Newco: Dead in the water


Your grandad will tell you Jock Stein was master of the news the week before a big derby game.  He would seed positive news stories about players or the club to make sure everyone had a spring in their step and to put pressure on opponents.

Graeme Murty is not the master of his own domain, so has few levers to pull in this respect, but he must have despaired when news broke that Newco were unable to retain a 21-year-old central defender they bought from Raith Rovers in January 2017.

Newco are dead in the water if they cannot retain recruits from Raith Rovers who have played a dozen league games for them this season.  Dead. In. The. Water.  They cannot buy the finished product, they cannot even compete for the French youth international talent Celtic seem partial to.

The only team development strategy available to them is to develop, retain and benefit from young domestic talent.  And according to Murty, they cannot afford to offer competitive wages for David Bates.

They couldn’t even convince him to keep his contract business to himself for a few days until after his team face Celtic tomorrow.  What a hopeless shower.

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  1. Big Georges Fan Club - Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar on

    Cheers ACGR – he’s stuck to me like glue at the moment, for good reason !!



    DD – love you pal. I just hate the fact that some are intent on slagging off other Celtic fans because they have a different style of love or care for Celtic – one that doesn’t meet with their view of how we should all behave to achieve the ultimate aim of fairness and equality.



    I just watched the ‘Michael Collins’ movie (which will start another debate, no doubt). Apart from the historical license (and the awful casting of Julia Roberts ffs !!!), it does touch on the fact that different people with the best intentions (OK, maybe not all of them!!) will have different paths to the same end goal.



    To carry on with that analogy, what we don’t want is a civil war – that only benefits the opposition.






  2. Big Georges Fan Club - Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar on

    Shit – just realised the time!



    Night folks – off to dream of Big George’s swashbuckling run down the right wing against the now-dead Rangers – the big man was a Greek God :-))






  3. A Ceiler Gonof Rust on

    Newzealand ladies win. Thoroughly deserved.



    Some of them lassies would put ma size 22 to shame but she’s a big unit in a defensive position so she iz.



    BGFC, cherish every minute with the wee man on your Celtic trips. You’ve brought that wee guy up perfectly.




    HH bruv

  4. A Ceiler Gonof Rust on

    Mens rugby sevens now and it New Zealand v England again. England getting pumped again just like their women did earlier.



    Good stuff t watch.

  5. VFR




    Do you think that the old, skint board would have looked away from mountains of evidence that would prove they were cheated out of tens of ££££millions of CL money, in the same way that the present board has done ?


    Do you think that the Jungle would have let them away with it, like the present day supporters are letting the present day board away with it ?


    How does this reflect the Celtic support as others see us ?

  6. WEEBAWBABBITY – Hope all is guid for you today amigo ;


    BLANTYRETIM – Thoughts and Prayers for your grand old family today amigo.





  7. Joe Filippis Haircut on

    Well today is a big day for the hoops we are in a must win game if we are to get the double treble and the huns will try every way they can to stop us including the match officials. At our best we would hammer them but when were we last at our best ? one thing im glad about is that I dont have to pick the team we have so many players playing well below there best and they need to give of there best today in order that we can progress.So good luck to Brendan and his backroom staff good luck to the Celtic team and to our brilliant fans good luck and stay safe. H.H.

  8. Good Morning CQN



    I hope we are rested and refreshed, as there is a job to be done today.


    Whichever team Brenda puts out, let’s get right behind them and put these monkey flecks back in their box.


    I do believe they will target Boyata as they did last time, and as soon as he gets the ball they will run at him with pace, trying to get him to make a mistake. When this happens there is the odd occasion he should just put the ball up the park into a corner or aim for Dembele. Brendan could of course leave him on the bench and their game plan is oot the windy, but I think he will start him


    Anyway Come On You Bhoys In Green.



    Hail Hail



    D :)

  9. 50 shades of green on

    Morning Tims……



    Today’s the day the deady bears get………….



    Fill in the last bit yirsell, if I put my version on the mods heed would explode……:-)






    Am I confident,,, well Aye……. but…..ach fook it just AYE….




    5n quarter oors tae the bus leaves. Nice sun kissed sky so far, hope the ploughed field is in mint condition…




    3 nil the good guys….





  10. 08.12 and the Bin Man has decided to wake up the Gorbals. What’s worse I’ve no square sliced and for some reason I can’t get that cherished tale of Lionel Messi emptying his bowels at the side of the road while I saved his son from being kidnapped as a bus arrived for us to be evacuated from the midst of an attempted military coup as we all hung on to the end of the phone in Lagos and ten men won the league ..well that will have to wait …it was 21/05/79 and what was even stranger was that Messi wouldn’t be born for another 30ish years and the even stranger tale of the Bolivian bandit hijack and the miraculous escape through the public toilet in La Paz while dressed as Dorothy Lamour as she sang O’ Sole Mio…..I mean that was plain daft and wouldn’t actually happen for nigh on 40 years….Still that will all have to wait as well till I get my square sliced frae the co-op.



    Hail Hail




  11. 50 shades of green on

    7 v 1″”” O hampden in the sun”””””…



    I would settle for that though….:-)







    Fantastic post. The REAL spirit of the Jungle!





  13. Gerryfaethebrig on

    Big George 2.19am



    Spot on



    We all have our own Celtic



    I have posted this before absoluteley love you & the wee mhans stories of heading off to watch (or just trying to watch) the hoops, wee Big George is a lucky Bhoy, and so is his Da



    Hail Hail ?

  14. KEVJUNGLE on 15TH APRIL 2018 5:07 AM



    You didn’t answer my question but I’ll touch upon yours.



    The old board were skint because they were lining their pockets with our money and the old Jungle let them away with it for too long.



    When it got really bad eat was the result? Apathy and empty grounds. It wasn’t the old Jungle that affected change. It was a great mix of fans who were still attending the games who began the protest that effectively ousted them.



    I bear you no malice but am disappointed that you are still avoiding giving straight answers








    Great post, respectfully written. Top stuff.




  16. Gooooooooood Morning CQN


    Time to show who’s in charge Bhoys



    Hail Hail & FtSFA

  17. Gerryfaethebrig on

    Big Packy 9.03am



    Enjoy the game



    Coatbrig will be green & white the day




  18. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    Play as we can and we should win comfortably. Move the ball quickly, make the pitch big and keep the tempo high. If we don’t it will be much more of a struggle.


    Gordon; Lustig, Boyata, Ajer; Forrest, Ntcham, Brown, McGregor, Tierney; Roberts; Dembele


    3-1 Hoops!

  19. And Sinclair before McGregor, stretch them and pull them out of position ( they will double up on Roberts and Sinclair, not sure they need to on Forrest and McGregor) creating room for Rogic and Dembele

  20. In a regional town in WA Australia . Got talking to some locals who I told about my predicament ( there’s a game I need to see ) They told me there were only two possibilities of venues showing today’s game.



    First one, bartender tells me their not up to date with nbn payments- no chance .



    Second one ,on entering I couldn’t help but notice about ten screens showing various types of various sports,I’m very excited by this vista,surely this bar will show it.


    Upon enquiring they told me they close at 10pm – 30mins into first half :(



    Slightly gutted but every bhoy should have back up options if possible in these circumstances. Mine is provided by a cqn’rs previous info on alternative sources, much appreciated Lymbhoy.




  21. Good morning from a bright(?) Dumbreck, Mordor’s power is on the wane.


    Just had a rather rare delicacy for breakfast this morning – Exploding Eggs Benedict, à la Kirk Broadfoot, there’s an omen in there somewhere.


    No Tims were hurt in the making of said breakfast.


    BGFC, well said mate, anyone who loves Celtic and Munich is a great ghuy in my book.


    As I said yesterday only two things can lose us this game, firstly an indifferent performance and secondly the performance of Bobby Madhun.


    No complacency Celtic : https://youtu.be/8IPzpaD4UOE

  22. Gerryfaethebrig on

    POG 9.37am



    Hopefully Brendan & Broony will have our Bhoys warned, don’t give the Hun supporting ref the chance to be a hun supporting ref :-)

  23. Nervous as hell about today’s game as I always am. Not feeling confident or over confident but hopeful. I’ve had a feeling that Scott Sinclair might do something today. Don’t know where it came from but we’ll see if he plays. I wish the Huns were making more noise than they are but I’m sure Brendan will remind our players of their (Huns) jubilation at drawing us in the semi final. Take care if you’re going or out and about.




  24. that celticlisboa twitter account is excellent for videos.



    rogics goals, quite wonderful, if he plays today i am betting he will score. 9/4 anytime

  25. I don’t like to be presumptuous, but…



    James Forrest has an article which highlights the predicament the “Rangers” fans will face if we beat them today. It could be that they need us to beat Motherwell so that Sevco qualify for Europe.



    Two points on that.



    Firstly, have the been granted a license to play in Europe next season? If so, on what basis?



    Secondly, even if they have, with little in the way of progress and with them having many loan players returning to their club, it is probable they could get drawn against a team from Outer Mongolia (it’s part of Europe dontcha know) with the concomitant costs. Get pumped oot whilst making a loss.



    Subject to them actually existing in some form next season of course.

  26. I know a lot on here will not set foot in hampden but I’m looking forward to watching us pump the hun monkeys.


    It’ll be my first game since the away game with Bayern Munich due to bad health.



    Atleast my bhoys pal had a freebie for a while.


    3-0 to the hoops will do me.

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