Neil, the 10 and the rest of us


On five different occasions I told one of the two men who decide the fate of the Celtic manager that I thought it was time for a change.  Memorably, on one occasion, I was told, “Get a grip of yourself”.  I did not always get a response as, despite how I feel about Celtic, a manager’s fate is a private matter.

On none of those occasions did I write on CQN that the manager should be sacked.  If I was an impartial observer, that would be different, but my objective is always to see Celtic flourish and I considered the effect a campaign to sack the manager would have on results, our league challenge and, in on one occasion, the man himself.

The impact of these campaigns falls disproportionately on that individual, often when they are at their most emotionally vulnerable.  It hurts when those once close to you want you out, you look harder for motivation and as for focussing a dressing room!

Those who make the decisions are less emotionally vulnerable.  They usually have years of experience shielding themselves from being buffered by adverse sentiment, if they didn’t, they would not be able to do the job.  They alone know their options and they are never blind to the consequences of failure.  They do not always get it right.

We cannot show our support for the players or the manager at games and they will not be meeting fans in the street; all sentiment is delivered by media, new and old.  This is the only communication we have and I know the players consume what is written online this season.  This sentiment is not to blame for bad results, but it will not help resolve the situation.

Celtic are low percentage bets to win the league and I want the players, manager and board to take whatever steps necessary to change this, it is not too late. Nothing would give me more pleasure than Neil Lennon bringing us 10-in-a-row, it would be the ultimate way to achieve an historic record.  If he gets there, the rest of us will have a role in making it happen.

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  1. Diego Maradona has died at the age of 60. The greatest footballer of his generation suffered a cardiac arrest at a home in Tigre, Argentina. Maradona had been recuperating from the removal of a blood clot on the brain.



    RIP Diego

  2. Forget my 4:29pm post. I have just seen the GB message. I disagree with it but it was, at least, politely expressed.

  3. FRANKTERRY on 25TH NOVEMBER 2020 4:41 PM



    RIP MARADONNA. The greatest footballer that ever lived.



    *not being disparaging but I reckon Pele was better, however, it seems that as a young lad performance enhancing drugs were forced on him which may have attributed tae his cardiac arrest. God help him RIP.



    BTW I personally believe that his former son in law Sergio Aguero is one of the best strikers in england if not the world, light years better than the wee Uruguayan biter.

  4. Remember Diego Maradona at Celtic Park about 10 years ago thanking the Celtic ball boy who located his crucifix which had been lost.I think Argentina were training at Celtic Park prior to a friendly with Scotland.

  5. GREENPINATA on 25TH NOVEMBER 2020 3:24 PM



    Many of us on here had grave reservations about NFL being given the job on a permanent basis. Personally I wanted a clean break with the past and someone to replicate the stature and professionalism of BR



    However we accepted the decision and welcomed the continued success and a historic treble treble. As you say we invested financially in very large numbers.



    It could be debated that when we parted with our ST money for the new season we never thought for a moment that we would not get into Parkhead for the full season.



    Anyway, our current uncertainty for ongoing success doesn’t justify an embarrasing public humilation of our manager.




    Change is inevitable, entitlement is not.






    Was thinking of posting adding to the Lenny debate, then I read the above of which I entirely agree with.Only think I would add is that I have never been convinced of Lenny’s managerial ability – too many painful Hampden losses. There is an obvious reason why he was available when Rodgers left although not the first manager to be out of a job.


    At last year’s AGM he got praised by Lawwell – “good eye for a player” and Bankier who bizarrely commended him on his improved conduct (from his first spell).

  6. Excathedra44@4.16


    I don’t read or buy the Daily Record or any papers so I don’t see the point of your response.


    I was basically saying that in my circle of Celtic supporters no one wants Lennyto continue.


    I have been supporting Celtic for over sixty years so I have a extensive number of supporters as friends .


    Only my own observation HH

  7. So there was fans at Celtic park today to protest against the manager and fans going at 6pm tonight to support him.



    Dear god could this season get any worse.



    D :)

  8. TONTINE TIM on 25TH NOVEMBER 2020 4:52 PM



    Yeah, I suppose it comes down to a matter of personal opinion in the end. For me, I”ve never seen a player like him in the ’86 WC.

  9. ECW ( over the page ago )



    One Neil Lennon, and firmly staying well away from,



    The being rudderless and scrambling about for this mythical new Mourinho to come in a rescue the Ten Brigade.




  10. Scott Brown



    “We have 100 per cent faith in the manager.



    “The support that we have had through the nine in a row has been incredible.



    “I think now is the time we all come together. The fans have been fantastic for us for the last nine season and this is the time we all stick together.



    “We’re pushing for something special. We need to make sure that we are all together.



    “Everyone in that changing room is working extremely hard to get better.



    “We know that performances haven’t been up to scratch and now we have to fix it and we need to make sure we fix extremely quickly because the manager and backroom staff have been working extremely hard.



    “We have to go on the park and whoever the 11 is, make sure we do the exact same.”



    Sounds good Scott, now it’s time to deliver.

  11. PeterLatchfordsBelly on

    Lenny’s press conference. Dearie me.



    All over the place. We were lazy… but only in moments… best we’ve played at Easter Road in years… we were brilliant the last 20 mins…



    Aye and when I look in the mirror I see George Clooney.






    His whole demeanour worries me. He looks and sounds like he’s on Mogadon.



    His body language speaks volumes, as does Broony’s. He was no more convincing. Looked ready to greet.




  12. BEEB saying Maradona will be remembered as a truly brilliant talent on the pitch while showing the hand ball goal about 20 times.



    Worse than hurtin’ huns so the ur.

  13. The Green Brigade should’ve aimed the banner at the, 53,000 season ticket holders, who financially prop up the Fina Gael mindset that has controlled the executive level of our club, since 1994.


    Until that is done, nothing will change.

  14. PHILBHOY on 25TH NOVEMBER 2020 5:19 PM



    BEEB saying Maradona will be remembered as a truly brilliant talent on the pitch while showing the hand ball goal about 20 times. Worse than hurtin’ huns so the ur.



    *bet you they didnae show his second four minutes later when he waltzed past five outlander players, beardsley, reid, butcher, fenwick, butcher again, and shilton, which became known as the “Goal of the Century”.

  15. FANADPATRIOT on 25TH NOVEMBER 2020 5:01 PM


    Thank you for your reply.



    Your comment was that ” scarce as hens teeth ” meaning you had derived that from somewhere,and as the Daily Record is a Celtic bashing organisation,it seemed a possibility that was the source.


    If your now saying its from your own circle of friends,then fair enough but I would respectfully suggest that this is hardly a conclusive sample.



    I know all the Pro,s and Con’s for Neil ,of course he makes errors,however when accepting the position he was denied choice of a No 2 and again recently denied, but had Young Strachan foisted on him.



    I’m not daft,I’ve been around same time as you,but to consider changing Manager,and all it entails now,is a chance we should not take.



    Forget Europe, 5 players missing for Sevco game,2 pens at Aberdeen,1 dodgy pen at Hibs,less 2 points they dropped,thats your 5 points. Don’t forget to date 11 pens for opposition.



    Consider all that, plus Covid punishment for us,and Covid proof Ibrox ( What Party ) and you have a level of subtle attack that many bloggers and spoiled supporters are buying into.



    Get behind the team.



    You take care,guys like us need Vitamin D.




  16. Thought the Banner outside Celtic Park was wrong.


    It was never going to influence Desmond or Lawell to sack Neil in fact will most likely have the opposite effect and was just an exercise of washing our dirty linen in public.


    As banners go it was reasonably worded, I’ve seen a lot worse here but to be honest this bloody ten in a row has become a curse more than anything else.


    We have been through a period of unparalleled success, we have dropped 4 points more than this stage last year, & have had a shitty European Campaign,


    Obviously none of us are Happy but our position hardly calls for Public displays using the backdrop of Celtic Park seeking to get rid of our Manager.


    I reckon if this was a normal season this would have not happened, this desire to do ten in a row has fried our brains.


    We have achieved records these recent years that nobody will match, one more is not a matter of life or death.

  17. RIP Maradona! The best player ever! Single handed dragged an average Argentina team to a World Cup win – Elevated Napoli beyond their wildest dreams and scored the the greatest goal ever against England.



    The news drowns out the spoiled nonsense coming from the green brigade today – this sickened me after what he has been through and sacrificed for Celtic FC.



    Neil is on the brink, he knows results and performance determine his/our fate – but he is a fighter and we will find out soon if he can turn it around – we don’t need the childish green brigade promoting their name outside Celtic Park.

  18. Corkcelt


    Agree – but I suppose with no fans allowed at games it’s one way to have a physical demonstration that is seen other than that of us sad blog posters.

  19. Ciao Diego



    A fantastic footballer, I loved watching him.



    Not as good as Jinky though.



    D :)

  20. Who was NFL’s sidekick last time round who was not allowed to join him this time although was also with him at Hibs ?


    I did not realise that G Strachan was not NFL’s choice – who did he choose & why was that denied ?



    I was not happy when NFL was reappointed – too big a step down from Rodgers (IMHO) and not professional enough. He needs experienced help – a manager or coach who knows how to play a system or systems, where to play specific players in that system and able to improve & get the best out of the players. NFL is a good guy, deserves more support – from us as fans and from the hierarchy at Parkhead.

  21. NOTTHEBUS on 25TH NOVEMBER 2020 3:40 PM



    True but in that case, sacking Warburton wasn’t the problem – appointing Pedro was.



    Sacking the manager is only a problem if the replacement is a step-down. The replacement needs to be well-thought-out.

  22. Diego Maradona.



    i was at the match in 1979.i remember a few times seeing the then prodigy do things that were a glimpse into his future i recall he walked thro our midfield then defence,just because he cut in early,luque et al were not up with him,he waltzed back tho the defence and midfield and started again to applause he then passed and smiled.


    thing i recall bout game was at the end,less than 2 years b4 falklands the crowd were chanting Argentina Argentna. 😊