New, social, CQN, Elvis is dead!


And we’re back!  What a two days of systems nightmare.  We went down at 7pm on Thursday.  No conclusive information on why, we have had traffic volume related outages before, but this was on a more serious and persistent basis. We had to move the database to a new location and restore from backup to recover, we lost a few days articles. Better not speak to me about Fasthosts for a while.

We got access to the databases this morning and took the opportunity to upgrade facilities in the background.  We’re on a new incarnation of WordPress and now have Facebook and Twitter integration.  Good news is you can link your Celtic Quick News account with your Facebook and/or Twitter accounts, and share information from CQN to your social network timeline.

To do so:
Login to Celtic Quick News.
Cick on your name at the top of the Comments box to access your profile.
Scroll to the bottom of the page to access the Facebook and Twitter links.
Update your profile.

You will then see a Share link beside your comments.

Should we be Celtic Slow News for today?  Here it is:

Rennes 1-1 Celtic.
Hugely important second half performance and Joe Ledley goal.
Your favourite billionaire is getting divorced and has claimed he has no money!  Oh dear.
One year on, the SFA are still smoking out religiously offensive correspondents!
The Berlin Wall fell and I hear Elvis is dead.

Have a try at the Facebook and Twitter links and let me know what you think of it.  I’m off for a break but will catch up later.

Most importantly, there is a Celtic fan called Andrew who will be walking about Belfast in a daze this weekend.  If you see him, but him a beer.

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  1. Well done Paul. What a long slow few days it’s been for those of us who lurk and read, lurk and read.



    You don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone!




  2. Summa of Sammi.... on




    And Samaras Scores….



    Another Hat-Trick….



    Summa ft SammiTheHunSlayerCSC

  3. lostinbonnybridge, you’re very welcome.



    bhoys4ever, cheers.



    Swanseabhoy, I’ve just test-shared your comment. I think I’m going to like this facility.



    Off for a break.

  4. Vmhan who Supports Neil Lennon on

    G’day my friends in Celtic, where have ye all been? I’ve been on CQN posting to maself since Thursday night :>)


    Vmhan HH tae ye 

  5. Houl yer wheest on



    What a horse is Camelot. Wee Joseph is a cool kid. He’s now heading for the top


    Got on at 2/1

  6. Well done P67


    2 days without CQN in the wilds of Donegal……..desperate times




  7. I don’t post often, I’m a lurking fanatic!!



    Might do more as my life hasn’t been the same for 2 days!!



    Thank you Paul & Andrew!!

  8. Thought that perhaps the shock of that goal knocked cqn off cyberspace.


    Could have been worse. Cha and Forster could have saved it up for the next game against Them.

  9. Bout time!!



    The latest phase by the media machine is to soften the blow of administratiion.



    CW openly telling journalists “off the record” that admin is his master plan yesterday

  10. You See We Are The Fast Hosts



    You see we are the fast hosts and promise to keep you up,


    Unfortunately we’ve run out of Viagra, lost yer only backup,


    Be with you twenty four seven, except when things go wrong,


    Engineers that ask stupid questions, answers they knew all along?



    You see we are the fast hosts supporting the other web site,


    Tough that yours isnae working, service agreement is shyte,


    Didn’t notice it wiz a cludgie or the handle used for the flush,


    That itch when listenin tae our sales talk, thinkin you hid the thrush.



    You see we are the fast hosts 99.99% network uptime for you,


    Except when it’s no bloody workin, withoot a paddle in yer canoe,


    Serves you right fir being in the mainstream, exposing all of their lies,


    Enemies aroon every corner, need a server that willnae capsize!



    you don’t know what you’ve got till its gone CSC

  11. See what I mean, can’t even spell my name properly, eedjit.



    well done Paul, I’m sure you were working mighty hard the past few days, brilliant and yes, thank you.I’m sure everyone on here agrees with me.



    Seemed to coincide with the BeeB /hun expose as well. Told you I smelled a rat



    Hail Hail




  12. Hi all. Did anyone else think they had managed to log in early this morning, only for it to disappear again when you tried to post a comment?


    I kept on seeing ‘0 comments’ under the articles and thought I’d be first to post.



    It’s hard enough trying to keep off the drink without being in CQN withdrawal as well!

  13. Never thought I would miss my fix so much.My wife asked me ,why are you talking to me so much?Well she will be getting the silent treatment for the rest of the weekend.Welcome back.Slan

  14. RadioClydeNews Radio Clyde News


    Hearts have announced a ban on all contact with the media. The club say they’ll now only distribute information on their website.




    Jeezo. Hertz feeling hard done by now too?



    They dinnae know they’re livin’.




  15. MWD


    I think you should be repeating that poll on an hourly basis. The club should be left in no doubt what the supports’ views on this happening. There can never be any exscuse for backing them after their years of cheating.

  16. Did anyone else get an inordinate amount of work done yesterday compared, say, to days when CQN is up and running?

  17. johann murdoch on

    Welcome back to the future Paul ! Son of zheng zhi our new owner says hi!hh



    Must dash and wash the jet car!

  18. Paul – Brilliant to have you back.



    As others have said you just don’t know what you have until it goes.



    Its been a bleak day or two



    C’mon the hoops




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