Neilson gifted Celtic a cause


“Decapitated” was the word Hearts manager Robbie Neilson suggested would be necessary for a Celtic red card after a challenge by Alexandro Bernabei on Wednesday night.  Why he thought it was necessary, or helpful, to add invective language to the ether ahead of Saturday’s Scottish Cup quarterfinal is a puzzle.

Whatever his desired outcome, he has reason to ponder before giving Celtic players a cause to rally against again.  The game was clearly a no-contest before Aaron Mooy converted Jota’s cross inside two minutes at Tynecastle.  Hearts were lucky to escape with just the three-goal deficit.

You can train players all week, but send them into their 42nd game of the season and getting absolute sharpness from the same voice can be a challenge.  Footballers are not machines, they can only climb the mountain so many times before it feels like another hill walk.

When Neilson picked on a young player, still settling in Scotland, it gave his team-mates a cause célèbre.  Ange Postecoglou had an opportunity to proverbially pin the Hearts manager’s words to the dressing-room wall.  It was a rookie mistake from an experienced manager.

You and I have seen Inverness, Falkirk and Newco take us out at the semi-final stage of the Scottish Cup.  Maybe we should shout for Ayr United tonight?

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  1. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on

    If we can maintain this form the run in will be great fun.

  2. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on

    Still think fringe players need time on the park though.


    While Ange changes attacking players, I think maybe he should reserve one place for defensive players.



    Aw naw…boring Cheltenham boo.





    Btw, where’s BSR?




    Heres a Cheltenham TIP for YOU….





    When it comes to parting with Money…


    Maybe YOU are TIGHTER than a MIDGES GARTER ?

  4. With the POSSIBILITY of a Celtic V ICT Final, the Media will, no doubt, be reminding us of the famous Headline.I always believed it was plagiarised as I was sure I had seen a headline in the London evening Standard or News of a similar ilk.



    I have now read this on a Twitter account:



    ” ICT wasn`t the original. First coined by the Liverpool Echo when Ian Callaghan had a brilliant game against QPR in 70.` Super Cally goes ballistic, QPR atrocious.` The S*n copied it and claimed as their own”



    I thought it was ` Super Cally quite fantastic` but that`s not important. The fact that it was against Celtic is, IMO, the reason why the ICT connection is the one everyone knows.


    If I am correct, has the real originator of the headline never made his case?

  5. “THEBHOYFROMU.N.C.L.E on 14TH MARCH 2023 7:59 AM


    So its the huns then……could have been worse.”



    I loved that ! Excellent :-))

  6. Tom McLaughlin on



    More chance of a Madhun refereeing type performance in a semi final than a final.


    Would that be the same Madhun who awarded Celtic 2 penalties v Rangers in a SC semi-final?




    Do you believe that, overall, the referees in Scotland



    a) Favour Rangers in their decision making;


    b) Favour Celtic`s opponents;


    c) Favour no team?

  8. HS



    Celtic made the final of Only Connect last night.



    The clues were all about humorous newpaper headllines.



    Clue 4 was Celtic 1 Inverness 3 at Celtic Park.

  9. Stolen from the internet



    The BBC has finished its enquiry into the Lineker affair



    Penalty to Rangers*

  10. TOM


    I would be delighted with two penalties, what I’ve seen this year would make that unlikely.



    I was only referring to the last semi final as have others, my main point is that in general finals seemed to be more fairly officiated, Bobby Davidson aside. I go into every game hoping for fairness from the officials.



    I don’t believe they are all corrupt, more a mixture of poor and conflicted. The stats in the last few years are astonishing when it comes to penalties. Having said that they don’t get that many against us , but those 50-50 decisions , that’s another story.

  11. HJ


    Yes, I saw that and it was at least a partial reason for my post.



    I think some might think me obsessed but I have e-mailed The Liverpool Echo on the matter!


    Bike time.


    Cheerio for now.

  12. Big Jimmy



    Next time you are in the Shipbank, ask the landlady what she thought of the jukebox choices of 2 late morning drinkers on Monday😎

  13. Tom McLaughlin on






    Do you believe that, overall, the referees in Scotland


    a) Favour Rangers in their decision making


    b) Favour Celtic`s opponents


    c) Favour no team



    a) YES



    b) YES



    c) See above

  14. Tom McLaughlin on




    Good points and can’t argue with any of that except to add that in last season’s semi-final, the Celtic players allowed themselves to be bullied all over the park, aided and abetted by a compliant referee. How we could have done with a Lenny or a Broony in our ranks that day.

  15. Refs



    Look at the media’s reaction to Celtic being denied a stonewall penalty and Celtic’s opponents being denied a penalty. If you were a ref you know if you seem to give Celtic a favourable decision it will be examined in minute detail and the opposite for a decision that favours Celtic ‘s opposition

  16. BURNLEY78 on 13TH MARCH 2023 10:17 PM


    So they have 4 games plus Celtic pre split.







    Assuming we beat them at CP and the drop points in one other game then we are set for a league win on coronation weekend.







    I see Jimmy mentioned a CORONATION CUP.



    There should have been a one off tournament between 8 teams from these British islands and the North of Ireland to celebrate the occasion.



    Give us the chance to win another treble of Coronation Cups.

  17. BRRB



    Quite possibly – more down to my singing.



    Nice pub, looks smaller from the outside

  18. I am maybe in a minority of one on this but …………



    I enjoyed the pundit-less programming of the weekend.


    Extended highlights of our game without the tortured mental gymnastics eee beee teeee ers from the studio.



    No McCann, Thompson or Lee Anne with all their trendy whie based trainers and skiny jeans.



    I would keep this format.

  19. Tom



    Fortunately this Celtic team seem more robust than last year. Still six or seven weeks till the semi final , already hoping that CCV , Mooy and a few others stay fit.

  20. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on

    I seen a phrase recently that suits exactly what we have all experienced during MSM commentaries,


    “don’t believe your lying eyes” how many times have we watched an incident that was explained away as if either nothing happened or the opposite of what was in full view.

  21. aye another six weeks of “the build up” to “the next old firm semi final” and the media hype bluster and made up site that the MSM do.



    meanwhile ange and the bhoys will take it one game and a time, as the boss says improving all the while , with his methods bringing peak performances at the final furlongs.



    he is special you know.

  22. Hope Oh, Iwata and Kobayashi get plenty of game time between now and semi final. More competition for places keeps everyone fired up.

  23. SAINT STIVS on 14TH MARCH 2023 11:38 AM


    I am maybe in a minority of one on this but …………



    I enjoyed the pundit-less programming of the weekend.



    Extended highlights of our game without the tortured mental gymnastics eee beee teeee ers from the studio.



    No McCann, Thompson or Lee Anne with all their trendy whie based trainers and skiny jeans.




    trendy whie based trainers and skiny jeans… and the five o’clock feet (as my mammy used to say) stance, that most of these wallopers adopt. Full of their own self importance, these dickheads.

  24. Canamalar




    Re merlyn rees and the start of the ulsterization process in 1976 as an example of a fascist act.


    Done so by the party who founded the nhs.



    It was obvious your c&p answer earlier you were you did not know that.


    Demonstrable obfuscation- you calling yourself an irish unionist due to your support of united ireland yet if you were resident here you would vote for the labour unionist party.



    Re iraqi murderbombing


    Carried out by the labour and unionist party


    same party that founded the nhs


    Dissent all we wish.meant nowt.the newfascists in charge ignored.The death cult that is the westminster union did it anyway.the dissent should be interesting for future historians,bit like queen vicky sending a £ or 2 to famine relief while her gov watched people die of greenmouth.


    Demonstrable obfuscation again.lets keep the act of war by Tony,leader aff of the party who founded the nhs, deflect to eu but i am giving you 3 examples of fascist acts carried out by the party who founded the nhs.



    Yeh deflect to eu and ignore the party who founded the nhs bombing tthe shoit out of iraq


    As i said earlier i dont gaf bout the excusary


    The bombing,by the leader of the party who founded the nhs means they rot in hell and my prayers are for the displaced and those murdered



    George is bout george is bout get up his arse if yòu wish and send him 50p on you tube.never been interested in his cult.if anything he personifies how individualism(his)is more important than the colĺective socialism.i dare say you will furnish me wi his latest party as he is not in the Labour and unionist party anymore.



    3.Denis Healey and the intro of monetarism


    Opening the gates feral example of a fascist act carried out by the party who founded the nhs



    No demonstable inconsistencies C,fascist acts carried out by the party who founded the nhs.



    Met by your demonstable obfuscation and may i point out your much loved union,is also in step with its friend the US.



    Oh look you get to express your loathing of the snp again due to the fascistic origins of those who founded that party,i am giving you examples of fascism on behalf the party who founded the nhs.


    1.accentuated the unions war in the north


    2.millions of humans died


    3.unknown millions to a death by poverty


    Aye think Britain first not britainunited would be more apt for you on your self identifying journey



    Good luck to your labour and unionist party in the next election.its important to them.they have one mp here.

  25. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on



    You really are a one trick pony, you try and accuse me of obfuscation when it is obviously your only strategy.


    As I said, I used only your logic and made ONE point.


    If people vote SNP then they must have fascist sympathies, that is exactly how your logic is applied.



    Every other item is raised by you and is obfuscation, you cannot accept that your own logic demonstrates your inconsistent understanding of democracy, or that being an Irish Unionist and accepting the 300 year old union between Scotland and England is not mutually exclusive, only your own self-imposed cognitive limitations force you to continue the mental gymnastics to push your blinkered and false narrative.



    Your last response was the poorest yet and its getting tiresome.



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