within reason of course,but some of the posts about Neil Lennon are well out of order. Nobody went through more to wear our colours,not going to document chapter and verse,but nobody on here could walk a mile in that man’s shoes,and has earned the respect to deserve better. Fire away bhoys,but I will always defend Neil ,when playing and managing Celtic.

  6. Jungle Jim Hot Smoked on

    That does not look very clear. I am asking if the Club have said that they will be making a statement on Res 12 this week.




  7. If the club do step up on Res 12 and the myth does that show it was always their intention to do so, regardless of ST sales.



    I ask because I’m fairly certain there are those who would claim it was only to drive ST sales, if they had said something earlier.

  8. Jungle Jim Hot Smoked on



    I would agree with you re Neil Lennon`s treatment up here but did he himself not say recently that his life in Glasgow had been fine? I know he might have been touting for the Celtic job at the time but comments like that , coupled with his regular `Old Firm` usage, lessens my opinion of him.


    If he did take the Hibs job, though, I would still applaud him were we to meet Hibs and he was their Manager.





    Warbiola off ? The Sleekit Gardener reappearing in the last few weeks mmmmmmmmmmmm.



    They wouldn’t would they ?

  10. !!Bada Bing!! on

    The People v OJ Simpson repeated on BBC next 9 nights o think,first one on last night,really good cast

  11. BIG-CUP-WINNERS on 7TH JUNE 2016 9:22 PM


    Warbiola off ? The Sleekit Gardener reappearing in the last few weeks mmmmmmmmmmmm.




    They wouldn’t would they ?




    Paw Broon talking himself up for his dreamjob in hell..

  12. !!Bada Bing!! on

    JJ-I do agree with you,but I think he deserves better than to be dismissed on a Celtic blog,the way he left wasn’t great either,we will never know the full story,hope you are well Jim HH

  13. AuroraBorealis79 on

    I believe the Club will say this absolutely nothing on Res12 & if they do then it will be so Cryptic that Bletchley Park couldn’t decypher it.

  14. If and when Celtic say something on Res 12 it will not please everybody.


    No matter the content it will never be enough for some. That’s just the way it is and I don’t need to consult my crystal ball on that particular topic. ( or Squirrel )



    HH to all and especially to those who spent hours in the sun to support the Bhoys in Green.

  15. Ahso thats wit broon was staunchly implying when he was speakin out the side of his moof earlier in the week


    Wier is goin to do what Sir Walta if bitterness done with souness.


    Walter is bitter he wished the noo klub well.


    Broon knows this as he has no deeds



  16. The Statement in full……………



    ” Dogger 6, Rising. South and Easterly 5. Changeable.


    Up the Ra. Ha-Ha Huns. Fergus 1.


    Gael Warnings from Malin Head to Barrhead rising later.



    Moderate or poor becoming much better next season.”

  17. The more broon speaks out the side of his moof the beta :-)



    UnnerstaunbylisteninrooncoarnersCsc ;-)

  18. Bada Bing



    Am I allowed to say that I think NFL was a good guy, truly decent person and always will be but he was a very ordinary manager in Celtic’s history?


    Or are you running the blog nowadays?

  19. tomtheleedstim on

    JUNGLE JIM HOT SMOKED : I’d not seen that. Thanks for the important heads up.

  20. My Opiinion on the Res 12 thing and Celtic PlC is this…PL will drop the Boom when the time is right, Just like he did when signing BR, Just Before the Scottish Cup Final..


    .We Have Learned From the huns, PR is EVERYTHING…TIming is All……No Doubt in My Mind



  21. Bhoy67 (Mike).



    I loved your response. Honest and heartfelt and utterly understandable.



    It’s what Celtic fans are all about. Particularly that you are able to share it with your two bhoys.



    It’s also what makes me very sad. My youngest daughter has caught the Celtic bug from me. I think there is also a large part of her that just wants to spend the time together with me at games etc. I have spoken to her about my feelings on things. She understands. It’s all very sad. Just a small footnote for Celtic but sad for us.



    I just can’t pretend. It’s like loving South Africa but ignoring apartheid. I simply can’t do it.



    None of this is above yours or any one else’s pay grade. What you see is what you get. Like you I believe Celtic is the support. That’s why it has pissed me off so much that Celtic attack it’s support continually. It’s futile now but we could have I acted change. But the st sales will result in an emboldened board. I think that’s a mistake but what can you do?



    I can’t and wouldn’t force anyone to give up season tickets. I know how hard it has been for me. As yet nothing has really changed. I won’t live a lie and I am desperately dissappoimted in CQNs editorial stance. It’s hypocritical. But it won’t change.



    We need to be alive to this and what cqn perhaps really is.



    Anyway my best to you and your bhoys. I hope we have great times ahead.




  22. Prague looks a wonderful city – off to bed, been up almost twenty four hours.



    I, like Paul, hope Neil Lennon takes the Hibs job – not without its pitfalls though.



    I think he will get less hassle in Edinburgh – but in Scotland you never know – Dobrou noc and HH.

  23. mullet and co 2 on

    The Celtic statement will probably read –



    Celtic has been following developments of what has become known as resolution 12 since this was first bought to the AGM. The shareholders who put forward resolution 12 have now been in contact with UEFA who are investigating the circumstances that led to Rangers (in liquidation?) receiving a European licence in 2011.


    The club are encouraged that UEFA will look at the documentation provided to UEFA by the shareholders and hope that they are reviewed to everyone’s satisfaction.


    The club has been in dialogue on this matter with the SFA who will assist in answering the shareholders query to UEFA.


    Celtic Football Club hopes that a review takes place of the decision making process in 2011 and that any outcome will encourage supporters of the game in Scotland to come out and give their backing to an open fair and transparent game, governed by fair and equitable rules which are applied by unimpeachable administrators.



    The club are encouraged by recent uptake in season tickets and look forward to the new season with a new manager in charge.

  24. !!Bada Bing!! on

    EDB-read what I wrote,a bit like if someone is talking behind a friend’s back,I would speak up for my friend,don’t know about you. Post what you like.

  25. Hi CRC. Hope you are well.



    I think you (and I) know the answer to Celtics complicit ness.



    But hope springs eternal and even a change of tact would be acceptable.



    I doubt it will ever come though and I sadly suspect the res 12 guys and winnings will be betrayed.



    Paul however will tell us it’s great news.



    One thing we cannot pretend anymore is innocence. We know. They know.



    Any future outrage about cheating etc is hollow and in vein. We know what we signed up for. So we need to just accept that we are happy at the back of the bus.



    Crap isn’t it?

  26. Dallas Dallas where the heck is Dallas on

    The Green Brigade are having their anti-discrimination football tournament in the Garngad this Saturday.



    Contributions to local food banks and clothing for the Invisibles homlessness charity can be made if anyone attending wishes to do so.



    My work colleague who is in the Green Brigade was asked by a polis on Saturday as he walked by George Square what he was doing there and where he was going. He was going to a meeting in the Merchant City This was while the SDL rally was going .



    The polis knew he was in the Green Brigade even though he was minding his own business.

  27. itscalledthemalvinas on

    Res 12 shirt purchased.


    Looking forward to wearing it on holiday in Barcelona in august .


    Can we not have a competition to see where CQN’rs can spread the word around the world ?

  28. MOONBEAMSWD on 7TH JUNE 2016 3:09 PM



    Plus 1 for Poiano. Stayed there myself a couple years back and can thoroughly recommend it.