Newco admin unlikely in short term but traumas ahead


I had lot of questions over the weekend about Newco going into administration in the coming days or weeks, following Dave King’s resignation on Friday when he simultaneously announced funding plans have “been put on hold”.

To recap:  In their most recently available accounts to 30 June 2018, Newco recorded an £11m annual loss.  Since then they have gone one stage further in European competition, but also spent significantly in the transfer market.  My expectation is that losses would be higher this season, even before the current crisis.

In a statement on Friday, interim chairman Douglas Park and vice-chair and John Bennett indicated they would continue to support the club financially.  It is unlikely they would have made this commitment if they were planning to put the club into administration in the short term.

While the coronavirus will devastate the P&L of every club in Europe, government provisions will help Newco, who, like every other business in the land, will be able to defer payments to HMRC.  They will also be able to furlough the vast majority of non-playing staff.

Even with players and coaches remain on the payroll, cash required to get through the next three months could be as little as £6m (assuming they defer paying every other bill they can).  Led by Barcelona (or Herats, if you prefer), some clubs across Europe have taken unilateral action and suspended or curtailed player wages for the duration of the crisis.  Before next month’s payroll is due, there may be a coordinated effort by clubs to push a rule like this through.  If not, Newco could come to an agreement with high-earning staff to take a pay cut, or postpone wages.

A few million may be enough to see the club limp to the summer, when they hope to see season ticket renewal money.  With these possibilities still in play, and bearing in mind the funding commitment by Park and Bennet, I don’t see a convincing argument to suggest they will press the administration button immediately.

While it is clear they can (if they choose) survive until the summer, they still need to address the fact that they are trading beyond their means and incurring unsustainable losses.  An open transfer window gives them an out.

The market for footballers will open hugely down on where it closed in January.  Fanciful valuations that appeared in newspapers for Newco players will not be met, but to survive, all they need to do is get high earners off the wage bill, even if it means accepting low or zero compensation.

The first thing an administrator normally does on taking over a distressed company is to keep creditors at bay while he tries to salvage the business.  Newco’s creditors are not applying pressure – and the quantum is nothing like what it was when Oldco went down.  The next thing an administrator would do is try to cut costs while turning non-key assets into cash where possible.  This can be done by management without the need to go through administration.

The one caveat to this – as long as the directors are prepared to cough up a few million, and they said on Friday they were, I don’t see the benefit of administration before the transfer window opens.

All the underlying issues remain.  This club has lived beyond its means for all its eight-year history.  It will need to downsize quickly and significantly to have any future.  The Sugar Daddy daydream cannot help them, as funding continuous losses is inconsistent with Uefa FFP – and the most recent Knight on a White Charger has just tailed it back to Hong Kong.

Newco can have a future as a smaller football club, one that pays its bills and develops players in the same way Motherwell, Hibs and others do.  Living within their means is their only viable future, but that would necessitate giving up on fantasies of catching Celtic, and I suspect they would prefer liquidation than take that bitter pill.

The auction for Roy Keane’s signed Ireland shirt closes tomorrow, keep an eye on it.  Proceeds to towards Glasgow South East Foodband at this difficult time.

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    It’s fair to say that lots of absent posters have been on recently which is great to see.



    The fact that I was at HT’s Stag, had a few beers with BT and let MARSPAPA beat me at golf (mibbe naw) has nothing to do with it!



    Hope you are good and give your good lady a hug from me and mine.

  2. fairhill bhoy on

    Hare Hare Hear Hear Hair Hair Here Here ,just pick one that is near enough 😉😂




    I knew what you meant!



    I was 12 before I realised my name was not “see you”!

  4. fairhill bhoy on

    PHILBHOY-HT &BT need no introduction on here/hair/hear 😉


    That other guy 😉🤔 though needs explaining 🍀

  5. All sitting round the telly waiting on Only Connect and Uni Challenge.



    Anyone else like to punch Victoria Coren Mitchell in the face………………..two or three times?



    Or is oi just me?







    Aye, just met him for the first time on the golf course.



    Beat me 10 and 8 then says well played at the end!



    I thought he was Tiger Woods in disguise!

  7. glendalystonsils on




    there are numerous scams such as this , particularly phone calls. They will give you certain commands which enable them to take remote control of your computer .From there , it is an easy matter for them to access all your data , passwords etc , and to clean out your account/ max out any credit cards . You are quite right to give them laldy in the most unchristian language imaginable (since you canny physically give them a good boot in the hawmaws).

  8. philbhoy



    Hasn’t been in a wee while. License suspended.


    Cannot think of one good reason why that has happened.



  9. Re the League and who will win it!!!!


    My experience would suggest that the powers that be at Humpdump, Aybroke and of course all the ludges in Scoddland, will be getting a plan together to stop. us winning the league. As sure as there is shit in a goat.




  10. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    No more Only Connect for a while.



    Am I the only person who cheers on the team that doesn’t say hor-NED viper?



    Oh !

  11. Up until today I was pretty confident we would be awarded the league as it is or we would play the remaining games behind closed doors



    Now I think the null and void option is being pushed

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  13. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Aberdeen have given season ticket holders free access to sheep tv, we should be doing this for CTV.

  14. Lap of honour round the living room,


    got 2 questions right on University Challenge

  15. !!Bada Bing!! on




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    He noticed a Priest step out onto the track and blessed the forehead of one of the horses lining up for the 4th race.


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    A few weeks ago my grandson got his first question right on University Challenge at the age of 5 years and 3 weeks old



    The question was which moons in the solar system have a radius greater than Mercury.



    Aiden says Titan which was a correct answer.



    Glad he knew as I didn’t.

  17. gordybhoy64



    A guy in China ran a marathon in his own flat…..


    He musta got three right

  18. Hrvatski Jim,


    fantastic stuff,


    I took my grandson then 4 to a dinosaur park last year,


    he was pointing out and naming dinosaurs i had never heard of.

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