New manager needs to meet players before the summer


A team filled with a high number of loaners and players entering the final year of their contracts with intentions of moving to England is not an ideal squad for the new manager to inherit.  There is, however, benefit to him walking into a morale-depleted Lennoxtown than starting after 15 May, when players leave for their summer conversations with their agents.

Even if the new manager is resigned to losing those entering the final year of their contracts, with Champions League qualification starting on 21 July, he will likely have to work with them for some important games.

By now, Celtic will have a very clear idea of whom they want to appoint.  They also know the cost to delaying much longer.  It would take an exceptional candidate to induce me to wait beyond the end of the season.  Players should ideally leave for the summer with an idea of what will be expected of them between now and the transfer window closing.  This, more than supporter sentiment or season ticket renewals is reason to make the decision now.

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  1. Not comfortable ‘banning’ any reporter?


    meejah representative



    Who ever it is.




  2. INIQUITOUSIV on 4TH MAY 2021 10:13 PM



    Maurice Ross now available.




    i heard he was lost in Turin for a few years after Del Piero sent him to the shops when juventus gubbed dead club 4-0 haha 🤣



  3. Hamiltontim on

    On this date, May 5th 1981, 40 years ago at 1:17am Bobby Sands died after 66 days on hunger strike in his efforts to be recognised as a political prisoner.



    ‘Our revenge will be the laughter of our children’

  4. MARSPAPA on 4TH MAY 2021 10:14 PM


    BTW , has BIG JIMMY had a lock-in ?







    Not a peep from him today…..unusual .




    Thanks for your Post Mate…


    I am almost stuck at home due to my health being a bit dodgy just now, although its NOT bad enough to be in hospital etc, so I am just lying low, and I STILL havent had any Beer since last October….Cos recently I have had to stay at home to accept deliveries etc, and cos of my health being a bit dodgy also.


    I cant be annoyed at maybe having to Phone a Pub to Book ONE Seat for myself, and getting Taxis to and from that Pub cos I cant walk too far…its Depressing……If I can get thru next week without any Beer or Pub Beer Garden…then I MAY wait til my Local Pub reopens on May 17th….and then go ” Radio Rental” ?






    Like so many others, I am also feeling rather deflated due to Celtic’s season…and the conduct of Celtics Board over MANY issues.



    R.I.P. Bobby Sands.

  5. Word is that Howe is waiting on his coaches Stephen Purches and Simon Weatherstone who will still be employed at Bournemouth until at least the end of the season and maybe beyond as Bournemouth will be in the playoffs.



    However, what happens if they get promoted – will they still come? Will there be a big compensation package?



    It’s starting to look quite messy.

  6. Big Jimmy – You get yersell fit for Friday the 21st you are in the starting 11.



    D :)

  7. GERRY123 on 4TH MAY 2021 11:27 PM



    Unless it’s the same poster holding contradicting viewpoints, then I don’t see the hypocrisy you seem to be implying.

  8. GEEBEE1978 on 5TH MAY 2021 7:38 AM



    Gonnae no!….. The first part was full of promise. too.



    Fingers crossed all goes well.

  9. GEEBEE1978



    Looks like the tail wagging the dog!



    Surely we have a plan B?



    Mibbe no!

  10. DAVID66 on 5TH MAY 2021 7:40 AM


    Big Jimmy – You get yersell fit for Friday the 21st you are in the starting 11.









    ” Starting 11″ ?.


    Im the Feckin Captain of the Ship !


    Only Joking.





    I will be okay just to stay Local, its just that I am very uncomfortable about having to travel anywhere…even by Taxi etc ?


    I HAD to go to the Vets last week to get Rockys Insulin and Needles etc…..I went by Taxi to and from…I couldnt get home fast enough due to tummy problems.


    I will certainly be in my local on the 17th May….and IF I feel better any sooner…I MIGHT try and get to a Beer Garden in the Merchant City etc ?


    I hope that you and the family are all well.


    HH Mate.

  11. Greenpinata on

    AN TEARMANN on 5TH MAY 2021 12:01 AM


    Not comfortable ‘banning’ any reporter?



    meejah representative



    Who ever it is.






    Totally agree.



    Surely we have someone who can dismantle a reporters views if we don’t agree with them. If we don’t, then it just shows how far the rebuild at our club has to go.


    Running scared of Andy Walker’s predictable rubbish. FFS.




  12. Uncle Jimmy on

    I was mildly uplifted, following our latest defeat, by the seemingly general consensus on here. We had reached rock bottom, no more excuses. New manger please.


    Yesterday, however, we saw the return of excuses.


    Covid (which is a global pandemic)






    Bad luck



    I can only hope those within the corridors of power are still in the Monday mood and not Tuesday.



    Complacency hurt us this season. We cannot allow a repeat

  13. Go tell the Spartim on

    If we don’t ban the press, fair enough, but why not have the camera on the questioners at least you’ll see the bellends?

  14. Big Georges Fan Club - Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar on

    GO TELL THE SPARTIM on 5TH MAY 2021 9:30 AM



    “…the bellends…”






    Very descriptive – made me chuckle :-))






  15. Go tell the Spartim on




    😊 I’ve nothing to contribute intellectually so I’m trying a different tact



    We all have our own views on everything Celtic, just can’t be bothered with giving people a platform to get hits, sell papers at our expense



    The sun is out and it’s a new day, enjoy

  16. I’m all for freedom of the press and freedom of expression. That isn’t what the SMSM is about, and that most definitely includes BBC Scotland sports department. They are all out to harm Celtic at every opportunity. It sells in Scotland. Why cooperate with them? Don’t tell me it is part of the SKY package. They are among the worst.

  17. Lots of Celtic fans still get their Celtic news and information from the SMSM. Why deprive them of this


    Surely we are not suggesting they are too ” stupid ” to dissect truth from fiction.?



    Have a look at Brendan Rodgers interviews with the press. He has them eating out of his hands.


    I will never forget a roudy, boisterous pub in full song falling completely silent as Brendan was being interviewed.


    Get the correct person to articulately communicate our side of the story and the “problem” disappears.



    This is a media driven digital era, we should be able and competent enough to manipulate them to suit our own agenda.



    Cheers and HH to all.

  18. GNP



    Rogers was v smooth and media savvy.



    Despite this….I’d argue perhaps because of this….I never once heard him call out the refereeing in Scotland, not even when it was allowing career-threatening tackles on the biggest home grown talent in a generation.



    HH jg

  19. Jamesgang,



    Very true, however we were invincibles domestically at the time and all in the garden seemed rosy.



    Did we overplay a player and not give him time to fully recover ? But that’s a debate for another day.



    I’m in the camp of meting out our own justice. ” Do onto others as they do unto you” However do it harder, quicker and faster.


    We need players with this combative and winning mentality.



    HH to you.



    I am very

  20. Treat thum with the disdain that they exhibit to us and ours……….





  21. Banning the BBC hasn’t done sevco any harm – they’re able to feed the BBC puff pieces without having to be subject to any scrutiny.


    I know shortbread wouldn’t give them much scrutiny anyway.

  22. Go tell the Spartim on




    There’s the crux of the matter, do we have such a person? If we have someone that controls the agenda then fine, but even then you get STV’s Peter A Smith hijacking press briefings with his agenda. From experience I know plenty of supporters who take the sun and the record as gospel, but hey ho, life is like that



    they’ll do what they always do and let them print whatever, at this point with regards a new manager the club have kept us all, well nearly us all, in the dark, 70 days now

  23. peter a smith …..we never did find out bout Morelos car…sliverous cretin




  24. WE made a good job of conducting our own media output regarding THE DUBIA FIASCO


    That can go in the file of self inflicted cock-up’s season 20/21


    So i think engaging the press can wait till another day

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