Neilson gifted Celtic a cause


“Decapitated” was the word Hearts manager Robbie Neilson suggested would be necessary for a Celtic red card after a challenge by Alexandro Bernabei on Wednesday night.  Why he thought it was necessary, or helpful, to add invective language to the ether ahead of Saturday’s Scottish Cup quarterfinal is a puzzle.

Whatever his desired outcome, he has reason to ponder before giving Celtic players a cause to rally against again.  The game was clearly a no-contest before Aaron Mooy converted Jota’s cross inside two minutes at Tynecastle.  Hearts were lucky to escape with just the three-goal deficit.

You can train players all week, but send them into their 42nd game of the season and getting absolute sharpness from the same voice can be a challenge.  Footballers are not machines, they can only climb the mountain so many times before it feels like another hill walk.

When Neilson picked on a young player, still settling in Scotland, it gave his team-mates a cause célèbre.  Ange Postecoglou had an opportunity to proverbially pin the Hearts manager’s words to the dressing-room wall.  It was a rookie mistake from an experienced manager.

You and I have seen Inverness, Falkirk and Newco take us out at the semi-final stage of the Scottish Cup.  Maybe we should shout for Ayr United tonight?

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  1. Good on Gary Liniker and his Sporting Colloquies for standing up to the BBC Sports,pity ex Celtic players couldn’t do the same about the Impartiality that happens on BBC Sports Scotland and Radio Clyde ,for example Kenny Miller assistant coach at Huddersfield leaves them after the Head Coach is sacked,low and behold he is back on the sports radio shows ,so come the right thing about ex Sevco Players getting gigs ,while other ex players are overlooked ,

  2. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on



    Frankly, I thought the French league was one of the “big five” so not a valid comparison, can someone tell me who the big five are for future reference?

  3. Brrb i stand corrected,cracking debate we could argue the piece ;-) tho hh



    CelticMac theres a debate goin on over 4 masters bout that :-))




  4. bigrailroadblues on

    An Tearmann


    I’ll debate the point with you on Saturday at Paradise. Or any other time ya young rascal.😁

  5. AN TEARMANN on 13TH MARCH 2023 6:12 PM






    I recall being over the Greenock Cut water dams around the time I was reading John Kellys book Irish detailing the movement of the diaspora, I was looking down on the Clyde, could well picture the “boats of faces” with rowing boats packed full of folk getting away from An Gorta Mor



    *My mother in law often talked of going up to the top of Brucehill on a Friday night watching the Irish Boat full of locals heading home for the holidays, during the Dumbarton, Glasgow and Paisley Fairs.



    That game was it 3-1 glasgow cup final bout 71 or 72? Think the league was done. Nothin for hunny that year :-))



    *It was August 10, 1970 and it had been a hold over from the previous season which finished badly for us, ok we had a League and League Cup double but had been robbed of another treble, it would have been 2 in a row, by r ight h un davidson in the Scottish Cup Final although 4 days later eliminated the bestest team in the world 2-1 at hunden in the EC semis only tae capitulate tae Feyenoord and the future WTT in Milan followed by a disastrous NA Tour, so waddell smelling the blood fielded a strong line up while Jock, in his wisdom, decided to give some of his promising starlets a run out.

  6. bigrailroadblues on

    Saturday March 25th. Laurieston Bar, Tolbooth, Brazen Head, Sharkeys. Any other sensible suggestions appreciated. And a separate debating room for Canamalar, An Tearmann, SFTB and Chairbhoy. 😁

  7. There you go Thomson ,Foster,2EX Bluenoses .don’t know about Creighton, Impartiality my erchie ,

  8. canamalar



    “Frankly, I thought the French league was one of the “big five” so not a valid comparison, can someone tell me who the big five are for future reference?”





    They are clearly and Lyon are one of the aristocrats of that big 5 league. Turkeybhoy may have had more of a point if it was an outlier from one of those leagues – Nice, Sassuolo, Fulham, Hoffenheim or Cadiz that were doing far better than us but, even there, they would be awash in more transfer funds than we enjoy.



    In fact beyond the 5 leagues, there are 2 more (Portugal and The Netherlands) with a higher pedigree due to recent European achievement and transfer funds than us. There would be an 8th,in Russia, if it could stay out of wars long enough.



    Our comparator clubs should be large clubs in peripheral leagues (Belgium, Denmark, Austria, Switzerland, Sweden, Czech Republic, Poland, Croatia, Serbia etc;



    In the Euros Club Index, Celtic are ranked at 64, 3 places behind Sevco because of last year. The higher ranked clubs outside the big 5 leagues are Benfica (15) Porto- 16 , Sporting 30 and Ajax -31. The highest ranked outside the top 7 leagues are- PSV-37, Salzburg-38 , Shaktar Donetsk-44 and Zenit- 47. No Turkish or Greek or Swiss team are ranked higher than Sevco, even though Galatasaray, Olympiacos and Basel have a far more consistent 21st century European record than any Scottish club.



    These rankings are a mixture of applied Scientific formulae and subjective weightings but they give a fairly rough and ready guide. These ratings are indicative rather than deterministic but they give a fairly accurate picture of how likely a club from outside of the big 5, or big 7 can go deep in Europe.



    And yet, Brer Hun defied those odds last year

  9. BRRB – I wonder which of those two teams want to play the Rangers more in the Semi. I hear Celtic and Inverness balls are already in the warming oven and we’ll play 2nd on the glorious Hampden turf.

  10. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on

    Peeps, scroll on by if you don’t want to be bored :)




    C-Its you that keeps making sweeping generalisations and pigeon holing people.


    AT.- sweeping generalisations of fascist behaviour on behalf of the union you mean like



    “C”,- No, the sweeping generalisation that anyone who disagrees with your pigeon holing is either behaving like a fascist or apparently worse a socialist, you demonstrate that excellently with that response.



    1.Merlyn Rees 1976 Ulsterization process.


    “C”, – No doubt a very controversial and unpopular interpretation but – LONDON, April 7—Merlyn Rees, Britain’s secretary for Northern Ireland, said today that there was “no question” of withdrawing British Army units from Ulster and insisted that the British Government would govern the province until Protestants and Roman Catholics forged a settlement. – Took longer than he hoped I expect but we got there, and some horrible collusion and atrocities I suspect the Labour Party did not plan or condone.


  the displacement and and murderbombing of iraq.


    “C”, – One of your pet hates George Galloway was the most vociferous anti-war speaker in the country who headed the anti-war march of 2 million souls, but he gets no recognition from you on that point eh, in fact there were many back benchers in the Labour party who voted against it. The way you portray it they were all jingoistic war mongers.



    Is 2 examples of truth to be going on with


    No generalisations or needless pigeon holing.


    “C”, – So far its all pigeon holing.



    Its true lol


    “C”, – yep true but with a colourful blinkered agenda.



    C- I’m an Irish Unionist, got a problem with the terminology, deal with it, I do not accept anyone else’s attempts to pigeon hole or impose their terminology on my views.


    AT na your just a confused socialist from Partick now livin in middle east who calls himself an irish unionist.You defend your British Unionism at all are not and never will be an irish unionist but your contraryism is comical. You call yoursel what you want.your politics are of union



    “C”, – And there it is, pigeon holes are us in full technicolour, you’ve decreed I will “never be and Irish unionist”, you talk about democracy but you want to join a union that is controlled by a commission that has no link to democracy, the EU anyone?



    Mines are be a bit of everything C but as you point out it will end always in some form of unionism



    “C”, – Not true, I’m not all about the union there’s a bit more to me than that, though I agree there’s always some form of union, you on the other hand appear to be exactly what you deny, its all about the union for you.


    I will repeat, you want to be independent but in the EU, to be controlled by the likes of Von der leyen and Borrel who make the decisions on European policy without a mandate from any electorate, not even MSP’s. Does that make you an undemocratic unionist? Using your logic, that’s exactly what it makes you.



    i do understand the confused socialism,its the energy that drives the left alas it too gets drawn into the racist rights agenda .it is common as wee keev shoows



    “C”, – Please do not confuse modern version of “the left” with socialism, I see it all too often, what is considered as left today is what we used to call liberalism. They are miles apart unfortunately the current labour party have failed miserably, they have failed to maintain their original objectives, they are now IMO the UK version of the Democrats, no longer the party of the true left or working man.


    Marx on sex and race – both will be used as tools of capitalism to create division.



    C-You rant about what’s happening to social


    C’services like the NHS ignoring the fact that the same party you lambast were responsible for every social service that is now being decimated, and none of those could have happened without Britain being united.


    AT- rant- lol cannae recall last time posted bout nhs,but you keep pursuing your ‘othering’ and yup i do know the union you so admire has cut continually.



    C, – You posted today about the NHS, AN TEARMANN on 12TH MARCH 2023 7:45 PM which is why I included it. I’m sure all the “othering” is coming from you.



    Your missing the point C,the nhs is being decimated by whichever unionists are in.The rollback of capital going on since Denis Healey introduced monetarism in 1976,oops he was lab too,those sociialists really do go full schizo in power.The ending of post war keynesian concencus it was known of it Economic terms



    “C”, – Agreed it has been destroyed by both, but I’m not missing any point am I? Yours was not the point, was it? The point I made was, without the Labour party the NHS would never have happened. So maybe look in the mirror on “missing the point” accusations. Good try though :)


    So which unionists are you referring to this time, the nurses unions, health care workers unions, miners union, boilermakers union, teacher unions, the European union, the soviet union, Irish union, all unionists but are they all bad? Who owns the word AT?



    All Britain United does is increase debt.


    Borrowing on future generations,you can keep that boast til they stop cussin you



    “C”, – Not sure of the relevance, irrespective of whether a government is left, “the left”, right, indifferent or independent they are all forced to increase debt in the west, there is no of government that can do otherwise in the west, the banking cabal have made sure of that. Good governments are supposed to try and invest in projects that will improve their populations lives but there are not many of those around, especially not in the west they prefer to fill the pockets of banksters and arms dealers.


    Didn’t the SNP buy two ferries that are costing more than the Scottish parliament and still not been in the water. An Aluminium smelt in Invergordon that’s costing billions and will never smelt aluminium.



    C-If I remember right, you even had a problem with Corbyn who IMO was the last vestige of a socialist Labour party, and was anti-war and anti-colonialism.


    At-i think you remember incorrectly C.i had no problem with Jeremy lets apply sphincter there.i agree wi you re Jc



    “C”, – Pretty sure you had a few pops at him, including his so called “anti-semitism”. Though I will keep an open mind and happy to be corrected.



    On this blog it was Galloway fluff JHB who labelled jez ‘a commie’ you missed that am sure,that was before the racist would not decry those impeding rescue services like the rnli



    “C”, – Sorry, I don’t follow the JHB reference? Though yours appears to be a cheap pop based on something you attribute to inaction, reasons for which you have no idea but as usual you appear happy to apply your interpretation as a FACT.


    My understanding of Galloways view is that he has no problem with Asylum seekers escaping war but has a problem with economic migrants, apparently especially Albanians who have not had a war for 85 years, and even then they supported Hitler. His advice is there is a disproportionate number of Albanians among the “asylum seekers”. I’m going to take his intelligence sources rather than yours if you don’t mind.


    He is quite clear though, if the UK accept migrants, then they should be restricted to countries the UK have colonised and started wars in, I personally think that’s fair. Unsympathetic and unpopular as it may sound, people who can pay thousands of pounds to traffickers for transit are usually not desperate asylum seekers. The main problem is the failure of tory’s to process people coming in quickly enough, I’ve no doubt this “labour party” would be as bad.



    C-It’s easy to find problems everywhere with anyone, what I note is you have provided no solutions or suggestions for improvement beyond breaking up a union,


    AT- its easy because there are.regardless if you are prounion like or want to cede from that corruption.Its down to the vote and what people vote for,like 2014.we doesnt stop me looking to break with your union as soon as democracy says its ok



    “C”, – So nothing then, no ideas beyond destruction. For someone with so many opinions on so many subject and how many of the problems in those different subjects always come back to the same source, with only one solution, destroy the union, sounds a bit Thatcherite, nothing about what happens after, let democracy decide is that it? and when you don’t like what democracy decides as you often don’t, a little more destruction should be about right eh?



    C-in the English/Scottish case, it was voluntary to let the failed attempt at Scottish colonialization and cover the debt incurred for that attempt.


    AT-it was a little more complex than the Darien scandal but i see where your goin,and democracy did not play a part in it at all



    “C”, – Actually it was not much more complicated than that, the elites of the day failed miserably in their attempts to emulate their English counterparts and begged them for hand outs to cover their debt, nothing has change.



    As an ayrshie mason wrote they were bought and sold for english gold


    “C”, – Aye, and the democracy of the day prevailed, the people with a vote elected to sell.



    C-So for clarity can you tell me what you actually stand for rather than what you don’t like?


    At – does that matter to you? You will follow your good little unionist ‘othering’ protocols to box and stereotype cant help yourself.



    “C”, – So that’s a no then, FYI it does actually matter to me, I am genuinely interested in how you see the future if what you hope for comes to pass, just to demonstrate that you actually look beyond your rhetoric, what is your bright horizon? I seriously hope you actually stand for anything beyond the destruction of a union?


    Your easy, lazy option of dismissing interest, as some underhand strategy to entrap you, is only a defence mechanism is to project your own motives. I and I’m sure many others here would like to know, what is your vision of the future? What happens when the union is broken?




    I must be them,that,the



    “C”, – Nobody said you must be anything, so far, its only you who applies that rule, according to you I cannot be an Irish unionist who believes in an united Ireland if I believe Scotland and England remaining united is not all bad, that’s all you.


    In actual fact, I don’t care one way or the other, I just don’t see what benefit it would bring to Scotland, especially if the plan is to simply cede sovereignty to the European Commission.



    I am a first generation Scottish Catholic who want to cede from your union,who is here to post of Celtic.hope your well.



    “C”, – I am first generation on my mother’s side and a descendent of the An Gorta Mór on my father’s side. I was born and raised in Britain and everything I have, except my rebellious nature, is the result of the blood and fight of the British workers union movement and their demands for a better life for the working man, I do not believe anyone on here born in the UK should deny that, though I expect there’s plenty who would and do contest it.

  11. Foster , Thompson , Lewis ,hendry , did that other woman play for sevco too . Impartial BBC . HI time it was getting called out .

  12. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on



    :oD))) as luck would have it, right on cue :oD))))

  13. Leanne Crighton plays for Motherwell , she was at Celtic some years ago as well as a number of other clubs.


    Will be amazed if we don’t get sevco in the semi

  14. !!Bada Bing!! on

    markiebhoy on 13th March 2023 8:49 pm



    Colin Hendry to make the draw. Can they not find anyone else?



    Ano mate,loads of other huns were available…..

  15. Prestonpans bhoys on

    MNCELT on 13TH MARCH 2023 8:50 PM



    We’ll get the shitey 5:30 Saturday kickoff as usual😡

  16. Melbourne Mick on

    Hello again all you young rebels.



    Another beautiful sunny day here as we head towards Paddy’s weekend.


    Starts on Friday and finishes when I finally get home from rebel town.


    Our massive tricolour is up on the building already I believe, haven’t read


    back yet so don’t know if my young techie ghuy has posted a pic.


    Thank you to those who responded about their best prospect they thought


    would make the grade.


    Obviously King Kenny, Big George, Danny, Davy Hay all made the transition,


    So disappointing for players who couldn’t quite make it, like Brian Mcglaughlan


    a wonderful talent, ended by a thug, Joe Gorman, the classy Vic Davison.


    But my pick who I raved about was a player that even big Jock thought could


    be better than Jinky.. what ? Jinky my favourite ever player.


    I give you Tony McBride, who was described as a Jinky with more power and


    more direct, I suppose a kind of turbo Jinky.


    Again unfortunately the bhoy had troubles and what a loss for the Celtic




    H H. Mick

  17. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on



    I put us with Denmark and Greece


    As you say if the rotten mob can do it, it only bodes well.

  18. Tony McBride was one of 3 from my secondary who were signed by Celtic straight from school (James McCarthy is the 4th but he took a roundabout route). Tony also attended my primary school and is universally acknowledged as our best player.



    The other 2 St. Maggie players were Frank Welsh (a better prospect than Roddie McDonald but ended up having a treatment table named after him as they could not identify a groin issue he had) and wee Calvin Miller- rated best prospect in the world at 15 and last heard of playing for Morton after spells at Chesterfield and Harrogate.

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