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There’s also a look ahead at our Champions League chances………

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  1. Philbhoy – It’s just the beginning!





    Who signed the dud?




    Must have been BMcN.

  2. Dontbrattbakkinanger on

    Cadizzy- Leo Sayer leaving foreign for exile in Australia.




  3. Davie Hay signed the dud for 100k from Coventry in 1983 and sold him a year later for 40k to Man City who were managed by big Billy!



    Good piece of business!




  4. Doctor Whatfor on

    Pod I



    30 appearances as a striker and 7 goals scored. The heather remained nu scorched. He is now in his 50’s and is an old timer.




  5. Tallybhoy


    14:35 on


    2 November, 2012


    Jim Melrose has just gone on ze list of those who ‘disgraced the hoops’!



    Plenty more to come!









    Just gone on the list????




    He was on the list when he was still at CP, truely truely truely aweful excecuse for a football player

  6. Gretnabhoy



    14:01 on 2 November, 2012




    ‘stop all this anti authoritarian crap. I have no doubt what the guy in Inverness was singing. He got away with it…fine.’






  7. cadizzy


    14:36 on


    2 November, 2012


    Melrose played 30 times for Celtic and scored 7 goals. That’s a worse record than Mouldy Old Dough




    no bad for a goalkeeper ;-)

  8. Gretnabhoy


    Agreed with u until your last point



    Innocent until PROVEN guilty I think you will find




  9. yeah gordybhoy…it appears that evidence not available to the court is in fact available to gretnabhoy and the lad was guilty after all.


    who’d have thunk it eh?




  10. A week after signing Melrose Davie Hay signed Brian ‘Roger’ Whittaker from Partick!



    Arguably the worst full back to pull on the famous hoops!




  11. Kilbowie Kelt


    11:24 on


    2 November, 2012


    A big Thank You to St.Stivs & Proudbhoy for last night’s tribute to James Maley.


    I am in tears at what he & his comrades bravely contributed to the fight against Fascism.



    Of course they should be honoured.






    cheers, its some story, and worth an honour , somehow.

  12. Melrose scored a cracking overhead kick for Celtic if my mind is not totally frazled , other than that he was not much of a player, early 80’s I think

  13. greenjedi



    I think it is time to update ze list of those ‘who disgraced the hoops’ imo!




  14. Doctor Whatfor on




    But he was born before 1967. It was meant as a humorous nudge at some of our more youthful posters. Read back. ; )

  15. Philbhoy - It's just the beginning! on




    Ah! Big Billy!



    My favourite ever Celtic player. A true LEGEND and a gentleman too.



    I have a wonderful signature and comment by Billy on the 25th Anniversary Programme.



    “There’s only one King Billy”

  16. Neil canamalar Lennon hunskelper extrordinaire on



    aye, stock board response, the team were made wear the poppy, individuals were not given the choice, like the board you demand conformity to everything you decree is reasonable even if it is obviously unreasonable.


    Just to remind you that the black and tans have never before been commemorated by the british public, the poppy unbrella was expanded to include illegal and unjust wars were genocide was practised by the british army, you can keep your mouth shut, I just glad no everyone is as supportive of war as you.


    Enjoy your remembrance celebration of the start of wars.

  17. When Brian Whitaker signed for Celtic there were 2 certainties…..he would be absolutely awful and he’d get caller Roger.



    We should have signed Maria Whitaker…. a heavy breestit Whitaker is always better than a diddy Whitaker

  18. blantyretim


    14:44 on


    2 November, 2012


    (a) Its Not


    (b) he wasnt



    well okay maybe (a) is debatable..

  19. Doctor Whatfor



    Yes, I got the humorous nudge @.). All I meant is that anyone of 55 or less is young. Next year anyone of 56 or less will be young and I ‘ll keep thinking that until I’m too old to remember if I was born before 1967 or not

  20. Hi all, can someone help me to settle an argument re the location of the Hun pub called The Louden Tavern. I usually walk out the Gallowgate road regardless of weather every time I go to Glasgow as I just love the atmosphere. One Old Firm game a few years back I had a bad ankle which was getting progressively sorer as I walked, a bus came along and I jumped on. After a bit the bus turned off left and did a detour as it headed towards Parkhead, I could swear we passed The Louden Tavern, my mate says no that its out near Ibrox. Am I right or wrong.?

  21. name check in the CQN magazine , magic,



    Mark Hately says getting name checked in the Astounded of Forehead section in the CQN magazine is like a badge of dishonour.

  22. Doctor Whatfor


    14:45 on


    2 November, 2012






    Some of the players/music/politics/pubs discussed here is a wee bit historical for some of the younger ones (mid forties – you couldn’t make it up).



    You know we all appreciate and value your knowledge and experience.



    But it good to have a modern outlook – as long as the music is not too loud!




  23. Philbhoy - It's just the beginning! on

    I knew Brian Whittaker when I played for Cumbernauld Thistle.



    He used to come along to training.



    No matter how poor a player you think he was he loved playing for the Hoops and was a decent lad.

  24. Gretnabhoy



    You have no doubt …cause yer daughters a polis …or some other more balanced reasoning



    Come on then let’s have it

  25. bubblegum;


    just strange that Gretnabhoy posts in defence of the police,which he is entitled to,


    but then assumes the bhoys guilt without any evidence to prove it,other than unreliable


    police evidence

  26. The Louden is on Duke Street just betond Dennistoun. Might even still be in Dennistoun, but thankfullt not my part of it!! Right across from the train station.

  27. Melrose was sold after forementioned gesticualting at his own support i.e US.



    I thought it was a two finger gesture but it could have been a wrist action gesture.

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