Neilson deflecting and undertone to ref criticism


It wouldn’t be Hearts without Robbie Nielson deflecting responsibility for his team’s defeat to Celtic.  Hearts are a more talented side then their solitary (off target) attempt on goal suggests.  Early in the second half they pressed the champions out of their stride, but their game objective was clear to see: spoil, delay and take one for the team whenever Celtic threaten to break.

We saw things from Hearts yesterday I have never seen on a football field before.  With Joe Hart ready to take a goal kick, Liam Boyce ran towards him, picked up and threw the ball away.  Every Hearts player was behind the ball!

Slowing play down is a legitimate tactic, taking it to this extreme is asking for and surely accepting a yellow card.  The same can be said for pulling players back when they are breaking with possession.  After an away game in Switzerland on Thursday, Hearts players were frustrated and tired by the closing stages at Celtic Park.

Either Heats players took it upon themselves to wantonly pull Celtic players down and time waste by throwing balls away, which we all know is not the case, or Neilson sent them out to do just this.  It is his responsibility that two players picked up second yellows late in the game.  Any suggestion otherwise is just deflection, a tactic Neilson regularly uses.

On a more disturbing topic.  There is an unhealthy undertone to the criticism of two referees over the weekend.  To be clear, Robbie Neilson’s words had no such intent, but loose words from the Hearts manager can have real life consequences.

Anyway, great to see Celtic clear at the top of the table.  There is a very long way to go and I don’t feel we are ready yet to be assured of the title.  That picture will be a whole lot clearer two weeks from now.

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  1. Warnock and Gallagher on SKY said, no pen to Hibs, Sevco pen correct, Lundstrum not a Red card and Warnock went on to suggest Morelos was feeling for his opponent, their tentacles and influence is widespread,

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  3. Melbourne Mick



    On a more serious matter, the song in question, by Matt McGinn is the ‘Jeely Piece Song’…..

  4. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Melbourne Mick and Bankiebhoy1






    “The Jeely Piece Song”






    Fond memories.

  5. I take it the full house at tynecastle in the return leg in Europe won’t contend any refferreeing decisions…. 🤔🤣



    Great weekend.

  6. Jackie Bhoy……………..



    Del’s a discovery , eh!





    I wonder if said nugget also likes to frequent Celtic websites?


    You could imagine him bashin’ away……………over an’ over, again and again.




  7. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Warnock? Who cares.



    Flag shagging football dinosaur.



    Was desperate for the Sevco gig a while back.



    Shared … ahem …. “values”



    A nasty piece of work.

  8. Go tell the Spartim on

    Why no critique of the Klan’s assistant referees in any of the games, especially hours, as E Tims put it they were like two Hearts fans that found a flag at the game, any forward ball is offside for us, is obviously what theyve been working on all summer.

  9. Hey Nielsen, how much of an impact did the ref have in the fact that you had ZERO shots on target ?



    Hey Gio, your team looked cream crackered, devoid of any creativity and only registered 1 shot (header) on goal outside of a very dubious penalty.



    Two fluffers. Both willing to use referees to deflect from their own team’s failings.




  10. Perhaps Monday morning was not the best time to pitch my idea about dealing with professional fouls ..



    Does it have any merit?



    I’ll try again before I approach FIFA.



    If at first you don’t succeed….🤔





    Take 2:



    In his biography / video “Jinky” , the wee man observed how unfair the game was.



    Jinky said he could weave past 4 or 5 players leaving them in his wake . If the sixth player stopped his progress, by clattering him to the ground, he may ( or may not ) be booked.



    Jinky pointed out the unfairness of the situation as follows.



    Before the game is restarted, the ref would stand over the ball ,allowing all of the players whom Jinky had previously passed to take up position between him and the goal.




    The Solution? :


    For years I have thought that the professional foul could be eradicated with one simple change to the laws of the game.



    When a professional foul has been committed the game should restart….



    ..NOT with a defensive wall ,or players made to stand 10 yards from the ball,



    but with all opposition players made to stand at least 10 yards BEHIND the ball.



    If this was introduced, players would realise that a committing a professional foul would almost always result in a real goal scoring opportunity for the opponent.



    If I ever get round to pitching my idea to FIFA I hope it is named in my honour




    The Onlooker Solution.





    I’ll let you know my solution to the throw in conundrum at some future date.

  11. Paul 67 et al,



    A very strange time wasting tactic . We couldn’t believe it when we witnessed Boyce just run up, pick the ball up and fling it away. What a cheap booking and what a pathetic action.



    We got a well deserved 3 points but it’s factual to say the second half didn’t live up to the standards we have set. That is no criticism, merely a true observation.



    I have to disagree with the poster on the last article who concluded that winning is everything ( Apologies, I can’t remember his name ) . He stated that he was in and out of the garden checking the result.



    When I am working and cannot see the game then yes the result is all that matters.


    However when actually attending the game we look for football played the Glasgow Celtic way.


    We all know that that is not possible every game, but it is something we must aspire to.



    Entertainment enhances the match day experience and keeps the crowd alive.



    Only my opinion.



    HH, the journey continues.

  12. “We’ve made a hell of a lot of progress, but we’re still at the beginning. I’m still building a team, building a game style, building an environment. There’s still work to be done”



  13. yeah bankiebhoy – nonsense speak – ‘I want to use rational discussion but I want to experience it’ – word salad

  14. Under Neilson, Hearts are less than the sum of their parts. They prove it time and again. Their timid and insipid recent cup final performance being a classic example. They have some talented players but absolutely no belief, or confidence, that they can win a high profile game.



    As GP says, Boyce’s stupid action, when a goal down, just illustrates the mentality in their dressing room. A mentality that stems from Neilson and Elbows. They came to CP for a narrow defeat, they achieved it. Getting two sent off (very late in the game) just gives Neilson an opportunity to spout his usual nonsense.



    No matter how rank rotten FC Zurich are on Thursday night, I expect them to leave Tynecastle undefeated.

  15. Jackie – the word-salad approach would certainly fit with some of the manically insistent nutcase trolls………………




  16. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    The Onlooker – good luck.



    Suggesting changes for the better should always be worthwhile.



    Rugby Union has sin bins & penalty tries.



    Basketball has team fouls.



    Hockey has penalty corners.



    Football ……….

  17. SAINT STIVS on 22ND AUGUST 2022 1:23 PM


    Is the tackle from behind now ok ?



    If on a Celtic player … Yes


    If done by a hun ( any hue ) …yes


    If on a hun …no


    If done by a Celtic player …no



    That’s them rules ya know…😁

  18. MM and others. Earlier I attributed the Jeely Piece song to The Great Matt MvGinn fae The Calton. I’ve always associated it with Matt, but apparently it was written by Adam McNaughton. Kudos




    FRED COLON – Back with a brace,never mind a Bang! Well Done. So glad you ( I presume) enjoyed the game on Saturday. Lots of guys on here wishing you well and now thinking you and AIPPLE are our lucky mascots.

  19. The Huns are Appealing against Lundstrams RED CARD, which they are entitled to do.


    However, the Huns are also complaining that a Hibs player had fouled Lundstram in a SIMULAR fashion earlier in the match, but the Hibs player was NOT Red Carded.


    I didnt see that “incident” as I may have been making a cup of tea ?


    IF the Huns CITE the above as some form of ” Evidence” to SUPPORT their Appeal against Lundstrams Red Card, then the Authorities could simply say to the Huns….


    ” Your riight, the Hibs player who fouled Lundstram earlier in the match SHOULD have been Red Carded”….and THEN give the Hibs player a RETROSPECTIVE Red Card…and DISMISS the Hun Appeal………..SIMPLES.



  20. Aiple


    Great to see you and your wife on Sunday.


    I am very much a malt whisky fan but that Kentucky Bourbon was surprisingly (for me) nice. Thank you very much.


    As for the other gift. I loved Big Jamesgang`s comment:



    Aye, very nice but ye cannae drink a fridge magnet !





  21. garygillespieshamstring on

    Big Jimmy




    Sounds like plan to me.



    Of course the SFA could just tell the huns to eff off, which would be my preferred course of action.

  22. Only way I can watch football now is to be at the game , the best and least nervous way. Watch live on tv with sound down, miss out half time analysis , catch any goals or controversial incidents. Same at full time, turn sound up for Ange interview. Similar with a recorded game except I can go over the goals and controversies at my leisure.


    Punditry like refereeing is at an all time low but not as bad as the opposition managers, a real nadir in that respect.

  23. Big Jimmy,



    I thought Lundstram tackle from the back was a definite red card. ( He has history for this )



    Yesterday I was surprised by the amount of Celtic supporters who saw it otherwise.




  24. GP


    I thought Lundstram tackle from the back was a definite red card. ( He has history for this )






    I agree, the difference between that and the Trippier tackle was the lunge from behind when the Hibs player was breaking free.



    I frankly don’t care much how this turns out but the red should be upheld in my eyes.

  25. prestonpans bhoys on




    When I first saw it I thought it was a yellow but you get a very clear view from the camera behind. Launches both feet off ground, would be the view of the ref however depends who is on the review board. So expect it to be rescinded and Collum sent to Rockall Islet for 100 years

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