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There’s also a look ahead at our Champions League chances………

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  1. Neil canamalar Lennon hunskelper extrordinaire on

    So, while journalists and football officials are being threatened by huns, the best the pigs can do is harass Celtic supporters, funny old game oppression innit

  2. ASonOfDan:



    From earlier: The Producers…



    I wasn’t sure what you meant by that so I looked it up and yes – it was most germane.



    There is a Glasgow vernacular too… “You really couldn’t make it up”….



    But they do; and the courts and authorities do as much, if not more, too; and they all get to play again tomorrow.



    They, the huns, are undermining anything, and all, that is good in Scotland with the authorities and press no less than subtle, accommodating and flattering supporting orchestra.



    Bottom line – honestly – accountability, justice, morals, decency, dignity – they are all attributes that have fled Scotland.



    The Producers…



    I wasn’t sure what you meant by that so I looked it up and yes – it was most germane.



    There is a Glasgow vernacular too… “You really couldn’t make it up”….



    But they do and the courts and authorities do too.



    They are undermining anything, and all, that is good in Scotland and all the authorities and press are a less than subtle supporting orchesta.

  3. Neil canamalar Lennon hunskelper extrordinaire on



    is that the power to make things up and take action based on that

  4. The Battered Bunnet on

    Lunchtime conundrum



    November. Movember. Mo Bros across the country raising funds for Testicular and Prostate Cancer.



    Decided to grow a tash and try to raise some cash. Nothing out of order there.



    Regular readers will doubtless recall the pavlovian correlation in my life between shaving and achem… marital intimacy.



    In a nutshell: The Shabby Chapeau disnae like moustaches.



    Disnae like in a “that’ll be you going without then..” kinda way.



    The resulting quandary can be solved in one of three ways as I see it:



    1) Press on regardless, making a personal sacrifice for the benefit of all



    2) Scrap the idea, shave the coupon, and sponsor some other ‘Mo Bro’



    3) Challenge the Shabby Chapeau to raise more cash than me. If she gets enough donations, the whiskers come off with the scants.




  5. Just heard on the news that 400 million flowers were sold here in Italy over the last few days in the run-up to all souls’ day today – could this be a world record?!



    Still 100 million shy of the global worldwide hun support ‘tho!




  6. Neil,


    Dunno, wisnae there.


    I conduct myself professionally in accordance with my upbringing, family ethos, and the tenets of my faith and accordingly sleep well at night!!


    30 months to go.


    I posted here on several occasions about my experiences in child protection (7ys) and how qualified it made me to utterly condemn them and that chant.


    I have also assisted with the families of nearly fifty people taken by violence on home and foreign lands.


    I know we’re never going to be popular with all, absolutely, but I try to reach out and join dots.

  7. Gordon J


    At last – the “West Lothian” question finally explained with clarity.



  8. yeah, lost a bit of faith in PB this morning when he placed sugar ray leonard ahead of marvin hagler…clearly not of sound mind just now (understandable given the heady times).


    in fairness, the fact you come across as balanced counts in your favour, however, to start a comment with “Chaps: 2 strands here”, does count against you somewhat ;-)




  9. Dontbrattbakkinanger on

    TBB- go with the mo.



    The Peter Wyngarde look is not an easy one to pull off successfully, but you can do it!



    I’ll gladly send you a contribution.

  10. petec – philvis smilvis



    How did you know my last name? (thumbsup)



    Gordon_J backing Neil Lennon – Aye, but “Rangers the club” is separate from “Rangers the club”.



    Rangers then, Rangers now, Rangers forever!*



    *Unless you’re a creditor or shareholder of Rangers, in which case Rangers no longer exists. (thumbsup)

  11. Neil canamalar Lennon hunskelper extrordinaire on



    and I’m sure there is not a single polis in the country who would say any different, they are all pillars of society, even when they are caught red handed lying.


    Why dont polis get done for perjury when they are shown to be lying in the dock.


    The judge made it quite clear neither of the accusers could possibly have been sure about the guilt yet both colluded to victimise an individual.

  12. MWD and iki – cheers fellas. Brilliant total already – might be out of my league.


    Fantastic effort that though, really fantastic.

  13. jeans and t-shirts myself.


    for acceptance you should consider changing your name to lardonearly67 btw.




  14. He said he was unable to accept the


    evidence of Sgt Murdoch “in some respects”


    and the evidence of Sgt Spence was





    Judges are well aware that the police are habitual liars. (thumbsup)

  15. Well done young Kieran, a great young Celt from a great Celtic supporting family from El Puerto de Glasgow.


    Time to stop the Ra add ons, do not give them a chance to Jail any of our fans. Sing, support Celtic and laugh loudly at the zombies. They do not like it up them.



    Ooh Ahh Samaras…




  16. Gene’s a Bhoys name – Liked how Sgt Murdoch – whom I imagine to be a wrinkly-mouthed, hard-faced boot – decided that she was “offended” and would therefore arrest a man for singing a song, even though she admitted it caused no reaction or alarm from the people around him.



    Maybe we need to employ less thin-skinned police.



    Maybe the fact that they can afford to waste time and money pursuing trumped-up charges against Celtic supporters means we have too many police officers.



    Sack em. (thumbsup)

  17. philvisreturns on

    Gordon_J backing Neil Lennon – You could also have used “Night of the Livi Dead” (thumbsup)

  18. Lardo66



    You are a breath of fresh air, my old Dad and his side of the family were all in the PF, and better tims you could not get btw.

  19. Anyone been watchin Chicago Fire (new American Series on Living).



    Anyway, second episode had a scene based in an Irish Bar were 2 female paramedics from the Chicago Fire Service attended to a man beaten up in the Irish bar. The guy was wearing a Union Jack cape and was sing Rule Brittania and God Save The Queen.



    The scene continued with the female paramedics taking the Union Brit to the Ambulance were he was singing songs about the Black & Tan’s before he then went onto touch up one of paramedics before nodding off in the Ambulance. paramedics retalieated by making up his face with makeup on route to hospital were he arrived with a full face of the stuff to the hilarity of the medical staff at teh hospital.



    Seemed a strange scene to drop into what in the main was a show about the hicago fire services.




  20. Not yet heard of an official response from the Celtic hierarchy to the recent GB statement.



    Should we expect one soon?




  21. Neil,


    I can’t answer that but plenty do get done for various things.


    I don’t lie, not for the job or any individual.


    Clear conscience cfc!




    CAnnae help my year of birth!!


    Got dropped in the bath on a certain day in the May of 67! For one good reason!!

  22. Tallybhoy



    Are you expecting the board to issue a statement in support if the GB




    I think we’ ll have a long wait for that

  23. Tallybhoy



    Neil Lennon via his official twitter account thanked the GB personally for their support on Tuesday night.



    IMO this was a round about way of the club showing their support for the GB Bhoys as officially management and playing staff are not allowed to even call them the GB. When speaking about them they are told to refer to them as the Bhoys in the corner. Seriously! But Neil would not have tweeted that without the support of the club. Also the tweet came Thursday, 2 days after the game, so it was not spur of the moment reaction by Neil.



    Just my opinion mind.




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