New, social, CQN, Elvis is dead!


And we’re back!  What a two days of systems nightmare.  We went down at 7pm on Thursday.  No conclusive information on why, we have had traffic volume related outages before, but this was on a more serious and persistent basis. We had to move the database to a new location and restore from backup to recover, we lost a few days articles. Better not speak to me about Fasthosts for a while.

We got access to the databases this morning and took the opportunity to upgrade facilities in the background.  We’re on a new incarnation of WordPress and now have Facebook and Twitter integration.  Good news is you can link your Celtic Quick News account with your Facebook and/or Twitter accounts, and share information from CQN to your social network timeline.

To do so:
Login to Celtic Quick News.
Cick on your name at the top of the Comments box to access your profile.
Scroll to the bottom of the page to access the Facebook and Twitter links.
Update your profile.

You will then see a Share link beside your comments.

Should we be Celtic Slow News for today?  Here it is:

Rennes 1-1 Celtic.
Hugely important second half performance and Joe Ledley goal.
Your favourite billionaire is getting divorced and has claimed he has no money!  Oh dear.
One year on, the SFA are still smoking out religiously offensive correspondents!
The Berlin Wall fell and I hear Elvis is dead.

Have a try at the Facebook and Twitter links and let me know what you think of it.  I’m off for a break but will catch up later.

Most importantly, there is a Celtic fan called Andrew who will be walking about Belfast in a daze this weekend.  If you see him, but him a beer.

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  1. getting my fix now thats better, welcome back CQN and everyone else,


    thanks paul 67 and andrew for the huge efforts you put in.

  2. Paul67…………. Lost in Space?



    Glad to have you back – thought I’d crashed the blog on Thursday giving it yeha when I got £5 on @5/1 the draw just as big Chas was taking the free kick!

  3. According to some of the financial wizards over on FF, whytie has it all covered, the BBC will be paying for the tax bill whe whytie sues the pants of them.



    All sorted, move along Timmy.

  4. Silver City Neil Lennon on



    I see critcism of the team’s short comings here being verbally echoed by the crowd leading to tension in our players making them play worse rather than better. I’ll stick to contemplating how bad Rangers might do.

  5. SwanseaBhoy



    That sounds great, thanks. Clare will be with me, if that’s all right with you. After the U19s game, she just can’t get enough.



    We will be ready.




    They are already ignoring figures that the fans are voting with their wallets.


    Will a few more principled dissidents change their way of thinking?

  7. The Craig Whyte interview in The Scotsman




















































































  8. Bhoys just got a text saying it would be a bad idea if they go into admin b4 Taxcase because HMRC would get nothing and it also means no assests sold what’s yer thoughts?

  9. Silver City Neil Lennon



    The flaws are not entirely the players fault.


    If you shop at Harrods you get Harrods. If you shop at Lidl you get Lidl.

  10. Martybhoy59



    It doesn’t matter where Cha “thought he would be”, he had plenty of time to actually see where his keeper was.



    Also having coached kids for many a year, the first thing you teach a defender re pass backs is that you never, ever pass it ‘on target’. I do think that Forster was just as culpable though.

  11. Silver City Neil Lennon on



    It is currently a gift that keeps giving. I do understand quonno’s frustration. I’d rather we were winning on the field but what can you do against financial recklessness.

  12. Thank the lord. What a time to be down. Mind you went on FF – comedy gold amid all the hatred.



    Well done to all for getting CQN back up.

  13. now,what has been going on? here`s my summary…


    We ,seem ,to have discovered some backbone,good news. The White Chancer is in full panic mode as his plan is being unravelled. Perma Tan Bain will get hee-haw out of them. Chico is having to defend ,majestically, the BBC being accused of anti Rangers bias!! Strange goings on indeed. I still cannot believe the Scotsman article, it reads like it was done over the phone and it still smacks of a fanzine piss take to me, he cannot be that stupid,can he? Another question, will The Orcs be picking up the tab for the Carter *uck bill ? Or will wee Whitey get legal aid?


    Strange gongs on and we still have the spectacle of the two bigots elevens taking to the field in financial dire strailts tomorrow, who will pay the ref?



  14. Paul67



    I don’t do Facebook or Twiiter. Is that me barred? :(



    Two days away and I find out ‘Administration’ has been the plan all along and it is actually a good thing.



    Why does everyone else fight tooth and nail to avoid it but Whyte embraces it?



    All to do with the welfare of rangers and nothing to do with being the First Creditor on the list.



    Before I forget, magnificent performance from Celtic on Thursday. This League is ours! HH

  15. .



    Twists and Turns….



    Black Caviar beat Far Lap’s Record of 14 wins in a Row….Today….



    I Expect the Coolmore Mafia to come Calling soon….Would love to See it Run in Europe….



    Summa ft ShergarCSC

  16. quonno



    I have a feeling it will be more than a few disidents, a few thousand would be closer, and quite a few thousand at that.


    1000 less ST holders ammounts to 500k, and so on, anyways, it will be up to all the spl clubs to have their say, how many would be willing to give up 2 home games a season for the chance of euro glory, and bigger crowds when your team has a chance, rather than the stacked dice that is against them.



    Interesting times ahead, unless they win the big tax case, then we are the ones who should be worried.

  17. if rangers recieve big tax bill and come out of this with just 10 point penalty for their behaviour then i think


    there will serious consequences for scottish football,people will just give up and call it a day as there will


    nothing and i mean NOTHING that they cannot do and get away with it, the games integrity is pretty much


    discredited [in my eyes anyway]but this will destroy it conpletely in many other eyes, this has to be at the point of


    no return if this goes by without serious sanctions and a precedent set for others to understand the consequences


    of this form of cheating.

  18. Margaret McGill says:



    22 October, 2011 at 15:40



    Congratulations Paul67!


    I thought you had been macgiollabhained




    That’s what I thought until I spoke to my Paranoiacs Anonymous sponsor. ( I think he’s a hun.)


    Glad you’re back, Paul.

  19. hearts at it now! How hilarious is all this considering the treatment we have suffered from the media for years…



    The statement read: “Following receipt of a letter from the Scottish Football Association earlier this week asking club manager Paulo Sergio to explain alleged comments made by him prior to the Dunfermline v Hearts game, Hearts today confirmed that the club will back the manager completely at the Judicial Panel hearing.



    “The club will support Paulo against any claim that he has breached the governing body’s articles of association in relation to comments about match officials or referees – which if both are found proven could lead to a minimum six-match suspension.



    “It is this club’s considered opinion that, above all else, Heart of Midlothian has a duty of care to its employees. As such the club feels that it is entirely wrong for Paulo Sergio to be potentially sanctioned given the circumstances.



    “For this reason the club feels that, in addition to defending the manager’s position, the club will also suspend all general media activity – including pre and post-match media conferences – until, at the earliest, the date of the hearing on 3rd November. All manager, player and game information will continue to be offered through the club website.”

  20. If they take the 10 points penalty and start again, what can stop the Hertz, Hibs, Kilmarnock et al joining them and we all start anew after Xmas ? The SFA would have to step in ,surely?


    morequestionsthananswers thats me

  21. hamiltontim



    agree to disagree on Cha m8,but you did misquote me never wrote “thought” did write “expected” slightly different, although 100% agree on your earlier asessment of Forster

  22. I thought that the BBC programme on Thursday raised on very interesting point near the end when talking about CW’s mate who was found guilty of fraud. Their modus operandi was to spend time restructuring nearly-dead companies so as clear out the remaining cash without paying the unsecured creditors. This is a long-time theory from the RTC blog, but interesting to hear it raised nonetheless.

  23. Hi Celtic First


    I’ll be meeting up with you tomorrow. Looking forward to it.



    Hail Hail

  24. danso_1888



    IF the huns go bust, insolvent/liquidated, and Celtic have a helping hand in them being allowed to ply their trade at the top level, the club will never get another penny from me or my family.



    As you say, what is the point.



    The have stolen and cheated, there is no way on gods earth I will support anything that condones them.

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