New manager needs to meet players before the summer


A team filled with a high number of loaners and players entering the final year of their contracts with intentions of moving to England is not an ideal squad for the new manager to inherit.  There is, however, benefit to him walking into a morale-depleted Lennoxtown than starting after 15 May, when players leave for their summer conversations with their agents.

Even if the new manager is resigned to losing those entering the final year of their contracts, with Champions League qualification starting on 21 July, he will likely have to work with them for some important games.

By now, Celtic will have a very clear idea of whom they want to appoint.  They also know the cost to delaying much longer.  It would take an exceptional candidate to induce me to wait beyond the end of the season.  Players should ideally leave for the summer with an idea of what will be expected of them between now and the transfer window closing.  This, more than supporter sentiment or season ticket renewals is reason to make the decision now.

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    Ibrox sporting director Ross Wilson says the player rejected other offers to choose a move to Rangers and will add “pace and power” to the squad.



    They never give up with the propaganda. I think they really believe we are all thick.

  2. Greenpinata on

    This is the era of effortless communication.


    It has never been so easy to communicate and engage.



    Do Celtic realise this.? Do they care. We have a piss@d off expantant fan base.




  3. Uncle Jimmy on

    Favourite Uncle



    As stated on the last page, sevco have signed the player. He’s from the Belgian league.


    They won the league by a canter.


    We have no manager and no real sign of one.


    We have players leaving.



    I’m beginning to wonder who is thick here?

  4. GREENSIDEUP on 4TH MAY 2021 3:30 PM


    Yes, I had forgotten ablout those two ( and no doubt others). As you say, it is a season I will be glad to see the back off.


    I wonder if we will be allowed in by August? Well, those of us who will still be going.

  5. sick and tired of the media and the usual sensationalists analyzing Celtics season.



    Make absolutely no mistake – the most significant weight behind our season failures was COVID and Injuries. Remember the fake lead rangers had due to game cancellations, remember the Israel players quarantined, the Scottish players quarantined, telling the players to travel on separate buses (no other club in Scotland had to adhere to this).



    We played 3 right backs in 2 weeks scrambling for numbers – we then lost Julien , the only guy in the squad who has areal presence in the box. We try to sign duffy and it didn’t work out when most of us thought he would dominate Scottish football.



    Losing our number 1 striker to COVID ……the Dubai trip was sanctioned and we got unlucky with 1 player testing positive (then tested negative when we played 2 games with reserve players).



    Sure, there were other factors including keeping players who had lost the motivation and signing players that didn’t work out. Imagine coming to a new country and trying to settle into life during COVID – these are serious matters.



    Rangers were better and got many many a helping hand with penalties galore, very few against and an unusual/outlier in terms of yellow cards to opposing teams to nullify them early.



    I’m not getting caught up in the Celtics were simply not good enough , players not good enough – we played them off the park and just didn’t get the breaks in 2-3 games – this happens when their is so much negativity around the club.



    This was an unusual year and it suited rangers to a tee – this is a team who crumbles under pressure, a team who cant perform in front of their own fans.



    I don’t care about the 10 and I was disgusted at the immature , entitled behavior of the green brigade – they actually hurt the team rather than motivated them.



    I want to surpass their fake # of titles and get back on track dominating for the next decade. We have the funding and the delay is due to rebuilding foundations. Do you think we would hire Howe before knowing if he can get along with McKay and/or dir of football.



    Make no mistake – Dermot will have other candidates.



    We need the soul and fight back in our club and I hope we bring in those characters (o’neil as director of football eg).



    Let them have their moment – over to you Celtic , don’t disappoint!

  6. Greenwells Glory on

    Hi Ghuys, Slve salve ;- No need to worry, the board are just engaging in due diligence in the search for a new manager. They have learned the lesson from the last appointment. This time they are searching every Lavvy and every shower room in the country in order to make sure they get the right yes man.






    Acceptissima semper munera sunt, auctor quae pretiosa facit

  7. squire danaher on

    INIQUITOUSIV on 4TH MAY 2021 4:14 PM


    Sevco sign striker on 4 year deal. Why hasn’t our manager identified and signed a striker? Oh! Wait! And wait. And wait. And wait.



    If we are waiting for Clarke to finish the Euros ( after we are crushed by Englandshire ), as someone suggested, his task will be impossible. We will be so far behind the 8 ball, we would be as well writing off next season before it starts.



    This Celtic Board have really made a meal of this. How is this ramshackle shitshow “in the Company’s best interests?”






    Because we’ve saved 4 months wages on a manager.



    Our Business Department don’t appreciate the other side which says that such an outcome may lead to more STs not being renewed. Or that the number not being renewed is covered by the saving of 4 months wages for a manager.



    Once the scales of blind support drop from my eyes, it’s amazing how clearly and dispassionately I can see things.

  8. `St Mirren face the prospect of missing out on European football after they were refused the necessary licence to compete in Uefa competitions.`



    Anyone know why?

  9. STEBHOY on 4TH MAY 2021 4:25 PM



    Good mhan. Our team will need that kind of backing if we are to play to our porential next season. I, for one, will certainly be trying to offer it from 106 next season. I hope there are many more of us.


    Cheerio for now.

  10. Uncle Jimmy on




    That’s a gargantuan amount of denial there.



    I’m not actually sure if it’s a serious post or a piss take.

  11. IniquitousIV on

    Some posters believe we are waiting to approach Steve Clarke after the Euros, and I concur that is a possibility. But consider this – Scotland’s probable last game is June 20. If we miraculously manage to qualify from our Group, the date of the last round of 16 game is June 29. If we are eliminated then, approach Clarke, negotiate a contract in 24 hours, he would have 3 weeks before the first Champions League qualifier on July 20.


    Mission impossible.

  12. Go tell the Spartim on

    Hot smoked is this just just part of the normal uefa licensing system, think they got a silver award for their youth set up, but that might not be good enough but I’m sure the sfa will be seeing them alright with appeals etc ………..



    Everyday is a school day, we have a Business Dept, what do they do, sell season books, sell merchandise (all off the back of a large loyal supporter base that lap up anything) other than that what do they do, sell advertising around the ground, partner debt collecting agencies. (This is in no way a pop at anyone who mentioned we have one)

  13. UNCLE JIMMY on 4TH MAY 2021 4:34 PM



    He once suggested a managerial “dream team” of Roy Keane and John Kennedy so I think he’s on the windup :)

  14. Go tell.


    Thanks for that but according to the BBC site `Each season the Scottish FA publishes licensing awards, with St Mirren receiving an overall ‘gold’ rating,`



    Thanks again and


    Cheerio for now.

  15. squire danaher on

    INIQUITOUSIV on 4TH MAY 2021 4:39 PM


    Some posters believe we are waiting to approach Steve Clarke after the Euros, and I concur that is a possibility. But consider this – Scotland’s probable last game is June 20. If we miraculously manage to qualify from our Group, the date of the last round of 16 game is June 29. If we are eliminated then, approach Clarke, negotiate a contract in 24 hours, he would have 3 weeks before the first Champions League qualifier on July 20.



    Mission impossible.






    I agree.



    I also think that S Clarke is the likeliest next manager of Celtic.

  16. PS


    For those `supporters` who think Stebhoy is at the windup,how many of the many points he makes support your view?

  17. INIQUITOUSIV on 4TH MAY 2021 2:40 PM





    So how did Roma do it? They are also in the middle of a EL semi, where they are 4 goals down. Didn’t seem too complicated for them.


    Just face it – our Board are incompetent buffoons.




    Roma get around £80m TV money and are heavily sponsored & commercially supported in a very rich league. They can afford to pay a manager like José his required basic salary of €10m. Like almost everything in life, when money is plentiful, anything is possible.

  18. I might not be an expert in choosing managers (why I’m a fan and not a board member) – but I do know the effects covid, injuries and new players settling into that environment has.



    BTW – Someone posted earlier – under those circumstances , Pep , Klopp etc would have lost the league too.



    Who would have thought Liverpool after their dominance recently would be almost 30 POINTS behind league leaders are languishing 7th – you telling me this season was usual?



    I’m not ignoring other factors that would have affected this season – my point is covid and injuries were the most significant – our entire defense was dismantled.

  19. Uncle Jimmy on

    Hot smoked



    The second sentence was surreal and it pretty much got worse from there


    “Make absolutely no mistake – the most significant weight behind our season failures was COVID and Injuries.”



    Can point out others shortly. Nipping out




    Roma are in over €250m in debt, have recently abandoned plans to build their own stadium, are miles off the pace in serie a, splits in the dressing room, ageing players who need replacing and they’ve just appointed a manager who took a talented Spurs squad and had them playing some of the worst football they’ve ever seen. 6 at the back, 8 defensive outfield players in starting line ups regularly blowing leads. The fans absolutely hated him at the end.



    God knows how much they’re paying him for a 3 year contract. I heard someone on the radio today saying they should just pay him his last year of his contract now and get it out the way.



    The Roma fans are about the harshest of any in Europe. This won’t end well for anyone except for Mourinho and his bank balance

  21. also , I have been very critical of PL and his strategy. His delays in signing/losing key players, tinkering with projects and convincing players to stay to play for a dream they were not 100% behind.



    This is life – did you expect Celtic to win 20 IAR? there is a reason no club has done the 10 – its very very tough!



    I’m grateful , very very grateful for 2 x 9 and a quadruple treble to boot. I won’t let one disastrous season tarnish that.



    PS I LOVE that DD is playing this one cagey – its driving the media absolutely nuts!! He won’t be pressured into a new manager – its vital we get this one right in terms of manager and a new structure!



    keep the faith and dry yer eyes!

  22. JHB on 4TH MAY 2021 4:49 PM



    They’ve just restructured their debt, they can barely afford him, they’re making huge losses and are heavily reliant on profit from player trading as we head into a period where the bottom has fallen out of the market



    What they do have is a business model that allows for their owners to turn tens of millions of euros of debt to them into equity and can borrow probably at high rates. They’re hanging on by their finger tips.

  23. Nothing will change for the better until lawell is gone , and I can’t see it happening anytime soon . This dragging on is his trademark , drag on signing mcginn . Drag on approaching toney . Failed to get the Davis loan sealed ,dragging on until the scousers snap him up , and wait till you see where he lands up . And on it goes with loads of other examples . I must confess to being a tad worried him still calling the shots , it’s a concern for every fan or it should be , what’s this guy McKay getting taught , what’s his head being filled with , as far as I’m concerned we are in this state because of him and the absent landlord , the guy who lavished praise on a club who cheated Scottish football for years , a club who have used every lowdown trick to gain advantage . I won’t include the rest of the board as no fault can be found with them because no one knows what they


    Actually do . It’s been mentioned often on Celtic sites a clear out is required and a clear out should include the people who have overseen this debacle of a season .

  24. Uncle Jimmy on




    Now I know you’re at it! Very good. You had me going there!!



    “PS I LOVE that DD is playing this one cagey – its driving the media absolutely nuts!! He won’t be pressured into a new manager – its vital we get this one right in terms of manager and a new structure!”

  25. Greenpinata on

    My friends in Celtic,,



    Charisma is part of a high profile managers job.


    That’s why Jose is always in demand. It’s Box office.



    Steve Clarke would not fill our criteria.




  26. UNCLE JIMMY on 4TH MAY 2021 2:54 PM



    However, I feel you have failed to look backwards. How the hell did we get here? Who was asleep at the wheel?




    No disagreement from me on this -to come to such a shuddering halt with virtually nothing ‘left in the tank’ is mind-boggling.



    Yes there have been errors of judgements at the very top level – wrong turns have been taken which, at the time didn’t seem to affect us – however now we have ended up in a cul de sac.



    Have we had it too easy, for too long? We badly underestimated the resolve of the Ibrox club. Did our people believe that due to their repeated annual losses that they could not mount a challenge?



    Having said that, I don’t think anyone was blaming DD/PL & the Board at the start of the season. We had a triple-treble and were two-thirds into a quadruple – the squad had been kept in tact, despite hard interest in some of our players, and £20m had been spent on “strengthening’ – what more could have been done.



    People say Lennon should have been sacked earlier – when? In December after clinching the quadruple in the cup final?



    The league was lost in the January Dubai fiasco and it’s aftermath – there is no way that NL could have reasonably been sacked/left any sooner than he did, that would have made one bit if difference.



    No one, DD, PL, the Board, NL & coaches, the support and everyone on every Celtic blog, could have predicted at the start of the season just how badly our players would perform…..or that newly acquired Barkas, Duffy & Ajeti would be such duds.



    For me, this season has been a total and utter failure by the players……why? Maybe we will never get to the bottom of it.

  27. Saint Stivs on

    RC on 4TH MAY 2021 5:12 PM









    enjoyed that , you learn something everyday.






    to live that long that you can say you met mr maley, who played for celtic on the very first day, increble.



    also his all time 11, all from his youn days, not a lion, no mcstay, larsson pipped, incredible knowledge.



    so many parishes, schools, matches, names that people must be familiar with.




  28. RIP Frank Brogan



    Reading back on Frank, he played two games in the same Celtic team as his brother Jim.


    Question, anyone know what those games were?


    And was anyone likely to have been at said games?

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