Newco born from patronage of monetary inducements


Let’s be clear about what is going to happen on Friday.  Monetary inducements are being made to allow a newly created company to advance its football team two divisions up the league structure.

The overwhelming majority of money to pay for these financial inducements will be taken from Celtic, who vehemently oppose all these measures.  The SPL will reduce the commercial distribution to the top club in the league and pay-off everyone else.  41 teams will benefit financially from this proposition, only Celtic will lose.

For good measure, the SPL have declined to take gate sharing off the table.  Up to 30% of your season ticket money will soon be commandeered by Kilmarnock, Motherwell and the rest, who will take their slice and share some with the lower leagues.

All the while you can scarcely find a football fan of any club who is anything other than disgusted by this shoddy behaviour; Celtic fans are by no means isolated.  Most fans of former-club, Rangers, don’t want to see a phoenix assisted by such blatant patronage, lest Newco is forever known as a team which needed rules to be changed and money taken from Celtic to give it life.

Believe me, if Newco exists for 100 years, every day they score a goal someone will say, “They are only there because the rules were changed to help them and money was taken from Celtic to pay for it”.

They will forever be known as the Establishment club with definitive evidence that they benefited from the Establishment’s help.

The once-proud era of Scottish league football is surely over, what we are witnessing is merely evidence of this fact.  ‘Sport’ as gone from our football. Fans, clubs and the national bodies must accept this reality and start to make forward plans to breathe the oxygen of genuine competition into our game.

Where is Michel Platini when football really needs some help?

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  1. The Honest Mistake loves being first on



    Perhaps Michel and UEFA are influenced by the establishment that are bending over backwards to accommodate the zombies.

  2. Highland Tim on

    I read your article rather than going for glory Paul. to paraphrase the scene from Trainspotting “It’s a s@@te state of affairs to be in”. Let’s hope integrity wins the day.

  3. Son of Warsaw on

    They won’t get in to Division 1, I don’t think thems will be playing any football this year.

  4. Paul67



    And after the other clubs divying up CFC’s hard earned income from the Celtic support, some of our bhoys are talking about attending other Scottish football games as a sort of thank you for doing the right thing, it won’t be me.



    Have we tabled our notice to quit yet?




  5. Can anyone please confirm that tomorrow is the date that BDO move into Snake Mountain, thereby putting RFC(iA) officially into liquidation!


    I have been keeping the jelly, ice cream and a nice bottle of malt in reserve for this very moment!



    Hail! Hail!



  6. The Good Ship Celtica. on

    Talk of the state of mind of the Glesga polis on the other thread reminded me of a funny tale.



    Celtic playing Dundee United in the league cup final at Ibrox. Nips to the loo during game. In walks a copper to do his business. Guy along from him shouts, “Look his p*** is blue!”. Immediate tension from everyone else in there.



    “Nah, no me son”, retorts the cop.



    “Ah a Partick Thistle man”, comes the reply.





    Sailing On….

  7. The Token Tim on




    We already pay EPL season ticket prices for shoddy SPL fodder, why should we further pass on our hard earned to these SPL fodder, when our away support currently give them their lions share worth from the 2 games a season at their grounds as it is??


    Absolute disgrace if this comes to fruition.



    Doncaster, Regan and co are doing their level best to completely and utterly destroy any idea that sporting integrity and rules are applied in Scottish Football.



    “They will forever be known as the Establishment club with definitive evidence that they benefited from the Establishment’s help.”



    Sums it all up perfectly.






  8. Gate sharing can be overcome with a membership scheme, no worries on that one. Price fixing is still illegal so cannot be enforced.



    They can share 30% of my £5 a year season ticket no problem.



    Hopefully the Huns will get their wish to play in Division 3.




  9. From Garngad to Croy I am Neil Lennon. on

    “I don’t want to give them one thin dime!” – Fergus McCann 1994

  10. Thebhoyfromoz, Roy Aitken hit the keeper with a twice taken penalty near the end. Roy took the first kick when the ball was moving.



    Honest Mistake, we need his involvement.



    Highland Tim, yes, but I think we need to acknowledge the damage done to our game and start to plan for something new.



    Wmhan, I hear you.



    Token Tim, totally agree. Time to break and change the model.

  11. Reagan, Doncaster, Longmuir and Ogivie need sacked and some HONEST people put in charge.

  12. warszawabhoy on

    The question for me is do we want to try to influence the outcome or will we just let them get on with it. I think if we don’t try at least to influence it do we lose at least some of the moral right to criticise it when we almost inevitably don’t like it.




  13. The Battered Bunnet on

    “…Celtic, who vehemently oppose all these measures”



    I don’t doubt what you say is true Paul, scant though the evidence is.



    Neil Doncaster is responsible to and takes instruction from his Board, of which Celtic’s Eric Riley is one of 6 Directors. The Board are responsible to the Members, of which Celtic is one of 11.



    If what Neil Doncaster is proposing, along with his Executive chums at SFA and SFL, is anathema to Celtic, Celtic had jolly well let him know! And darned quickly at that.

  14. Lennon n Mc....Mjallby on

    Anyway Celtic and the support can restrict any cash other clubs and the sfa relieve from us should be seriously discussed,no Celtic fan should go watch a Scottish cup game for a start.

  15. Paul


    Good article, points well made as usual.


    Hun ARE the establishment make no mistake about that and Mssr Platini is doing what all beaurocrats do best, sitting on the fence.


    So, what is CELTIC going to do about and more to the point, when are they going to make their voice heard exactly?They have to forget all the ” well Celtic hate rangers” finger pointing and state their beliefs and worries once and for all.


    I hope the SFL league clubs go the integrity route but the glitter of gold could be too much to resist methinks.


    Do you know Paul if CELTIC is actively seeking new pastures at all and if so, when will this take place.


    Do not forget above all that seedy little Scotland is anti Celtic, anti Catholic more than anything pro hun so I for one expect no favours at all from anyone.



    Hail Hail





    PS Someone once wrote that the hottest places in hell are reserved for those who in great moral crisis , sit on the fence.

  16. South Of Tunis on

    ” Where is Michel Platini ? “.



    I imagine he might be greeting ,meeting and collecting from one of the European cities considering hosting a future Euro Championship game..



    Either that or assessing the suitability of somewhere like Azerbaijan or Georgia to host [ and pay for ] future Euro Championships .



    I would be very surprised if Scottish football is anywhere near the front of Michel Platini’s mind

  17. Hi Paul,



    “”They are only there because the rules were changed to help them and money was taken from Celtic to pay for it”. They will forever be known as the Establishment club with definitive evidence that they benefited from the Establishment’s help.”



    Too true, the thing is we knew that RFC could draw on this facility, when required, we could point to numerous examples however you would need to be a Paranoid Tim to believe these decisions and events were anything other than honest mistakes and coincidence rather than contrivance.



    Like the time President Peat announced he was fed up with conspiracy theories, after the hue and cry Celtic made when it was discovered (& admitted) that match officials had conspired to lie to our Manager.



    What amazes me is that this recent travesty has smoked some of them out, interesting that it is the paid staff (who apparently still don’t get how ridiculous their stand looks – hindsight will be a wonderful thing) the Movers, Shakers & CO are still deep, deep, deep undercover.



    Well now all that is decent in Scottish Football is joining in the Hue and Cry and if the Hoi Polloi are not listened to, Scottish Football is finished.

  18. Paul67,



    You may have answered this before, so apologies for asking again, but how do the Blazers propose to get around trade and competition laws with their gate sharing masterplan?

  19. Joe Filippis Haircut on

    Paul67. You are highlighting the cheating going on in Scottish football lets call a spade a spade Rangers have stolen millions from every tax payer in the UK money that could have been used for nurses,Doctors,police etc.etc.Thet have shown no repentance for the theft.They went into adminstration then liquidation in order to ensure there creditors would lose out and not them.Newco has been formed and they are breaking the rules of Scottish football even if they join Division3 as they do not have 3 years audited accounts.Now Celtic who have played by all the rules are being told they will have to help finance newco.by giving money to other clubs in order to buy newcos place in Div1.Now I am sorry but if Celtic and there fans stand for this we deserve eveything we get.Stand up Celtic and say NO stand up the Celtic support and say NO. It is an absurd situation we find ourselves in lets call for the resignation of Doncaster and Regan they are not fit for purpose if this comes to pass they wont get one brown penny from me.H.H.

  20. Why are we offering “monetary inducements” to other clubs to allow a new team entry to the league. Are we doing similar for other applicants ?


    Therefore the solution is perfectly simple, with the demise of the former Govan club we accept an entry that does not require any financial inducement to be made problem resolved and now on with the real football.



    However IF clubs wish to allow this new club to gain entry, then any payment must come from them, I’d be calling it what it is though : BRIBES pure & simple.



    Hopefully the SFL clubs will show more backbone than messrs Ogilvie, Doncaster, Reagan & Longmuir who will in turn save the game £££££’s by being removed from posts for which they are not fit & proper.

  21. I am sorry to see this deliberate confusion of two issues, Paul. It’s not honest and it doesn’t even serve the interests of the game or indeed our club.



    It’s quite wrong for newco to be put into SFL 1: for myself, I’d put them into something non-league: as I said before, I’d pay to see a Govan derby against St Anthony’s.



    Gate sharing is the obvious solution to the vast disparity in economic power between our club and everyone else. There is no future for a league of Celtic and 11 dwarfs.



    All the arguments have been rehearsed before: cup-tie gate sharing, (un)likelihood joining some other league, progress(!?) of Scottish football during the era of Premier Division and Premier League.



    I stand on the opposite side of the gate-sharing debate to you, and I am heartened when I see that you’re reduced to this pass. It looks like there’s nothing in your armoury except guilt by association.

  22. The Good Ship Celtica. on

    Oh and Paul67, I appreciate your and everyone else’s concerns but…..



    They are done. Kaput. Finished.



    Read medtim’s list from the previous thread. They do not have the infrastucture of a football club. They don’t even have enough players for any level of the game.



    Those responsible for bending over backwards to assist this curious entity will get theirs when the dust settles.



    Until then enjoy the show.





    Sailing On….

  23. In which I look at the SFL notice of meeting and discuss, in this part, whether the SFL has been correct in, allegedly, telling Dundee that it cannot vote at Friday’s meeting.



    I suggest that of all the SFL members, Dundee appear to have the least “conflict”, on the basis that they are to be promoted. In that case why did the SFL tell Dundee it could not vote?




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