New manager needs to meet players before the summer


A team filled with a high number of loaners and players entering the final year of their contracts with intentions of moving to England is not an ideal squad for the new manager to inherit.  There is, however, benefit to him walking into a morale-depleted Lennoxtown than starting after 15 May, when players leave for their summer conversations with their agents.

Even if the new manager is resigned to losing those entering the final year of their contracts, with Champions League qualification starting on 21 July, he will likely have to work with them for some important games.

By now, Celtic will have a very clear idea of whom they want to appoint.  They also know the cost to delaying much longer.  It would take an exceptional candidate to induce me to wait beyond the end of the season.  Players should ideally leave for the summer with an idea of what will be expected of them between now and the transfer window closing.  This, more than supporter sentiment or season ticket renewals is reason to make the decision now.

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  1. PeterLatchfordsBelly on

    The plc are complicit in a corrupt game because they consider it good for business. Don’t reward them.

  2. R.I.P. Frank Brogan.


    I MAY have seen Frank play as my Da first took me to see Celtic in season 1961/62 season or maybe it was 62/63 season ?


    What I do remember clearly is ” Latching On” to Two players in particular, as Johnny Divers and Wullie ONeill were my favourites from my early days.




    Frank…17 Goals in 48 appearances for Celtic…Not bad for a Winger.

  3. Why dont we just appoint Bertie Auld as the new manager…He would sort out those non triers want aways, IF such guys exist ?


    It is my view that some Guys are simply NOT good enough to play for Celtic.



  4. Like BIG JIMMY, I must have also seen Frank play, but I remembered him most as Jim’s brother and when Jim broke into the team it is then that I had also remembered Frank, who incidentally, scored Celtic’s 5,000th League Goal, por cierto

  5. I see Frank’s death is being reported in local newspapers in Halifax and Ipswich where he played for both clubs. por cietro



    HOT SMOKED on 4TH MAY 2021 12:52 PM





    We might not have an interest in other clubs, but we can observe the time it takes to do important business.



    Can we?


    Personally, I am only really aware of changes at other clubs after they have happened and have no idea how long any of their important business actually took from outset to conclusion.





    Fair enough – I asked a question, you don’t know the answer.


    Not much further to explore on that one, then :-))


    I thought you made a statement rather than asked a question but your summation really made me smile :-))) Excellent.

  7. Big Georges Fan Club - Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar on

    HOT SMOKED on 4TH MAY 2021 2:23 PM



    Admittedly, it was half question, half rant :-))








    And I got mugged on the Murty to Gerrard delay too…

  8. It is in the interests of all at the club, all supporters & all associates, e.g. sponsors & commercial partners, that a new manager is appointed as soon as possible.



    To believe that the club is not 100% committed to resolving things expeditiously is nonsense. However similar to player transfers, both sides, and these days at least one agent, must fully agree.



    The key phrase is “it is a lot more complicated than that”.



    Players who are intent on leaving will not be ‘showing their hand early’ – the upcoming Euros will be a factor. This will also apply to clubs looking to buy players.



    The ‘kitty’ available to the manager will not be fully known until fees are agreed for leavers.



    The backroom staff will have to sorted – those surplus to requirements de-contracted, and those coming in agreed/selected by the new manager.



    It is ‘pie in the sky’ to think we will be ‘oven ready’ for the CL qualifiers.



    The next fifteen months will be the most difficult period to negotiate this century. We have a defeated & seemingly dispirited squad with a substantial number looking to leave. There is precious little coming through the development route.



    Our financials will be showing a substantial loss for this year with no guarantee of ‘full houses’ for next season. The form of our most of saleable assets has dipped dramatically & no doubt will have a negative effect on their transfer value – add to this the fact that most, if not all, are approaching the last year of their contract.



    There is no easy way forward in my opinion, unless a few ‘well-heeled’ supporters decide to invest £50/£60m to ‘kick-start’ everything.



    The playing staff needs a complete rebuild. Why would a manager, jealous of his reputation and CV, agree to take the job without a guarantee of the amount of funds available to implement that rebuild?



    Will those who run the club sanction a significant level of debt at this time? Who would provide that kind of debt?

  9. IniquitousIV on



    So how did Roma do it? They are also in the middle of a EL semi, where they are 4 goals down. Didn’t seem too complicated for them.


    Just face it – our Board are incompetent buffoons.



    We could have appointed JK at any time – hopefully we don’t





  12. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    If you’re going to give our board a good whack then fair enough.



    But at least choose an appropriate stick?



    Mourinho will be Roma’s third coach in two years.



    They didn’t win a trophy in that period.



    Nor in the 11 years which preceded it !



    Hardly a paragon of corporate vision, efficiency and success.

  13. Uncle Jimmy on




    I cant disagree with too much of that.


    However, I feel you have failed to look backwards. How the hell did we get here? Who was asleep at the wheel?


    The points Paul raises in his opener have been discussed on here, at length. Indeed, the annual discussion around being qualifiers ready in July is as regular as the poppy debate.


    We must identify and learn from our mistakes.

  14. quadrophenian on



    You make many intelligent and reasoned fitba points. Ta.



    For me, we should already have a baseline ‘kitty’ once we free up a heap or wages and recoup some sale fees.


    Even that should be enough for a savvy guy to rebuild a shattered squad into a winning team.



    And if we get – surprisingly – top dollar for the more ambitious bhoys, it’s icing on the budget cake.



    But the protracted process is a killer, yet good things come to those who wait. I spose. HH




    Nice one .

  16. Go tell the Spartim on

    We’re just waiting for waiting’s sake …… I’m sure they were hoping that JK came in and won the cup and then they’d continue with the malaise, whilst getting fat of our, yes, OUR money.



    Wonder if the hold up is to make sure PL has his new role sorted first, you know to pretend hes not got his finger in the pie. Often wondered if PL spent our money for his sake or for ours (ie football)

  17. McPhail Bhoy on



    Eddie Howe has been available for almost a year now.


    If PL wanted the 10 then surely last winter NL could’ve been replaced by EH?




    How do you know thar EH has been available for almost a year now Part T Bus? Granted he is not managing any football club for almost a year now but who knows how his Bournemouth contact is paid out, bonuses, year end payments etc. I certainly don’t. Which could all be no longer payable if he accepted another job, of course I’m speculating here but I don’t think football managers’ contracts are straightforward, could be wrong of course.

  18. Saint Stivs on

    Up the broomielaw




    Past Glasgow




    Custom House Quay, looking east in May 1921. The bridge on the right is the Carlton Place Suspension Bridge which opened in 1851. Just to the left of the bridge’s arch is the frontage of St Andrew’s RC Cathedral, with the Merchants’ Steeple rising behind



    Photo: Glasgow Libraries



  19. Go tell the Spartim on

    We’re just looking for something to be optimistic about, the fact that the board don’t recognise this or are ignoring it, probably speaks volumes.



    Goodness, I’m sure we’d even take a statement that said we wouldn’t be announcing anything till the season is finished, as in fixtures, the season finished when they kept NL on ( in my opinion)

  20. HOT SMOKED on 4TH MAY 2021 12:48 PM,



    Don’t forget the Dubai debacle and the Huns private testing firm. It has been a calamitous season for us where we have fallen on our own sword along with what you have mentioned previously. I will be glad to see the back of it






  21. Sky Italia reported this morning that Maurizio Sari was Roma’s preferred


    choice to take the job in the summer.


    As I always say, utter ar*e gravy.


    Believe nothing you get from the media.


    They know as much as you do.


    That came from a confirmed source – ha bloody ha.

  22. Hrvatski Jim on

    INIQUITOUSIV on 4TH MAY 2021 2:31 PM


    Took Roma exactly one week to appoint a new manager.



    Hopefully the same to sack him.

  23. TIMHORTON on 4TH MAY 2021 2:32 PM









    How about Willie Fernie.




    I dont think I saw Willie Fernie as he first played for Celtic between 1948 to 1958. I was only 2 going on 3 in 1958.


    He returned to Celtic for season 1960 to 1961, and was then sold to St Mirren. Jock brought him back reserve Team coach in 1967. So IF it was 1961 when my Da first took me to see the Celts, theres only a small chance that I saw Willie Fernie play for Celtic ?


    I was too young to see John MacPhail, but I sometimes had a few drinks with him in The Smiddy Pub in Partick in the late 1980’s early 1990’s. He would always tell me that it was the GREATEST feeling in the World to score against rangers. I think he scored approx 15 goals against that mankie Mob…I could be wrong ?



  24. squire danaher on

    JHB on 4TH MAY 2021 2:31 PM



    To believe that the club is not 100% committed to resolving things expeditiously is nonsense.






    Define ‘expeditiously‘.



    Our Board’s definition of ‘ expeditiously’ may be, if you like, expeditious of their own needs and practices.



    In other words.



    Saving a couple of months wages on a new manager.



    I have heard or seen nothing which takes me away from my original belief that Celtic are waiting for S Clarke after the Euros.



    Which suits The Business Department.

  25. Celtic are obviously struggling with a new manager. It’s clear that no one wants the job who meets our profile. There is no sensible reason to keep the managers identity secret if it’s Eddy Howe as he is not in a job.



    There is no advantage in talking to the want aways, they have gone from them wanting away to now players who the fans want away. If Christie stays the fans would boo him. He needs to go. Same is true with Eddy and Ajer. They have to go,



    The fans have the evidence of their own eyes. We can see who wants away. If players performances dip from Treble winners to nothing then we know. The priority is that we need a new manager now to ensure that the remaining players lose focus. There will be a queue of supporters willing to drive players to the Airport.



    If the club want to issue season ticket renewals before a new manager then the figures will be poor. We need an appointment now.



    The club know this and the new manager is not in the bag. We want a top manager to reignite the fire but these players have driven the type of manager that we want away. There are no players at the club which a manager would say that he would look forward to working with.



    We are in this situation for the first time. There is no obvious candidate. I fear we will end up with Steve Clarke. John Kennedys performance as caretaker has been poor and he is not a viable candidate, we should have brought Gordan Strachan back as the Caretaker. I suspect Neil Lennon was kept on because we had no real alternative



    The Club has been silent because they have nothing to report.

  26. squire danaher on

    BIGBHOY on 4TH MAY 2021 4:02 PM






    They can’t publicly approach S Clarke before the Euros. The Business Department are content to ride out the rising frustration and do just enough releasing a S McGowan story here and there to keep the idiots believing it’s Howe.



    They can manage our disapproval better than the anger from wider Scotland were we to publicly approach Clarke.

  27. Greenpinata on

    For goodness sake forget the usual suspects.



    We need change, from top to bottom.


    Eddie Howe would fit the bill.



    I feel our hierarchy are treating the support with contempt.


    I do not do mushroom syndrome well I’m afraid



    HH to all on CQN.

  28. squire danaher on

    The Irish/Scottish/former player barrel of potential managers is perilously close to being dry.

  29. IniquitousIV on

    Sevco sign striker on 4 year deal. Why hasn’t our manager identified and signed a striker? Oh! Wait! And wait. And wait. And wait.



    If we are waiting for Clarke to finish the Euros ( after we are crushed by Englandshire ), as someone suggested, his task will be impossible. We will be so far behind the 8 ball, we would be as well writing off next season before it starts.



    This Celtic Board have really made a meal of this. How is this ramshackle shitshow “in the Company’s best interests?”

  30. “They also know the cost to delaying much longer….”



    Do they though? They didn’t seem to know the cost of not taking action in October when even most people on here could see how the season was unfolding.



    And how long is “much longer”?



    Sevco went out and signed a new striker today. He might be good or he might be pish, I don’t know but what I do know is that a team that is head and shoulders above ours are already making plans for next season while we continue to sleepwalk.



    Someone on here had a pop at me and said I was “scared of Sevco” when they were about fifteen points clear – albeit we had games in hand – and at the risk of being accused again if we build a team from scratch in ten weeks that can overturn 23 points and counting, it’ll be the most impressive league win since Wim the Tim stopped 10IAR.

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