New Money in Scottish football


Aaron Hickey’s incredible £19m move to Brentford looks like an eye-opener for Italian football.  Bologna paid around 10% of that for the Scotland international two years earlier.  Now Hibs have accepted a £3m bid from Hellas Verona for Josh Doig, while Aberdeen have accepted a bid for the same money for Lewis Ferguson.  Scottish players of this calibre were disappearing into the English lower leagues for a fraction of this money before Hickey.

Fans hate when their best young talent leave after only fleeting appearances in the first team, “What’s the point if we only keep the poorer players?”, is the overwhelming emotion.  Aberdeen and Hibs have stumbled into a lucrative player trading seam.  They now need to figure out how to grow that side of the business.

£3m can be wasted in a season on imports from cheaper European markets with lower wages.  This was the route Dundee United and Aberdeen went down when their player development strategy was broken up in the late 80s.  The whole of Scottish football followed, although other clubs did not have a successful youth strategy to dispose of.

Alternatively, £3m buys you a lot of scouting and youth development resource; Aberdeen could be bidding against Celtic for St Mirren’s best talent, for example.  Scottish Premiership clubs have a competitive league, relatively straightforward access to European football and a domestic pond that has largely been overlooked by foreign scouts until recently.

Selling players of the calibre of Hickey, Ferguson and Doig has allowed clubs from genuinely impoverished leagues like Romania and Moldova to make an impressive impact on the European stage.  This is the model for Aberdeen, Dundee United, Hibs and Hearts; Celtic are operating on a related but different model.  If this New Money is spent wisely we will all benefit.

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  1. POR CIERTO on 12TH JULY 2022 12:13 PM


    BIG JIMMY going out for a few hours, catch any replies when I get back pal, HH por cierto

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  3. The Hickey move was an eye opener. If big leagues are now looking at Scotland then it will make the next Turnbull that more difficult to pick up. Perhaps this is the reason why we’re now sourcing players from different continents.



    For me, Scottish, Irish or Japanese, if they’re good enough, I’m happy.

  4. The Pope vs France — guess who won at the Battle of the Boyne?



    The Dutch monarchy’s Life Guards — would that be the Blue of Our Lady?

  5. Agreed Paul67,



    Best thing the clubs can do with their cash is invest in a bit of science for scouting players away from the usual swarm of journeymen SPFL players like a Power or one of the McGinn clan, or from the english lower leagues from a recommendation from an uninspiring low level coach.



    No great surprise that journeyman Ross has therefore plumped for Fletcher, Hibs and the Dons appear to be a bit more imaginative, McKay will reap rewards from his network and we seem to have an influx of Aussies, who will certainly bring with them an athletcism.



    Doig may come good, Ferguson always looked limited and profiled more due to his dubious family connections but Hickey has show the value of the deals in terms of trading from Italy to the EPL.



    The SPFL quality has shrunk in recent seasons and hopefully we get a reverse of that in the coming season. Certainly feels better than previous years.




  6. 1980 till 2020’ish.



    The youth talent never went away — it just didn’t get developed.


    Iceland shows the way — full court press on a population of 350K to wring the cloth dry.



    We just have ego-trippers shouting at wee boys playing in a sleet storm on a waterlogged pitch.

  7. quadrophenian on

    STIVS – Nice one LOL.



    SFTB from before… Eddie and The Hot Rods are your only guide in your ‘Agony Aunt’ query previous:



    FYI SFTB, I just watched and thoroughly enjoyed the Batman/Lego movie; a very droll kids movie for adults.



    PS In the comfort of wur ain hoose tho ;)

  8. The issue should be that AH does not need to go to Italy to fast track his move into the EPL.



    Places 3 – 12 @ SPL — attempts at European football have been shambolic in the main.



    Playing teams they are not used to facing on a regular basis has delivered consistent embarrassing humpings — the Scottish cringe in shorts.



    SPL attempting a new challenge — the majority of the effort is put into finding excuses for almost certain resultant failure.

  9. Moravcik67






    1 Jul


    1. Euro squad stuff.



    With the signings of Bernabei and Jota, here’s some tweets about where are with our European Squad for next season.



    Because of our automatic group place, we have until 2nd September to register our squad. So still plenty of time to add to what we have.

  10. To see a World in a Grain of Sand


    And a Heaven in a Wild Flower,


    Hold Infinity in the palm of your hand


    And Eternity in an hour.



    Roll on 330pm Celtic Park time.



    HH all.

  11. quadrophenian on

    Tin hat on here…



    Is it possible that Steevie G’s sojourn to Escocia was the reason heads started to tune into more SPFL games? Or are foreign clubs now scraping the actual barrell bottom (Scotch fitba) looking for brass among muck??


    Perhaps Scottish coaching is finally getting with the times and we’re producing some better prospects (all at left back funny enuff).

  12. Getting a sell-on for a player from Italy v. trying to sell him directly from Hearts ?



    Who would currently win ?



    EPL snobbery dictates it’s Italy.



    And the results are in :



    £900k from Scotland to Italy


    £17m from Italy to England – Hearts get £1.7m…




  13. POR CIERTO on 12TH JULY 2022 11:50 AM









    No problemo my auld mucker :)))







    Does 12.00 pm suit you? at the bottom of Celtic Way where the Taxi will drop you, por cierto




    I think the bottom of the Celtic Way is fine, as I cant stand too long so I may have to try and sit on a small barrier/fence etc IF I am there before you. High Noon is fine, although I will probably be there sooner as I will be Booking a Taxi on Friday in order that I am NOT struggling to get a taxi on the morning of the game.


    Im waiting for The MOD Man to send me your Email address. If/When I get it, I will Email you mate.


    If you meet me at the bottom of the Celtic Way, be prepared for a rather slow walk to our seats.




    HH Mate.

  14. I read the Mail On Sunday at weekend.



    There were two interviews that I found interesting.



    Michael Beale, the person who lots of people believe , how was the brains of the Rangers first ever League trophy and Derek McInnes.



    Beale talked about how good the talent in Scotland actually is, how advanced the science and scouting is, how talking down the game and the product and even the management is crippling.



    He said both Celtic and Rangers have everything to compete top half of the premiership, and that Aberdeen, Hearts , Hibs would compete in the championship.



    He talked up our Scottish youth set ups, saying it continually delivers talented players. He talked up Scottish managers as having to work harder and deliver results without all the money others enjoy but for him McInnes, Ross, Goodwin, McInally are as good as mangers elsewhere.



    One comment he made was Gio and Ange have a healthy respect for each other, that wasnt there in recent years, I took that as meaning Gerrard and Lenny did not.



    So anyways, he didnt need to say all that, but I did find it intersting.



    Onto McInness.



    He spoke really highly of Lewis Ferguson, a player from day 1 fitted in, took on board instructions, worked every moment on improving his game, and even brought leadership skills at a young age. He said we never lost a goal ever from any defensive duties that had Ferguson in the box.


    His thoughts are he will go onto be a top-level player.



    Willie Miller on shortbread as well, Couldnt talk up Ferguson anymore, a brilliant lad, a great controbutor and he will go on to play at the highest level.



    On reading and listening, I thought, I really dont know this game at all.

  15. Ferguson was cheap as he is a current international. £3m is not a lot of money. Doig for £3m is good money.



    These are due to the profit made on Hickey

  16. Arthur’s Seat on fire as blaze rips through Edinburgh hills


    The fierce blaze on Arthur’s Seat burned overnight, with park rangers continuing to monitor the situation today.




    It would that ” Arthur” is in ” The HOT SEAT” ?



    Who is Arthur anyway…do they mean Arthur Daley.


    TV Trivia……Arthur Daleys ” Birthday” was on July 12th according to one episode of the show MINDER, when Artur appeared in Court.



  17. And back to the theme of todays leader.



    I too think we are on the cusp of good things for the wider Scottish football scene.



    Hearts earning transfer fees and gauranteed participation in a group stage.


    Aberdeen and Hibs receiving large transfer fees in.


    CL direct participation for us.


    Hopefully not for the currants but they will be in the Europa gauranteed.



    So over a few short seasons profiles and money in the game rising.



    I kind of agree that Stevie G raised a profile and interest, but for me that was a continuation of interest because of Brendan.



    Looking around scottish football who do we think is ready to come to celtic.


    Does anyone think we missed out on Hickey, Fergusn or Doig

  18. Players outside the Glasgow 2, transfers below. Trending upwards. Ceiling of a few million tops from Scotland to England or a chance for a larger return via an Italy or elsewhere to England…Boyle just feels like an outlier at this moment.



    This decade (early) – 6 players.


    Ramsey – 4.4m (straight to England)


    Boyle – 3.1m


    McKenna – 3m (straight to England)


    Doig – 3m


    Ferguson – 3m


    Hickey – 1m



    Last decade – 2 players


    Goodwillie – 3m


    McGinn – 3m



    Noughties – 4 players


    Gordon – 9.7m


    McCarthy – 5m


    Fletcher – 4.2m


    Berra – 2.7




  19. England v India in first ODI from the Oval



    India take 2 early wickets 6 for 2 after 2 overs.



    Cricket quick news

  20. QUADROPHENIAN on 12TH JULY 2022 12:44 PM


    Tin hat on here…




    It’s possible, in my opinion it’s more likely down to Andy Robertson and to a lesser degree KT.



    The world will see Robertson performing at the very top, in club football, which you would think leads to others looking into his background.

  21. Bhoyjoebelfast on

    On this day in 1924 Charlie Tully was one day old,born in McDonnell street,off the Falls Road,four streets from where I lived.My father worked with Charlie in Langford Lodge during the war and said he was funny,and a genuine bloke.When I asked my father who was your favourite player………he replied Patsy Gallagher,what price for Patsy and Chas.

  22. A Canadian owner buying from American-owned Scottish clubs.



    Foreign ownership finally dragging Scottish football out of the dark ages by applying modern business practices



    As you’ve suggest, this can only be good for our game; while it increases the price of good young Scottish talent it makes the league more competitive. And while the currant buns continue to blunder they way around more canny, and nimble operations can get closer to them competitively. If they put a bit more thought into appointing their coaches they’d be closing on them even quicker.

  23. In the Superstore at Celtic Park very busy ,but you know me I couldn’t help not having a look around the Stadium ,who ever is responsible for the look of it ,needs to have a good look ,I’m being kind when I say it’s manky a good wash and paint work wouldn’t go amiss,for a modern stadium it’s a disgrace,

  24. TIMBHOY163 on 12TH JULY 2022 1:27 PM



    Did you think about cleaning your glasses?

  25. SS at 12:01 & 12:55



    I don’t think any of those three players would be an upgrade on what we already have. Only time will tell if they sink or swim away from the small SPFL pond.



    The guy behind Danny McGrain, at Love Street, is Frank McDougall. One of our own but headed to Pittodrie to join a very good Aberdeen team. Maybe the Fergie influence ?


    Scored four in a game against us back in ’85. Would loved to have seen him in the hoops. Persistent back problems ended his career prematurely, sadly.

  26. IniquitousIV on




    “Moral dilemma question- Is it ok for a grown man to want to go and see the new Minions movie without having any kids along to justify it?”




    That struck a chord with me. About 55 years ago, I wanted to see a movie, ( or ‘fillum’ in the local vernacular ) whose title I can’t remember. My girl friend at the time did not want to see it, so I toddled off on my own to the Lyceum in Govan. At that time, the various ratings were U, A and X, with kids only allowed in to see ‘A’ rated movies, of which this was one.



    As I approached the entrance, two grubby faced urchins approached me. “Mister, can we get in with you? We have the money.” I said, “Sure”, entered, approached the kiosks, and asked for an adult and 2 kid’s tickets. The grumpy faced wummin in the kiosk said, “Do you know these two?”


    I said, “I’m their uncle.”



    She said, “That’s a bit odd. This is the third time they have tried to get in!”

  27. quadrophenian on

    THE_HUDDLE on 12TH JULY 2022 1:21 PM


    QUADROPHENIAN on 12TH JULY 2022 12:44 PM


    Tin hat on here…




    It’s possible, in my opinion it’s more likely down to Andy Robertson and to a lesser degree KT.



    The world will see Robertson performing at the very top, in club football, which you would think leads to others looking into his background.






    Good shout indeed.


    Andy, KT…now Ramsay, Doig, Paterson, Hickey – weird that Scotland now produces more quality fullbacks than any other position. Wonder why…



    Be good if all this scouting and scrutiny saw the SPFL professionalise in all ways…you know, including refs etc ;)

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