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And we’re back!  What a two days of systems nightmare.  We went down at 7pm on Thursday.  No conclusive information on why, we have had traffic volume related outages before, but this was on a more serious and persistent basis. We had to move the database to a new location and restore from backup to recover, we lost a few days articles. Better not speak to me about Fasthosts for a while.

We got access to the databases this morning and took the opportunity to upgrade facilities in the background.  We’re on a new incarnation of WordPress and now have Facebook and Twitter integration.  Good news is you can link your Celtic Quick News account with your Facebook and/or Twitter accounts, and share information from CQN to your social network timeline.

To do so:
Login to Celtic Quick News.
Cick on your name at the top of the Comments box to access your profile.
Scroll to the bottom of the page to access the Facebook and Twitter links.
Update your profile.

You will then see a Share link beside your comments.

Should we be Celtic Slow News for today?  Here it is:

Rennes 1-1 Celtic.
Hugely important second half performance and Joe Ledley goal.
Your favourite billionaire is getting divorced and has claimed he has no money!  Oh dear.
One year on, the SFA are still smoking out religiously offensive correspondents!
The Berlin Wall fell and I hear Elvis is dead.

Have a try at the Facebook and Twitter links and let me know what you think of it.  I’m off for a break but will catch up later.

Most importantly, there is a Celtic fan called Andrew who will be walking about Belfast in a daze this weekend.  If you see him, but him a beer.

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  1. lionroars67 says:


    22 October, 2011 at 16:58



    I agree, with big Victor sitting in front of the defence it looks more solid as he is giving them more protection working in tandem with Kayal who looked a lot more interested on Thursday than he did against Kilmarnock. Also a better balance in midfield as well and a bit more ball winning ability. Victor is still a young player and a lot to learn, but I have been encouraged by his midfield performances. I would not have him playing centre half though.




  2. In all seriousness, I would like to ask any CQNer who has expertise in the area: has their owner serious mental health issues? I am not being facetious. His interview with English struck me as being given by someone who needs help.

  3. There you are.



    Shugster on Clyde gets things into perspective



    “the murray legacy is tarnished”,Tarnished!! even now they remain blinded.



    What hold has Murray gt over these people?




  4. Charles Patrick Tully, hailhailplc, cheers



    EXILED TIM, aye, it’s an addiction.



    hamiltontim :-)



    Dont use OldFirm, you’re very welcome.



    angelfc67, do so.



    KINGLUBO, v frustrating couple of days.



    Partizan :-)



    johann Murdoch, Beechbhoy, cheers.



    Ten Men Won The League, cheers.



    MICK11, Swanseabhoy, I hear the SFA have continued to shed some of the problem staff from last year. Not a new instance.



    Headtheball , I told you don’t mention Fasthosts !*!*



    Margaret McGill, is that an adjective now?



    Greenwells Glory, cheers.



    Stpatricksbhoy, me too.



    Gordon_J, if you can go missing, we all can go missing…



    bournesouprecipe ha!



    Summa :-)



    Estadio Nacional I said FAVOURITE billionaire.



    Twists, I’ll check it out.



    Stringer Bell, that is bad!



    Dannygall, service is been far from excellent for the last couple of days, but thanks.



    googybhoy, good to be back. I see your Facebook’ed up.



    GourockEmeraldBhoy, well done to Mrs GourockEmeraldBhoy .



    danso_1888, You’re v welcome.



    Praecepta, aye, I thought it was you who broke it too…



    ASonOfDan, not at all.



    Fritzsong, glad to be back.



    Lennondinho18, cheers. Get that Twitter address linked to your CQN account.



    The Laddy McGeary, thanks.



    Dan, welcome back to you too.



    Bjmac, yes, extremely testing.



    Zbyszek, even the Polish Brigade are back!



    Celtic Mac, cheers.

  5. High accuses Celtic fan of using inflammatory language in relation to Rankers financial situation



    The Ibrox chairman admitted: “It’s like a gorilla in the room and you don’t know what its appetite is.”



    When asked if Rangers could go bust, he replied: “The reality is there is a possibility that there could be a judgement that the club can’t pay.”



    How could the Rankers chairman use such a emotive and graphic analogy in relation to the clubs finances

  6. 67Heaven ... I am Neil Lennon..!! Tick Tock !! on

    Did some little shoite from the dark side decide we weren’t to TICK our TALK………..They really are approaching Armageddon…….

  7. southside paddy,



    Not so sure abut that particular point, but I understand the BBC doc was legalled in-house and also by an outside firm of solicitors. I am pretty sure it will be watertight.



    Indeed, arguably some of the things Whyte mentioned in the Scotsman this morning are verging on the libelous with regard to Mark Daly…

  8. Hello folks, having listened to the views of rangers fans over theyre financial turmoil, some of them seem to still have their heids in the sand…it beggars belief?



    If this was Celtic, we would be in the car park demanding answers NOW! thats the difference.



    Then there are the ones who seem to be very cavalier about they’re perilous situation..”even if we get hit with a 10 point penalty, we’ll still win the league” haha aye ok.



    Listen folks, admin could knock them dizzy for YEARS! whilst we leave them in our dust!,..They will effectively need to start from scratch.



    Then there is liquidation, If whyte waits on the result of the tax case, and it goes against them, as far as I know, it’ll be games a bogey for them…I really hope this happens.



    A world with no rangers fc,…. imagine it!

  9. Could someone, in layman’s term, tell me what happens when you click the ‘share’ button?



    SPF (in the dark ages when it comes to F/book and Twitter)

  10. Alistair “Surrender No ” Johnsons comments shows the bigotry was alive and kicking in the Hun boardroom



    just shows how there mindset is still stuck in the 17thcentury and is what still defines them

  11. southside paddy on




    Cheers. CW knew about the programme, knew the allegations to be made, didnt try to interdict the airing of the show. Hardly the actions of someone who felt he was being unfairly described

  12. Nollaig a chara on

    Well folks great to see CQN back was starting to worry thought my laptop was on the blink lol

  13. Mick11,



    FollowFollow today is jaw-dropping. Whyte has them all onside. The BBC are the enemy. Open speculation on the religion of people working there.



    It is terrifying how easily people lose their critical faculties when someone gives them a common enemy to hate…



    Everything they should be worrying about – Whyte’s dodgy past, his opaque intentions for their club, the openly discussed possibility of administration, the flagrant taunting of the tax authorities, the warnings of AJ, the resignation of Greig – all this has been forgotten.



    FF today is a hateful place, a really frightening insight into a part of Scotland we all hoped had died long, long ago…

  14. Ghuys ,just to let you know ,there will be no naps competition today


    due to fasthosts being slowhosts and erses.



    Our Fleagle ,who currently runs said competion,will not be running


    for a wee while as he has a triple leg fracture,so good luck to him.

  15. Thanks Paul for getting the site up and running .its like supporting celtic ,i just cant get enough. Anyway we should have beaten rennes on thursday night.lennon should have replaced young forrest in the second half with bangura and stokes im sure we could have got another goal and go and win the match.but you know the old saying those who hesitate are lost.and on that point im afraid as far as im concenerd big forster should be replaced in goal .not even an attempt to go and chase the ball before it goes in the the net.and cha is not to be forgiven either, to-morrow nothing but a win ,

  16. Hail Hail…my first post here. I thoroughly enjoy this forum…for the most part :) Do any of you have a link to the BBC ‘expose’ from the other night? I live in Canada and as a result I am unable to login to BBC Scotland. I want to see what all the fuss is about!



    Keep up the great work Paul!



    In Celtic ALWAYS!!!



    The Eyeguy

  17. Neil Lennon is ainm dom (nohunlover) on

    Thank God, CQN is back! Please, please don’t let that happen again Mr Brennan, I was lost for the last few days.




  18. MurdochauldandHay



    Having recorded and watched the programme, that was the thing that stood out most in the entire sorry episode. Never mind all the history of Walter Mitty Whyte and his shady business dealings. For a man so intrinsically involved with them in an official capacity to use the phrase, so freely, was the truly eye opening.

  19. C’mon Paul, elaborate on this statement:



    One year on, the SFA are still smoking out religiously offensive correspondents!




    I’ll be glued to this monitor until you do! Do you have more dirt on them at all??

  20. Scotpatsfan



    When you click on share, it gives you an option of sharing the comment you made in this thread on either Facebook or Twitter.



    Your choice if you have an account for either.

  21. ItaliaBhoy



    It’s a blessing in disguise that they follow follow like sheep. That’s one of the reasons they are in so much bother.


    Give them a cause to hate and they’ll supply the bile.


    So Whyte’s is involved in number of current successful business ventures that he doesn’t want to name or discuss.



    The man’s a bug eyed Terry Cassidy.

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