New leaders required


Hearts won the opening game of the league campaign against Celtic in controversial circumstances when the teams met at Tynecastle on July 31. Despite bossing the Edinburgh club in the league and League Cup at Celtic Park, Celtic won each game by a solitary goal, with Hearts finishing the stronger on both occasions.  Even when we played well, created a hatful of chances and had Kyogo leading the line, we didn’t manage to decisively put Hearts away.

Of our likely starters tonight, only Greg Taylor, Nir Bitton, Carl Starfelt and (perhaps) James Forrest will have played before at Tynecastle, with its unique brand of hostility.  It is doubtful Celtic have visited with fewer players of prior knowledge of the ground since 1945.  And Carl’s recollections of the night will be far from affirmative.

We have watched this Celtic team grow since that night in July. Players have arrived, performances and results have improved.  Without their captain and many experienced heads, new men need to become the leaders.  This is a game for Carl in particular to show how far he has come since arriving in Scotland.

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  1. SAINT STIVS on 26TH JANUARY 2022 12:10 PM


    Having shared my worry beads regarding Wims winning season and stopping the ten, I delved back into the record books to remind myself.







    In a 36 game season we actually only won 22 games. drew 8, lost 6.







    terrible 2 losses in the first 2 games, followed by 8 wins in a row, then the rest of the season was punctured by draws and defeats. another 2 losses, away to huns and home to motherwell.







    One fixture stuck out for me, 27th december at perth, we lost 1-0 to saints, I had a gloom filled dread of the 2nd january game against the old rangers, telling myslef its the same old story, we are doomed,







    but then we beat them 2-0 for a most joyous day.







    the last ten were the roller coaster







    WDWDWLWDDW – the loss being aginst the old huns at ibrox, and in another catasphropphe the scottissh semi final was lost 1-2 in a match at celtic park.







    we limped over the line,







    the huns could rue the loss of marco negri, 25 goals by december,







    no wonder i was a nervous wreck.







    74 points we wont the league with.





    In 8 other seasons we got more than that and finished 2nd.







    maybe there was lessons to be learned there of how they blew that league from several winning positions, but ended up worst than us.







    if you have never seen bend it like brattbackdo it when it is back on, the tension in the audience if nerve wracking enough , but wonderful outcome all the same.

  2. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    I take it the “controversial circumstances” you refer to Pablo, are a perfectly good goal being chalked off due to an incorrect offside call?



    If so, Hearts and Celtic are even on that score (one apiece) in head to heads this season.




    One thing our new “leaders” absolutely must do tonight ….



    Get in Beaton’s face from the outset.



    Player safety (which is allegedly the referee’s primary responsibility) is a current hot topic.



    This official has previous for ignoring that primary responsibility during this fixture.

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    Much as I want to agree with you regards getting in BEASTONS


    face, I think it could cost us a red card, as you say he has previous


    For ignoring players safety.


    H H. Mick

  5. One of my concerns tonight is any full blooded tackle from a Celtic player will be penalised to the full extent of, and probably beyond, the rules. Controlled aggression and taking Broonies lead in getting in the refs ear early and often is key.



    We know how we will seek to play. Hearts might want to play football, I hope so, but equally Neilson might shut up shop and hit on the break. Expect a frantic first 15 minutes and some drama throughout.



    Can’t wait



    The Wim season holds many memories for me. Some good, some less so. A daft 20 something, drinking way too much and making bad decisions all over the place, one of these decisions resulted in me missing the St Johnstone game and all the associated memories and is truly the greatest regret of my life to date. Bitter sweet doesn’t do my feelings for that time justice.



    I still kick myself every time I think of it.



    If I knew then what I know now and all of that……

  6. St Stivs – thanks for the stats reminder on that season – it certainly did feel like a squeaker all season, with a sense of relief over glory at the win.



    Aipple – I agree that it was a great read back at midnight CST to share all the personal memories. Trying to erase the weird crap that followed – as you’ll know, there is a weirder twist to it at this side of the pond 😳🙄🍊




    Never used the scroll option so much since this dear green place


    started, but they ( the trolls ) are trying so hard to disrupt the discourse


    on here and I believe Sentinel Celts, so we must have the bilious bigots




    H H. Mick

  8. As of Jan 24, 2022, the Celtic FC Foundation has accumulated £12 312 173 for charity on Smile Amazon.



    Not too shabby.



    Well done to all who contribute.



    Back to lurking.

  9. Win tonight and we’re set up brilliantly for the next two home games. I’m hoping some of the new boys thrive in a supposed hostile environment (whatever that is). Just shut them up and make them hostile towards their own and Sevco’s player(s).




    Amazing stats, the Celtic family eh? We should all concentrate on


    that and ignore the trolls who’s only mission is to divide us.


    H H. Mick

  11. MYBOYSNOWATIM on 26TH JANUARY 2022 12:38 PM


    As of Jan 24, 2022, the Celtic FC Foundation has accumulated £12 312 173 for charity on Smile Amazon.


    Not too shabby.


    Well done to all who contribute.


    Back to lurking.




    i do the Celtic Foundation on Smile but it isn’t a huge amount of money.


    From ; 100 transactions = £18.77


    Total for Celtic Foundation =£7712


    The £12m quoted is for all UK charities



    Still better that someone gets it so always go Amazon Smile folks

  12. We dont score enough goals nor create clear cut chances. We dominate games in the midfield without cutting them open



    Thats down to the team, not just the strikers.



    Maybe the McGregor/Turnbull engine room we have relied on isn’t good enough? Lets see what out newe midfield duo are capable of.

  13. Melbourne Mick on

    Australia Day here, 36 degs and far too warm to stand and salute a


    flag, so celebrate it at home with the family.


    So why not combine it with the previous day dinner ( Robbie Burns )


    and we had the barbie brunch with home made Lorne sausage, pork


    bangers, potato scones, bacon, black pudding, eggs, beans, and of


    course the left over Haggis made into round slice, phew!!! and still


    some left for the morn.




    H H. Mick

  14. We will need to battle for it all night, and by that I mean never switching off until the game is over, Gordon was like superman against Sevco not getting near their second goal when they visited, he also particularly enjoys making saves against Celtic, clearly he has bad blood towards us despite Celtic giving him the chance to play and become more successful than he could have ever dreamed about.


    Just find a way to get 3 points tonight Celtic, Birgimina in particular likes to put himself about, I’m sure McCarthy will know about him, Souttar will play, pity we havent got our first choice strike force available, we could seriously damage his reputation if he was roasted, lost the game, and moves to Sevco before windows end for 250k.

  15. Jocks Immortal Lions on

    Okay here’s my attempt at the team for tonight (excuse the spelling):-





















    Big G.





    Playing 4-3-3.

  16. Hearts have players who can hit us on the break (Ginnelly and Mackay-Steven) and Mckay has a bit of skill. Decent defenders and keeper and hammer throwers in midfield.



    In the Tynecastle game we gave away 2 howlers but after Souttar scored , we upped the tempo and created 2 gilt edged chances near the end. Goal chopped off too. Should have won



    The other 2 games we dominated but the lack of energy and brawn in our midfield let them back in.



    Get the ball quickly to out front players and we will create loads. Defend corners and freekicks properly and we win

  17. i meant to ask at the weekend; why was CCV out of the squad? Injured or banned? Ange says we don’t rest players

  18. Jocks Immortal Lions on

    I meant to add picked that team as we have to match them physically & win the arial duels.

  19. Think you will find that they are not Trolls.Ashamed to say,I believe they are Celtic fans.We are not immune to having Fekin Eejits following our club.Even taking the basic 60,000 that attend the game,there will be a percentage of Pure Dafties.


    Either Paul decides they are damaging his wonderful Blog and takes steps to throw them off,or we will be stuck with them for the foreseeable.Like having a ST,and being in between 2 Nutters.Ruins a nice time.

  20. Melbourne Mick on




    HE..HE You seem to have that knack of putting it better than I


    ever could lol 🤪


    H H. Mick

  21. Paul67



    Only Celtic supporters with our unique club in a unique league consider how the referee will perform, in an SPL game. Tynecastle has developed an Edinburgh toxicity worser than Poundland and ‘the diets’ tag died in 2012 when they became full fat. If the SFA don’t declare ‘another oor baa’ Celtic have assembled an AP side good enough not to drop points to another ‘offside goal’ this time around.



    Would like to see a debut from Matt O’Riley , Biton is a cert because he’s been there and done it, and will lead Hatate and Jota. Abada or Forrest choose your weapon? Juranovic will keep Ralston out of the side, would prefer Liam Scales to Taylor because he’s taller, but think Ange will see it differently. With CCV and Starfelt the best duo in defence this leaves Giakoumakis as main striker.



    Tough night ahead any three points will do CSC

  22. Just who are all these trolls some posters seem absolutely obsessed with. ? This blog has always been tolerant of alternative viewpoints. Indeed non conformity has previously been regarded as a plus.



    Some posters like to romanticise rebels and regard being a rebel as a proud credential, yet they castigate any rebellion of mainstream thought on here.



    Kev- J in all his forms has been a regular for as long as I can remember.


    Other so called ” trolls” make some tremendous Celtic posts that largely go unnoticed.



    Play the post and not the poster, hierarchy of posters reeks of elitism and entitlement.



    Live and let live. and put your energy into composing Celtic or beyond posts that will enhance the blog.



    All posters are welcome as long as they abide by the few set parameters. All posters are equal no matter the grammer.



    It’s match day, a crucial match day. Make the effort to watch the game tonight and give us your thoughts. Don’t follow the pack give us YOUR thoughts after viewing the game.




  23. Melbourne Mick on




    Are you sure it’s Kev j ? my opinion it’s a combined effort


    to disrupt the best Celtic blog out there.


    But… but I respect your opinion.


    H H. Mick

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