Never step into a great man’s shoes, Nadir


Remember Henri Camara?  Martin O’Neill paid a significant loan fee to sign him 10 years ago, in the considerable wake of Henrik Larsson.  Henri flopped and soon lost his place in the team but the weight of responsibility thrust upon his frame was considerable.  No one could come close to filling the gap left in the Celtic team.

Nadir Ciftci would do well to consider whose shoes he’s stepping into at Celtic.  Last summer’s striker signings, John Guidetti and Stefan Scepovic could hardly muster a start the second half of the season.  Leigh Griffiths, who arrived 18 months ago, got the striker’s gig most weeks, but Leigh came to Celtic with as illustrious a heritage as Nadir.

Never step into a great man’s shoes, but Nadir’s not doing that.  This is the perfect time for a striker to join Celtic, I hope he has the appetite.

I see the great and the good in the media are flogging lyrical at the prospect of a prodigy arriving from Madrid.  None of this has come from Celtic.  The player may become available at some point but I reckon it remains a hard task convincing Real his immediate future should lie in Glasgow.

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    At Swindon,Foderingham would have been lucky to be on £2k a week.



    Very good keeper though.

  2. bobby murdoch’s curled-up winklepickers



    Even if he is how can they justify that sort of money? Wilson is on a very similar figure.



    I was looking at their squad and with new signings they have i believe just 16 players, I assume the rest to be signed will be on at least that sum of money?



    Who signs this off?





    I doubt they can justify it. I also doubt their ability to pay it for the length of his contract.

  4. garygillespieshamstring on

    Happier to see us sign a player who refused to go elsewhere to get a move here than a guy who only signed for us because his other option pulled the plug on a transfer.



    Also wondering what the sevco overspend is running at now. Haven’t seen any mention of any fees yet. Must have lost the keys to the padlock on the war chest.

  5. The mankies must have saved a lot of potential wage cost by releasing the 11 diddies at the end of the season.




  6. Apologies for the recycling ….






    Club site is showing we have a first team squad of 30.



    GK’s = 2


    DF’s = 11


    MF’s = 13


    FWD’s = 4



    Then you can add NC and the new GK.


    However a number of players seen to be off on loan and the list has not been updated.


    Plus all the forward “stiffs” who have been offloaded at some cost to the balance sheet are gone.



    I think we should be running with first team squad of 24 / 26 including 3 GK’s.


    After that we should have a recognisable development team with names and positions well known. From what I can see we seen to have a thin development team and a number of local projects in the 1st team squad.



    Needs some trimming and a lot of focus.



    Not sure why the first team squad has been allowed to become bloated in this way.


    Projects out on loan might be part of it but there might also be the case that some local youth projects seem to have been promised first team training in order to get them to sign senior contracts.



    Not ready for the 1st team — 12 / 18 months undercooked — so out on loan they go?


    Lots of speculation in all of this but my thoughts are that we are not that well organised both at youth level and also the youth to senior transition.



    Our poor return regarding 1st team regulars out of the youths over the past 10 years suggests we are not doing very well in this regard.

  7. dr ramesh and the love potion on

    Excited about Ciftci. A 2 footed gallus beast of a striker who can produce a bit of individual magic when needed.





    They’ve had constant financial worries for decades,mate. A couple of administrations,winding-up orders,shadowy takeovers.



    Allegations that money has been ‘disappeared’



    They don’t own their own ground,and rely greatly on loans and free transfers.



    (Above obviously refers to Swindon Town,who else could it be?)

  9. garygillespieshamstring on

    Watched the clips. Looks similar in style to Andy Thom but a bit more rugged.


    That would do for me.




    Foderingham will be delighted to put all that behind him. Smooth sailing from now on.

  11. mike in toronto on

    Hope we will see ciftci and griffiths play together. Think they would be a great duo… NC would score a few, and would make a barrow full for LG.

  12. Careful With That Tax, Moonbeams on

    Big nad reminds me of Viduka ..



    Without the issues!



    He will improve and become a Turkish international before the seasons out ..



    What’s not to like ?

  13. bournesouprecipe on

    coolmore mafia @ 11.23



    A prodigious piece of work – thanks for that.



    Hope some of the more delusional posters have a read at your link.

  14. Just read the ET article on Sevco’s lack of scouting system….


    Best bit:



    “They see the infrastructure, the see the stadium, they see the training ground and Rangers have got a lot of things that people want.”



    Aye, right enough. Like their money!

  15. 67Heaven .. CHALLENGING THE LIE ..I am wee Oscar...... Ipox belongs to the creditors on

    prestonpans bhoys



    11:20 on 8 July, 2015



    Hahahaha …brilliant

  16. robert88



    10:55 on 8 July, 2015


    burgas hoops



    Chief chi




    Pretty close to that.



    Translates to .. Farmer.


    Cue jokes and puns but not from me.

  17. ThompsonTwin on

    coolmore mafia


    11:29 on


    8 July, 2015





    CFC financial breakdown





    Clear, informative and concise layout of the Celtic accounts.



    There is no doubt Celtic are well run – we need Champions League participation to grow, and we need to grow to secure Champions League participation – that is the conundrum.



    Some would suggest that we fully use the £22 million available to us from the bank – that would get us ONE marquee signing in transfer fess and wages over four years.



    Do we ‘saddle’ the club with £32 million in debt for one player and the possibility of Champions League qualification – in my opinion once every three years is where we are at.

  18. Thunder Road on

    Just had a glance at someones sun in our staff room.


    Big John Hartson thinks we have done a great piece of business regarding Ciftci…..reckons he is just like he was……heres hoping!

  19. MadMitch



    I agree with you that we should have a first team squad of 24 to 26



    I don’t think the development squad is much use. It’s like purgatory at Celtic. Our best players like VVD, Wanyama, Gordon, Forster, Hooper, Matthews etc have all developed while in the first team.



    We should keep the youth sides as they are. If they are good enough for the first team then put them in the 26. If they aren’t good enough…either loan them, sell them with a buy-back clause or just release them.



    Koki Mizuno, Milan Misun, Teddy Bjarnason and other development signings have been a waste of time.



    We have to make hard decisions and cut people loose. The development team seems to give us an excuse not to make a decision.

  20. celticforever…



    Thanks posting the link.



    I hope nifti Cifti will get the chance to adorn the hoops without being targeted by some of our support and obviously the men in black. HH




    Nifti Cifti?



    I like that.



    Have you put Caesar on a diet yet?!







  22. GuyFawkesaforeverhero on

    This one confuses me.



    The body of the text is conciliatory, although expressing some underwhelming enthusiasm for the new striker. The header is a clear warning.



    My conclusion is that Nadir Ciftci has asked for the number seven jersey when he signs and Paul67 is sending out a back-off message.



    Too paranoid?

  23. Give Ciftci the no 67 or 88 jersey.



    Makes sense tae me and it makes sense tae Mo.




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