Neil, the 10 and the rest of us


On five different occasions I told one of the two men who decide the fate of the Celtic manager that I thought it was time for a change.  Memorably, on one occasion, I was told, “Get a grip of yourself”.  I did not always get a response as, despite how I feel about Celtic, a manager’s fate is a private matter.

On none of those occasions did I write on CQN that the manager should be sacked.  If I was an impartial observer, that would be different, but my objective is always to see Celtic flourish and I considered the effect a campaign to sack the manager would have on results, our league challenge and, in on one occasion, the man himself.

The impact of these campaigns falls disproportionately on that individual, often when they are at their most emotionally vulnerable.  It hurts when those once close to you want you out, you look harder for motivation and as for focussing a dressing room!

Those who make the decisions are less emotionally vulnerable.  They usually have years of experience shielding themselves from being buffered by adverse sentiment, if they didn’t, they would not be able to do the job.  They alone know their options and they are never blind to the consequences of failure.  They do not always get it right.

We cannot show our support for the players or the manager at games and they will not be meeting fans in the street; all sentiment is delivered by media, new and old.  This is the only communication we have and I know the players consume what is written online this season.  This sentiment is not to blame for bad results, but it will not help resolve the situation.

Celtic are low percentage bets to win the league and I want the players, manager and board to take whatever steps necessary to change this, it is not too late. Nothing would give me more pleasure than Neil Lennon bringing us 10-in-a-row, it would be the ultimate way to achieve an historic record.  If he gets there, the rest of us will have a role in making it happen.

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  1. RIP Diego Maradona



    So sad when the real football legends pass on. Only 60 too – way too young.

  2. PHILBHOY on 25TH NOVEMBER 2020 7:36 PM





    Did he have an Irish accent?






    aye lurgan ish

  3. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Truly sad when a genuine legend dies before (what we think is) his time.



    Diego Maradona was the most talented footballer I’ve ever seen.



    Absolutely peerless in the true sense.



    During his peak years world football had some wonderful talents but no one came remotely close to him.



    RIP Genius.

  4. itscalledthemalvinas on

    Thanks for the memories Diego.


    My mate and I were dancing about the Copper Coin in Paisley when you stuck the wonder goal in against ingland .


    Gracias Amigo !

  5. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on

    Just watched Scott Brown’s presser: To all at Celtic, please, please, please stop answering questions about ‘missing the fans’ and how it has ‘affected Celtic more than others’.



    Talk about giving yourself an excuse to fail (Paul 67 has mentioned this numerous times, but never in relation to Celtic).



    Here’s the stock answer: ‘it’s can’t be used as an excuse. It’s the same for everyone’.

  6. BIG PACKY 1 on 25TH NOVEMBER 2020 8:02 PM


    BADA BING, go forth and multiply,



    Away and grow up,needy doesn’t cover it.

  7. Have watched the NL and Broony press conferences from today a couple of times now, absolute car crash stuff. Neil stating the last 20 mins against Hibs was our best all season, WTF!!!!! Broony looked like he wanted to be somewhere else, thoroughly depressing. Place (including here) needs a lift

  8. Well said Bada


    We are all sick to death with these idiots taking over this blog & having personal vendettas every time they post.


    Paul & moderators can we please have these people removed from the blog ?



  9. Just watched NL press conference. We played great last 20mins on Saturday. Really.



    If the game had lasted another few minutes, we would have won , omg.

  10. glendalystonsils on

    BRIZZO ,BADA and others .



    Last night was just ridiculous . Attention seeking nonsense . Haven’t seen or heard of a moderator on this blog for far too long .

  11. GlenD,B1888, it’s nonsense folk can do without, if you have a beef with someone, go to the previous thread and fill yer boots, good guys logging off reading that garbage, as a few have said, the mods could have stepped in. HH

  12. My friends in Celtic,



    Pivitol moments. Maybe today.



    My views about appointing NFL on a permanent basis are well documented on here.



    However the GB may have inadvertently galvanised the players and support behind our beseiged manager.



    Roll on tomorrow night. I am really looking forward to the game now and am confident that the players that are privileged to be picked will react positively.



    Well done GB. So come you boys in Green and Neil Francis Lennon.

  13. Neil looked very calm and determined at the presser today. Hopefully we get a performance tomorrow and we can begin to put things right.



    I don’t think we need to win tomorrow but certainly an assured defensive display is a must.

  14. AN DUN



    Posters earlier saying the presser from NFL and Broony were shambolic.



    I hope you are right!

  15. So sad to hear about the passing of the greatest player ever. Can any of you explain how to complain about the comment that Gary Lineker made regarding this. He said something to the effect of, ‘I hope he finds peace in the Hands of God’.



    I think that is truly despicable.