New contract for crucial Callum McGregor


Callum McGregor (25) burst into our consciousness as a winger under Ronny Deila but has found his true calling as a deep-lying playmaker this season.  From there he establishes the pace at which Celtic play.

I previously heard Kieran Tierney say he enjoys full back better than the left-mid position he played as a youth, as he can see the game develop more from there.  The same is true of Callum, who is crucial to Celtic’s performances.

The key aspect he has is the ability to send and receive passes drilled to feet with pace.  Success in the modern game is increasingly about how fast a pass you can reliably control or make.   That close, intimate, control, Callum has permits him to play at the very highest level.

I am delighted he has signed a new contract, securing him until 2023.

Having secured the result at halftime, Celtic strolled the second half, no doubt with an eye on conserving energy in this most draining of months.  Injury to Odsonne Edouard was as predictable as it is regretful, but what a performance from Mikey Johnston.  I am sure he will not become a striker, but the lad has talent.  Delighted also for Anthony Ralston, who marked his return to the team with the opening goal.


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  1. KEVJ



    Aye all that money in the bank because every employee at Celtic don’t take a salary.



    An we get the polis our electricity an awe that fur free.



    How lucky are weeeeeeeeeee!



    Hope you are well ya dafty!







    I hope you saw my apology the other day!



    I’m getting grumpier the older I get!



    Take care.

  3. Sinclair has been rightfully praised at Celtic.


    His first season was excellent.


    The present criticism is a combination of poor form and puzzlement at a dramatic loss in form.


    If Ed is out for a while then a change of position could be just what he needs.


    Last night he had one great run in the second half showing his blistering pace.


    Why we see this so frequently is puzzling?


    Nowadays he spends more time facing towards own goal and returns pass to where it came.


    Playing as the lead striker he could bring others into play and his pace could make defenders hesitant to push up and compress space.


    Could be just what we need to add variation to our play.

  4. PB @ 2.49



    Missed the apology.


    And the post you were apologizing for.



    All water under the bridge.

  5. thomthethim for Oscar OK on

    I see Calum Mc.Gregor’s emergence as a quality midfielder similar to Bobby Murdoch blossoming in a similar way.



    Both were average when playing in a more advanced role, but, by dropping back, one became a true legend and the young lad is already an assured deep lying metronome.



    I wonder if any other poster who witnessed Bobby would agree.

  6. Given that we seem to be chasing at least four new players next month.


    Then we really need to clean the squad out and get some focus into our team building efforts.



    Then there is the issue of the U20 / Reserve squad where we have players that are not even names in their own house. Totally shambolic that we do not have an U20 player who is trusted to step up into the first team now that we are having a striker crisis.



    Very poor planning and squad development.

  7. Great to see CalMac great a new contract, terrific young player, cant understand the negativity amongst some surrounding this boy.

  8. I believe the Lying King was supposed to comply with a Takeover Panel Ruling by five pm last Friday. Does anyone know if he did?




  9. Incidentally,after the first game of the season, I told my undee United supporting mate that I believed I had already seen the POTY –Calmac.


    As this was before he was moved back, I wonder if he was just about to bloom anyway but we assumed it was really because of his new role in the team. My view is that it was a combination of both.




  10. Why are we signing a run of the mill US College player when sevco have the bestest in the country on trial for them.

  11. TTT



    I was only 10 so a bit young to properly appreciate but will always remember Bobby’s winner v Leeds in 1970.


    Did he not start the move as well with a quick CalMac type pass out to Jinky on the wing…..



    My Dad & Uncles loved Bobby and always saw him as Big Billy’s deputy as regards leadership….that might be a bit odd with Bertie being more senior in age but that’s the way they saw him.

  12. NCMJC on 20TH DECEMBER 2018 12:15 PM


    Gents / Ladies – Hope you and yours are all well. I’m wondering if anyone can help with some advice on places in London to watch the game on the 29th.






    My son works and lives in London and goes to The Sheephaven Bay pub near Camden Town (hundred yards or so from Mornington Crescent Tube Station). Owner is a Donegal man and there are always lots of Celts in watching live games.

  13. TULLY57


    Bobby Murdoch is one of the greatest players i ever had the privilege to watch.


    His ability to pass a ball was second to none.


    He was also not one to be messed with and few tried.


    Many Middlesborough fans still talk in great reverence of a guy who was with them for a short few seasons.


    A world class genius.

  14. TONTINE TIM @3-22


    Know your place;-)


    They are Simply ra best.


    We are signing a project .


    They are signing starlets having pipped Real,Barcelona,PSG and Alloa to these jewels.

  15. Tully57



    That’s a cracking spot but miles from Wembley, which seemed to be important to the poster…

  16. Madmitch-Regarding the new contract to CMcG — not sure if he is the standard we need to be aiming for.



    Really not sure what you are hoping for,Modric,Hazard? We are playing in Scotland, and one of our Bhoys, who came through our Academy, has developed into one of the best midfielders in Britain….

  17. Big Wavy



    Fair play…..my London geography not great…..my own bhoy is in East London so it’s not on the door step either but with tube only around 30 mins travel…..Wembley probably further right enough.

  18. FAN-A-TIC



    Thanks for that.



    I have met Boro fans as well who still revere Bobby.



    I’m sure he was a bit of a hero to a young Graeme Sounness there as well.

  19. Would like to see Mikey Johnston developed at Celtic rather than another loaning out even although it did Ryan Christie a world of good, Johnston could be used in the SPL, to learn his trade on site.



    Playing him as a main striker like last night has been done before by BR, we’ve plenty wide players, and Johnston proved he’s not an out and out wide man with his brilliantly taken goal.



    Pity the ground was empty for Scott Brown’s lap of honour in completing his 500th game for Celtic, not that Broony will be that bothered, another contract upgrade and extension for Callum Invisible MacGregor strengthens the club, another the big one to come in January when Dedryk Bombscare Boyata puts pen to paper.



    Not impressed by SMSM signing rumours so far, after all we’ve the BetFred Cup in the Trophy Room, gazillions in the bank, and European Football after Christmas.



    No more squad fillers CSC

  20. GuyFawkesaforeverhero on

    After the weekend shambles I felt a bit of trepidation about last night’s game. Glad to say Scott, Oli and Callum were a much better fit from the off. What a relief.



    I’ve seen the reserves play four games this season, most recently the Falkirk cup-tie, with young Tony and Mikey playing each time. Head and shoulders above the rest, Ewan Henderson is the player of the season so far in that squad. I hope he sees a potential future for himself at Celtic from Callum’s progress today to offset the stickiness of his brother’s experience here.



    One of the youngest in an already young squad, he shines despite being clattered, battered and splattered wearing his hoops, in the time honoured Scottish fashion.

  21. thomthethim for Oscar OK on

    Tully 57,



    Bertie was every bit as influential as Bobby in the team.



    However, as well as his undoubted ability, Bobby strode majestically across the park.


    Not the fastest, but he had a ground eating stride.



    We would see him collected the ball in his own half and drive forward. We couls see him lift his head and ping a 50 yard pass, right or left or straight through the middle without breakoing stride.



    These were talents he couldn’t produce, playing as an inside right* , but could and did, as a right half*.



    * positional terms from the halcyon days of my youth.

  22. thomthethim for Oscar OK on

    Apologies for spelling errors worthy of The Grauniad.



    Always get excited talking about Bobby Murdoch.

  23. Compare with Seethen Gerrard’s comments:



    Motherwell manager Stephen Robinson has been given a five-game touchline ban after criticising the officials during his side’s 7-1 defeat by Rangers.



    Robinson accused them of being “conned” by Rangers striker Alfredo Morelos in the November meeting and said fourth official Craig Napier was “a young boy who is out of his depth”.



    Two of the five matches have been suspended until the end of next season.



    Robinson also became embroiled in an exchange with Rangers backroom staff.



    The Northern Irishman also admitted breaching disciplinary rule 203 – committing misconduct – and the sanction was meted out at a Scottish FA disciplinary meeting at Hampden on Thursday.



    He will be banned from the technical area for matches against St Mirren, Kilmarnock and Hamilton Academical.



    6,000 is a pittance to most spl clubs but a fortune to loss making sevco.


    It will go unpaid withe acceptance of authorities.


    If they are forced to pay it that will severely effect Derek Johnstone’s waistline as it will put a large dent in their pie budget rendered for his services.



    Sevco fined only £6000 for disrepute charges!



    How bizarre CSC



    It was all they could get in the whip – round ;-)

  26. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    Fan-a-tic 2:57


    Interesting point re Sinclair.


    Both he and Forrest have been tried out up front on their own and neither really worked out very well. However I think it could work if they were played together as a pair. Would need a bit of a change in formation, maybe a 3-5-2 or a diamond midfield, but I reckon it could work.

  27. Tully57


    Murdoch Auld jinky big billy big tam we could argue all day about who the best all I know we blessed with such a magnificent 11 the Lisbon Lions HH

  28. TTT



    Yep, Bobby’s relative lack of pace as a forward (compared with Bobby/Wispy say) was probably a Godsend since it meant him moving back and ‘seeing’ more of the play and attacking opportunities.






    Never a truer word.



    Look forward to them belting out I’ts a Grand Old Team to Play For at Ibrox then.

  30. mike in toronto on

    At 11:49, Auldheid posted about Res. 12, and had this to say:



    “The SFA have all the information required to come to a conclusion, as have Celtic.



    The SFA had it at 25th June and barely a fortnight later they jumped the CAS ship. Celtic got their copy later that week.



    I reckon they have employed an Actuary to estimate how long the Res12 guys might live and are hoping the grim reaper will rescue them from their cowardice.



    For whatever reason society finds itself governed at all levels by folk who lost their moral compass in search for God knows what, certainly not salvation.”



    As I read that, the ‘their’ in “their cowardice” certainly seems to include Celtic’s Board.



    And hardly a peep said about it on here.

  31. thomthethim for Oscar OK on

    I wonder if the injury situation may lead us to a novel approach.


    We may be forced to play our small lads through the middle.



    If we play our quick passing game, how will our opponents lumbering centre halfs cope with the lack of high balls coming into the box and our quick players running around their ankles?

  32. mad mitch & ron 67



    i know im wasting my time but cant help myself. here goes nothing.



    you 2 are a bit “glass empty ” kind of guys,or wind up merchants, as you would have been called pre PC days. Are there perhaps a couple of brain cells left that could have a light bulb moment that messi, maradonna,pele, all had up and down days at the start of their careers before fulfilling their potential. no?

  33. M.I.T.


    Feel sorry for the Resolution 12 guys who have poured their time and money into a just cause to possibly discover that the Celtic plc are complicit in the lack of justice.


    The unpalatable truth of complicity by our club is something that the support cannot contemplate hence the silence on here.


    I personally try to stick to on field matters so not really sure of whole issue and have never really been involved in that discussion.

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