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And we’re back!  What a two days of systems nightmare.  We went down at 7pm on Thursday.  No conclusive information on why, we have had traffic volume related outages before, but this was on a more serious and persistent basis. We had to move the database to a new location and restore from backup to recover, we lost a few days articles. Better not speak to me about Fasthosts for a while.

We got access to the databases this morning and took the opportunity to upgrade facilities in the background.  We’re on a new incarnation of WordPress and now have Facebook and Twitter integration.  Good news is you can link your Celtic Quick News account with your Facebook and/or Twitter accounts, and share information from CQN to your social network timeline.

To do so:
Login to Celtic Quick News.
Cick on your name at the top of the Comments box to access your profile.
Scroll to the bottom of the page to access the Facebook and Twitter links.
Update your profile.

You will then see a Share link beside your comments.

Should we be Celtic Slow News for today?  Here it is:

Rennes 1-1 Celtic.
Hugely important second half performance and Joe Ledley goal.
Your favourite billionaire is getting divorced and has claimed he has no money!  Oh dear.
One year on, the SFA are still smoking out religiously offensive correspondents!
The Berlin Wall fell and I hear Elvis is dead.

Have a try at the Facebook and Twitter links and let me know what you think of it.  I’m off for a break but will catch up later.

Most importantly, there is a Celtic fan called Andrew who will be walking about Belfast in a daze this weekend.  If you see him, but him a beer.

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  1. glendalystonsils on

    Mickbhoy 1888



    I’m with you there. I’d rather watch the Manc derby than the Manky derby.

  2. You’d have thought when Gaddaffi had a gun pointed at him that one of his menwould have shouted, Gaddaffi, duck.


    What’s black and has two broken arms?


    Gaddaffi’s sunglasses.



    4-1 the good guys today, come on the Celtic



    Hail Hail




  3. WHEN is anyone else going toget some luck v the orcs????



    Played off the park today but 0-2 up




  4. Snake Plissken on

    It’s all about what Celtic do then.



    I gave up watching their filthy game. The songs made me feel sick and hearts could play until Christmas and not score.



    Two scumbag clubs.

  5. Anyone know if the game will be broadcast on an Irish radio station which I can download an app for the iphone


    I could listen to either Scotland or Clyde but I dare say the will be giving heavy on the points difference


    Ps anyone suspect that Rooney and clattenberg swap notes on transplants

  6. you have to wonder…..hearts have total media blackout; huns not talking to BBC so why is wee Chick at Tynecastle when he has nobody to talk to? all he can do is support the huns….as per

  7. C’mon the Celts, keep the pressure on them. A good victory is what we need for confidence. Loads of football to play yet and its a matter of time until Polaris and Jellyfish get injured.. hopefully.

  8. It’s not luck! Everyone knows they’re on a precipice, everyone knows that they don’t have enough money to pay their staff, everyone knows that the squad have their exit strategies, the end is nigh!!!! couldn’t happen to a nicer bunch!