New manager needs to meet players before the summer


A team filled with a high number of loaners and players entering the final year of their contracts with intentions of moving to England is not an ideal squad for the new manager to inherit.  There is, however, benefit to him walking into a morale-depleted Lennoxtown than starting after 15 May, when players leave for their summer conversations with their agents.

Even if the new manager is resigned to losing those entering the final year of their contracts, with Champions League qualification starting on 21 July, he will likely have to work with them for some important games.

By now, Celtic will have a very clear idea of whom they want to appoint.  They also know the cost to delaying much longer.  It would take an exceptional candidate to induce me to wait beyond the end of the season.  Players should ideally leave for the summer with an idea of what will be expected of them between now and the transfer window closing.  This, more than supporter sentiment or season ticket renewals is reason to make the decision now.

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  1. Best squad


    Biggest budget


    60k fans who ponied up season book monies for matches we knew we’d never attend in person.



    They did ‘no surrender ‘


    We did ‘no defender’



    Impact of Covid??


    Ask St Mirren who had to find a goalie to fulfil a fixture.



    HH jg

  2. IniquitousIV on

    Is JHB the Board placeman? Certainly sounds like it. Lennon should never have been appointed. Full stop. Once that disastrous Board decision was taken in alcohol addled euphoria ( never a good basis for critical decision making ) he should have been fired immediately after the Ferencvaros fiasco, preferably in the showers.

  3. GENE on 4TH MAY 2021 5:24 PM





    He should have gone after Cluj






    Aye, the first time



    HH jg

  4. Greenpinata on




    We all saw the writing was on the wall for NL last autumn. We gave him the benefit of “retiring respectably” after the cup final..



    I acknowledge the achievements of Peter Lawwell over the years, howeverthe management team and most of all the players have failed over the last 9 months.



    We need a complete clear out and a fresh start.



    Gutted CSC

  5. squire danaher on

    SAINT STIVS on 4TH MAY 2021 5:05 PM



    Very good article and well worth a read 👍

  6. JHB on 4TH MAY 2021 5:19 PM



    People have mentioned Cluj, Ferencvaros…..



    I came on here and said after we lost at home to a half-strength Sparta Prague 4-1 that there was no way back and it was going to be a painful, slow death from that point on.



    I didn’t see any logic in keeping him on after that game and had there been fans in the ground to witness it, it would have been very toxic.

  7. BIG JIMMY on 4TH MAY 2021 2:07 PM


    R.I.P. Frank Brogan.



    I MAY have seen Frank play as my Da first took me to see Celtic in season 1961/62 season or maybe it was 62/63 season ?




    I saw Frank in 1962/63 in a home game against Dundee – they went on to win the title.


    A very young Bobby Lennox had a goal disallowed for excessive speed, of course. Frank played a blinder and big Billy headed home the winner in the dying minutes.

  8. I sincerely hope Celtic are about to ignite a nuclear bomb. Cant handle this Sevco pish after all these years.

  9. Greenpinata on

    Change my friends.



    A QR code to get a pint.


    ID to get a booking.



    Be wary, be very wary.

  10. bankiebhoy1 on

    STEBHOY on 4TH MAY 2021 4:25 PM


    sick and tired of the media and the usual sensationalists analyzing Celtics season.







    Make absolutely no mistake – the most significant weight behind our season failures was COVID and Injuries. Remember the fake lead rangers had due to game cancellations, remember the Israel players quarantined, the Scottish players quarantined, telling the players to travel on separate buses (no other club in Scotland had to adhere to this).







    We played 3 right backs in 2 weeks scrambling for numbers – we then lost Julien , the only guy in the squad who has areal presence in the box. We try to sign duffy and it didn’t work out when most of us thought he would dominate Scottish football.







    Losing our number 1 striker to COVID ……the Dubai trip was sanctioned and we got unlucky with 1 player testing positive (then tested negative when we played 2 games with reserve players).







    Sure, there were other factors including keeping players who had lost the motivation and signing players that didn’t work out. Imagine coming to a new country and trying to settle into life during COVID – these are serious matters.







    Rangers were better and got many many a helping hand with penalties galore, very few against and an unusual/outlier in terms of yellow cards to opposing teams to nullify them early.







    I’m not getting caught up in the Celtics were simply not good enough , players not good enough – we played them off the park and just didn’t get the breaks in 2-3 games – this happens when their is so much negativity around the club.







    This was an unusual year and it suited rangers to a tee – this is a team who crumbles under pressure, a team who cant perform in front of their own fans.







    I don’t care about the 10 and I was disgusted at the immature , entitled behavior of the green brigade – they actually hurt the team rather than motivated them.







    I want to surpass their fake # of titles and get back on track dominating for the next decade. We have the funding and the delay is due to rebuilding foundations. Do you think we would hire Howe before knowing if he can get along with McKay and/or dir of football.







    Make no mistake – Dermot will have other candidates.







    We need the soul and fight back in our club and I hope we bring in those characters (o’neil as director of football eg).







    Let them have their moment – over to you Celtic , don’t disappoint!

  11. GREENPINATA on 4TH MAY 2021 5:32 PM



    He didn’t “retire respectfully” after the cup final – do you honestly think that DD/PL would sack him after leading the club to a triple-treble, then a quadruple treble?



    Ronny was allowed to see out the season and leave with his dignity intact – there was no way the board were going to ‘knee-jerk’ and fire Lenny. He won five of 9iar. I thought him the right man in 2019 to be a short-term replacement – the time to change was June 2019. Can you imagine the outcry from the support and here if he had been sacked then?



    Why is it that some are unable to see exactly where the blame for this abject failure lies – our players surrendered on the pitch…..and we still don’t know why.

  12. PeterLatchfordsBelly on

    Got excited when I read the piece on the St Johnstone switch then I realised he wasn’t talking about the players and the manager.

  13. Tontine Tim on

    HOT SMOKED on 4TH MAY 2021 4:47 PM



    PS For those `supporters` who think Stebhoy is at the windup,how many of the many points he makes support your view?



    *they all do.

  14. Greenpinata on




    Oh believe me , I have been calling out the abisimal performances of our players. Re Cqn previous.



    As per normal parameters, management take the blame.




  15. Tontine Tim on

    BIG JIMMY on 4TH MAY 2021 2:07 PM



    R.I.P. Frank Brogan. I MAY have seen Frank play as my Da first took me to see Celtic in season 1961/62 season or maybe it was 62/63 season ? Frank…17 Goals in 48 appearances for Celtic…Not bad for a Winger



    *a favourite with me and my school pals during the early 60s, the true years in the wilderness, he could play either wing tae.



    His failing though was after getting booted up and down the park by the thug shearer, the same player that ended John Higgins career; he went intae hiding against them after that especially in the 1963 SC Final.



    We offered him another contract but Ipswich offered him more and after a courtesy visit down there he was so impressed with the club and their manager, the legendary Wor Jackie Millburn uncle of Bobby and Jack Charlton , plus the extra gene tunney, 4 quid, that he signed for them.



    Imagine a lhad fae the good and the bad that attended St Joseph’s Dumfries giving up on the Celts, another of Sir Bob’s blunders.



    I have often said if we could have cloned Frank’s talent with Jim’s determination we would have won more Big Cups.

  16. !!Bada Bing!! on

    GP- I think there’s a lot of valid excuses for some of the situations, but not good enough on the park is the bottom line. HH

  17. PeterLatchfordsBelly on




    I disagree. Your lack of expertise in choosing a manager qualifies you perfectly to be part of our Board.






    You gave me a laugh with that gag about an outcry had Lennon not got the job in June 2019. Keep them coming.





    He lived in STEPPS. His family might have come from THE GARDGAD. He had a wee brother BRIAN same year as me at MUNGO.

  19. onenightinlisbon on

    We lost the league due to covid and injuries… deluded can you get?

  20. Tontine Tim on

    ALASDAIR MACLEAN on 3RD MAY 2021 11:35 PM



    TONTINE TIM at 21:38, Thanks very much for your reply there. It’ll take me weeks to digest it fully, but just to let you know how much I appreciated it.



    *It was a pleasure hopefully you’ll see that not all of the central belt is as bigoted as is made out.



    Through Delaney’s Dunky knowledge, I always think of a Celtic scarf on the wall of a pub in Stavanger, “Renton CSC”, when I read your posts.



    *when I was making trips over on a regular basis I used tae go up on their bus tae games, but even prior tae that my da was friendly with some of the founder members and would often waken me in the morning as he was leaving for work asking that I meet him down the Renton and we would go up on their bus.

  21. Tontine Tim on

    FAVOURITE UNCLE on 4TH MAY 2021 6:14 PM






    He lived in STEPPS. His family might have come from THE GARDGAD. He had a wee brother BRIAN same year as me at MUNGO.



    *when I was a lhad and working on the Kirkton Avenue fleas we had a labourer who came fae the Garngad, he played drums in the flute band BTW and had grown up with a well known local entrepreneur who lived in a house named after a ranch on a popular tv cowboy show, anyway he helped out with the Candy when Bob Rooney was there as well as his boy and both Brogans, I just took it they came fae there.

  22. For me the manager / management team has to take the major blame – most of us have commented at the time



    Team selection / tactics / players playing out of position / poor use of substitutes / player fitness or lack of /apparent lack of coaching / Dubai


    This leads to poor performance by the players

  23. PeterLatchfordsBelly on

    I think Lawwell deserves appropriate recognition for his years of sterling service to the club and I for one would propose we gift him those disco lights he was so fond of. And I hear that big hoose of his up in Thorntonhall is big enough to take the,.



    Aw the best Peter. The slosh on a Friday night will never be the same.

  24. The prediction that there would be a new managerial announcement today was spot on – unfortunately not ours.

  25. GENE on 4TH MAY 2021 6:45 PM


    The prediction that there would be a new managerial announcement today was spot on – unfortunately not ours.





  26. The silence from our board is deafening!! It is utterly disgraceful the way we have been treated this season, a bloody scandal.


    One might be forgiven if they thought a Fifth Column at play, certainly thought of sabotage.


    To get to the new manager, ffs, is Eddie Howe the only guy out there?? If he;s stalling then he can get tae f##k.


    I f he does not want to be manager of one of the worlds BIG clubs then we must have loads of others, at least a s qualified if not more so, what’s the bloody hold up.


    Man will land on Mars before an appointment is made at this rate!!!!


    If only the board would issue a satement saying the had X number of candidates and interviews were on going, then great, But, oh no.


    Hit these people in the pocket, do not allow them to extract the urine any more.



    Sick to my back teeth




  27. onenightinlisbon on

    SCHUMMI on 4TH MAY 2021 7:09 PM



    You are not alone……



    Board have it covered. Eddie Howe then Alex Neil. Jack Ross or AN Other.

  28. PeterLatchfordsBelly on

    My assumption is Howe is a done deal and there are some details being ironed out and/or is being held back to max SB sales promotion.



    If Howe really is holding out time to cut our losses. He’s not THAT good!



    I assume Keane and Kennedy is Plan B. Even this Board wouldn’t dare give us Neil or Ross after this season… would they?

  29. Tontine Tim on

    VALE BHOY on 3RD MAY 2021 10:27 PM



    Not that there aren’t any bigots, but few and far between though in my time living there. Sadly, Tontine, there are more than you think.



    In my 33 years working there they, and their offspring, regularly raise their bigoted heads. They may not have a lol but the flute band is its replacement.



    *it was always that way but as you said the good people outnumbered them and the flute band belonged tae the Dumbarton lol.



    During my time living there we had 3 “walks”, the first was organised by a local minster, not a man of god I hasten to add.



    Not even a loyal true blue bigot as was found out years later but a con man who embezzled them, he fled tae rural Canada and only years later when on a flight tae Iceland his plane was diverted tae Prestwick???? Where he was hauled off and done time before changing his name on release and playing the bagpipes at Princes Street Gardens.



    Incidentally when in court he fingered the management at ibrox as wanting him tae open an orange souvenir shop at the ground, this was well before bader came up with the idea of orange strips tae honor their dike plugging players and staff.



    Although the wgm his mother had been an Irish Republic Catholic and his da an Egyptian. I believe his da abandoned the family and he was sent up tae Scotland tae be raised by family members who christened him in the protestant faith.



    He was such a horrible bigot preaching hate, it is rumoured that a certain Ballymena demagogue modeled himself on him; my mother had friends that stopped going to his church as a result of his preaching.



    Ironically many years later his successor would be that well known Celtic supporter the Rev Ian Miller who initiated the search for our first goal scorer Neilly McCallum’s grave. Karma truly is a wonderful thing.



    He approached the local council for permission tae have a walk but in good Vale aka Little Moscow style was hunted.



    At that time Balloch Park was owned by Glasgow Corporation who had purchased it in 1915 to provide publicly accessible open space. Now the lol always went to them for an open area tae hold their rally and picnic so in their wisdom and much tae the consternation of the good people in the Vale, both Catholics and Prods knowing the kind of trailer trash that would desecrate their beautiful wee part of the country, they offered them our park.



    They initially wanted tae start at the Tontine Park meaning they would pass St Martin’s, nae chance said the Chief of the Police, who had tae lead the walk along with Hassan, was a local Catholic.



    So it was Burnbrae but again they wanted tae march down Bank Street passing OL&SM aka the Vale Chapel, again naw, straight along Main Street tae Lomond Road and up Carrochan Road straight intae the park avoiding St Kessogs.



    And so a precedent had been set and 3 more occurred, it wasn’t until it was registered as a national country park in 1980 that they were told tae bolt.

  30. onenightinlisbon on




    This is the board that appointed Lennon in the showers without looking at any other candidate.



    Do you really have any faith in them or their lackeys?

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