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There’s also a look ahead at our Champions League chances………

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  1. I'm Neil Lennon (tamrabam) on

    Unfortunately strathclydes other boys in blue have not really covered themselves in Glory in the recent years


    Their own role in the 3-0 shame game fiasco was poor


    Their own role in the special law following the shame game fiasco was poor


    Their inability to stop Sectarian parades through the streets of Glasgow is poor


    Their constant failure to realise that “one is not as bad as the other” holds them from finding a root cause and taking a corrective measures


    A lot of investment in a lot of infrastructure with increasingly poor results, by increasingly politicised chief officers

  2. While I am on record here of being utterly against our support chanting for the IRA, I wish to register my utter disgust with the attempts of our police force to denigrate us. I wonder if those 2 polis have ever arrested any of the hordes who pollute Glasgow and the rest of Scotland with their racist and sectarian bile. (Would I be going too far in surmising that they might even have joined in on occasion, while off duty, of course.)

  3. saltires en sevilla on

    4 tickets Stone Roses Primal Scream Jake Bugg



    Major brownie points – after Wembley 2013

  4. Steinreignedsupreme on

    ernie lynch 11:42 on 2 November, 2012





    “Plod is taking its lead from the authoritarian and intolerant SNP government.



    “And is being about as successful.”



    I think you’ll find pettiness and vindictiveness are prerequisites for joining ‘the force’



    Strathclyde Polis had an agenda against Celtic fans when the SNP were only dreaming about having any kind of authority.

  5. Steinreignedsupreme



    11:53 on 2 November, 2012





    ‘Strathclyde Polis had an agenda against Celtic fans when the SNP were only dreaming about having any kind of authority.’




    And now the SNP have given them more powers to do what they want.



    Plod has always had an agenda, but it wasn’t always the same agenda as the Government.

  6. that awkward (priceless) moment when you ask someone you’ve just met what football team they support and thy say rangers

  7. Gordon J, didn’t the same thing happen in this seasons league cup?



    When the SPL teams entered the LC the top 8 finishers in last season SPL were to be seeded. Rangers were not seeded and pulled out Motherwell.




  8. Chaps:


    2 strands here.


    Can someone please point me in the direction of a cogent statement or post (preferably monosyllabic) to educate an acquaintance on exactly why TRFC are a new club.


    Secondly, and please take it from me. All police are not like that………!!

  9. Hedhehogs 1 – 0 manatee



    Re Bon Jovi, left SWMBO in charge of getting the tickets for Hampden. Text arrives this morning informing me that she has successfully booked VIP tickets and that our birthday and Christmas pressies for next year have been taken care of. What about my new golf clubs? Eh? Mmmm? Bah humbug!




  10. Dont you wonder how much money its costing with all these failed


    cases against the GB and Celtic support,suppose its a nice day out for the officers concerned,not as if there is much crime to be dealing with

  11. Look, we’ve had enough trouble between the manatees and hedgehogs without you mentioning crayfish and grey squirrels now.

  12. Dontbrattbakkinanger on

    Lardo -read excellent CQNers Gordon Js bhlog on the Scottish Cup, Livi and the Zombies.



    Sums it up in a hazel -sized nutshell.

  13. Let’s see what you could’ve won………..



    “@OFFICIAL_SFL: The Ramsdens Cup Final (QOS v Partick Th.) will take place at The Braidwood Motor Company Stadium, Livingston on Sunday 7th April, ko 4.05pm”



    The high life.

  14. Dontbrattbakkinanger on

    At least the manatees are stayin ‘ their side of the ole storm tossed pond.



    Unless they’ve developed stealth technology.



    Anyways, Autumnwatch feat. Michaela. vs Springwatch feat. Kate.



    Beaver footage notwithstandin’, I prefer Kate.

  15. DBBIA


    Just did. Thanks fella. Gordon is on the ball as ever.


    The lag is all the bu’ s bu’ LNS said wur stull ra club, bu’ hmrc said wur stull ra club etc etc. It’s like entering a discussion with a hydra.


    Anyhoo Civil Wars tonight at O2 supported by The Lumineers. Rootsie.



  16. Until I read PMGB’s book I never really understood the background of the Billy Boys song.


    Having read what he wrote and given the behaviour of the Sevconians, it all makes perfect sense.


    They are a bunch of bullying thugs who glorify another bunch of bullying thugs.


    They are also staggeringly stupid, so blinded by their hatred of Irish Catholics that despite year after year of warning after warning, they refuse to believe the truth because it comes from Irish Catholics.



    Aren’t there even a few of them who question why every assurance issued from their clubs custodians and the unquestioning disciples in the MSM have been shown to be utter nonsense. Time after time, after time, this has happened yet they still swallow swallow.



    Stunningly stupid huns.

  17. I was under the impression that Inverness came under the jurisdiction of the Northern Constabulary, and not Strathclyde Police.



    I am well aware, however, that wherever Celtic supporters go to support the team in the far-flung corners of Scotland they are follow followed by a contingent of Strathclyde’s finest (sic)! These officers are all experts in lip-reading, have 20/20 vision (even the ones who wear glasses) and have acute hearing at a hundred paces!







  18. pedrocaravanachio67 on

    Dontbrattbakkinanger @ 12.15



    Michaela in her “hit man and her” days



    Kate now.

  19. Ernie



    Interesting that the polis witness’s evidence was considered ” unreliable ” , yet only a finding of NP



    Always a welcome verdict but …why not NG



    BTW …correct re the polis attitude at the moment …they seem to be wasting vast sums of money chasing green & white rainbows

  20. Thanks Stein.


    Tallybhoy, All Scottish Police have equal powers throughout the country. Under the same laws, regulations and procedures.

  21. is it possible that lardo66 wears blue in public, and, that he may even be…one of the undead :-0




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