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Issue 11 of CQN Magazine is our biggest and best yet; 100 pages of smooth as silk, green as grass, content for the Celtic community.  This month we mark the club’s 125th anniversary with a look back at one of our founding fathers.  We have a look at ex-Celts playing in North America, with some spectacular photos, and we have one article from a former club insider on how the media exploited his casual comment.

There’s also a look ahead at our Champions League chances………

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  1. blantyretim


    10:35 on


    2 November, 2012




    cheers, did you get oldtims number last weekend?






    Aye, but couldn’t get an answer. Went to the game…first in a while. Doh!

  2. Craigwhytesoptometrists,



    Dont worry. I took a banned nasel spray early 2000’s.



    You’ll get a retrospective first in due time ;)

  3. Have just found out that I might be able to swing a job in Scotland next week.


    Anyone tell me where the auction place for the Wee Oscar Barcelona ticket is? Just in case.

  4. craigwhitesoptometrist says u have 21/20 vision, is that even possible? on

    Typical, I had to log in first, typed my password wrong 1st time as well, I give up, it’s not worth all this heartache anymore.

  5. Some interesting comments from Alloa chairman Mike Mulraney n the Herald this morning.



    “The armageddon scenario that everyone discussed was always wide of the mark,” Mulraney told Herald Sport. “People said that the economy of football would shrink, and in a way that has happened because I think the SPL are quite significantly affected by this. But what I don’t think people anticipated so much was that the roots of football would be fertilised by the fact Rangers have come down and the money has been spread around.



    “The creation of the SPL goes hand in hand with the failure of our national game,” he added. “The Scotland team have not qualified for anything since it was created, the standard of football has deteriorated and the excitement of Scottish football has deteriorated. One of the most exciting things which has happened in Scottish football for ages is Rangers going on the journey they are on now. Throughout this entire situation the SFL has conducted itself with integrity and balance at all times and in all things and it would be laughable for any of the other two organisations [the SFA and SPL] to be suggesting that they will be imposing anything on anybody.”



    Rangers? Fertiliser? Just too easy …

  6. Steinreignedsupreme on

    Gordon_J backing Neil Lennon 11:08 on 2 November, 2012



    You better watch out or the Sevco intellectuals will call you ‘obsessive’ for pointing out an indisputable fact.



    That is their idea of a witty comeback.

  7. A big Thank You to St.Stivs & Proudbhoy for last night’s tribute to James Maley.


    I am in tears at what he & his comrades bravely contributed to the fight against Fascism.



    Of course they should be honoured.

  8. John “we don’t need the Rangers cup tie money” Yorkston seems to be in trouble according to The Courier:



    “Pars chairman John Yorkston moves to offer cash assurances after boardroom departures



    Dunfermline’s players and staff have been assured that 70% of them will be paid their October wages by Monday and the rest by Tuesday.”

  9. Gordon_J backing Neil Lennon



    11:21 on 2 November, 2012





    ‘Rangers? Fertiliser? Just too easy …’




    That’s what happens when things die. They rot and break down and provide sustenance for what comes after them.

  10. Hi CQNers,


    well, as promised a couple of weeks back, here is my final post regarding, my fund raising run.



    On Monday last, I am delighted to say, I completed the Dublin Marathon in 4 hours 28 minutes! Many thanks to all of you who have so generously donated the funds needed for me to travel to Kenya in January and do my best to help people who face so many challenges in the slums of Kibera. Many of you have asked me to give you the link again so here it is below. You can view my total and, if you haven’t gotten around to doing so, make your donation to the appeal.




    My overall target was just to complete the Marathon, but secretly I was hoping to break the 4 hrs 30 minute barrier. I felt great that I was able to do so and did not let all of you down, as you have so generously donated to the Kibera Celtic charity foundation. I’ll just give you a brief rundown on how it all went on the day.



    I actually slept very well on Sunday night and got up at 6 am Monday morning, which was a Bank Holiday here in Ireland. I had a bowl of porridge and a banana for breakfast and did a few stretches to wake myself up. I made sure I drank a half litre of an isotonic sports drink and some water. I was able to drive in a park the car at work, which is only a short walk to the start in the City Centre. I was on Wave 3 at the start just after 8 am.



    There was a great festival atmosphere, complete with a brass band. The weather was overcast, cool, but most importantly dry, and with hardly a breeze at all. The starting gun for our wave went off at 9.20 am and I was off and running with over 14,000 other people. Its a great feeling running through those first few miles of Dublin city centre, as you get a completely different view of the place. The support of the spectators, even at this time of the morning, was fantastic! The pavements were 3 and 4 deep with well wishers and it gave us all a boost over the first few miles and as we really started getting into it.



    My strategy was to stay running in and around the official pacers. These were guys who were running with large pendants and backpacks showing various times for which they were going to finish the race. So for instance, if you wished to try and complete in 3 hours, there were guys running with these flags at exactly that pace.I positioned myself about 100 metres ahead of the guys running with the 4 hrs 30 mins signs and always made sure I stayed in and around them as they would be going at a pace I knew I would be comfortable with.



    We headed up O’Connell St and onto to the North Circular Road and made our way into the Phoenix Park. I was on familiar ground here, as I lived only a short distance away and had done virtually all my training within the Park environs. As we headed out of the Park we crossed the Liffey into the Southside of the City and into Inchicore. All along the route well wishers applauded us and roared their encouragement which really helps to drive you on. As we ran past Kilmainham jail I blessed myself in honour of the brave men who died within those walls in 1916 and took a moment to say a wee prayer. It was onwards then to Rialto.



    The miles were flying by at this stage and I had to be careful not to go too fast too soon as all the advice given by the veterans was that most people who do not finish the marathon make the mistake of going too fast in the first few miles of the race. Another piece of advice given to me was to make sure I took liquids on board at every water station, which I made sure I also did. By the time I was through Crumlin and at the 13 mile point in Walkinstown I was halfway around and felt myself a little fatigued but not too bad. I was running right with the 4 hr 30 mins pacers at this stage and at times it was an effort to keep up, but keep up I did.



    At around the 19/20 mile mark out by UCD I felt very strong. As we went up the last steep climb of the race at the 21 miles mark, known as “Heartbreak Hill”, I knew in my head then that, not only was I going to complete the marathon, but I was going to do it within the time I had set for myself. I took off up at the hill like a man possessed as I felt the energy flow through me. I must have passed 60 or 70 people on the way up the hill! That feeling will always stay with me as I knew I was not going to let myself or any of you down. At this stage I was well ahead of the 4 hr 30 min pacers.



    Then it was the long run down the Stillorgan Dual Carriageway which is very flat and long and a bit boring really. I felt I slowed up a bit at this point a bit as it was easy to lose concentration. There are no supporters cheering you on and the field is well broken up, and,at times, you are running alone with nothing but your thoughts for company. My thoughts, by the way, were mainly of a pint of Guinness at the finish! Soon though, we were down past the RDS and heading for the City Centre with the crowds again gathering the further we went and the noise and support reaching a crescendo. Finally it was into Fenian St and the home straight! Enormous crowds on both sides of the roads were cheering us on as we went around by Trinity College and boy did I need their enthusiasm as I was starting to feel quite tired. Finally I was over the line at Merrion Row and somebody was putting a medal around my very sweaty neck :-)



    I didn’t feel any great emotion apart from one of deep satisfaction that I had completed something I had set out to do in June.The job was done but the foundations had been laid on the many days and nights up running in the dark in the Phoenix Park or around the streets of Cabra. On that note, many thanks to my wife of only a few short months, Jenny, who has supported me all the way through the training and without whose help I’d never have made it to the start line. Directly after the race, the two of us made for The Gingerman pub and had quite a few celebratory drinks to mark the occasion. I think the first pint of Guinness I had after the race, was one of the nicest ever!! Also, to prove that I did actually do the Marathon, please find some photos at the link below :






    All the best. When I get back from Kenya in January, I will send on some photos and let you know of my experiences volunteering in Kibera.



    Hail! Hail!



  11. Gordon _J…



    Rangers? Fertiliser?



    Yes indeed!



    Muck, s***e, manure, …



    Unpleasant odours…




  12. Can’t wait for the next few weeks.Tannadice then Barcelona, St Johnstone and then up here for Pittodrie. Good times to follow the bhoys. Oh I love a bit of armageddon.



    El Mad.

  13. blantyretim


    11:04 on


    2 November, 2012




    he deleted them in error, you will need to re send him a message…



    ya jinx….






    you may have a point :-)

  14. Another result for the GB against Strathclydes Finest. Why did they go all the way to Inverness? Inverness not got a police force…



    JUST a week after a Rangers fan was jailed


    for shouting sectarian abuse at a Caley


    Thistle match in Inverness, a Celtic fan has


    had a charge that he broke the peace by


    chanting support for the IRA at the same


    stadium found not proven.


    Twenty year-old Keiran Docherty from


    Greenock was at the ICT v Celtic match on


    February 4.


    At his trial at Inverness Sheriff Court it was


    alleged he chanted support for the IRA at


    the end of the song known as the Celtic




    Two Strathclyde Police officers told Sheriff


    John Halley the last line of the football chant


    is often changed by fans from “Oo ah up the


    Celts” to “Oo Ah up the Ra,” – Ra being a


    reference to the terrorist organisation the




    But Docherty of Kincaird Court claimed he


    was singing another version of the final line


    “Oo ah Samaras”- a reference to Celtic


    striker Georgios Samaras.


    He had pleaded not guilty to an allegation


    that he conducted himself in a disorderly


    manner at the Tulloch Caledonian Stadium ,


    chanting support for the IRA and committing


    a breach of the peace.


    Sergeant Eleanor Murdoch (46) and Sgt Ian


    Spence (41) who were working with the


    football coordination unit of the force at the


    time said they saw Docherty among the


    Celtic crowd.


    Both officers were wearing cameras on their




    Sgt Murdoch said Docherty was among a


    group singing ‘up the Ra’. Although she


    couldn’t make out his voice she said ‘his


    mouth actions corresponded with the




    Asked by the sheriff if she had any skills in


    lip reading she said she had not.


    Asked if anyone had reacted or been


    alarmed by the song she replied: “No”.


    She said however she was offended by the


    words because the IRA had killed thousands


    of Protestants and Catholics and she had


    friends whose family members had been


    killed by the IRA.


    Because of the number of arrests that were


    being made the words were being sung less.


    A DVD of footage showing Docherty in the


    crowd singing the anthem was played in




    Another officer Sgt Ian Spence said they


    were six metres away from Docherty and he


    said he heard his voice.


    The sheriff said there were a lot of people


    singing other words and he asked the


    Sergeant how he could be sure Docherty


    was singing ‘Oo ah up the Ra’.


    “I was standing fairly close and could hear


    what was being sung,” he replied.


    Docherty said he had gone to the match with


    two friends and the father of one of his


    friends. He agreed he was singing with the


    crowd but used the word Samaras and not


    the words alleged by the prosecution.


    Defence solicitor Pauline Chapman in her


    final submissions said what they had was a


    boy singing with a crowd in unison enjoying


    the match causing no disturbance and no




    Sheriff Halley said it was a serious matter at


    the forefront of public conscience and




    “But I am left in a reasonable doubt


    whether the accused was chanting these


    particular chants in a crowd of thousands.”


    He said he was unable to accept the


    evidence of Sgt Murdoch “in some respects”


    and the evidence of Sgt Spence was




    He found the charge not proven.

  15. Steinreignedsupreme on

    ASonOfDan 11:33 on 2 November, 2012



    Two more Strathclyde Polis shown up for what they are.

  16. ASonOfDan



    11:33 on 2 November, 2012



    Plod is taking its lead from the authoritarian and intolerant SNP government.



    And is being about as successful.

  17. Marti Sandino



    11:29 on 2 November, 2012



    Well done and enjoy Kenya…. My oldest will be with you

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